ART with SEQUINS!?? - Will it Work?

ART with SEQUINS!?? – Will it Work?

after this video I think you'll agree that when it comes to art anything I touch turns to get a license welcome to draw with Jezza I'm Jesuit and today I'm gonna be playing with these cushions pretty sure you guys will have seen these around before these things where you do this and it doesn't fit and you draw pictures well I mean I try and draw pictures let's try and go feature you ready it's easy when it comes like where did you go across this way but that's when yeah it's when you gotta go down that it gets a little tricky so you do this this is my little technique so yeah you do a circle Oh little scratchy sound effects are probably unnecessary I'm trying to draw the awesome face you know that mean from 2006 so it's so worked he can draw pictures with it but my question is or every time I see them can you make epic art with them it's pretty clear that I'm not gonna be able to do much with this with just this there are a couple of problems one it's not big enough because that you know it's essentially a very limited resolution because there are only so many sequins and it's also very hard to be accurate with them no this is oh it's a coffee bean or an eyelid there's a there's a very unimpressed by brown yes it's hard to make out whatever you draw on it the other problems are well you know color wires it's sort of hard to see particularly this one we've got silver and gold so depending on where I a needle it and where the lights are you can see when I hold it this way the silver is super bright and the gold is a little dark but then when I lit in a different direction or maybe like turn the pillow around maybe that's a clearer thing there you go see there gold is super bright now and the silver is super dark so I'm actually gonna have to tweak my visual setup in this video to try and make it look as visually clear as possible I'm also going to be using more of these to create a bit of a so that I can have more resolution and then the third problem of course is that it's a pillow it's lumpy and isn't very easy to draw on because it's rounded so there's our zip there's no zip doing this okay this is a total waste of resources but let's face it who the hell uses sequin cushions as cushions sequins are so uncomfortable I can't stand them in fact I will take great joy in destroying many secret inclusions today because goddamn if I ever have to sit on a secret cushion or be uncomfortable and very minor ly issues so anyway that's the concept let's go try and put it into practice okay so here's a little pile of cushions I've prepared earlier the last thing I want to do is lay on these it's so uncomfortable it's like a bed of nails tiny little not very painful but irritatingly scratchy nails now the interesting thing is I assumed I was actually gonna have to do a lot of experimenting with the light and positioning of these to get a really cool look however I feel like by accident because there's so much white in this room they seem to be reflecting the white and creating a really contrasting look oh oh wait I might be wrong we actually might need to be aware of how we're rotating these because the sequins face in a direction where their turns so you'll notice all right let's go let's go half and a half you ready half gold and a half silver so turn this way look at the silver looks like black almost and then if I 188 the gold starts to look a bit muddy so if I go right in the middle there and if all the sequins are facing sort of sideways and get a really nice contrast between the two I actually think once I empty these all out of their guts and maybe even stretch them and make a bit of a canvas I could get a really nice contrast II flat look it could be really cool so let's get in demolition mode quick little interruption before I get started in the artwork and all that stuff I know a lot of you have already written the comments you can buy the sequin material in roles I didn't know this when I made the video okay I thought the only way to get the sequin material is survive pillows Oh pearl you can even buy blankets okay you just bought a single blanket the worst part is I proceeded to call myself a genius multiple times so I thought to balance it out every time I call myself a genius I just would just display the easy option anyways that's the appeal of this channel is I make a for myself and I try even though I may not know what I'm doing but the good news is at some point in the future I could do an even bigger artwork and I won't need lots of pillows I can just get lots of blankets or just rolls of the material so let me know in the comments if you want me to do that otherwise enjoy me thinking I'm terribly clever well being really stupid okay so I've kept two pillows normal because I think I have 12 pillow cases which I'm gonna use to create my grid okay so we need to go sideways with the sequin direction and they all need to go in the same direction so that I can in theory just go like this and it will continue going on oh this is gonna be really satisfying isn't it I'm really excited now I just need a like double and triple check everything is in the same direction if I have one in the wrong direction I am going to go insane now I'm sure you're noticing there's another slight problem here they're looking a little lumpy and we're also not getting a very clean look how are we going to make an artwork without it looking like a whole bunch of individual cushion covers how dare you doubt me I have a plan just just wait I have a plan I am going to use this large piece of MDF to stretch my cushion covers on top and staple them and in theory after I do this I will have one big relatively clean looking sequin canvas I am a genius the genius that you most genius see I have no idea this is gonna work but I feel like it is why do I have the big bits of timber well because my friends the staples are a little too big and they're gonna go through to the other side of the MDF and scratch the backdrop so I don't want to do that Gold is going that way and I'm gonna stretch him to see if I can cover the whole thing didn't work maybe it's too thick ohh oh my God look at this I am a humble stable genius okay now that we'll finish out of it whoa ah yes haha victory it worked huh genius I'll do the same on the rest of all of these this is also gonna be time-consuming let's time-lapse this whole thing as well it's done this is the bit where I'm hoping it's really bloody satisfying you're Eddie just from from one end to the other that's pretty satisfying oh my god that's crazy that's really cool obviously it'll take a little bit of fiddling to get some of the nooks and crannies but overall it works look at that it's actually really like clear now here's the thing lighting and the reflection of the white makes a huge difference I'm just gonna test this out for sec I just want to see how much of a difference it makes to switch over to the black now that's funny cuz from the top-down angle it doesn't really change that much but from that angle you can see it's quite dark until of course I bring it back up look at that I love it it's so shiny and cool that's amazing it's ready in theory to create art with this is super satisfy here we go we have another pop-up a bit yeah there we go so as you can tell it's not perfect it doesn't totally flip the colors perfectly but it does a pretty good job the time has finally come to make an artwork as you might imagine I've never worked in this medium before so be a little forgiving hopefully it will turn out cool the concept is called the canvas is cool that's too cool out of three cool so far so all I have to do is try and make a cool artwork and if it turns out cool then that would be pretty cool [Applause] [Applause] and there we have it this is the resulting artwork now I couldn't get very detailed as you might imagine so I thought I would go for like a really clean clear solid silhouette it's Michael Jackson like I'm hoping you knew that I thought I was fitting because he as the King of Pop used to wear a lot of sequins here the sequin glove the sequined jackets sequin suits he was he was pretty synchrony so I figured it's only fitting that we created a bit of a sequin is shiny sparkly Michael Jackson piece with that said there is only one thing left to do I'm sure you know what this looks like it's the like button you can see it just down there go hit it go smash it and make sure to subscribe to George Sr for more fun with art and creativity and occasionally odd challenge ideas but this was fun and let's face it this was satisfying as much as I hate the comfort level of sequin good lord they can be visually quite stunning as our good friend the King of Pop has shown us that's it for now ladies and gentleman thank you so much for watching and until next time I'll see you later you know I'll leave it I'll look I'll leave it to the professional make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jazza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later

24 thoughts on “ART with SEQUINS!?? – Will it Work?

  1. Jazza: "It's Micheal Jackson. I hope you knew that"

    Me: *Remembers some people don't know about Micheal anymore*

  2. You’ve been acting a little tough lately, smoking a lot of cigarettes lately, but inside you’re just a little HEE HEE 😜

  3. But like, who in the world would even want to know about sequene blankets? The thought of it makes me ache with a slightly irritating itch

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