ARTISAN Gaming mouse pad Zero MID glide test Zowie Finalmouse Logitech

ARTISAN Gaming mouse pad Zero MID glide test Zowie Finalmouse Logitech

all right boys and girls this would probably be the second video that I upload today this is going to be the much-anticipated much requested artisans zero pad I've probably had more requests for this pad than I have any pad that I own so this will hopefully give people a better idea of what they can expect if they get the artist and the zero pad if you've seen my other videos you know I did the artisan FX ninja pad with the glass coating and that thing is the slickest thing I've ever used in my life it's a good pad but some people don't want that they're looking for a little more control and I think that's where this one's gonna come in to to account I've used a zero before like it it's good pad you guys will see the difference especially if you watch the GS RSC video the mp5 10 my FX 1 now if you watch this one you can kind of get an idea of the different glides on what you can expect if it's more control if it's more speed obviously the FX was a speed pad the mp5 10 is definitely more of a control pad the g RS RS e more maybe like I would say 6040 control so let's check this out same roles kind of try to use everything in the same order so we'll do the glide test s to Matt's stock feet you guys know the drill in this at this point so here's the glide test on the zero and what kind of given a so compared to the GSR SC um a little rougher surface I think but still quit still moves good I don't have any problems with it I don't foresee that I would have any problems with it so I mean artisan makes high quality pads guys so we already know what that is so that's that's not bad the desk too though I found that like even with all the pads I feel like I have to put more effort into the s2 than I do any of the other ones which is whatever G 305 stock feet my test okay and there is a lithium battery in this if anybody's asking because it does lower your weight a little bit plus they last longer as far as how it sounds no scratchy feet so far the only pad that I've really seen with scratchy feet is the the MP 510 the feet scratch horrible on that and it's disgusting so that seems that seems pretty good on there too I would say I would say s2 is more of control to speed this is leaning more towards getting speedier then we're gonna do the Q Pro Wireless with stock feet to kind of do the glaad test on this I expect it to go a little further because of the built-in lithium it's it's it does move a little better than the 305 as far as movement this is this is smoother than the 305 I can just let you guys know stock feed on both and this feels more buttery more torch speed I would say so i would say 65 or 70 30 speed to control with that and then let's go to this bad boy again kind of already know what I'm probably gonna expect out of this air 58 hyper glides we already know that it should glide the best should be in the the key word in there just give myself a little more slack there we go ready okay so I mean yeah definitely it's it's light for a reason and then I mean with the hyper glide so I'm not gonna live the GSRs EE and this one it's I can't even tell that I have anything down on the pad so I mean it's it's definitely the smoothest I'm gonna sue mean any hyper glides on those two mats then I'll be insanely good I might actually hyper glide my s2 then at this point but I mean this is I mean it's butter so again let me know what kind of pads mice you want to see next I appreciate all the comments all the support never thought my videos we get near as much as they were I'll just kind of making them just uh mess around so all that's very welcomed and appreciated and if you have any questions about the pads or the mice let me know I'm in the mouse review forum on reddit as well actively post there all the time so let me know if you guys have any questions comments what you want to see next and as always thanks guys I appreciate it

14 thoughts on “ARTISAN Gaming mouse pad Zero MID glide test Zowie Finalmouse Logitech

  1. I desperately need a solid comparison of the Artisan pads… Before it can you tell which is the very best for you?

  2. Would you be able to give me a brief comparison with this pad and the MP510. Just wondering how much of a difference both are, etc.

  3. Great video! I currently own the shidenkai and Otsu and not im looking the try the rest of artisans lineup.
    Ill buy the zero if your selling!

  4. I'm interested in the shidenkai speed but I'm so not down for replacing it every 6-8 months. Do you think a raiden would be a good alternative? I think I heard someone say that one was closest to the shidenkai. Thanks

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