new minimal sneak about sign lab let's go what's good everyone I hope you having a lovely day whatever you are whatever you're doing today we're going to be looking at the new minimal sneaker buy offs unloved so for anyone who hasn't seen my previous videos have a look at my channel I have reviewed one shoe from its brand already that was the essential sneaker but I'll time that that first ever silhouette so the story behind how I got these sneakers after the video that I posted of the essential sneaker a few months later I randomly received an email from a guy called Ricardo Gees Monday who is the founder of oxide lab he reached out me from finding my initial video and kind of explained that he was releasing a new silhouette and he can't want to have my views on things and I wanted to meet up and we'll just gonna have a little chat and he also gifted me with a lovely new pair of his shoes which was absolutely amazing it was a really really great experience coming from somewhere where I love Footwear and I've worked always in the retail side of things but was really nice to actually kind of me a designer and tell what he's just one of the most nicest guys so humble so kind I just so proud of what he does and it anything else an issue to make me like the brand more however this is a completely non biased video I just want to disclaimer that you say I'll give through these shoes and put honors to keep it fair you know and just see what you think which box also fantastic opportunity and that's what we're doing today so a couple differences between the minimal sneaker and the essential sneaker so the original essential sneaker was kind of look as the common projects alternative and that's kind of what I dubbed it so anyone who looks for the common project Achilles lows this is kind of what you know that's being kind of sort of emulate to some degree but exactly has its differences although some people are requesting a follow-up video of the eccentric seeker and we'll get round to it and so far very good what we'll do now is we'll unbox shoes show you them and then you can kind of get an idea of how they look in the flesh that's all yeah through the YouTube screen is it so close you're going to get if you don't own it we'll have a look at those now so these shoes come in the classic awesome box plain white just reads Austin's and lab probably provide me with another dust bag was really cool I do believe that if you touch this you will have to buy a bus bag and buy you can fly so lasers and stuff but I've got this one which is nice and we have the actual shape which looks like that you can see compared to the minimal sneaker you can see it's cut a little bit lower down at the fit neck refers to us so just cut a little bit lower there also the inside isn't lined with leather but with canvas which is quite cool because it does mean that I think this will make a really good summer shoe to be honest it's not quite as heavy and it's a little bit then it's actually that's not nice for the foot actually compared to the essential sneaker in terms of cutaways you can see I went for a beige or tan color and this is it a nubuck material there are quite a few colorways you come with from the website you can see them some in leather some in nubuck with these shoes I did kind of when I first saw the photos of them before actually received my own pair you know I wasn't underwhelmed per se but I did think of these things don't look quite as nice as the essential sneaker but and Icicle always call me buck dice but I like this silhouette I don't think it's really me and for some reason I just thought it wasn't gonna like it quite as much however I was wrong I absolutely love this and I think it fits my feet better as well compared to the search procedure I think it's just because it is unstructured compared to the other one on feet I say that these she's most definitely better on feet than they do in photos I don't think the photons crown or the website DD shoes justice they are fantastic so taking a closer look at the shoe you see here new buck cars here's a little bit of like look marks and stuff but this is just for me actually holding it it's not me but does then that can kind of change so just be aware that if you're getting that you off deal that it's it's hand-stitched there we've got overall thoughts of opinion the shoe you know some people may ask right is it worth it you'd rather finishing I would say just go for it you won't be disappointed they've got so many different colors and materials um it's just great if you thought fantastic it's a great Buy in terms of sizing on this year I'd recommend the same sizing as the essential sneaker and which is basically a whole size down you can have any more questions about these shoes all they do just let me know in the comments down below I'm very responsive and let me know your thoughts and what you think about these shoes I'd love to hear it you know and these all my honest opinions I can't really fault the shoe at this point I'm really can't I wish I could come in with some more like negative criticism about this stage these have obviously been great I'm really buzzed to have these and it just can't be caught that movement now I just kind of feel like this brand is one that I just so believe in and I'm really now passionate about thank you so much for watching this video I hope you found it informative I say any other questions just drop me a line in the comments like subscribe thank you very much and I'll see you on the next one


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