Artisan Business - Pathfinder: Kingmaker Enhanced Edition - Let's Play - 47

Artisan Business – Pathfinder: Kingmaker Enhanced Edition – Let's Play – 47

hello and welcome back to let's play pat Funaki maker enhanced edition with me Frank Don first thing we're gonna do is head towards our new Township here and then we'll probably head up to the trail in the Hills and then down to the secret sanctum okay we're nearby I'm not too worried about it right now continue are there two artisans to talk to in the caymans any making epic pose I need inspiration first we need to get rid of these cultists [Applause] stupid Albers just the worst welcome to artisans rest everybody the pride and joy of my kingdom or my parent II it's not a kingdom yet let me find it trader real quick to sell the stuff I just picked up my for ask the wild fist and out early half work looks at you without any friendliness his clothes are covered with spots and he looks exhausted and sickly what are you looking at can't you see master for ask is not well on my last legs go along leave me to my unhappy feet despite the cantankerous tone this is there a certain confidence in the half-orcs voice especially now probably spoke the word master what is your name her ask her ask the wild fist they called me as once an armor and weapons maker I'm more of a corpse than a master now some evil people took everything from me my family my house my craft even took my tools everything what happened to you what happened it was a calamity I was going about my business and then I fell ill cut down by a fever I've been burning up for three weeks I thought I would die more than once a local merchant saved me a kind soul darned him he saved me but not for free took everything I had his payment even my precious work tools the last of my treasures I'm useless like this what get him out to anyone if I got my tools back I'd be quite all right I used to make such weapons and armor they sold faster than I could make them but without my tools I'm useless if you tried to use a regular hammer to forage like I do you just ruin a good thing I'd bend the tongs and would make anything worth putting my name to that trickster got everything I need that fork pierces you with angry eyes listen I can tell you got money maybe you need an Armour if you help me I'll serve you I'll make formidable weapons for you once it just begged for enemy blood but first I need my tools back all right well I'll distract you from your woes the work here humps brashley in response of his I seem disappointed I cannot take his quest I'm there not a vendor hmm I do what I must I would talk to nazriya once week throughout the entire village and it updated but which quest is it oh there it is is it this vendor what is right here okay let's talk to him again Rask looks at you with eyes full of despair and clenches his huge fists old for ask is listening what are we gonna talk about right here are your tools that Bart touches the tools tenderly as if he can't believe his eyes and then clutches them as tightly as he can can I have them back really thank you so much well now I'll be alright I have food on the table I'll give her this darn fever and do what I promised my children I'll keep my promise give me a place to set up shop and I'll work hard to repay you alright let's go talk to Nasri Oh a sunny elven lady turns to you her hair is immaculate in her eyes or deep water her beauty is like a bird of prey she's also heavily armed as she sees you her superior air fades living a charming smile on her face how fortunate your grace allow me to introduce myself I'm Azrael the weaponsmith minecraft the deadliest weapons immortals can make I like to take the opportunity to pay my respects so as I found out you were here i dispatched when my apprentices but of course the bone had failed his mission would you like to hear an offer there'd be to our mutual benefit who are you an artist one of a kind I create weapons not just pointing iron stakes but real weapons nazarone raises her eyebrows meaningfully alas not every domain appreciates high-quality and expensive blades I hope you'll be a generous patron and an appreciative connoisseur now what do you have to offer I hope to start serving you in exchange for your protection you see my creations are not to everyone's liking and the lands where I come from demand for armful blades is low the heavier and cheaper ones are better for peasants I had to swallow my pride and do such work merely to survive I know that serving you will allow me to earn your recognition I'm offering you a contract you provide me a workplace and all the necessary resources and I shall fill your arsenal with perfect instruments of death more I will craft you personally an amazing and deadly weapon which there is no equal I have long been looking for a warrior worthy of this masterpiece all you need to do is sign the contract and place your first order the other woman shows you a leather case with a prepared contract do we have a deal I agreed to make a deal with you Naza roast eyes shine with excitement she hands you a pen and paper thank you sign here please and here done all right no one could touch the court blacksmith ordered my apprentices to pack up my materials and take them to the new workshop but you economy provide me with as soon as I'm settled I'll send one of my people to deliver your order and there we go let's go build these two workshops now he has the masterpiece that I really wanted last time I don't know where her masterpieces I'll next remember what weapon she makes I know she makes like long swords and stuff okay um am i doing its my purchase of BP that's good and just get a hundred Ezra's weapon shop will go right here Rask weapon shop over there it's got a bulletin board as well and a tavern because he's both good there we go that works all right let's get out of here and done there all right to the trail and the hills also my allergies are acting up really bad today so sorry if my voice is a little off it's been it's been a rough morning I see what's my allergies I hope it's allergies and I'm not getting sick I'm getting sick and be a little upset I like getting sick my throat is sore so I'm probably getting sick however what waits for us in this area actually thought it was a a book of it I'm mature Leopard holy crap dude is tearing us apart most nasty okay I couldn't hear yourself uh passes for both plus one a leopard was nasty I'm there put an awful enemy it's all it's here well I guess in the the shard of the necklace how many shards do we have for that now I'll have to check five seven I think it's 10th isn't it we need 10 oh you can do the bridge over the gorge and River economist – heads to the secret sanctum because this is a pretty big area we can do it now I guess it doesn't really matter it's been eyes you the secret sanctum in the next episode right hold her back for a minute [Applause] adventures can wait all right welcome to the bridge of occlusion river where nastiness awaits you come back here a couple of times throughout the game there's a few events that take place here as well let's go to rest since my main characters a little tired Oh found it the sweet spot suckers all right back to resting hey slowly what a punk there is so much pain so much suffering in the world why can't we all live in peace why are we so bad at forgiving and why do I feel that those whose conscience is darkest are the ones who complain the loudest about forgiveness oh man she is Colin Tricia Melton his nonsense I like it oh yeah there was one time I rested off-camera and I remember exactly what all they said but she said thank yous arguing just because I follow this trend rate doesn't give you a reason like to not trust me or whatever it's just like no the reason I don't trust you is because you have the eyes of a snake I was like oh man she is Colin Christian out and I like it I think they have my favorite dialogue currently mostly because I know what happens man I know you know how the game goes it's a bear it was a bear and a wolf you should be a bunch of wolves I see a pile we're going in can't stop me now everybody I Spy something some undead here like a job Jay thought you have the line long enough for us to succeed we're really heavy just barely get rid of that crap interesting there's chard something else over here loot that I missed somewhere state your design I do what I must that's sort of quick alia quicksave did all this episode I should probably do su not really worry about these guys I should probably will be fine yeah I was like a surprise put delay poison on and I didn't and well there you have it there's something here what's that it's a trap alright yeah you're trouble because it lasts whoo-hoo half plate plus two I wrote it like I can put this on as well again I don't really want to be heavily encumbered for this but get rid of loose again we could pick up all that treasure at the end once we leave the area just grab it and go sell it it uh our village I'm there I go down here yes but there was something in this area follow if you do maybe it was just that that I found all right I just kind of get in position real quick evil confided me how may I help speech letting me just see if she can get sleep off oh hey fireballs and nerds all right there we go this is raging it's just an alpha wolf and that's how you deal with a uh a pack of wolves everybody a fireball some skeletons a sleep spell that didn't work because everything got destroyed by the fireball oh okay sucker bears oh wow I don't my last save was that I hope it was a recent all right not that far behind we'll just run through it real quick all right know it all I need to drop drop everything man stupid ferocious Hodag why you got to be so strong in due time I should have barked skinny on him though you probably blur as well that's right there's a thing down here trusty they double-check over here so swear there's something in this little nook over here I guess I do I guess not Jemma right here my friend you cannot stand against me I got most of it so came out on top you should be now let's cook this way this time we'll do with the Hodags in a second there's something here in dude a little pile of treasure it's always appreciated so he doesn't like treasure share your trouble you should have another fire there we go follow if you dare really nothing else back here okay all right back down here are the tea Hodags dwell of course I'd never reload before she got poisoned mm-hmm will mitigate that real quick let's actually hold position real quick and help you obviously this will probably help me there alright haste pulls through once again all right so I don't want to go in there yet we're gonna hold off I know what we can give it a shot real quick see how prepared we are for this now granted we don't have the weapon type that we need to truly succeed in here we'll see how it goes hit it ad coup de grâce to the game so we might not be in that much trouble just play swap route for her sister though alright let's go in here and see what we can do I wrote it like I thought so confession what's haste first done with way something Bob done with you sure your missus she's out of skeletons but that's fine because he has skeletons he can summit I do what I must all right there is let's do it it's a fight the the fragglan arm mm-hmm I'm not holding out high hopes for this combating comics justified to meet that before she gets in there she doesn't have the protection for fire and everything on silk oh boy yeah it's gonna work he has a regeneration and without no boy yeah plus about a Coldiron weapon it's not likely we're gonna be able to take him out anyway I really helped I saved before I went in there I don't remember saving before trying to take on the crag but okay thank goodness yeah we don't have a cold iron weapon to stop his regeneration he has a lot of regeneration so that's them to keep in mind but before I leave this area we might end up doing it maybe with one more level we can probably take him if I go back and kill those alle bears the swamp which is thought we would level up here welcome the winter wolf here we go another word this book makes a successful biotech it deals additional one to six cold damages and trips the target that's going on a merry because if you remember she has the feet where is it at animal fury while raging the barbarian gains a bite attack if you use this part of a full attack the bite is made at the barbarians full base attack bonus minus 5 by hits it goes one two for both she has a bite when she's raging so along with the poke of the winter wolf here she'll also get a trip role whenever she bites pretty neat all right we take out these wolves over here then we're going to call it an episode all right gonna call my episode here and the next one we will continue exploring the bridge over the Gurjit river Garen will say gudren and we might try the cave again I don't think we can do it yet but we'll give it a shot anyway thanks for watching have to see you guys in the next episode

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  1. Is this game in a good state with the latest version? How do you like it compared to POE2 and DOS2? I have both of those but have been on the fence about this one.

  2. Pillars of Eternity 2, Divinity Original Sin and 2, Torment: Tides of Numinera…all these represent the resurrection of isometric crpgs… if you were in love with Baldur’s Gate series and Planescape Torment, which one would you play, including now Pathfinder Kingamker, if you want to experience a good story, good combat (not heavy focused combat as a grind) and interesting companions?

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