Artisan Falcon Giveaway Winner!

Artisan Falcon Giveaway Winner!

hello out there and really quick video today guys we are finalizing the giveaway for this artisan Falcon from a few videos back I did a giveaway post about that this one is going to a new home and so today we are just very quickly like I said gonna choose the winner what I will say just briefly though is just to tell you guys that it was super cool to see all of the comments you know in the giveaway as part of the criteria I said just comment a city any city any random city that has a meaning to you and I got some really cool stories from you guys like some some nice background about some of you some people who have been commenting and supporting the channel for a long time I learned a little bit more about I learned about some cities that I probably need to visit so yeah that was just a fun experience just going through all those comments but the point of it was to get a winner for this artisan Falcon and so here we have it on my phone we have all the the comment or actually the URL for the video was put in so now I'm going to get the comments and so I have a hundred and fifty one unique commenters like I said for the four entering the giveaway you had to put a city in the comment so by chance if the winner of this did not actually put a city in their comment we are gonna have to redraw but let's just assume that's not going to happen and go for it alright so our winner is John Duncan Mountain View California loved the channel one of the first I started watching over a year ago and I'm watching you Frankie Eugene Quan I mean lots of good channels they're awesome alright well congratulations John I'm glad you're watching the channel cuz you won a knife and you want a good knife a really good knife so yeah I'll touch base with you in the comments and and we'll get this out to you in the next couple days but thanks as always guys for all of your support and for watching and any other questions comments complain suggestions let me know down below I appreciate it and I'll talk with you soon take care and have a good one

22 thoughts on “Artisan Falcon Giveaway Winner!

  1. Wow really amazing looking ArtisanCutlery knife design looks review!!! 😀
    And Really amazing knife Giveaway video JT's Knife Life!!! 😀

  2. Congrats Jon!! Awesome win and even better pay it forward give away Jt. I always enjoy watching your content

  3. Niiiiice!!!! So stoked right now !!!!!! Yesss!! Me and my son are so stoked right now!!!! And I’m so happy I won by shouting out my hometown of Mountain View, Ca!!!!! We love your channel, and I love the personal themes, and personal style that seeps through at all times, and your knack for collecting and making things your own. I get a lot inspiration for my custom mods that I started, due to this channel and seeing more than one of the Dane knife in different finishes etc. this channel rocks along with the other few I mentioned before. This is one heck of a knife to offer as a GAW and I’m really excited. Can’t wait to see what’s next brother!

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