Art Of RIGHT THINKING: Ep 4 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Art Of RIGHT THINKING: Ep 4 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris. Sister Shivani is with us. Welcome sister. Om Shanti. Om Shanti and welcome to Soul Reflections. Thank you. You may believe that you are responsible for what you do. I believe in it up to this point. You may believe that you are responsible for what you do, but not for what you think. The truth is that you are responsible for what you think because Because it is only at this level that you can exercise choice. What you do comes from what you think. Perfect. I felt it is just not perfect. Why is it not perfect? For example, when I ask you something and you are answering it, for a few moments I can go elsewhere mentally and come back. But I had not planned that when sister Shivani is answering me, let me go to America for a few seconds mentally and come back. Look at the line – you think you are responsible for what you do and not for what you think. We believe that we are responsible only for whatever we do. I am responsible for what I do. I am not responsible for what I think. This is our belief. The second line of the quote says – the truth is, you are only responsible for what you think, because your choice lies only there. It says you are responsible only for what you think. Because whatever you do will automatically be based on what you think. Okay. There are two segments – first is what I think and second is what I do. Two parts of my life Whatever you are saying now sounds very simple. But my thought is not in my hands, not in my control. Let us check right away of what is in our control and what is not. The quote says that what you do is not in your control. Okay. What you think is in your control. But what we believe is that what we do is in our control. And what we think is not in our control. I have heard people saying – “I can only do my best.” I have never heard them say – “I will think my best.” Yes we have never heard that, right? Good. Let us look at both of them correctly once again. One part of my life is what I think, and the second part of my life is what I do. What we do is external to us. What we do includes – our words actions and behaviour. So this is all my outer work. And what we think is inside here. What we do is something which we can see and even other people can see. Whatever we think is not visible to other people. And if we are not aware of them, our thoughts are not visible even to us. So these are two parts of my life. We believe that what we are doing is in our control. I am choosing what to talk to you. I choose how to behave now. So I feel that my choices lie in the way I speak and the way I behave. That message is very beautiful – it says you have no choice in whatever you do. It is saying the opposite then. It says you have a choice in what you think. Why? Whatever we think over a period of time, not just for a moment but over a period of time. As will be our thought, so will be our words and behavior. Whatever is our thought, that itself will come into action through words and behaviour. What you will say to me will be on the basis of what you have thought and stored in your mind. Whether you thought of it now or had thought of it earlier. Whatever I had thought of you earlier, even that is included?
Yes, everything. So your way of behaving with me, speaking to me or working with me What are they all based on? Your thoughts. Suppose when you came to become an actor, there were problems and hurdles. Even people were taunting you. But what was your thought at that time? That I want to become an actor. So despite all those obstacles coming, your thoughts were so powerful and positive. What Karma did your thought get done through you? Your thought was – I have to do it at any cost. So it was first a thought. Because of that thought, how was your karma? Even if you had to bow down to somebody or listen to their taunts, or if there was a problem You did not stop. You kept doing your work. Why was that happening? Because of your thought. That I have to do this, no matter what. Along with that there was another path of comfort, which I could have chosen. But still I did not choose them. Why didn’t you change your path? Because you had created and stored a thought. This happened about 50 years ago. That there were problems and challenges, people said a lot of things, some of them even insulted. But because you had created a thought that you will not give up, despite everything you decided to go ahead. Now let us look at the later journey. Somebody might have said something very small. But you immediately said – from now on I am not going to work with him. Yes, even if a shopkeeper did not show me a product properly, I would just walk out of that shop. And I would decide to never go back to the shop again. Do you have a choice in what you do? In one situation, you put up with everyone and still kept working with them. And after a few years, a shopkeeper did not show you a product properly so you did not even go back to him. What did you do here and what did you do there? In my first situation even if I was not let into the office, I would go there 10 times. So the DOING in both situations was different? Did you choose it at the DOING level? No it was my determination – my thought. But the second situation I was not aware of the thought. But the thought was there, is it not? But how that thought came was not in my control. That how I could think such a thought. Yes, we don’t know how and why such a thought got created. But it did come. And if that thought had not occurred, would your Doing be different? Yes. Because you’re my first situation, despite not being allowed so many times to meet a person, I still went there the next time. So they’re doing was different. And here somebody did not greet you properly. So you did not go back to him at all. The doing was different in both situations. That quote is saying you have no choice on your doing. Now you will feel that you put in effort in this. And in this case you didn’t need to go back to him. We feel we select at the level of Doing. We are not choosing at the level of Doing. We are selecting at the level of thoughts. In the first situation what was the thought which was created and stored – “No matter what happens, I have to be successful in this career of acting.” We were ready to do anything at that time. In the second situation what was the thought? ” I am so and so. So people lead behave with me in a particular way. Otherwise, I don’t need to go back to that person.” The thought has got changed within us. And because the thought has changed, our Doing will come out in action in different ways. We don’t have a choice in our doing. We need to have this line with as always. Every line that you read out for us can change our lives. We don’t have a choice in our Doing. We don’t even have a choice in our Words. Today we often say that a word slipped out of our tongue. Or we say we raised our hand unintentionally. We had no choice. Heat of the moment, slip of the tongue. Why did it happen? Because we have accumulated and stored a lot of things within us. The way we behave outside is only a by-product of what we are thinking inside. Like you shared with us last time, there is a seed. And on top of it, there are leaves, flowers, and fruits. But the quality of the plant, leaves, flowers and fruits – depends completely on the quality of the seed. You have a choice with the seed – of what seed you sow, of which flower, which fruit and how healthy the seed is. We have a choice with all that but at what level – at the level of the seed. After that it is at the level of nurturing. But if we had planted a seed of rose, only a rose flower is going to bloom for us to nurture. So we have a choice at the level of the seed, not at the level of the plant. So the seed is – Thinking
The plant is – Doing The seed is what is going on within us. The plant is the outer world around us. I always felt there is a choice in my Doing – whether to do something or not to. I felt I never have a choice in my thinking The kind of thoughts we have created over a period of time, and the kind of thoughts we are creating now. Information is the nourishment for thoughts. First step is information. Information creates thoughts. Whatever is the thought, so will be the Doing. Today when we are trying to bring about changes in ourselves – we are trying to make the changes at the level of the Doing. Don’t do it this way, do this way. Don’t speak this way, speak this way. We teach children also the same thing, of how to speak and behave. Nobody is teaching them – “Think this way.” Nobody is teaching them how to think. Neither parents nor School. The education system is not teaching us. We are all attending personality workshops. They are also teaching us how to speak, behave and work. How to think? No one is teaching us. So information – thinking – doing. If you look at this chain to find out where our choice is – Doing is the last by-product in the entire chain. Information is our raw material. Thinking is our Process Plant. Doing is our final product. This is the chain. Today our focus is on the final product. We are focusing on our behaviour and words. They are our final product. If we do not like anything in the final product, we need to go back a little in that chain. If you have a manufacturing plant and you do not like your final product. Or if your client is not liking the final product If a fabric is not good then we need to go back to the thread used. Where it was procured from, who made it and what quality is it of, and so on. But after the shirt is ready, we cannot change anything in the shirt. We need to restart again and make a better one. Today what we are trying to work on – is on the final product – we are working on the shirt which is ready. If we are not liking anything in the shirt, we need to go back. Today we want to bring a change in our behavior, words, destiny, health or relationships – if something is not feeling right in them. Then we need to go back in this process plant by one step. We cannot bring about a change in our Doing. We need to bring a change in our Thinking. And like we saw last time, we cannot even change at the level of our thinking, where should we go back to? At the level of information we consume. So Information – Thoughts – Karma. Now that line says, you cannot choose your Doing, choose your Thinking. If you think good for anybody – when you meet that person you will automatically speak nicely to him. You will automatically behave nicely with him. You will not have to make efforts on your words and behavior. There is nothing to do at that level. It radiates by itself. Only a little effort is required in the way we think about that person. Suppose you created a lot of wrong thoughts for a person. He did this, he is like that, he is not right – you went on thinking negative about him. And later you meet him. We had a choice in our thoughts. But there we accumulated and stored negative thoughts. Now you come in front of me. And I say I will talk to him well. So where are we trying to use our choice? – At the level of doing. We felt that even if we created wrong thoughts, we can speak well and behave well with the other person. But the moment the conversation began and there was a slight stimulus, some words slipped out from us – and we said it was a slip of the tongue. We tell them we did not mean it, but the word slipped out of the tongue. We had thought we will choose our words at that time. We thought we can do it. We thought of behaving well with them. But we had not stored the right thoughts here. So how much ever efforts you make, here it cannot be fine. The important line which the quote said is – here (outside) we don’t have a choice. We need to finalize that we don’t have a choice here. Do not try to use your choice in your words and behavior. It will not happen. We will need to use our choice in our thinking. When we realize where we have a choice and where we do not, our attention goes there, is it not? Earlier we felt our relationship will be good if we manage to behave and speak well. We thought we will put our efforts there and things will be fine. We did not realise that we are creating and storing doubtful thoughts – my work will get done or not, what a father’s do better than me, why did he do this to me, and so on. No matter how much effort we put here, our relationships cannot become beautiful. We cannot also be successful at work. Let us underline one thing today that we don’t have a choice in our Doing. Doing is a by-product of my Thinking. Doing is a result of my Thinking. Choice is at Thinking and not at Doing. If the thinking is pure then the doing will automatically be good. How to choose a thought? What is the basis for our thought creation? Information. What if I just say that my Sanskar itself is like that? How did your Sanskar get created? By doing an action repeatedly, it became a Sanskar. You created a thought once, brought it out into action. Then you repeated it many times. So it became a Sanskar. So whatever is your Sanskar, likewise will be your thoughts. It goes into a loop. If we need to break this loop and change the Sanskar Then what should we change among these three? Created a thought, brought it into action and Sanskar got formed. It became a loop. Now if we have to change the Sanskar, which of these three should be changed? Thought needs to be changed. To change the thought, we need to change the information which is going within us. What is before information? No, information is the raw material. It is like food being the raw material. But suppose a person is born into a family which lives on the footpath. He will get information pertaining only to certain things around there. But a child who is born in a palace will get a different quality of information altogether. So information also depends on where you are born? It is becoming a cycle, is it not? Where you are born is also based on your karmas and Sanskars. Your Sanskars are based on your thoughts. Your thought is also based on information. It is a cycle and we need to change it somewhere. What we eat determines how our body is formed. And how our body gets formed determines our physical strength to do any work. If I am not able to work properly physically Then I will say my body is weak. And if my body is weak, what will I need to do? Nourish it. To improve my physical health I need to nourish it. When the nourishment is good, health will be good, and I will be able to work well. Three stages – Doing, Physical health, food. Similarly – Doing, Emotional health, food. It is exactly the same chain. Today we are not able to work well and life seems like a struggle. Emotional health is weak. If emotional health is weak, then change the diet. If we change this diet (information), emotional health will become strong, and the Doing will automatically be fine. This becomes a chain At least we need to know where we have to work. That’s very important. We should know the root cause. When we know the root cause we will know where to work on, to change. We meet so many people who come and share their problem and ask us how to resolve it. To resolve problems in life, what should we start correcting? I need to correct my thoughts. And then the second step – they say they get a lot of negative thoughts, so they ask how to correct them. Nothing gets corrected by itself. So we tell them to first listen to Gyan or spiritual knowledge every morning, then meditate. If at that moment, somebody says they don’t have time for it It is like telling a doctor that I don’t have time to take medicines, and asking him to heal me without treatment. Yes this is important. That is why the chain is very important. Our problem cannot be resolved and I were thinking cannot change – until we nourish the mind. We need to go in the right order of the chain. Similarly, we also meet so many other people – they come every day to the centre, listen to the Gyan shared. There are so many other people we meet who just watch this Awakening program. They watch this program on TV every day at home. Information. This is also information. If someone is watching this TV program, it is only 25 minutes of information. They are consuming this information, but they cannot even make out when They cannot make out when they changed themselves. We can’t even make out how the information we learn here, comes handy in our real life. Sometimes I feel that for a person like me who would not be quiet in situations where I used to react earlier, now I don’t react. Sometimes after the situation passes, I even feel angry at myself for why was a quiet at that moment, even though the mistake by the other person was really big. But there was a benefit in your silence?
Yes, everything was fine. But the mind creates the past quality of thoughts in the background. But there has been so much of benefit by watching this program and talking to you, that it all helps in a very timely manner. Let us just look at this one line which you shared now – “I was quiet at that moment.” At that moment, you had not chosen to keep quiet. It came in your Doing. You did not CHOOSE to be quiet at that moment. It was an automatic action that you were quiet. Because of the information that I had, and the thought that I had, the Doing was automatic. Otherwise, if I was Doing at that moment I would not have regretted later. The doing happened automatically. But what was happening earlier? Now, this is a proof sister so I repeat again – if Doing was in my control at that moment if I had intentionally done the Doing, why would I regret it later? Earlier, the words used to slip out, so there used to be regret later. Today you are saying you were quiet and still regret it. We are evaluating the situation and seeing how much benefit it has brought. We can explain to the mind about all the benefits of remaining silent at that moment, and decide to do the same even in future. Yes we need to do the same in future also. But the most important is – how was I able to remain silent on that day. Earlier we would say about the same situation – “How did I even say like that?” We used to feel I should not have said like that. Today we are wondering how we were able to remain silent. In both the cases – earlier when you just spoke it out, and other where you remained silent – you didn’t have a choice in the Doing. Where was our choice? – In the thoughts we created. Even in our thinking what were our choices based on? The information that we had within us. That is why God tells us a beautiful line – “You don’t need to do anything else. Just fill your mind every morning with Gyan.” That Gyan will do its work by itself. Like how we say – have a good healthy breakfast in the morning and then you are good to go out the rest of the day on work. That food will give us health and that health will enable us to work well. Nourish the soul every morning. That information leads to thinking and thinking leads to doing. Today we need to know where the power lies. Where do I have a choice? Not on my doing, and actually not so much on the thinking also. But more on the information. Let us make a mantra for ourselves today – I the soul feed myself with only and only pure information. Whatever we read, watch or listen will only be Satvik. Even what we eat will be Satvik. Thank you so much. Thank you. Om Shanti. Thank you.

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