Arteza Polymer Clay Starter Kit Review + Demo | CRAFT SUPPLIES | SEWING REPORT

Arteza Polymer Clay Starter Kit Review + Demo | CRAFT SUPPLIES | SEWING REPORT

do you know how long I’ve been waiting
to get my hands on this stay with me cuz we’re checking it out welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer
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I am super pumped right now because when I was younger maybe like middle school
high school I used to spend a lot of time playing with polymer clay you know
the stuff that you would get at the craft store you could bake in the oven
you could make all kinds of stuff the brand at the time was called fimo but I
remember it being kind of pricey at least for my like twelve year old self
so a while ago this company called Arteza reached out and asked if i wanted
to review some of their products they let me pick out what I wanted to try and
this was one of the items it is a 42 block set yes you get 42 blocks of oven
baked polymer clay and it also comes with like sculpting tools it comes with
jewelry findings so we’re gonna open this one up
see what’s inside and then we’re gonna do a little bit of plain I’m gonna see
if I can make something I watched a bunch literally to get ready for this
video I watched a bunch of tutorials and tips for working with polymer clay so
we’re gonna get into that so alright let’s open it up yes 42 blocks like I
don’t even know what I’m gonna do with all this it comes to stuff you could
make your own jewelry charms you know earrings whatever you want comes with
some really cool tools so we’re definitely gonna pop these open actually
let’s do that right now if I can figure out how to get this thing open okay here
we go one thing that’s really sweet about this
kit is that it’s very reasonably priced and it comes with a lot of things that
you need it comes with tons of colors and it comes with the sculpting tools
and it comes with stuff that you can get started for making your own stuff
again I watched literally quite a few videos so I am really excited so it’s
two layered yes it’s it’s gotten upstairs in the downstairs here and I do
like this case I think it’s really cool I think one thing I noticed about the
artists of products is that when they sell a set they sell really cool storage
boxes you can everything in in another video I
reviewed the Arteza hobby craft knife set and that also came in a very you
know easy to use you know box that make sense so I was looking on the website
and it says this polymer clay is easier to work with and doesn’t dry out as fast
we’re gonna put this to the test I don’t even know what to make first some of
them are like solid colors some of them have like a little glitter or sparkle in
it so that is pretty neat like there’s literally every color you can think of I
think these blocks are a good size one of the things I hadn’t really thought of
is that polymer clay is oil-based it’s not water-based so it doesn’t really dry
out the only reason you wrap it up is to protect the clay from like dust and
particles but you can store it like it said certain types of plastic it might
eat it away so I want to show you what I’m doing with it we’re gonna see how
pliable this is I also saw one video where it recommended you work on like
glass so this person in the video had had a piece of glass cut they also said
you could use glass from a picture frame and I just happen to have glass from a
picture frame maybe I’ll try to make like a YouTube play button maybe that’s
something we can do all right so let’s bust out we’ll bust out the red it feels
a little bit oily but I guess that’s kind of what they’re supposed to do with
it alright let me try to just grab a like a little bunch of this you know
this is okay one thing it is kind of staining my hands so that’s just
something to keep in mind I might have to wash my hands like in between working
with this definitely do not work with this on a surface wear it like this
probably can stain the surface just so you’re aware it’s easy to work with
though it’s a lot easier I remember using fimo clay back in the day and it
was not as easy to work with as this stuff so this stuff does seem to be
pretty moldable I’m definitely going to need to wash my hands because that there
is a little bit of like a red dye on them and I’m probably gonna have to wash
my hands well you know between working with colors and switching out the colors
one of the tips I read is that after baking it you can use like nail
polish remover or rubbing alcohol and it’ll take off any dust and it will also
remove your fingerprints you can also coat these with poly
polycrylic so when you’re done you can you can kind of give it that final coat
let’s try to make like a tiny little like YouTube play button and then we
will put this in the oven and see you know how that goes I don’t know I’m just
sort of playing around here trying to get the general YouTube play button
shape all right so you can kind of see how it’s shaping out so yeah maybe I’ll
try to make a YouTube play button I just need like a little white rectangle and
then I will be good I do need to wash my hands though before working with the
white because I think it’s gonna get kind of jacked up looking I did see
another tip that you could put cornstarch to on the surface so it
doesn’t get like super sticky so that might be another option for you too
alright sag ah a bit of a shape art I want to be right back I’m gonna wash my
hands and then we’re gonna open up the white and yes we are gonna try to make a
YouTube play button updated did take a little scrubbing to get off my hands but
we are all good now and we’re gonna open up some white the good news is they
included more than one white block probably because it’s such a commonly
used color so that is it was very nice of them although this might be a
translucent one I’m not sure I only need like a tiny bit of white here and then
we’re gonna put these in the oven and then we’ll be back I do think having
some cornstarch on hand would be a good thing to do especially if you’re trying
to get stuff off like a surface like this glass here you can also use wax
paper that was another recommendation and to bake this
I believe you bake it oh it says join the artist Club and get 20% off your
next purchase a con oven safe glass or metal surface at 255 degrees Fahrenheit
for 30 minutes per quarter inch of thickness so since this is pretty thin I
could probably do like 15 minutes I’m guessing it says do not microwave do not
overbake and they have a full list of colors okay so they’ve got like one it’s
called titanium white one is called zinc white I think titanium white is the one
that looks a little more translucent I’m still trying to figure this all out
it also has metallic gold but the entire list of colors is on here oh
yeah it says wash hands after use do not eat use only with adult
supervision and do not place unbaked clay on furniture flooring carpeting or
fabric unbaked clay may stain or damage finish surfaces that is legit
all right shape clay make your own forms by using tools from your kit I really
just need a tiny piece of this and I just need to make like a triangle out of
this so I’m gonna try to form a triangle here I took art class and stuff I will
say the glass isn’t the best work surface just because this is a little
bit sticky but again you can add like cornstarch to it apparently and that
will I guess help I don’t know this is not looking that great guys I don’t know
we’ll have to see maybe I’ll try to make some other stuff and and show that to
you too because that YouTube play button just looked so sad I decided to try to
make something else a popsicle charm I took some pinky coral clay cut off a
rectangle and then sort of rounded the edges to sort of give it that popsicle
shape and I used one of the sculpting tools to try to make those like indents
like you really see in popsicles then I took a toothpick and I broke off a piece
of that sanded one of the ends and stuck it in for the popsicle stick yes that’s
a toothpick so I thought that turned out a little bit better and I put an eye in
there just so I could I don’t know I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it
maybe an earring you know just one earring who knows but that one turned
out sort of cute and I coated it with polycrylic
to protect it final verdict this kit is awesome and I am loving it anyways I
will link it below if you’re interested this is the art essa 42 piece of an
baked polymer clay set comes with 42 wonderful blocks of colors and lots of
accessories so it’s a great deal definitely check it out if you are
interested in playing with clay and making little molded sculpture does that
sort of thing thank you so much for watching I’m Jennifer with the sewing
report if you enjoyed this review make sure to hit that like button and
subscribe to the sewing report for everything sewing crafts and DIY
projects I’ll see you guys next time

11 thoughts on “Arteza Polymer Clay Starter Kit Review + Demo | CRAFT SUPPLIES | SEWING REPORT

  1. Iโ€™ve never worked with polymer clay but it looks like a lot of fun! I have a Teflon sheet that I use for gluing, crafting and fusing with my iron as a surface protector. I love it!!! I would recommend it.

  2. I had no idea what to expect when I clicked on this and that kit looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Baking works best with a sheet of baking paper between the clay and the baking surface (pan). It doesnโ€™t take as long to bake as others either. This is the best clay Iโ€™ve ever worked with.

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