Art Room Tour | Art. Crafts. Squishies. (Pt. 2)

Art Room Tour | Art. Crafts. Squishies. (Pt. 2)

hey it's me this is part two of my art room tour since I did like some montage in part one I feel the need to do it again so if you haven't already seen part one you must go watch it now you're not gonna understand anything that's going on otherwise I gave you an overview I showed you this whole half of the room I gave you a sappy little speech if the dream come true and a lot of awkwardness you don't want to miss that this week I'm wearing the exact same outfit just for consistency sake yay nobody cares so let's just pick up this video where we left off over here so let's open this cabinet up today I have these three boxes this one is empty this one is full of stuff all kinds of stuff that has been sent in my peal box this is like stuff that people have made for me this whole bag of rainbow loom oh my gosh what this guy has more things that people have made for me a custom fidget spinner all kinds of little cute things that people have sent adorable adorable adorable adorable the continuation of that set is over here with this green box and the orange box also this box which is my youtube box this has you to be things notes that I've gotten a magazine I was in whoop buy this one more stuff that people have said to me weird things cute things weirdly cute things more stuff that people have sent to me muscle chicken lots of little tattoos pins my foot and in between I this this is all stuff to tie-dye that looks like diarrhea I have this from like a really long time ago I got into a tie-dye phase where I was doing so much tie-dye but I haven't in a really long time back there in the shadows these are all empty tie-dye bottles down here I have a bunch of water-based spray paints I got them for an upcoming video I've never used them before though they're cute and down at the very bottom please be quiet this which is incredibly boring it's an organizer full of miniature plastic bags yeah in an empty wire basket a lot of these like baskets and organizers and things come in big sets I haven't quite filled all of them just give me time then we have these little cuties this one is full of all bath bomb making supplies some of this came from those kits that I tried some of this I kind of bought afterward but I'm a little bit scarred from my first experience that's not good this one this is a bunch of ribbon I actually got from a yard sale some lady was like selling her entire ribbon horde and I was like oh I'll take some of that don't know what I'm gonna do with it yet and this is staple gun kind of scares me so we don't touch that and finally we have this little lonely bin which is a bunch of tools and such mostly clay stuff oh I lied no this is for ink I have more shelves up here that we must discuss starting up here I have the last remaining survivor of that pottery kit with this M that somebody painted for me then this shelf has a few little crafts that I've made welcome to my unicorn company these are all unicorn themed things that I've made this is a jewelry holder I don't have any jewelry on it I don't have anything in the jar either plus my pom pom coaster the other side of the show I have this birdhouse this is very old this was not a part of a video I just did this for fun I don't love this that much anymore what the heck is going on in the inside what did I do in there so once I've made something else this will get evicted down here I have a small assortment of squishy cupcakes that I've made these are older squishies but still good the gummy bear cupcake I mean look at that and on the bottom I have some glass things this little jewelry holder I collected these when I was like 12 they're like out of tea boxes and this is just a glass container which is really pretty and to the right I have another set of shelves I have my man Shaya he's very sensitive about being called creepy so please don't call him that I have a couple peas in a pod totally adorable and a sock monkey which I did not make but maybe one day I will this is a fun little container I like to hoard pencil pouches this one I made well decorated and so people always send me pencil pouches so sit up straight on this shelf which my flowers are kind of blocking let me just move those there we go I have a bunch of these Disney Princess things and these fat pillow kind of things that I got from five below they're really cute Jasmine don't be shy I have this lovely flower arrangement which I created myself do you like it I like it it's pretty yeah yeah in this basket also has flowers in it these are from the Dollar Tree and this is not for decoration I actually got these for a future video but kind of looks pretty I think and this bin back here is I don't even know things okay lots of just random crap in there that I have to sort through later moving on to this set of drawers this top drawer is my drawer of little shinies I have a lot of different glitters here I really like the idea of glitter I mean look at it it's beautiful right but I actually don't use glitter that often I don't know why why is that why do I have it on my fingers who's leaking bag glitter I have a lot of sequins beautiful this container is kind of miscellaneous little Chinese more sequins careful haven't used these yet but I'm sure I will can you not this bin is little bags of kind of leftover little shinies very small little shinies and they stop saying little Chinese please this is a set of flocking powder I don't remember why I got this this one is the only one that's missing a lot of the powder and that's because yeah it leaked all over the place which was a huge mess so then I ended up just kind of bagging them individually this one is just kind of a little bit of everything big thing of glitter what is this oh this is a hollow powder I don't know wolf wolf I don't know why I just barked just some random tape things and over here I have a tin full of beads goes all the way down this box I actually don't remember what I put in here so this is gonna be a surprise to you and me both oh this is all old jewelry that I don't really wear anymore or is broken in case I ever could use the beads from it and these little containers hold pins and pin backs little things for making keychains so that's everything in here next drawer is this one it's all very beige and plain in this drawer this is all stuff that can and should be painted at some point some of it is like leftovers from videos that I've already done some of it is stuff that I've never done before but have been intending to I will I will I will oh this is a good one these are all art supplies these little baskets are full of paints this is watercolors and acrylic paints most of these are like almost empty it's basically just all the boring colors left over I have some scented markers this is last paint which I have dabbled with but would like to use more these are water mixable oil paints brush markers which I have been wanting to play with for a while but obviously have not this is a watercolor set which shocker I actually do use it regularly Hello Kitty Twista bowls which I've literally had since I was a child brush pens a very beaten up box of pastels I have used these a lot they take forever to go through Oh oil pastels I've had these since I was a child this watercolor sets oh gosh why do I have doubles of things embarrassing fresh set of paint brushes which I actually do go through a lot of paint brushes so this is fine I have a spare set of microns because mine always seem to be dying watercolor pencils this is not going back together as nicely as I had it before this box is charcoal stuff it's so dirty al I took a drawing class and we had to use charcoal this is retired but I still have it for some reason this beautiful creature here is a box of acrylic paints I think that these are a little bit nicer than like the crappy ones that I showed earlier oh okay okay it's an introductory set for students so these are still pretty crappy but they're not dollar store crappy so it's a step up wow I'm going through this drawer I realize how much of this stuff I have that I haven't used or haven't used in so long I really need to use more of this okay how did I have this before cuz this does not look as it's moving on this drawer despite the missing handle is just it's beautiful on the inside there's a hair this is a bunch of ribbon this is like kind of half used ribbon some little mini ribbons ribbon scraps thread this little box is just random I bought this to make little sprinkles but I didn't use that much of it on this side is air dry clay so beautiful oh my gosh anyway and this is polymer clay here eraser clay here clay tools and that ugly bucket is heavy air dry clay what is this oh that's actually helpful oh okay that's it so all that's left of this back wall is just these upper cabinets so let's get into those starting over here this cabinet has a couple green screens in it I haven't used these in a long time but they're good to have just in case bye bye this cabinet has my really old camera and my instant camera yep that's it this cabinet has this really enormous how blanket which I actually use on the floors when I'm filming like in the kitchen or something because otherwise it's super eka weak moving right along spoiler alert spoiler alert spoiler alert I'm panicking this is stuff that I've picked up from yard sales or thrift stores gonna give it a makeover at some point and oh look at that this is more stuff that I've gotten from yard sales and/or thrift stores hide your face that's a surprise and there's more this is all baking stuff this is the last of the upper cabinets this one is incredibly boring safety glasses definitely need to get those on really ugly and boring stuff and moving on to the next wall of bins cabinets and shelves starting with this shelf I have these two unicorns which my mom made vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls I've had most of these since I was like nine or ten I have this thing and I just painted on it make it you know can't this is a little cupcake which my mom also made that you may recognize her she's been featured in a couple videos don't worry I'm a friendly doll unless you cost me a couple little friends here and in this jerk nothing of interest in there okay a couple fruit themed teapots and a pineapple candle a donut mug more animals from my mom a couple boxes my collection of air isn't that one it's serious it's not a joke this one has stuff that I've made pencil pouch my custom fidget spinners and let me swing down here I have this organizer from Ikea I have a rainbow eraser what is on my finger get out of here didn't we already see one of your kind rainbow eraser yes I bought two of them for some reason my donut pin cushion pink pom pom rubberband ball my create this book two couple notebooks a very pretty pantone color book a ruler notebook which somebody sent to me yes a really cute clipboard that I have yet to use for anything what is down in there found something over here I have a little container of pens oh this is my rock candy pen this sprinkle coaster that somebody sent to me I have a sewing machine I got it for Christmas I haven't used it but I want to I may or may not be kind of terrified of it though then I have Fred my fake plant I just made up that name I didn't actually name the thing and this pineapple cup over here I have a stuffed seal and this box which is my sewing stuff yeah also notice on this back wall I have several mini tote bags that I painted on Fred's in the way get out of there Fred I have a youtube pencil pouch and this pencil pouch which is mine that I designed and it's for sale currently yep then over here I have this basket of fabric so there's a lot of patterns to choose from so when I need fabric I can just go here and back here is just a bunch of felt this is just a magical decoration hello kitty yeah this cute little bear and then I have a mini basket with many pieces of fabric moving over to this basket this is full of very important adult items then of course I have this painted rock from one of my videos and my sensory bottle also from one of my videos and the last thing on here is this big organizer with a couple little pigs Dublin this is all kind of just random this is all my shrink plastic templates I have a bunch of smallish canvases some paper so that's the last thing on top of the cabinets let's go down now in these cabinets I have all of these bins which are completely customized if you've been watching my videos you may recognize them because I did a two part series where I decorated all these so let's go ahead and explore their insides that sounded gross starting with this first one it has silicone molds in it I used to use these more often than I do now but they still didn't come in handy for you know purposes next we have a bin with pins on it so what's in here clasp cheese that's right wow that's annoying so in here I have squishies that I've decorated next we have more of these lovely silicone molds yes yes Oh next is squishies this is a very predictable pattern as you can tell guess what silicone molds what a shock these are like the small kind of ones and what do we have here Squishy's also notice that there's a pin of this one and it's in the inside and so you see this one too it's in there and what's in this one Kenny gasps I bet you can't because it's empty but the last one does have a lot more squishies in it that's the final bin and below these lovely custom bins there's an entire row of cabinets this first cabinet is where I keep Opie when I'm not using him just want to put them away you know okay you can come out of there now Opie you can come out now so actually this is the only thing that I keep in here which is currently empty moving to the next cabinet this is all just wet stuff spray paint all the way back there in the darkness different glosses and mediums this cabinet is sunken in because I assembled it improperly this cabinet is full of glue also just random supplies that I was using for slime contact solution I actually need more contact solution is this in my craft room I could actually use this next cabinet I have a bin of makeup sponges mainly stuff that I used to make Squishy's out of it's really deep in there I don't think I've actually used a makeup wedge for makeup no I don't use them for makeup I actually just turned them into a fake cake this one here oh look at that empty also I put the insert in wrong oh that is so stupid open this one up okay we actually got something in here umm my bin of balls pom-poms more pom-poms or pom-pom these styrofoam balls these I used for slime now this cabinet I'm not going to show you too closely these are all kits and products that I want to test in future videos this last cabinet I'm really crammed against the wall right now again it's just kits out my finger whoa okay now I'm gonna move into the center of the room and this is where all the action happens oh where I do all the painting where I film have these two tables they slide around really easily so I can move them out of the way if I need to and they raise and lower so I can have them at whatever height works best in the moment this makes it really easy to change based on what I'm filming that week for the most part these tables are clear except for what I'm working on the only thing that always sits on this table is my paintbrush holder I got this because I thought that I could paint it and make it look festive I ordered this on Amazon it uses a CD to turn I don't know why but it kind of makes me uneasy just knowing that it's there I'm very sensitive this is also another thing that's always on my desk and it's a pencil sharpener and each of the tables have a drawer inside also so this is all stuff that I just want to have easily accessible my headphones scissors gel pens my sharpies pen pencil eraser chapstick which I use constantly some tape my dotting tools a glue stick some extra headphone Fluffy's an exacto knife this is just a little notepad just when I want to write something down really quick under my tables is my little blue trashcan thrilling I know yeah there's a there's trash in there I'm gonna start a new trend what's in my trash can oh that's paint that is not a bodily fluid you know what let's not start that trend the only other thing that's consistently in the center of my room is this little cart it's usually within arm's reach but it just kind of floats around this top area I just keep completely empty mostly besides stuff that I'm working on I do have some leftover squishies I need to put those away I have all of my masking tapes why do I need so many different masking tapes that's a good question if you turn this thing around I have this little basket hung here with popsicle sticks I use these for mixing paint and some rubber bands this is my scissors hoard some of them are quite dirty turn around again I have my paper towels hanging here which I use when I painting and such turn around again I am using this as a place to store my little magnets that I made out of shrink plastic this is my blob collection it's weird I have a bunch of empty containers paint palettes that really really need to be cleaned oh look these are clean because they've never been used I have a lot of paint palettes that's all I keep in this section I have more magnets stuck over here more magnets here cupcakes and ice cream wonderful on the very bottom I keep stuff that you know I use regularly Mod Podge matte and glossy fabric blue white acrylic paint and back in here I have gesso hot glue gun and more masking tape of course oh look there's more and a couple little animal magnets down here that's everything in the cart you may think that we've explored everything but we have not you can't see it from the outside looking in but once you're actually in the art room and you look up this is what you see this is my Cabbage Patch doll collection and it may be creepy to some of you but I'm going to show you anyway I collected these when I was like 16 17 every single one came from either a yard sale or a thrift store and I was just obsessed with them and fixing them up so they're here and they sit there and quietly stare at me as I work Wow if you journey through part one and made it to the very end of part two again this has been a lot and it's been long but I really hope that you guys have enjoyed it I think that some of you may be wondering where is the blue couch and all of that that you see my video sometimes that's actually in another room across the hall if you want to see a tour of that room I'll have to make a part three of this video so just let me know and I'll do that maybe next month I don't let everyone to get torn out but sure tour in there so I'll see you bye

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  1. Wow! Your room is so cool ! I got so of got scared of those dolls tho.😂 You are really funny! Can you make more room tours?

  2. I don't really know why I'm so satisfied with this video. I like seeing big supplies of random things, so maybe that's why.

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