6 thoughts on “Artisan SketchUp Tutorial: Part 4

  1. Just a critic: I dont care of your voice. A tutorial without a voice explaining is not a tutorial. Imagine how many beginners wd make use of that and buy artisan. Dam it !!

  2. Not sure if this is what you mean, but you can use the Axes Tool to set a custom axis to a location anywhere on your model and whatever arbitrary direction you want it to point as well, such as along an edge of your model. From here you can use your move tool and snap your selection to the custom axis. (Right mouse click on one of the axis lines away from you model and choose "reset" to put it back to the origin).

  3. Nice job! The tail light looked like an unpleasant procedure(little bit). Is there some way to move a selection a specific distance along a specific axis?

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