Art With Mati & Dada | Kandinsky

Art With Mati & Dada | Kandinsky

25 thoughts on “Art With Mati & Dada | Kandinsky

  1. Don't let this distract you from the fact that there are Muslim death camps in china and no ones doing anything about it

  2. The phrase synesthesia in art has historically referred to a wide variety of artists' experiments that have explored the co-operation of the senses in the genres of visual music, music visualization, audiovisual art, abstract film, and intermedia

  3. Homeschooling Mom here. This is so so so cute! My kids just loved it. Can't wait to see what artist you do next!

  4. We wish you will keep making more! These are so good in our classroom. The students are crazy about these videos!

  5. This Elementary Art teacher thanks you!!! Great follow-up to end a lesson as students finish painting!!

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