ARTISAN PURE by John Varvatos w/ TIFF BENSON | Fragrance Reactions

ARTISAN PURE by John Varvatos w/ TIFF BENSON | Fragrance Reactions

what's going on guys I'm a Oh simply put sent and I'm here with the lovely took dancin Oh tip Vincent calm yeah she's a business well on this channel I talked about frequencies you know about frequencies you don't know about and at the end of the day I hope you smell your best while saving you time and money so do hit that subscribe button because I do this weekly and I love what I do guys thank you so much for watching I have an amazing unboxing for you from the house of John Varvatos and it's the new fragrance from the house of our Beatles and it's called artisan pure now have you ever smelled any of Varvatos fragrances I've smelled dark rubber brighter I like that and I've got some others the vintage one I've smelled that one but I'm excited to try this one yeah I'm really excited to smell this also now a lot of our Beatles frequences get a bad rap because they don't last long but in my opinion Barbados fragrances are extremely masculine and they smell really really good and I think they're worth the effort of taking with you you know it's not a problem ok here we go with the box now actually knowing my first in persons videos in from Florida fragrance it's gonna get the lady and since my lady ain't here today she's at home we got my up lady here to do it go ahead come on put your back into it there you go I'm the lady it's especially thank you so much too and if I'm not into a fragrance and it's not really doing what it's supposed to do on my skin well it's gonna get that one one which goes a little something like this any okay so here's the box and we're about to open this up so do you think this will be a hit or a mess what have you heard about it so far I haven't actually heard much about it it's just like no one has really discussed this on YouTube actually no which is shocking um I don't believe so I need to do a search right but I haven't seen anybody discuss this fragrance I mean I just love the way that bottle look bottle it's really sexy so I'm all about that you know guys very nice presentation is it is the box there's a bottle very interesting it has like there was the box okay this just reminded me I remember back in like the 80s or the 90s when they had like the wicker chairs like surrounded by wicker it's really interesting very interesting translucent white and I love the presentation Barbados always does bottles with class and style I was saying and a wooden top well plastic wood anyway a hint of what's to come that's what she said that's my joke damn it Dwight mm-hmm let's see I usually get an idea where the fragrance is gonna be or gonna do just based on the packaging the name the way it looks and everything like this like I mean pure wood smell clean right yeah you know so it just looks like something that should smell clean so hopefully it does we'll see that's what I'm expecting my favorite types of fragrances something that's clean and easy to wear damn it like a skank I have but I'm a girl yeah I'm a weenie okay guys so here we go mmm are you getting it Wow are you getting that I'll get you get that's I'm getting that nice opening very nice it smells pure okay it's right I did not expect that from Varvatos what does your mind tell you about this um it's not I don't know the notes better in there but it smells citrusy yeah a little bit of maybe like lemon maybe some sort of white musk element to it especially in the air when he sprayed it from the opening it smelled very shower like definitely out of the shower that yes but it almost kind of it's it's a little upscale like it's it's more it's more than just a shower scent I think so anyway I have like a clean out of the shower type of vibe to it the smell reminds me of like Mughal era Cologne in terms of like that type of fragrance I want to say so like the okay like a part of lo me clean not too over-the-top very laid-back very masculine this was I feel this is I feel a lot more masculine than the Prada know which would make sense because we're talking about Varvatos and the men basically you know goes all out when it comes to masculine fragrances in my opinion but this one is would you wear this whatever you want I would but I'm that girl who wears guys fragrances so I would wear that I don't think it's overly masculine it smells like it smells like a soapy fragrance focused order man yeah for sure yeah I agree with that but um firstly it has it has like a citrusy zing enos to it a citrusy fruity like like three pebbles or something like that like it has like a berry that's and when you say foodie pebbles a lot of guys out there will think bubblegummy or too sweet do you get that would you say that this is sweet no I would say it's the sweetness no neither so all you guys out there who don't like sweet fragrances this would definitely be something you would appreciate but it kind of reminds me of something I would smell more in the warmer weather oh yeah for sure yeah I think he was trying to get like a rush on that Christmas audience I like that I like that a lot I've grown really fond of these sort of fragrances where you can just wear like right out the shower because they're so easy to just pick just like no-brainer sort of fragrances dumb reach fragrance for me that's a summary it's very easy to like yeah I've smelled a few of his other artisans like they're more of his lighter more summery type of sense and yeah this I feel like this is one of the better I like artisans in my opinion this is definitely one of the better artisans still I know I'm a huge fan like I honestly feel like this gets to lady there you go why would you wear it oh man I think this is I feel like a casual fragrance but it also is a fragrance that a certain type of work with you know I feel like it's a I feel like it could work for the office because it's not overbearing that fragrance to me is such a cool guy sort of fragrance you know like you're not trying too hard you're not looking for compliments you know you like it you like to wear it because it smells good and it's just easy effortless and easy to wear I agree look at that reading look at that baby like 4:30 for people to like it it has no dislikes on free grant ago not one in a very small amount of like so most of the 34 people who smoke this fragrance and love it look lemon burg talk about Fruity Pebbles lemon bergamot mandarin clementine time that's that weird scent I get but I love that it's like an herbal vibe going along with all those citruses like that's insane amber a musk in the dry down ginger yeah yeah ginger is trending right now yeah and this also has orris root in it which is like a which is an iris C type of smell you probably got a little bit of that tongue you know what Tom did you know what the Auris I feel is very very strong in this one you know Scott it's not lipstick Evo doesn't have like you know cuz sometimes always fruit or like you know iris can come across like a woman's makeup bag but I don't get that for this you know this also has I'm I'm like thinking I'm going through my mental rolodex of what this smells like to me it almost has like a handsome sort of vibe to just so you know a hand soap you know but I put an expensive word it doesn't smoke cheap I would say we do small would you say that mm-hmm it definitely has like a character to it for a soapie saying it doesn't have like actually like this better then we'll clear cologne which is yeah pretty pretty interesting I'm a huge fan of the platform I love that Irish plate line but this one is like just a lot more character and a lot more personalities better man the only thing I'm hoping for is that this fragrance can go at least six or seven hours if you can do that it can do a lot better than a lot of the artisans and I'd be really really proud to suggest this fragrance to you guys but of course I want to let you know wherever in this video like how long this lasted on my skin today and yeah I'm really close with my fingers for that eight hour mark but you know it's worth a dough so wishful thinking I think that even if it doesn't last this is one that's worth bringing along with you for sure I don't ever have a problem you can think I see if it's worth my time you know and this is I would say worth my time it's definitely a lady friend Lisa right now you say that mm-hmm tip flows it I love it so far I cannot wait to smell what this does and see if it's like in overview worthy or not and yeah I'll let you guys know you'll definitely see what's up but anyway guys thank you so much for watching please like this video if you appreciated it subscribe to my channel and of course miss TIFF Bogey's channel to benson of and I like that too boogie-woogie anyway yeah comment down below let me know what you think about this fragrance in which you think about Varvatos fragrances in general comment like and subscribe if you feel like it thank you so much guys make sure you hit her up definitely subscribe to my channel and yeah thanks guys hey so in this video I'll be doing my first fragrance reaction to Val de Foix by Tom Ford I don't have no idea what this is gonna smell like I'm really really curious like I said the price was really really worth the try but anyway guys I'm really curious to see what's up in here

25 thoughts on “ARTISAN PURE by John Varvatos w/ TIFF BENSON | Fragrance Reactions

  1. I just got this one and it reminds me of the first few seconds of refreshing feeling you get from hot lemon towels the airlines give you after dinner on longhall flights.

  2. Look at that black goddess 💋 lips🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  3. Never understood why Neroli is missing from the notes in Fragrantica.. I had been looking for a masculine neroli scent and this one is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. it's uncanny how fragrance lovers come together like this/ it's like a minor minority, men in black aliens that convene secretly or not so secretly

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