Art Therapy Activity for Anger

Art Therapy Activity for Anger

Hello friends, today I’ll show you how to
make art when you feel angry or mad. This exercise will help you feel more
grounded and calm by releasing tension, processing the source of anger, and
getting in touch with your body. To make ourselves most comfortable and cozy we
can set up the space and atmosphere to allow us to relax and focus. You can make
some tea or get some candles. Before the art let’s invite mindfulness
and become aware of our physical body. Gently place your attention on your
breathing breathing in and breathing out. Notice what sensations you are having as
you are breathing in and out. Notice what it feels like to feel angry or mad. And
before the art make sure to invite some intention. When we do this exercise we
want to practice non-judgement and acceptance; there’s no right or wrong way
to make art – simply focus on expressing yourself. The materials you need are air dry clay and optionally you can also include clay
modeling tools. Use the clay to make an angry object or
an angry animal. Be creative with this and use your intuition to see what object
can represent anger or what animal can represent anger. When we work with clay it is a
kinesthetic experience – we use our hands and fingers and our arms and this
experience releases tension in our body. It stimulates some energy inside of us
and through moving around and through pushing the clay, through rolling the
clay, and molding it we are discharging any kind of tension and energy that we
have inside of our body. Since clay is a resistive material and
not fluid like paint or watercolor paint it takes our energy and we become more
invested in it because it’s more 3-D and in a way, more alive to us. Working with
clay can be a very intensive experience and some people do not like clay and in
this case it’s mostly because how it feels in our hands and it can feel very
messy. So it might not be fit for everyone but clay can be such a powerful
medium to work with because it allows us to express ourselves in
three-dimensional form and we become more invested in and it allows us to be
more intuitive in the process. When you are finished with your project,
the second part is to express what this angry object or angry animal is trying
to protect. Use your imagination to see if you can guess what this animal or
object is afraid of and is trying to protect. (And create that) When we become angry or mad there’s a
lot of energy within our body and to me, I think anger is a signal that we have
to take some kind of action and this kind of innate storage of energy needs
to somehow come out of us and clay is a wonderful medium to do that. When you are finished with your clay
work it is time for some reflective writing. Bring a journal and a pen or
pencil. Write down the answers for these questions. First question is: what is it
like to work with this clay? what did you like or not like about it? Just write
down your experience. Second question is: what comes to mind when you look at the
two pieces you created? Are there any similarities you see, are there
differences? Just write down whatever comes to your mind as you look at the pieces. Thanks for following along with this
self art therapy practice – we all benefit when you feel more calm and at peace
within yourself. If you enjoyed this please like this video, subscribe to the
channel, and I’ll see you next time. Bye 🙂

22 thoughts on “Art Therapy Activity for Anger

  1. If people do not like the feel of
    clay they could use playdough
    or bread dough. Luckily I never have feelings of anger or
    forms of frustration. Living simply has taught me to
    accept and let things flow. This was very interesting. Like the idea
    of moulding, drawing or painting
    something, then to write down
    feelings the activity created within
    you. I look forward to doing this
    next time I do artwork. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for watching & following along with this clay exercise! 🧡 What are some other art therapy videos you want to watch? 🙂

  3. I always wait anxiously for your videos. And coincidently, today I felt anger. Also fear. Could you do a video for dealing with fear?

  4. As always very interesting video about anger and I really connected to this deeply a very powerful exercise. Hello to you and your beautiful cat 🐾🐾🐾♥️

  5. Mess w. Clay being angry. Someone would probably throw the clay at someones window. Hah just a funny 😆 thanks again great video as always 🤗

  6. I wonder if there is any form of art therapy to help with processing information or sensations. I always get easily overwhelmed by sudden information or sensations and feel like I would need some help mentally sorting myself.

    Also is there art therapy for the feeling of helplessness?

  7. when i’m angry i sleep 😴 but i want to stop doing that’s in do something else likes drink water or ,! ummmm eat something healthy

  8. I'm having a great day today, but this video was awesome. I'll have to keep it on my watch later list, for when I'm angry. Your words are always kind and gentle.

  9. Hey, you know I have been waiting for good ways to deal with emotions, even though I do not feel anger right now, it's always nice to learn from you. So, I am really glad to find this channel. Hope it grows a lot and you can help more people with what you do. 💚😊 (BTW, sorry if it's not writing correctly, English is not my first language hehe).

  10. Hello! I saw a post where a cat owner described her experience with a cat and salt lamp.. they can be deadly to dogs and cats if they lick it. Just wanted to let you know,in case you haven't heard about it..beautiful video as always 🌹

  11. On know that your focus is on human anger, but do you notice a change, perhaps an emotional change, in your cat from time to time? In my experience, cats can be determined to have what they want when they want it. Their responses at that moment vary from cat to cat.

  12. Thank you so much for your wonderful video! You created this video at such a great time. I have been dealing with feelings of anxiety and anger from a past abusive relationship. Because I didn't have clay at home, I made a batch of date balls and squished the date dough! I was so surprised–right away I felt a lot of past angry feelings coming up when I started shaping my angry shape. Thanks for your healing video! Maybe you could do a video on dealing with past trauma?

  13. I saw this when it was uploaded and saved it for today.
    The best part is, last night I threw away something that I later kept because I can use it to make playdough. I think this'll work just fine.
    Thank you for the videos!

  14. ❣️Hi, Youjung, thank you so much for this experience! When I watched this video I was a little upset, because I was kind of forced to listen to a loooong monologue and felt very worn out after. So I made your proposed work: i found some kind of clay and formed the head of a duck with a big wide open beak and almost closed eyes. The second piece became a tiny body of the duck…obviously the duck with the big head is protecting its tiny body by chatting all the time? I don’t really know, but I put both pieces together and since then I’m smiling as soon as i see the duck with the big head…an uncomfortable situation went to good mood and a smile. Love and thanks, Monika❣️

  15. Hello You Jung I Love your videos, and Will be trying this tomorrow, as I have had a Very Trying Week, and have been quite angry about things that happened…My grown up daughter gave me a huge lump of air dry clay recently… Maybe she Intuitively Knew it Would help me ?!! …I can't wait to do this, 💗😀🐈🐾🐾

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