39 thoughts on “Art of Dying – Best I Can (lyrics)

  1. No I don't see, feel, nor sense you trying for me. But I do see, feel, and sense that you are trying for yourself and your she he. Your words are meaningless.


  3. I'm trying so hard Kenda. I won't give up on my sobriety and my temper. With gods help I'll be the man we both believe in. Love you so much kenda Ann King. One love one life

  4. Weird it was hilarious all those times I almost died…did the jokes stop then…nope I should really go to the top of the world again might just be good to never see anybody again

  5. This is beautiful song all the time I did what I can to love you To show you how much I love you 🤟 But I guess whatever I did it. not please you it’s best just to be friends

  6. I m my own way. I haven't time for any fuckin bitchs. All are fraud cheater lier. I don't trust any one. Don't go to me high authority. I'll fuck to everyone.

  7. Speaks of my all the days I have pushed on through after losing my Soulmate to his illnesses back in December 2018. I am trying My Angel, doing it Babe, just like you would want me to, but sometimes the night is the hardest when U need to feel your arms around me holding me tight and your sweet words of support saying that you are Proud of me, and that to reassure that Yeah, Babe, You got this. Eight months of hell, trying to climb out the black, cold dark Abyss, yet again. Seems like when I ever I can finally smile, be happy and feel the Sun of Grace and Glory, a big storm blows through rocking my boat till I am falling, back into that endless dark cold Abyss of loneliness, of self-loathing, and bitterness, always having to climb my way back. Not sure if I can this time Babe, at least not completely. BUT IM TRYING. Rest in Peace My Marine. Semper-Fi till the Angels bring me home to you once more for eternity.

  8. It's been 3 years since I gave everything up to get to you, my flight lasted longer than your love for me… Why can't I stop dreaming about you?..

    You didn't love me… You cut me off out of guilt… Then why am I still thinking about you…

  9. I don't know why, but I feel so alone in life right now. I feel trapped. I feel like noone cares. I feel like noone understands. I don't know who I'm looking at when I look in a mirror. This song just sits right with me for now. I consider suicide often. I don't think I'll ever do it. I always turn to YouTube because the community here is pretty great. Most of the time. I can vent and YouTube will still be here when I wake up. Until the internet collapses. Lmao ohh I gotta go to bed. Lol

  10. If your trying to do the best you can find me but I'm at the point where I see how this game means more to people then someone's life but I'm going to pull out of this and when I do I will think of me it's time I do

  11. I sent this to my daughter. She is doing the best she can for her and my grandaughter. She can't seem to catch a break

  12. Just so you know, you think you’re trying, you’re only doing the opposite. You’re only sabotaging our relationship, the way you do it. And you won’t change, you’re indulging in your sad happiness of your martyr victim mentality for doing this for me. You’re hurting yourself, hurting us while you’re loving your lover. If you can’t understand my view, (or choose not to), then you’ll never do.

  13. I was randomly sent this by a friend of mine while i was in a very dark place in my life. I had just got out of the hospital after a suicide attempt. And the friend who sent me this is now my girlfriend of 3 years…out of concern…or pitty…or actual feelings i know not…but she saved me and used this song to tell me she was gonna

  14. My ex sent me this…I'm with someone else…my heart and mind are now having mixed emotions and I dont know what to do or react to my inner demons

  15. Wow! This song just showed up in my feed tonight. It must be a sign that I needed to hear to keep me going! And the cool thing is that I know the singer! Great song 🎶👍

  16. I'm so fucking sick of trying, if nobody gives a fuck about me, why the hell should I try for them?

    I'm precious too and unless somebody else tries for me, I'll not do FUCKING ANYTHING!

  17. I know I'm not perfect but I am trying I really am I care for you more then anything I would do anything not to lose u I know I need to stop with all the crazy stuff I do hear u I'm trying so hard I love u

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