Artist Gets Drawn By Artists! - ART REVIEW👏👏

Artist Gets Drawn By Artists! – ART REVIEW👏👏

this is really good I went all in even my neighbor's that's going in the video hey guys how are you guys doing it's been a while last week I told you guys to submit your fan art drawing me Michelle or Steve or your favorite moment from the channel and a lot of you guys have been in really great art a lot of it's gonna go on the YouTube channel banner and this wall behind us over here I'm gonna see if I can like print a lot of stuff out or maybe just print a big poster and put it back here and without further ado let's get started yeah I think that's me holding a pencil and then there's my venom and spider-man and all that I think that's the tattooed woman and we drew oh my goodness they know my favorite colors turquoise look at this I'm rocking the turquoise right here right there very nice although it doesn't have big thank you so much that is amazing Oh cuz I want to draw male heroes true though I don't females that much very nice this like a nice caricature kind of thing all this maxi these days are there 200 they even drew my pencil signing it that's so cool that's so adorable oh oh oh yeah max is choosing the market and we also have my special pencil so cute wow that is so awesome [Laughter] originally the reference and it's the one where I'm like screaming like this but it looks like I'm Mouse nuts so cool they said this was you as Harley and me as Joker oh and there's my pencil this is so cool oh I guess they got the turquoise again literally they pay such close attention you can pretty sure I mention my favorite colors turquoise the legend of Z C is so cool oh they even got me little pencil do you see that so cute yeah oh I love the color oh my goodness I love you so much thank you so much I love the color so nice next toy I think she wants you to dye her hair blonde I think it's a sign maybe I'll try that sometime what do you think Ranas maxi repenting maxi it's so cute I think this more maxi ones oh yeah people who love maxi yeah this is so cool then digital I'm like holding up my pencils right there that looks so awesome Mike my pencils look spot-on I love it pencil oh yeah I remember that episode well he drew kids like boxing remember that one kid signs of boxing my pencil that's so creative it was just like you though Wow oh it might be digital wait the little hole in your mouth looks like a pencil sharpener hole oh this is really good very accurate they got everything that's like some realistic stuff over there wait I can't do this stuff and very nice I love it we thought one of my tinder pictures yeah put that on tinder before the holiday find it somewhere else – I don't know I don't know so Oh apparently there's a story behind this let me read it it's on my phone so this Ben actually sent in a story with it and it's so funny I gotta read it out to you guys Steve has kidnapped your girlfriend as he has gotten jelly about you spending more time with your girlfriend I drew you a spawn and Steven as the evil clown dude your girlfriend is in Chains and I have myself as the evil conspirator oh my god oh okay the drawings really really good but my perverted mind is don't you think but overall really nice kiss I love it a very creative story these are the minds of Millennials over here boom this is very nice color pencil stud any they have been holding the YouTube button okay my my hands starting to lose feeling I'm gonna take this off worth it next one oh my guess this person said I was a kpop star nobody waits precious oh you look like I can't think of the name very nice Oh Juliet spider-man – this is the same artist of this artist drew three of them so it's yes spider-man oh I love it it looks really nice actually oh this is the one I said you were gonna love adventure time Lucy there's even my logo and then it's what I asked you this is wait wait I love this abysm so nice see you remember that all right what's next wait this is so white style this is so cool don't you see that influence it looks kind of like the one I drew artist oh this is like a youtube banner a little drippy thing pretty cool I like it nice perspective Oh she'll Zack very nice is this like when we were going on a walk yeah it's just almost like me only to tell them although Michelle looks just as buff as me which is quite accurate actually looks like a little puppy I love it okay oh there's another one of maxi it looks like my little pet shop my pet shop thing yes had a little pets and then oh the chicken apple trees so cool it's from that video okay apparently this person said he drew a little comic so let's meet a heat do you want to read it out loud it wasn't that at the end of Monday I just had finished another video for my channel I was exhausted so don't blame me for what I am about to do we wouldn't worry about to do oh I turned off my video camera and went down in the darkest room in my house butters gave me that look but he will never understand Oh butters that's the cat butters where you read the next one I need this I need to draw him even my hand will be damaged once again let me tell you boys and girls and took me all night to finish my drawing well more money to me don't forget to erase that man oh oh my guess is a jar the pencil ah yes maybe I wasn't only drawing even though my hand still hurts as soon as I have finished with spider-man I went all-in even my neighbor's kid videogame everyone can hear me playing the new spider-man game that gets me wonder if I can draw and waiking upside down okay this is a little bit more appropriate than I thought so against my perverted mind I was talking about for the girls I love this rules look pretty serious you look so cute in this though you're like wow this one's very colorful hey you gonna see my pencil I just realized almost all your fans saw me with big things babe they're all right perfect it was a joy yes Brown nice I like this very cool I love it oh I think it was try some of my thumbnails and you're like that video yeah those are the dog tags they got me holding up art supplies good so sadness oh this is so cool this is some like trippy effect it my dear Bisons way too big no they're huge what this priceless enormous older than no budget shopping street Robbie the art store hilarious the rest of Dewey Copic marker 72 7 oh my guess they made really binding everything over there oh this one's awesome do you see that that's not a glove that's the symbiote coming onto my hand don't you know anything about karma symbiotes infecting me oh my draw oh this was my very first video oh and I told them to glue themselves they live it your little faith and sent me that's so cute nice spider-man let's draw this is so cool logo or something oh yes so cool very nice I wonder if that's maxi butters very nice I like it oh he drew the one line art challenge oh that's the time I pretended to do like an epic fail hey mom I got a tattoo Oh this one's nice I like it oh they even drink me with this thing I say I love everything so cute no budget shopping sweet they should honestly like what this show honestly be like one of my thumbnails it's so nice it's a little hard to see this but it's my hand drawing something I think oh oh it's going Batman nice and tight exactly this is this is me going on the go but just joking so you have a little like pink adidas shirt did you may know oh yeah this is own pencil being late as spider-man nice hey that's the be spider-man thank you very much I like it hmm this is interesting I wonder if that's you I don't know so I think dance we just want to be a bad girl don't you this is really nice and I say a client can you whoa whoa holy crap wait what's going on here those cheekbones are those like whoa wait I think I'm like a shoulder-mounted rocket or something oh what's going on whoa this crazy I'm not going on Wow that's very creative I'm not really sure what it is in the back but that is really cool looks okay it's accurate okay oh and put the fans holding up mplet Xena you give me a kiss or something I never did that that's adorable in case you guys haven't noticed we are both kiss versions fun fact of the day oh this is them drawing the female six nine that's me drawing it and you're doing that too whoa wait I like that tape pencil that is so cool oh well they even had a dog over there oh yeah goodbye Louise give everyone a kiss finish your video give me miss Burgess yeah we didn't give them a kiss right now come on I'll give them a kiss come here guys mwah give them a kiss give them again stand up stand up stand up oh it looks like I'm worried that you're gonna say something else that works too oh she's like why is he so badly I even got some hearts very nice I love it well what do you think of this one no budgets no budget shopping spree one oh I like it better than cupcakes very nice thumbnail I like it Oh what do you think oh look it looks like you it doesn't look like you I think it's the highest maybe but I like it it's a lot they got you smile hey they got me signature down forging signatures it's too easy by the way my signature for that is easy to forge it way I like it the smile is really nice squeak sound like a mouse are you thank you guys so much for watching those submissions are honestly amazing what did you think about it they were all ooh and the ones I'm near the bus okay yeah I thought that was so amazing thank you guys for taking the time for spending a lot of effort submitting these to me I really appreciate it so much and I'm gonna put a lot of it together in like a little banner and somes gonna go in this wall behind me so you guys can see your art every single day oh and now that we're coming to the end of the video a lot of you guys submitted video entries to me you guys will see yourself in just a second so keep those pencils maybe stay on the daily grind we love all of you guys and roll it my name is Helen and I love to draw that's cuz it's a way to express myself and also a way to share our passion with the world hello Zack so this is just a video thank you for being an inspiration to me because in the past few months I've stopped doing for some reason any of the gamer inspirations you do to draw more so yeah you just want to thank you give me a possible I'll be part of zhe femme forever peace name is Francis Lee I'm a full-time Cisco Networking technician as you can see I live in the Arctic and I just love art since I was 15 years old and unfortunately I could never pursue my dreams but thank you for inspiring me and everyone in the art community and yeah I wish you all the best and hope your on gets better and hope you like my heart have won by Michael Kamen dear why I like art is because it helps my soul to control my mind and my body together hello there my name is Igor and I am from Russia I decided to redraw your spearmint working I wanted to create a comic story well I hope you like it I don't know I have only this pencil to draw so

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  1. sorry for the late upload, laptop was so laggy and my carpal tunnel was killing me but I managed to get it up LOOOOOOOOL
    THANKS SO MUCH FOR SUBMITTING FANART! I love them so much and I love you guys even more! Wow I could not have been happier!
    I will be putting a huge collage of these up soon for my channel banner and the wall in my room!
    Also remember, the worlds biggest giveaway is about to come! STAY TUNED!
    Keep those pencils moving and stay on the daily grind! LETS GET IT!
    congrats on first comment: Frank TGC

  2. Make a video of what is your inspiration of your drawings please i want to be an artist like you please read it if you read this pleass heart this

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