Art Show 2019: 2-D Work

Art Show 2019: 2-D Work

guys I thought I would take you on a tour of the two-dimensional portion of our annual Art Show so what you're looking at here is the hallway outside of one of our for kindergarten classes the amazing moms who hang our art show they hang every work of art that every kid has made all year long it's a daunting task they start about two weeks maybe a little bit before that to start getting the artwork ready I mean most definitely our work this year was ready by me surprisingly I had it matted and framed if it needed to be and then we have another mom come in she preps the backside of the artwork and I'll tell you more about that in a moment and then they spend two weeks hanging it all so what you're looking at here is kindergarten a body of kindergarten artworks this is like I said just the two-dimensional portion if you check out my youtube channel or my blog you'll see that there were two other places where kids had their artwork on display this year one place being at the pirate art gallery my kindergarteners had a clay piece there and then the other was the Glo gallery my kindergarteners had three works of art in the Glo gallery if you're curious about any of these kindergarten lessons this is still kindergarten that you're looking at all of these lessons many of them with video that were created for kids by me can be found on my youtube channel feel free to use them we start the beginning of the year with a lot of study of line the actual the line project actually didn't get hung up it was one of those things that we hung up at the beginning of the year and we just ran out of time and looking at this you can see yeah we got a pretty good amount of work hanging up here from line we also did the getting-to-know-you paper sculptures another lesson you can find on my blog after that we talked a lot about rainbows we painted the rainbow picture with the Sun and the clouds we did that alphabet paintings the heart art came in February we also did the works of art where their photograph was included which was a part of a fundraiser mouse paint those little golden and metallic framed works of art are filled with their color mixing activity and then little model magic mice try saying that 10 times fast oh and then in the winter they also did the snowmen so we were really busy but if you see a project that you're like Cassie I need more deets on this definitely check out my blog because I promise you I've probably got all the details that you could meet now when they hung the artwork this year they did something a little bit different they hung why am I just walking around looking at the floor maybe I should edit that out how it out ok there we go so now we're moving on to first grade if I were like a good person or whatever and not super lazy I would have totally edited that but you can see I'm gonna do anything bed it so this is the first grade gallery this is one group of artwork hanging outside of a classroom teachers door let's just talk about that for a moment we have always hung the kids artwork outside of their classroom teachers door about three weeks prior to the Art Show I sent out an art mint art mail an email to all of the teachers saying hey can you please take down any of your student work hanging outside of your room this way we have a blank canvas for the moms to work with the reason I like having the artwork hung outside of the classroom teacher store is so that the kids can easily find their artwork this year we made it even easier by let's see yeah at the top you can see there was a little blue piece of paper that had each child's name written on it then going down vertically from that name was every kid's work of art so all they had to do was look at the penguin and then the heart and then the mad scientist and then the heart weaving so they could easily find their work of art that was all first grade this is second grade artwork as my students get older moving on a second third and fourth grade they have fewer and fewer works of art it seems and that really bothered me for the longest time until I realized it's because we do a lot more depth projects for example that embroidery took us forever that embroidery project by the way will be in my string and stitch lab book that's coming out and July shameless self-promotion so yeah this gives you an idea of what our kids are doing now let's talk about how this artwork has actually adhered to the wall because here you can actually see the dear mesh we used to use dear mesh all the time to hang up student artwork dear mesh can be found online it's that mesh that you see in the background we used to tape it to the walls with gaffers tape then we would clothespin the artwork to the dear mesh and it would hang that way it had a lot of pros it was easy to clip the artwork up the teachers could take it down easily because I asked the classroom teachers to take the artwork down when the art show is over more about that in a moment but the thing is is that the gaffers tape with the heat and humidity and Tennessee was never strong enough to hold up the net with all of the weight of the artwork so sometimes we would come into school and just find the mesh in a tangle on the floor with the kids artwork getting damaged inside we gave up on the mesh you can see that this art this teacher has decided to keep hers because it's worked for her but my mom's who hang the artwork do this I have one mom and now we're moving on to third grade art by the way one mom who comes in and she will put bits of tape flat pieces of tape on the back of each student's work of art flat pieces of masking tape then the other moms who hang the artwork they simply add a little dot of hot glue to those flat pieces of masking tape and pop it on the wall what that flat piece of tape does is it prevents the artwork from being damaged when the artwork is taken off the walls it's really easy to pop it off the wall so that's what they have found that works a whole lot better it also doesn't seem to damage the wall at all so that has helped us make sure that the artwork gets up and then stays up now we have some fourth grade artwork again all these projects on my blog something else I wanted to share was taking the artwork down the classroom teachers are kind enough to take all of the artwork down and they usually do it on the last issued days of school as the kids are hanging out in their classrooms working on coloring and decorating a giant portfolio that our TAS have made the teachers taking down the artwork calling for the student and passing them back the artwork they put it in that great big portfolio and take it home safely I've also talked about how I can have my kids take on my clay projects you can find the details about that on my blog the portfolio is made from a folded piece of bulletin board paper with staples on the side our TAS make a class set for every group of kids I've tried to cover everything but I know there's probably questions that you might have please feel free to drop a line in the comments or shoot me a message on my blog thanks guys I hope you enjoyed this tour be sure and check out the other ones that are also on my channel

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  1. I would love to hear more about how you recruit these moms to help you hang! 😉 And my school is more concerned with the condition of the walls than the condition of the student artwork and we are not allowed to use hot glue AT ALL so maybe your mesh would work better for me….

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