Artisan made sterling & other jewelry - 94

Artisan made sterling & other jewelry – 94

hello welcome to the channel I've noticed that I'm hardly getting anybody watching my videos anymore so I guess I'm doing this for me been making some things and only about one little thing anyway I got this I made this it's sterling in the back there these are glass black glass beads and they go down to these really pretty pink they're not painted but there's something glass beads and these are sterling I'm gonna I added another little pendants and it's got the 9 to 5 on there somewhere yeah and the wire guards and its really cute just really cute next is another thing I used with beading chain and these are Jasper black Jasper with I finally used a little earring that I made it an invisible Bale in the back and it is marked and then I used some these are some new barrel or I don't know what they are and if they're corrugated what is this not sure they have little corrugated beat sterling beads in them and then it goes down to here and just does lay really flat against you and sterling chain and this one's I'd say over 17 inches black on black theme this I got off of a bracelet it's a sterling silver cross it's not marked but it is tested the item it came off of was mark sterling and the little this little jump ring sterling and I put it on a 18 inch sterling necklace twisted rope necklace I think that's really cute for a guy or a girl woman lady that's really pretty it's handmade it was jri Mexico mark date jri Mexico 95 and apparently this guy's real famous for doing some nice work against a little in silver so that's what I got there and I finished this today I used the large 10 millimeter rainbow calsilica beads and then I used a Byzantine chain mail to that added some more beads these are 8 millimeter beads more chainmail and then these big hoops female and then beads again and chainmail and then that these things and then chainmail all the way up to the top or I put a clasp on this is silver-plated because it's amount of stuff and sterling would be unbelievably expensive and it's really pretty let's see if it works in this thing I'm gonna kind of drop down there I'm cool and also this these particular um this particular silver plate is pretty thick and underneath it is like a silver colored alloy so even if the silver starts to wear off there's no copper under here so that won't shut off so let's get some really cool beads and lots of chainmail I'm not sure I can keep doing this stuff this much because it's really hurting my hands it's a very hard work there you go and on my necklace I think this is so pretty this is rhodonite no nothing it's a rhodolite garnet see how it's purple these aren't chips these are little beads and at the bottom I don't keep slipping I don't care it's got these I put these sterling things here and then this is sterling from another mother rj 9 to 5 and had a little tiny heart on there and it looked really dorky I will show you this is the heart that one on it you can say if there's just no wait there's it's just it just didn't worked out so I have this sterling silver heart I've been waiting to use on something and I decided to use it on this and it's a really huge piece of silver it's not marked bag did test fit test it again but I know what it is so this is extremely pretty it's got the wire guards and the whole sterling deal going and it's just really really pretty they look at the purple in these garnets oh they're so pretty which is a really nice nice necklace I was wearing it the other day I'm tired of this I got oh dude I got this off of Etsy I said little Gibson looks like Gibson guitar pen I like guitar pins so I about this it's not marked or anything it's in really nice shape and it's so cute so that goes in my bridge collection and then I made this this little thing here it's going to be a pendant on the necklace this is really hard i hammered the heck out of it so it's super hard and I think it looks cool and then I thought about putting my heart on it the little one I took off of the the garnet necklace and I think that looks really good so this is just this this just gets closed on to whatever necklace I'm making so I think that's going to be a really pretty addition to something I made some more this is a bead weaving and these are a little fire polish beads and these are super duos and it's really long it's a double wrap on your wrist I'll try to show you what I do is I kind of wrap it around itself and then it makes a really neat um it just makes a really neat bracelet and then when I made this mixing my mediums we've got rainbow calsilica and it lapis and just alternates five and four or five and four and I did this with beading layer and it showed you know I felt that a pattern some light on TV this is all sterling by the way and it showed um going up over the just stone like that and I'm not sure if I like it that way I might redo it I don't know but you can't really tell when it's on you it just it doesn't really it's not really obvious but it is a gorgeous bracelet so I've never done that before with um I've always used you know beating beads not semi-precious beads so it's it's very pretty maybe he's clear or something I don't know maybe I'll take it apart but God there we go very nice very nice and oh one more thing I got some long resin I thought I'd play around with making like resin stuff but I didn't have any mold I got this yesterday ok postage-paid my and Lara Post it came from don't even want to try to pronounce this Yangon minor and I felt what did I order from Burma I mean I don't order rubies from Burma if I did they wouldn't be in this today and the freaking molds I ordered they were made in Miami I mean I wondered why it was taking so long to get here I rented an Amazon and I thought what's the deal you know it costs like 250 this is what cost including shipping so the funny funny moment of the day yesterday when I got that and that's pretty much all I have to tell you hope you all are doing well I'm still watching your videos even if I don't comment I'm still watching and liking your videos if you don't know much money anymore that's up to you none of this stuff is mandatory right so take care bye bye

6 thoughts on “Artisan made sterling & other jewelry – 94

  1. I love your videos. I can’t wait for school to start. Time will be mine again. I keep watching your store. I like the turquoise necklace and the black.

  2. I love watching your videos. You are such an amazing artist and very knowledgeable. You give me inspiration for my own pieces. I have a channel too, but have not put any content in quite some time.
    P.S. did you hear about the give away of the replica "Baby" car? Someone right here in Oregon won it. I am beyond jealous. Lol.

  3. I love the third necklace but then I saw the next necklace and loved it even more. I am evidently allergic to any metal including sterling and gold so I make most of my own jewelry. Aged Goodness recommended you. I am so happy to have found you.
    I get most of my jewelry to remake at our local thrift store. I have tons of beads and supplies so I I just make necklaces and bracelets when the mood strikes.

  4. I love your videos and look forward to them. Great content. Well presented. I love your jewelry. Hoping o e day soon I will be able to purchase a necklass from you.

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