Art Techniques & Styles : How to Draw a Nude Model

Art Techniques & Styles : How to Draw a Nude Model

Okay folks in this clip we’re going to talk
about how to draw a nude model. Okay. So obviously in this situation, you’re going to want to
be a very, very professional artist. You don’t want to make the situation all uncomfortable
for your subject and you definitely want to establish yourself as a someone who, you know,
can work in all sorts of different perimeters and create a very comfortable and professional
environment for everyone, not just your models but anyone else you work with. So in the case
of working with a nude model, first of all, you’re going to want to make sure that they
know exactly what it is that they’re going to be doing. You’re going to set them up in
their pose, make sure they know where they’re supposed to be, what it is that you’re going
to be doing while you draw, what like the idea with the shape and the lighting and everything,
the scheme of the picture. Basically, the whole idea of the bit of painting or drawing
as supposed to be. So you’re very clearly on the same page. Next you’re going to want
to set them up and the pose that you want them to be in, make sure everything is setup
pretty well beforehand in terms of lighting, in terms of where you want them to be. Don’t
make them stand around and wait for you to get your, your act together. Make sure you
have pretty much everything well-planned out before they even show up. So once you have
them where you want them, make sure again, you’re very, very clear with them, very direct.
Make sure you don’t come across in any way as sleezy because basically, they’re you know,
putting themselves in your hands. They are trusting you to be a professional. So once
you have them there, really then communicate clearly what your intentions are, setup the
pose. Now once you have them in the pose that you want, make sure that you’re very clear
that you need them to stay relatively as motionless as possible. Try to make them comfortable,
play some music, but as you’re sketching, try to make sure that they don’t move too
much. Now the main reason for drawing nude models is to study the human forms specifically
and the shapes and different looks that you can create with the human body. So really
take in the form. Study it the way the light hits its study, you know, exactly, how, what
it is you want to do also in relation to the drawing; like look at it and then translate
it somehow in the best way possible onto the page. That is the objective of the overall
project and should be your objective as the artist to really capture what it is that you
see in the most clear and beautiful way possible. Other than that, you know, stay true to your
vision. Make sure again, you’re very polite, very courteous and professional and that’s
really the best way to conduct yourself when you’re drawing a nude model.

42 thoughts on “Art Techniques & Styles : How to Draw a Nude Model

  1. I can appreciate your video as I have done some film making and this comes up. You have to be absolutely honest and up front. It's good to have a reliable model and she'll stay reliable as long as you're up and above board.

  2. @mmmmmarcus marcus man there are things in life you don't understand. Better stay away from them so you wouldn't show your ignorance.

  3. mmarcus ha ha ha I'm sorry, I look at your channel, you're just a teen age kid. Better practice with your dragons, maybe someday daddy will let you hire a nude model too.

  4. @mmmmmarcus ha ha ha boy you need to eat a lot of noodles and still you can't be in figure painting yet, your lines are too stiff. I won't respond to you for now boy, talk to your grampa if you need some advise ha ha ha. teen age kids today ha ha.

  5. @PNHassett His drawing technique is too scratchy. If you're not gonna show boobies at least make a decent drawing of them.

  6. I love how Kenneth Clarke differentiates the nude form from a naked person. When I use "nude" models (Particularly female ones) I specifically try a steer clear of the traditional objectification of the form and instead capture the person, naked rather than nude. I disagree with Kenneth Clarke in the way he states that the nude is an aesthetic and to be naked is deprived of clothes. To be naked is to be without duisguise, to me that is art, to be nude is to be in a uniform designed by society.

  7. If you are comfortable, the model will be, too. This guy seems a little tense. His approach is from an illustrator's point of view. For me, big wood easel, big sheets of paper, large sticks of charcoal, gesso, paint…a dinky little pencil ain't gonna cut it to really get tones of light and shade.

  8. yeah… huh… this dude talks too much… if i was his model ain't no way i'd let him see me naked. Looks like he's trying to cover up the way he is by acting all "professional"

  9. 3 things.
    1. There was nothing about "how to draw a nude model" or "the different types of art styles."
    2. How do you get a nude model. I like to draw, but I'm no "professional" or well known artist as I'm still in an art school. I wish to increase my skill, but photos aren't big enough for me to see and replicated details compared to my life drawing class.
    3. I'm so amazed. That model was hot no lie, but there isn't a single "I came" comment on it. Is this really Youtube? Y'all drinks Haterade!

  10. @ZRMDMK drawing from a picture and actually having the person in front of you is a huge difference if you are a serious artist.

  11. why shud the model be completely nude? i mean what if she wears g string..cant the artist draw a normal vagina…is such great detail really required??

  12. That's also what I think most of the time 🙂 all I'm saying is that using real people is completely different than a picture.

  13. This is actually pretty good, with a lot of common sense. For those below, whining about wanting to see more of the nude, just go get some smut, you have no purpose or use here. One question, though – how long should a session be, tops? Is an hour (with breaks) about right?

  14. Depending on if you are using a flash or camera lights taking a picture can alter the way the shadows are in a scene. Also the choice of framing by the camera operator now is primary to the framing the artist would have chosen.

  15. Interesting that the lecture was all about how to conduct yourself with the model but no talk of how to draw her…

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