hi I'm James the box office artist and I would like to introduce to all of you something very very special myself and a whole bunch of other very very talented artists some very prominent on Instagram and on YouTube we've decided to kind of join forces like superpowers like the Avengers the Justice League and we are putting together something called The Art Alliance and I'm very proud to be a part of the art Alliance and we are going to have so much fun together we're gonna be do clapping together and we're gonna do a whole bunch of other things and right now I'd like to introduce you to one of the members of the art Alliance and I think you know him if you've been following my channel I'm collab with him before the past I get one great thing about this guy he reminds me of me when I just got out of college and trying to break into this crazy comic book industry but now for him he's got all of these options options I wish I had when I was younger and his name is mr. Z HC z HC go check out his YouTube channel link down below and today we thought we'd do something a lot of fun to kick off the Art Alliance and we kind of instituted a little challenge and we wanted to draw each other as superheroes so what I have right now is his actual drawing of a superhero of me okay so we actually drew me as a superhero and I'm going to react to that right now so I'm going to load this up here and I'm gonna watch my buddy zhc draw me as a superhero and let's see how he did okay I hope you are ready to see me redraw you as a superhero whoo you guys are in for a treat you know he made me way more muscular I deserve to be right now Wow holy me look at me good look at little bass I must have sent him on like a high res pictures whoa very cool very cool there you go a lot of shadow I look better in the shadow look at that look at that I know it already feels like I'm like whoa look at that look those that leave those the boots it's like yeah it looks like very fast wear that I like to run what a story look at that Wow very very cool I need nothing like that I thought we didn't need muscles like that I'll tell you that much and there's my weapon there look at that weapon right there okay very cool Wow look at me very very cool oh now we'll get into the color now gets it going green Wow look at that that's my skin so if n is my skin so we're gonna hit it's perfect perfect skin tone okay there you go ahead machine that's what that that's why I love the best part about is going so the cross hatching cross-hatching master semester there you go oh look at that ribbon like my highlights nice gorgeous alright so I drew you as a superhero looks like somebody's been going to the gym it was pretty good in this if I'd say so myself during the day you're just the mild-mannered James race but once you put this costume on you become the super cool super buff reims J's how are you sir how dare you mister zhc for making me look so awesome I'm trying to something it's something bad to say I just can't I just can't say anything bad about it that that is amazing you got to send me that drawing sir you got to send me that drug okay so you had your turn to my friends eh see now it's time for me to draw you as a superhero as well so for you at home here is me drawing my boys eh see as a superhero check it out right [Applause] and there you go that I gave him like a big black pencil pencil arm gum thing but hopefully my buddy enjoys that and this was a lot of fun thank you so much to my boys eh see for doing this so we gotta swap our artwork but he's in California I'm in Toronto so we finally meet in the middle some map so there you go and again me and my buddies eh see as well as some other prominent instagramers in youtubers we are joined together to form the art alliance watch out for August 1st August 1st is a very important date that's where we will drop the first trailer to revealing the other members of the art alliance but I want to thank my buddies eh see go follow him I'll have his information down below also a card at the end go follow my my friends eh see and another great up-and-coming artist he is amazing and thank you for clapping with me and I want to thank all of you guys it's been incredible this past week as you guys know I hit a hundred thousand subscribers and then I got another fifteen thousand right after so you are new to my channel you looked around you like what you see if you wouldn't mind hitting that subscribe button well I will be your friend for life driven by a hundred and fifteen thousand other best friends that we will join up draw every single day together don't forget to hit that Bell so you'll be notified whenever I drop another video also check out my two favorite videos on this channel drawing every Star Wars video video now it's always movie ever and drawing the 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe I'll have that card at the end also check that out down below but thank you guys for watching you guys are the best my name is James I am the box office artist I'm here to say keep drawing and I'll see you all next time you


  1. Who won? Us the viewer's. We had the opportunity to witness two incredible artists creating amazing artwork.

  2. They should be the youtube art rewards 2019 and zhc should get the title the most improved in such a short period of time

  3. Zhcs is more realistic while urs is more animated but has a computer generated background so as the character sorry but zhc is better but urs has a wonderful color tone and a great background though i dont care for the position of ur character based on the background

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