Artisan EV2000R | e-Scooter Review 2019

Artisan EV2000R | e-Scooter Review 2019

[Applause] [Applause] when obsessive mod Jimmy Cooper's and his scooter of the cliff in the closing scene of the 1979 film Quadrophenia the selected scooter of choice was a remodeled 1970 scooter made to look like a Vespa rally from the sixties the whining noise of the Vespa Italian for what was heard screaming to his death like screaming Banshee playing the part the dying Swan in Swan Lake only the sweet of the deep died she just took a sabbatical in 1946 piaggio develop the first scooter as a mode of transport for broken Italy who would've thought that it would be the instrument and signature tune to my generation and be the bike of choice for boys and sherry suits and Parker's The Time Traveller's our artisan have stolen Jody Whitaker's TARDIS and fought back timeless style and fun to a new age of pizza boys being the natural descendants of Jimmy's sting and the boys their stealth time-traveling scooter uses witchcraft and not a two-stroke as a method of propulsion Scotty's dylath-leen crystals engaged with the warp drive disguised as a 2000 watt electric drive system giving a range of 50 miles with the two removable lithium batteries the batteries are easily removed and unlike the good doctor regenerated via a compact charger using a 13 amp plug in about five hours just like the smartphone everything about this suit is very tactile and the quality of build was high the fuel cut sorry the lithium drive gauge was accurate and backed up on each batteries with his own graphic showing battery condition the drive was smooth silent and ever so slightly unnerving at first once you were off the absence of engine whine clunky gear change and blue smokes in the rear told you that he had Marty and Doc's spare ride from the future we liked it it was a constant source of amazement and amusement to the old mods we showed it to and a real crowd-pleaser the artisan scooter found patrolling the men & motors base at Pinewood Studios and natural home as it would incredible values Covent Garden or in camp would I take it out on a windy day on the a40 well that mission will require a bit more than the 2,000 watts has stopped especially if you want more than the 30 miles per hour off the pit nevertheless this classic scooter makes for an ideal present for any of you men & motors to wheel aficionados for more information check out the original article via the link in the description and subscribe for more content

5 thoughts on “Artisan EV2000R | e-Scooter Review 2019

  1. This probably comes out of the same factory as the petrol engined AJS Modena & Lexmoto Milano seeing as it bares a striking resemblance to those Chinese made brands.

  2. The scooter that went over the cliff at the end of Quadrophenia WAS a Vespa Rally 200 from 1978! It was made to look like a Vespa GS 160 from 1964! Do your research properly. And it wasn't Jimmy's scooter, he stole it from Ace Face. And it's engine wasn't heard "screaming to it's death" in the film. It was all portrayed in silence. Fuck me, you haven't done ANY research at all! Shocking. Go back and start again.

  3. Nice review but the voiceover man was too quiet and the music to piercing. It was hard to hear what he was saying.

  4. 50 miles then a 5 hour wait no thanks ill stick to petrol engines that small vespa on petrol would do 50 mpg im sick of global warming rubbish

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