Art Proof Approval Template for Screen Printing, Embroidery, HTV and Decorators

Art Proof Approval Template for Screen Printing, Embroidery, HTV and Decorators

So I’ve decided to offer our art
approval template to you guys I just want to let you guys know that this will
help funder channel and I know this will be super helpful that way you can look
more professional not only that you won’t end up printing a job and all your
profit going out the window because you didn’t get that art approval
so I’m going to show you how this art approval template works let’s go ahead
and dive right in when you purchase our approval proof template when you
download it from our website essentially you’ll get a a ITN file and dot AIT what
that is is a template file in Adobe Illustrator when you open it up every
single time it will create a new document and I’ll show that here in a
moment but also you’ll get it in cs4 cs5 and cs6 it should work with just about
everything you guys have out there if you need it in an older format just let
us know and we can send it to you but I’m going to go ahead and open up the
AIT file and as you’ll see it opens up a new document untitled 3 so there really
isn’t any way that you’re going to save over this template file and completely
ruin it so that’s something you don’t have to worry about and if you’re using
cs6 cs5 or cs4 be sure to save it as a illustrator template file and you just
go to save as and just click your format options here and save it as a
illustrator template file ok so we have our template open here the first thing
that I do want to show you is we have our branding in there however you can
put your own branding there is a layer right here that says branding here so
that is for you to put your own branding put your logo you can create some sort
of background but feel free to put your branding in there and make it your own
template the next big thing are the t-shirts right so if I select the the
front or the back of this t-shirt I can go over to my swatch palette and change
this to whatever color I want to and it still retains the look of a natural
t-shirt it’s not an illustrator drawn t-shirt it has
a photographic look to it and you can go over to your colors and make it whatever
specific color you want to not only that if you look here we have color t-shirts
on one layer here we also have a standard black t-shirt as well so blacks
a pretty popular color so we have that ready to go as well not only that we do
have a heathered layer set way if someone is ordering a heathered shirt
let’s say someone is ordering a sports gray t-shirt and there you go now we
have a sports grey shirt the other thing I do want to talk about is the actual
template file that is going to have the overall look and theme of this
particular template I do recommend you go down here to the bottom and put your
own name here now these are some terms and conditions which we like to include
in our proofs that way it covers our butt and if someone does happen to
approve this proof and we print the shirts the way they are you know if we
print a couple hundred shirts and they say hey that’s not the correct art but
we send this over to them and they approve it then that’s not on us that’s
on them right one of the first things you will notice that up at the top
left-hand we have a Pio and invoice number and all these fields are editable
it’s that way you can go in and just fill these things in so let’s say for
instance this job here is fifty fifteen right let’s just say our customer is
Shannon the shop gnome or a client as she would say Shannon the shop gnome
you could put your your customers name you can change this to a business name
however you want to cater that again that’s on this template layer if you
wanted to change this to business name you can do that and I’ll go back and
lock this the next thing we have on here is the order date generally for us we do
about a 10 business day turnaround what we’re going to do is just go in here and
we’re going to the fill in and this is on our our Fields layer so
every single one of these fields is on the fields layer and you can go in here
today’s date is the 25th and let’s say two weeks from now they need their order
will be the 8th and let’s say this particular client ordered 36 shirts so
we’ll put that in there so that way we’re all on the same page about how
many shirts they ordered so the next thing we have here is whether it’s a
reorder or not we have no and you have yes if it is a reorder go up to the
fields here and just scroll down and you’ll see that we have all this labeled
so you can see we have this little X if I turn off no it goes away if it is a
reorder just click on that where it says yes this little eye icon here which will
turn it on that way it is visible as we go through this you’ll see that each of
these fields that you can turn on they’re in order by these layers here so
the first options here so that way you don’t have to go in and manually draw
these things in so let’s just say it’s a reorder so we got yes checked here
additional services so you might have someone that wants a screen printed neck
label let’s just go ahead and say for the sake of this demonstration right
here screen and if you want to you can add some more to this if you wanted to
put a screen printed neck label you can do that for me
I know that in the sequential or the from top to bottom that this is my
option here so let’s say it has that option let’s say it has the option to
fold in poly bag and add a size sticker to it as well so the next thing is
folding let’s say that there’s a color change let’s go ahead and select that
now there is a box here we can go ahead and just hit T on the keyboard and let’s
say we want to change it from red to black so we have that information in
there as well let’s say perhaps it’s a specialty ink
so we’re gonna scroll down and we’re gonna click on specialty let’s say
perhaps maybe it’s a puff ink so we’re just gonna hit return and we’re gonna
type in puff so we have all that covered now moving on this can be used for
screen printing embroidery this just happens to be what we do the most stuff
we’re gonna collapse this but you can go over to your template layer let’s say
for instance you do quite a bit of HDTV work you don’t really offer screen
excuse me embroidery but you do screen printing an HDTV you can go ahead and
have this option you can change that up that way it will cater to your own
business and let’s say you do sublimation you can cater this to your
particular business that’s one of the great things about this so in this case
we’re doing screen printing right so we’re gonna leave that alone going back
to the fields like I said you can change this to whatever you want it to be for
us our main thing is screen printing and embroidery occasionally we do HDTV but
you can click that option on right there ok now moving on we have our ink and
thread colors again you can just kind of cater this to however you want to but we
have this all set ups that way you can easily change it and just go back to
your template layer but for us let’s say that our client Shannon the shop gnome
once this logo printed on the front and I’m going to take that and I’m going
to put it onto my Fields layer so I’m just gonna paste that in there and she
just wants some t-shirts with this particular logo which is our logo and
perhaps she wants something else on the bag
that way she can represent herself I’m Shannon the shop gnome this is going on
the back of shirt this is the art that I want and looking at this art already
know that I have a white base going down at least everybody’s prints Al’s gonna
be a little different so let’s just say we’re gonna put a white base down would
CMYK printing right okay so over here at ink colors I know that I have five ink
colors and for the sake of this demonstration let’s just say it’s six
colors I’m gonna do a white base with a white highlight so we’re gonna turn on
all of these colors here and I’ll show you exactly how to do that so let’s just
calm white we’ll just call that our base and we know the next thing in the print
order and you’ll notice that it’s number one too you know all the way through six
and this is not only for the client but for ourselves as well the print order in
which we’re going to do this so if we’re doing CMYK the next color I would do is
yellow we would do magenta we would do cyan we would do black and then we would
do white so there we have our six colors and the next thing I’m going to do is
I’m gonna go up to my fields layer again and if you scroll down you you’ll see
that there are the six colors colors one through six so I turn all those on and
you’ll notice as I turn those on that we now have boxes here so we can select
this box here and we can go over and make that yellow we can come here and
we’ll make this magenta we’ll make this cyan we’ll make this one black and we’ll
just leave this one alone because it’s white now that we have all of our colors
all situated and lists it out the next thing we have
that is really cool and will help save you guys some errors down the line is
this particular pre-press checklist okay so what we tend to do in our own shops
we count the shirts we’ll organize them by size make sure everything is there
one of the big things you want to do is check your art to the approved proof
because you never know when your client might send you a couple different pieces
of art and you happen to burn the incorrect piece of art onto the screen
so you want to check the proof that your client approved next thing you want to
do is check for typos next thing is you want to make sure your spot colors are
correct whether it’s your your house colors or your PMS colors that’s a
something you definitely want to check for placement matches the mock-up
whether it’s you know a chest print a side print it’s down towards the bottom
left chest whatever the case may be you definitely want to check that and make
sure it matches the approved proof next thing job’s registered correctly
registration is very important you don’t want to have that white peeking out from
underneath that red top print or in this case our CMYK print you just want to
make sure everything’s registered nice and tight
your jobs free of pinholes and last but not least you have your registration
marks taped off you’re ready to go for production one of the last things I want
to mention here is we have our front and back sizes so you can go in here and
let’s say we want to make this a standard print of 10 inches wide what
I’d like to do is just type in the size here I’ll let it scale up and we’ll see
what it is so if you look here 5.3 5.3 9 so let’s just call it 5.4 I’m going to
hit command Z to undo that we said 10 inches wide the next thing is maybe we
want this print here to be 10 inches tall so we can just type in 10 inches
and so we got 5.5 for the width so we’ll put in 5.5 10
inches tall and now we’re all set to send this off to our client for approval
thanks for tuning in if you have any questions feel free to email us or give
us a call we’ll be happy to answer your questions until next time we’ll see you

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  1. All this education your giving to the socity is really valubel and i dont know how you do this and you have a pure heart to do this for people..whitch i dont see around in most people..
    Thanks a lot sir..godbles you and your buisness will grow day by day..👍👍

  2. This came right in time for me. Been working/struggling on creating one. ! Thanks for sharing . Yee-peee 😆

  3. Matt You are an absolute Genius!!!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work to make us screen printer lives easier!! You are the man!! See you in the next livestream brother!

  4. Looks great. I use Shopworks Onsite and Proofstuff. Maybe I'll grab your template and support you. I constantly have customers commenting on imprint size and position on virtuals and have to explain that position and sizing depicted are only approximate. How do you deal with that?

  5. Very rad! Is it easy to delete the whole pre press part? I have some clients that I KNOW will ask me a million questions about it and constantly ask if I did all those things. And I have some clients that it would just confuse.
    But I’d like to be able to turn it on for a handful of clients.
    Jay P told me it’s amazing and I’m always down to support all of us here 🙂

  6. Awesome tool man. I am very new in the business and plan n purchasing this to help me out. I missed out on the free registration template lol. I may look into that one too.

  7. You did not state how you send it out to your client. I have to assume that you send it out as an Adobe PDF file and not via snail mail. Yes? No?

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