Artisan Assistance - Pathfinder: Kingmaker Enhanced Edition - Let's Play - 52

Artisan Assistance – Pathfinder: Kingmaker Enhanced Edition – Let's Play – 52

hello and welcome back to let's play pathfinder key-maker enhanced edition with me reggaeton alright so we're gonna head up to O'Lakes trading posts talk to bakken and then after that we're gonna head back towards artisans rest to talk to nazriya about her quest and Ben will head towards Kendall Muir for uh Willis Gunderson's moment of respite that first thing we'll do is rest since almost everybody's fatigued let's check on Svetlana Svetlana gives you a slight bow greetings your grace a house life for the Trading Post these days much better than it was under the stag board I'm not sure what we would have done if not for you and your wise decisions you grace my husband is a reserved man unlikely to express his true feelings so I'd like to express my sincere gratitude on behalf of us both I said reminds me I probably don't need there we go one extra armor class I can sell the other all right Bakken what's up clocking looks tired and Haggard his face is gray his brow furrowed and his eyes shine with a feverish glow who's there what is it oh it's you top convenient I need your help we have to run some tests tests what tests I found the formula all on my own these darn books didn't have it nothing but hints and half-truths there but you can't fool old Bach in that easily hey what formula the elixir for eternal youth I'm most wondrous brew restores the strength in one's hands and the swiftness and one's feet I first heard of it when I was still just a lad and I didn't believe in it but now I've lived a long life and I've seen even stranger things so I thought why not give it a try so I asked you to find these books for me I'd heard that one of the volumes contains a formula well it turns out they don't all they do is make things clear as mud still I was able to find something useful in there I can't remember how many nights I stayed up working on the solution but here it is walking proudly shows you a few a few vials filled with a silvery liquid can't drink it yet though must test it first can't be too careful with these things bakken gives you an expectant look so you help me all right I'll do it wonderful thanks for that let's try it on a dog first there's a mutt on a leash around the corner you can test the stuff on it I won't feel bad for it if something goes wrong that'll teach you to stop barking at me every time I pass by I could do it myself but what if it's off the leash it won't harm you as it would harm me all right sure let's go check on the dogs thing if you deny he turned them down they're in volt it'll fail the quests so you have to go over here it's a typical street dog on a leash with a dirty yellow coat it's it's watery eyes regard you with a particular interest that's how the dog and let them go and I can lie to the taboc and about it well as soon as I fed your potion to the dog spots a period on it from head to tail and then it had orange saliva dripping from its mouth Hawking blinks at you clearly surprised orange saliva but wait what's that then a spokesman wasn't meant to make such changes to the body to the demons with a Dalek we need someone more human to experiment on know what my neighbor a hunter once told me he saw where rare wet where rats where rare wets I can't talk and a force not far from here they make better test subjects after all the closer to humans than a dog we should find them and try again but take this file this potion has a different improved formula all right so now we have to go find the where rats I think they're to the west regardless with Jay Thal in the party it shouldn't be a problem to find oh it's right there a kingdom thing to take care of real quick an event invitation for the Baron the empaths travelers sent an interesting offer okay welcome to the where rat lair I wrote it like I saw it they can't carry I'm listening all right little quick save alright the where we're at leader hunch great figures turn to face you as you as you approach yellow fangs show from grinning muzzles and clawed paws reach for weapons easy easy we can always fight later let's talk first where rats freeze in an intense anticipation ready to pounce on you at any moment finally you hear a horse cracked voice move one finger and will cut your ball high to scraps what you need alright the ruler of these lands wishes to show that all who inhabited them are like children to him and his grace he gives you with this rare noble drink wet tale take the bottle off him there are ads exchanged glances clearly surprised one of them approaches you and takes the potion however as soon as his clawed fist clenches the bottles neck rips out the quirk ingredient a gulp another one and another and the whereat falls to the ground shaking with violent convulsions that idiot how predictable leaderships is an animal eyes towards you they've killed one of ours get him boys okay y'all are all about to die and we're gonna actually use flamestrike because why not suckers we're at leader is still alive sweat boots these boots increase their warriors movement speed by 10 that's an enhancement bonus and it is not stack though enhancer bonuses okay well I have a boots of elven con which increase the mobility checks which is what I want them to do so she will get these all right let's do it once around the area dude why is Lindsay so darn fast alright return to Bakken tell him that his potion is poison and that's that Nicholas what's they give me anyway loyalty okay all about the loyalty I do what I must does it say the answers are deformed and the deadbolt is broken seems someone in with this gate to close well whoever had died from taking the potion is that so hmm we're at simply died and the mutt gone rabid you see my potion wasn't meant to do anything with the mind only the body what needs to go will need to go for one final test it seems let's try the potion on a human enough would do just fine as well or a dwarf or mocking takes us small class file from his pocket exhale sharply takes a few gulps and the vial is empty so here the best course of action is to dispel magic on him so you don't accidentally kill him because you can't accidentally kill him and you don't want that so right oh thank you just to spell it all right well did it fail he's raged I thought to spell try it one more time nope not working okay yeah down like it's saving against everything that's annoying about oh he actually killed me that's annoying I thought you could just dispel magic on him it would uh I mean it just doesn't work anymore okay well hey now I know I thought that you could just dispel it and he'd be back to normal Larry it's fine we can we can handle this easier with all of that though so try a old person and hideous laughter and all of that Oh what oh wow all right this is last attempt before I edit it because what the heck I can't believe this he is shredding me in due time and I did not appreciate it all right let's try this again this time what you want I guess that's everything right now I guess so good put haste down over talking to show let's try slowing them down we'll try this new vine trap instead I'll try to spell magic one more time a saving gets everything that's a little annoying did I kill him or is he just wrestled down oh if they fixed it okay okay the old man's eyes are beginning to clear it seems that he's coming back to his senses what what happened the potion clouded your mind you attacked me gods forgive an old man I didn't know what I was doing oh I can wipe the sweat off his brow I never thought that potion could work in such a way but still it does seem to make does seem to make one stronger thank you for all your help now I know how to iron out the wrinkles I think okay what's done rough stuff over that being that difficult we've granted I was also trying to not actually have to beat him in the fight trying to find an alternate way to deal with it well that's fine everything's okay we're getting into two mode yeah it's good this way zoo I think it'll be faster than wait why don't we set up camp all right so first we go to the capital we'll deal with the visitor I'll do the main square and then we go go to the merchant sell some stuff and then rest and then go see the the visitor so I'm glad I can do now I used to used to bug out when you rested with a visitor in the throne room least for me did they calls my character like freeze in place and it was just not Chloe must a beg pardon for the intrusion your grace but I'm afraid I have bad news magic beasts are attacking people across the country no one knows where they came from where they no one knows where they come from where the situation continues to develop as it has it may pose a serious problem fortunately there is good news as well the Ameth travelers have offered their help to fight the monsters I expect this would be a good opportunity to invite some guests from neighboring countries to join the hunt would you mind that who are these empaths travelers and what would they ask for and what would they ask for their help ambit forests the south of your domain it's a dangerous place swarming with wicked Fae and other magical creatures and pyth travelers are renowned for their mastery of eliminating such threats they don't ask for much compensation for travelling expenses and the right to keep any trophies they hunt down this seems a fair price to me who whom will we invite for the hunt we need to establish connections with our closest neighbors potox and move on I'll invite someone from King era vetti's inner circle as well as some outdoor e-sword boards from a vote when I invite your vetti himself he'd most likely reply with a polite refusal once he stepped foot on once he stepped foot on your lands he'd find himself at your mercy era Betty is a treacherous old Fox and he'd expect nothing but similar treachery from others Dory from home I thought sword Lords were from a boy my phone is mostly controlled by the outdoor exiles it is sent from those who prefer to flee when coral the Conqueror arrived and rest off with his dragons our advise against reminding them of that shameful story how would you describe the relationship between Mvula and potox typical for the river kingdoms they have an armed to the teeth truce with regular skirmishes along the border they have many mutual issues but they won't grab for their swords as soon as they see each other especially not on neutral ground good idea invite the guests I'll get the necessary orders immediately hunting together with foreign guests not only help solve the problem of rapidly multiplying magical animals it also improved our relationships with our neighbors but little did we know that this innocent fun would be the start of a real catastrophe with great success actually hold on I do wanna look at my stats I wanna see where I'm where I'm sitting currently cuz I don't think I really lost any stats yeah communities about to level up again loyalty will soon as well the vine will very soon also oh yeah shoot I need to build a of a free building from that halfling that came and saw me the halfling brewery so plus dude relations and every week you get a 10% chance to either get three or one BP it doesn't get a bonus from being adjacent to anything it's something I'll just put it in the corner over here well I just put it right here hey it's a free building well it wasn't it cost a hundred VP but since I spent the hundred VP maze we'll build the building all right and let's go see if I have anything to turn into the storyteller next we're still gonna go talk to Nasri Oh next before I go to the hunting lodge okay nothing too again I can dye excels in this next chapter but uh which is still chapter two technically so I'm just going to skirt down here a quick and grab this I think that'll make the general want to talk to me I'm not mistaken so loop around here I've not forgotten about the dragon that Craig Lynn horn but first things first what's gonna deal with the the artisan quest heavily-armed Nasri Oh eyes you suspiciously but she sounds welcoming enough welcome my apprentice Sartain just finished unpacking but I'm already up and running all the better to serve you I'd like to know more about you what exactly would you like to know tell me about yourself nazmal looks at you suspiciously for a moment and then nervously brushes her fingers through her hair my weapons defined me I've been drawn to it since I was a child I have over 300 blades at home each of them special I wanted to be a professional weapon Smith so I learned the craft from the greatest masters of ki Onan then my comrades in craft and I we had a bit of a falling out a few bastards dared to question my skill I thought that I could only share this burden outside ki Onan and you know what I swore then that I'd prove that I'm the head and shoulders of that I'm headed and shoulders above them two of them paid the price even when I was working back home they couldn't stay in the competition and went bankrupt that's where all my competition is headed now tell me about your craft as Rochester skin out my art a mere craftsman would attach a piece of wood to a piece of iron and be happy with their work that's not how I do it I listen to a weapon I talked to it I spark its desire for blood and violence this gives you two warriors in the battlefield the soldier and their sword of course I pay close attention to detail a sharper bevel will allow the blade to cut through this flesh not into it change the angle of the point and the blade will pierce through armor like a stitching all without sliding I learned all this from weapons you just need to be able to know what you're looking at tell me about your apprentices get elven woman waves your hand angrily the boneheads why would you care about them it doesn't matter anyway I recruit apprentices for simple tasks they sign my contracts they obey me and take full responsibility for any harm they suffer during service one of them Sartain works in the smithy the other detail tests finished weapons and runs errands I heard the news of it that one of your assistants has gone missing Nasri Oh winces and looks embarrassed it's so humiliating that you've learned of it something went wrong with my weapon it was it was meant to be a gift for you but two-tail went crazy as he took it he fell into a fury and ran off if a faulty blade with my mark gets into someone else's hands a reputation will be ruined I beg you your grace help me I don't think this idiot could have gone far he may still be near the river from me but bring me back the blade and I'll never let you down again I swear the Elvin woman falls silent she frowns as if trying to remember something oh but of course please be sure to save the tale my other apprentice if it's not too much trouble all right so let's go save detail I already know where he's at she says she he's near the river there's only one location nearby that's near a river that is the bridge over the guter and Gudrun river so go there let me check something real quick so I'm curious if my so wasn't my military close to leveling up isn't it it's 33 so it should be ready to level up I'm not sure why I didn't get anything for it since every 10 I thought that it levels maybe it's cuz he's on an assignment so he can't talk to me I don't I don't know I do have a level up for her as will I need to I'm gonna do that alright so he should be think he's down here all right detail when he sees you the of crouches in fear hiding something in his arms have you come to take it no it's mine leave me alone Micra Missa pain and madness has captured his face it's far too valuable you can't own it I'm the only one who can do you hear me I'm the only one who can protect it everybody else wants it to themselves but I'm not giving it away I've been hiding I can hide it from you too don't come closer the alp is staring at you froth dripping from his lips a boy I'm a friend don't get me wrong but that thing is playing tricks on your mind you must give it to me the office is beginning to understand I yes no the thief is trying to fool me go away you can't have it thief hey there's a rogue behind your back toss it to me before he steals it the off turns around startled but doesn't let go of the thing in his hands hey are you trying to trick me thief alright we can do this the easy way or the hard way finally passed one of them the elf freezes thing quickly throws away the thing covers his head with his arms and sobs thieves don't hurt me the tale returns to his senses and falls limply to unto the ground good lord it's finally over the darn blade took my sanity well I never expected mistress nazriya could create such a monstrosity let her find herself another assistant this cursed thing nearly cost me my life Naser Oscar sword this weapon is supposed to cast fear on enemies but for some unknown reason it poisoned the mind of its first owner the curse has since lost its power and the sword has now turned into an ordinary blade alright let's get out of here then or turn this net tune Azrael real quick follow if you dare that's for ask about anything are you grace decide to see how old were asked is doing I've set up nicely here a forge armor and weapons for anyone who's got the coin the fighters in these lands are weak some can't even lift the normal X they cannot they cannot hold a candle to my sons the half heart grows grim and his voice becomes dull and soft my Otis was a strong one he could hit an ogre with a hammer so hard that it would leave behind its teeth along with its boots but they are gone both the Sun and his hammer for twelve generations my family has owned this hammer it's a relic you could say I wish I could fix it but how and for whom I'll tell me about yourself what should I tell you I have no idea ask me what you want to know how did your family die brass crows Grimm is I start watering I left my house went to a tribe they had ordered weapons from me as they got back to my house I was ambushed they hid in my own yard I have no idea how I survived but I saw the dead bodies of my wife and children with my own eyes I had four lads all of age all carried weapons three daughters two and they knew how to fight one of the scoundrels kept coming I guess they tracked us down waited to catch us by surprise and I guess I was lucky they didn't kill me with the others I bought them off and got lost in the woods locked for a long time without a road and finally ended up here you know the rest but the gods I didn't see a long life for those bandits I heard they're all dead only their chief is still breathing the fingerless which tell me about your craft there's nothing to tell barbarians think all good things must be sturdy heavy and big fragile and brittle things are no match for their strength they have so much and it begs to come out small and light things are easily lost in battle a weapon must be sturdy or warrior might break it over the enemy's head an armor must be even sturdier and a blacksmith I figure needs to be like his armor sturdy and strong grass Jodhpur asked shows you his huge fists and absurdly thick arms and patient our parents have trouble with this last one that's why a master is so valuable where are you from I was born in Belk in had to take off when I was still a snot-nosed kid got a fight with some bonehead and I hit him I mean not the bonehead I was aiming at him but I hit it cheap but I hit Chiefs son and he suddenly went and died had to run away as far as I could just to stay alive signed it up in last wall an awful place anyone with work blood is a misfit which is fair enough orcs have killed so many of them but I settled there started my business and a family must be creator get to work I'm all right now it's real I got your sword nazzer I was gazing at you almost without blinking like an owl how can I help you take away this dangerous thing it poisoned the mine of one of your assistants the oven woman carefully takes the blade from your hands she bowed politely that's honey in her voice I'm terribly sorry when unbelievable failure I would never have allowed a faulty blade to get into your hands that's why we need quality control that's what we need quality control for right I promise you'll receive your gift please give me a little more time I hope the items I send with Sartain will fend off boredom while you await the arrival of the true masterpiece okay there's all of that all right the next episode we'll go ahead towards the hunting lodge we have a friendly competition coming up and at some point we'll go to camembert Tower just not sure when yet anyway thanks for watching hope to see you guys in being next episode

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