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  1. I used to be a Regional Manager with A.L. Williams and loved it. What a great learning experience.Β  Now I own and run my own company and I still use Art's motivation to this day for myself and my team. Great man.

  2. im a RVP in Primerica….. this video is great for SO many reasons. thanks for studying him showcasing him to the world!!

  3. good morning, this is amazing I love what you do!!

    My goal is to someday get to a place where you profile me πŸ˜‰

    keep it up your awesome!!!

    Mj durken is good
    Do you have Mario Arizon?

  4. thank you for showcasing him. somehow I found your videos and I love all of them. I take notes and I was so happy that you studying Art Williams.

  5. I love all your post . But his one has got to The G.O.A.T. to ME………. GREAT JOB EVAN CARMICHAEL……

  6. I love the videos in this channel, I just hate how Evan tries push his brand into the videos.

    You have to have some guts Evan to put your name next Art Williams and other AMAZING people. Let me ask you, What have you done Evan? What have you done that remotely compares to ANY of these great individuals?

    Make some youtube videos? Write one book? Trying sell the book within the channel? Have some respect man.

  7. "Nobody wants to follow a negative, dull, disillusioned dadgum crybaby!"

    We use this all the time! You should check out some of Jim Meyer's speeches as well! He is a phenomenal speaker!

  8. Hi Evan, thank you so much for making all these awesome videos, really helped me a lot! Do you think you can do the success story ofJorge Paulo Lemann? Thank you!

  9. Great job on Art Williams' 10 Rules for Success. I started with A.L. Williams in 1983. I believe the 10 rule is speak from the heart and as a result Art Williams had great speeches which touch people's heart. PS I was in the audience when he had the last speech on your video. I love rule #4

  10. God bless you Mr Williams for opening my eyes to this beautiful business called Network Marketing!

  11. I shift lead for a restaurant and on my shift, I tell my team the same thing, "all you can do is all you can do". After listening to this video, it let me know, I am on the right track. I now work part-time for Primerica.

  12. The largest seller does not equate into the largest insurer, because of the huge # of policies terminated annually. Policies in force is the true measure of success. In 2016, with a force of 116,000 agents, that number increased by only 86,000 policies.

  13. "You stand up and say; I'm so sick of being average and ordinary" winners do something differently. They do what they say they're going to do.

  14. This guy is wrong! Art Williams' net worth must be far greater than $1.4 Billion; he sold Primerica to Citigroup for at least several BILLIONS of dollars! The company then went public and released its IPO on the NYSE in 2010! And the rest is history…

  15. I don't know why you made a 30-minute video but Art's speeches are comprised of only 20 minutes! It's a great video but it needs to be shortened.

  16. The MOST AMAZING #1 video on YOUTUBE!!!! I never get tired listening to this. Every generation should hear this!!! There is MORE TRUTH IN THIS ONE VIDEO than I ever heard or learned in school, college or from all my former bosses! I will not include church, because the good Lord blessed me young, but I didn't follow the path He wanted me on. And trust me, He gave me talent, abilities, common sense, good & kind heart, discernment, empathy, and every chance after chance to change my life from poor to greatness, but I didn't listen or believe in myself, even though He believed in me. God constantly tried to pull me back where He wanted me and listening to this video was one GIANT LASSO PULL BACK to MY PATH. Where is your path leading you???? I'm 66, praying for the strength to HELP OTHERS FIND THEIR STRENGTH to change their life and help get them on the path they are destined to be on. Instead of REGRETS, you'll have DREAMS coming true and having the life you were destined to have, to be the person you were destined to be, making life's negatives…into POSITIVE!!! Get rid of the TOXIC in your life…people, things, places…anything that is not going to keep you moving forward toward the accomplishment of your dreams. And DREAM BIG…REAL BIG and JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. One of my favorite! Hart really got that fire inside! I've been around people who are part of this movement/company and I learn more and more everyday! This man really started something that has the potentiel to change everything! Luv it!

  18. This video is so amazingπŸ‘ I just started doing my training today working with Primerica..after watching this video Art William has inspired me to give a speech on Wednesday 01/17/18 in front of the whole company who has never meet me before. But the two people that are training. Thanks you 😊😊😊😊

  19. This man: Art L. Williams founded the company: Primerica. Our leader….! And all other "competitors" benefit from our Leader's proven system…(I guess they have not been able to create or have a Leader like our -Art Williams)

  20. "smart people spend too much time trying to figure things out. smart people can't succeed because they keep trying to figure out a simpler and easier way to do things"

  21. Great material to listen to get motivated but the insurance business is a cancer now with so many people getting tricked into joining and receive nothing in return but empty promises

  22. I think without that one speech at the dinner there wouldn't be much left to use on this great man. Love his messages but there isn't much out there beyond the dinner scene.

  23. 1. Just Do It.
    2. Just Do It.
    3. Just Do It.
    4. Just Do It.
    5. Just Do It.
    6. Just Do It.
    7. Just Do It.
    8. Just Do It.
    9. Just Do It.
    10. Just Do It.

  24. AL Williams was about buy term and invest the difference
    Primerica is about buy term and forget the difference

  25. Art Williams top 10 rules for success:
    1. Just do it
    2. And do it
    3. And do it
    4. And do it
    5. And do it
    6. And do it
    7. And do it
    8. And do it
    9. And do it
    10. And….. Do it!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I've been a Primerica rep for years and I love the energy from our leadership. Art Williams is amazing!! His book Coach will inspire any Primerican to go out and replace as many trash value policies as possible. This video is amazing!!!!! Thank you for this!!!

  27. 🀝🀝🀝🀝 "All you can do is all you can do" "All can do", only thinkers can think about what he talking about, powerful powerful speaker Art William's. Thanks for sharing master piece. Keep it going mate. All the way from England, UK 🀝🀝🀝😁

  28. I recently passed my state life insurance exam with Primerica. I'm determined to building a million-dollar Primerica business by helping as many people as I can. Thank you, Mr. Williams. πŸ™β€πŸ‘

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