20 thoughts on “Art Laffer: ‘No reason’ to worry about economy in 2020

  1. This is the same fool that said the same thing back in 2008 that the economy was great and that there was NO recession coming.

  2. Supply siders aren't much better than demand siders. Both believe in monetary stimulus that undermines long term savings and spending power of the currency. LAFFER DIDN'T EVEN SEE THE HOUSING MARKET BUBBLE!

  3. Keep an eye on bank failures, there were 3 this year. The last time 3 banks failed over 20 banks failed the following year, and sure y'all remember what happened then. Right now the Fed in pumping billions in what is essentially "QE4" to keep the bubble from popping, and they'll do whatever it take until Trumps reelection.

  4. I remember how good the Reagan economy of 1984 was and the dollar was strong and Italian motorcycles were still cheap in 1996. The Trump economy could live on through 2032.

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