Art, Literature, and Music Appreciation Final Exam Part 2 - FA 110 OL1 SU19

Art, Literature, and Music Appreciation Final Exam Part 2 – FA 110 OL1 SU19

hi my name is Betty Ross and this is part two of the art literature and music appreciation final um follow one and the movie I chose is divergent that's my favorite movie and I love the books and that's always been my favorite so after reviewing this movie if I was to engage a non-believer um I would probably just start asking um like what is their purpose in life early what it what did they think their purpose in life was because um forretress it probably like her purpose was um was an application then it was an aperture like their sole purpose in life was for whatever um section um they were a part of out of the five different um once I could be and so for her at first it was application no it is divergent so I would ask their purpose but then I would talk about like how sad that must be that's her purpose that well she does this fight or all she did was care for other people not because she wanted to but because she had to so I will probably start there and then ask them like well what do you think our purpose in life is um most be like oh I don't know that's such a loaded question um so then I would dive into what I think my purpose is on this earth and so as a believer and as a Christ follower I believe my purpose is to glorify the Lord with everything that I do in that Jesus came down a little perfect life so I could have a relationship with him so now that I do have a relationship with him I purposes I glorify Him with everything that I do and so I would explain the gospel I'm kind of like in that like the way that I just did and then see what see what they think and then depending on the conversation goes because you know every person's different some people might be uncomfortable some people might be asking questions and thing that goes with where the Holy Spirit is working on their heart and if they have questions or not and the Holy Spirit is pushing them so after I would probably tell them the gospel and my purpose I would go into then to ask them if they had ever accepted Christ like I have in my life and if they've ever made that decision to ask Christ into their life and see what they say with that obviously some people believe they have but their actions are lighting up with it or some people if they have their so it it really depends on how the conversation goes and where the Holy Spirit is leading that person um so with that with divergent movies specifically I would probably dive into our purpose here on earth because for them they were there basically controlled by someone else from someone on the outside and they had no idea so the purpose was whatever section they were a part of and that's kind of sad so I probably go in that direction with this movie divergence ascetically

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