Art, Literature, and Music Appreciation Final Exam Part 1 - FA110 OL1 SU19

Art, Literature, and Music Appreciation Final Exam Part 1 – FA110 OL1 SU19

hi my name is eros and this is part 1 of the final exam for our live music appreciation oh one I think that's what it is um so for this assignment we had to pick an era to talk about they explain why we like it um and so the air that I picked is Imperial Rome which is considered 27 pce 337 C and basically at the beginning of this era era is um a little bit before they technically beginning 27 BCE is um though this user has died in Antony and his his nephew that he'd made heir Octavian put together to try to fight against the people who killed him so they do this but they don't work well together so they hey what other moves the the north anyone who was a south for the was said he saw something like that I mean they separate but then Octavian eventually becomes a role ruler and um first century the Roman Empire had been fighting and their economy was wrecked and just it was bad so by the time Octavian died in 14-piece he he had helped restore peace and prosperity in Rome and just really helped with that and but so he eventually died in 14 BCE but he helps so much and so then the Roman Empire considered as the peak of their art also and so um I trust this era because I took a trip to Italy Oh what like a year and a half an hour was two years ago but so we travelled from Sicily only up to Rome and so I got to see this but I also my favorite part was Pompeii instead of this was a this happened during this time was Pompeii and when I was there I was able to go and walk around and um see everything that happened to pace like Pompeii it was not for service um that had erupted it and it covered it like what 12 and a half miles up in the year twenty thousand people in evacuating but two thousand people didn't and so three the second part of the eruption um it killed instantly killed everything in its path and it had gone out as Pompeii a little bit and so it was just a big mess a big mess in um it's now been dug up in people but you could see like the houses that were there and you can they've even like moving around the different bodies that they found inside I remember seeing like a little toddler there but like covered in the hardened lava or whatever it was and so I was just really interesting to me like you're here you learn about the history like you hear these things um I don't happened like I learned about Pompeii 'ti like young agent elementary school they tell you about it but going and seeing it is completely different um and actually see like oh like this was an actual person it was like like that's just it's just crazy me think about like it's not just a story like this is actually real life um so I think that's why I enjoyed Pompeii the most out of my trip because I actually saw that is actual people this was an actual event that happens not just a story

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