Art Laffer: If politicians regulate businesses, we’ll lose capitalism

Art Laffer: If politicians regulate businesses, we’ll lose capitalism

55 thoughts on “Art Laffer: If politicians regulate businesses, we’ll lose capitalism

  1. I do not believe republicans realize the damage to9 our fiscal stability that Trump is over spending a trillion a year when it is not needed.

  2. Fed Ready To INCREASE Repo Operations For Year End To Prevent Another Financial Crisis!: Can you believe it? The Fed isn't done with the Repo Crisis! But when you go on the financial news, everyone has forgotten about it and they're back to telling you which stocks to buy. So stupid. People don't realize what's really happening. 10 years of adrenaline and a breathing and feeding tube into this sick patient and they have the audacity to tell us this is Weekend at Bernie's?! It's gone. It's finished. You can't put QE on top of QE in order to fix a problem of created by the makers of QE. It's insanity!




  4. Trump and the Republicans lost Kentucky and Virginia becomes more blue! Fox avoids Trump's 2020 problems and. More Republicans will now retire.

  5. "I also made clear to the Ukrainians, on a number of occasions, that Mayor Giuliani is a private citizen and the President's personal lawyer, and that he does not represent the United States government" -Kurt Volker, U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine

  6. How about we regulate all these H1 B visas and bill 1024 that will ruin new college grads and the middle class. Corporations do not care for you, your family, or our country. They will replace you because they paid the politicians to make it so. The RINOs are no different than the Dems and all serve their corporate masters.

  7. The way to make more money is to educate yourself in a subject that pays well. The CEO of any company is usually highly educated in business related subjects and more importantly, he or she is profoundly good at getting things done. Sometimes, the whole reason that the company exists is because the CEO had an innovative idea….like Steve Jobs did. One more thing. CEOs take all the risk therefore they get the biggest rewards. The people at the bottom aren't educated and haven't taken any risk. Yet, for some reason, they think that a bigger chunk of the money should go to them. This is ridiculous. If I were gonna start a business and I knew before I even got started that my paycheck wasn't going to be any better than the greeter at Walmart, then why on earth would I take the risk of losing my money and time and my great idea? I could just go be a greeter. The lesson here is that if politicians get to decide who in the company gets paid and how much, then the people with the great ideas never start a company to begin with. Who gets paid in a company that doesn't exist? Nobody.

  8. The problem Art isn't comprehending, is we've been under a system where the businessmen have been regulating the elect in our government.

  9. She paid for your free stuff abusing the system with lies, she is not American Indian but typical corrupt people like Warren doesn't care about rules.

  10. Thats the entire plan!!! And these brain washed lefties are too f*ing stupid too see it. Too worried about social justice and government micromanaging how many times a day you take a crap.

  11. 75% of americans live pay to pay and 50% make less than 30k a year, ceos making 450% more than its lowest worker is not capitalism.

  12. Breading the base is great. CEOs making 400 times a worker is just dumb. A real leader leads by example. Work hard keep your head down and you should be taking care of. If your company leaders cant see that, then they need to be removed. Anyone who works to make a company successful down to the janitor need to be included in the future.

  13. The national debt is gone from 20 trillion to almost 23 trillion. The yearly deficit is at record highs of over a trillion per year for ever.
    Business Insider: Trump says debt crisis after presidency is OK as 'I won't be here'
    Daily Beast: Trump on coming debt crisis: I won't be here when it blows.

  14. Warren is insane if she thinks Govt will run businesses better! Just look at our schools & the college loans. Once they took them over, the tuition sky rocketed to pay for all the administrators, not the teachers & not the supplies. When I went to school, we were taught home economics, wood shop, auto shop, business machines, how to balance a check book, how to invest in stocks, civics, cursive writing, history, English, science, math, etc…they don't teach half of that stuff anymore! All they do is indoctrinate our kids with their liberal ideology & kids today think free stuff for everyone, even those unwilling to work & illegal aliens are just great! She's already said that over 2M people would lose their jobs & anyone who thinks those billionaires wouldn't leave the country to avoid paying, is either stupid or ignorant or both! The Constitution guarantees only 3 things, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness. After that, you're on your own! BTW, this is all coming from a woman who lied about her heritage to game the system!

  15. Politicians don't build anything, they don't do anything to make money. They only TAKE money for their salaries and selling favors to lobbyists. USELESS POS. TERM LIMITS IS BEST

  16. Under Eisenhower (Republican), the top marginal tax rate was 91%. You can either have oligarchs or democracy.

  17. She’s lucky I don’t have Twitter. Only garbage talk on there but she’s a nincompoop! Until her bank account and her husbands bank accounts are empty she should just shut her lying pie hole!

  18. What product did liahontas make same old barry,s spread the wealth shpeel how'd that work out for 8years jobs just ain't come in back yea they did Barack it just took a businessman and a president who didn't sell us out like Obama, he made his billions though and moved to another Martha million dollar home

  19. Art Laffer is totally correct, as usual. If Warren wins or any of the other wannabe dictators, hide your money (if it is still worth anything).

  20. She spouts Marxist Doctrine. Can we call these people what they really are, COMMUNISTS. She is so Rediculous. Probably doesn't know she's a COMMUNIST. Have we all gone Mad.

  21. This idea that rich people getting richer means that poor people get more poor comes from people that don't understand what wealth is or someone intentionally trying to deceive others. There isn't some set amount of wealth that we have that just changes hands, anytime someone uses materials to build something that is generated wealth then of course mining resources is mining wealth, that's the biggest socialist lie they use to trick people into going for socialism or communism.

  22. Companies are taking over all of our lives we give them too much trust and all they do is feed us a bunch of bulshit so they need more regulations if you are an American business then you should do all your business in America and if a average American pays 25% in taxes then the corporations should pay the same

  23. I wonder why a news station owned by a billionaire would want less regulations? People need to wake up and realize unregulated capitalism is the reason for the huge income disparity we are facing. 90% of profits every year now go to less than 1% of the population. Fox, MSNBC and CNN are all against regulations because they are huge corporations with shareholders that profit off of our misery. It should be telling that they are against regulations to get money and corporate influence out of government. We dont have a government run by the people. Its run by the richest Americans, and non-Americans for that matter, i.e. Murdoch. Dont listen to any MSM regarding this topic. They are on the side of the oligarchy.

  24. I am curious to know how these politicians become millionaires on a government salary. Can anyone explain it to me please? They ar,e the wealthy elite they are railing against. I want the candidates to give away their monthly salary to nonprofit organizations like President Trump does

  25. I like Art Laffer, but not in this segment. What a joke. Leave Jeff Bezos alone and let him pay his taxes voluntarily??? Really??? He's worth $110 Billion, but Amazon paid $0 to the I.R.S. As a Republican who pays his taxes; I find it disgusting that we have billionaires who pay less than me. So no, we can't leave Bezos and other billionaires alone; we have to audit the crap out of him and others with our best accountants and we have to change our tax laws. Because it's the middle class who is paying more and more taxes and it's the middle class who's getting screwed

  26. BS…if this was true the US wasn't a capitalist country before the deregulation of Reagan..Stop spreading bs and lies Fox Business!!!

  27. No sane person would want Lizard Warren running their company.  That's a prescription for bankruptcy.  Of course, Lizard would still keep her millions safely tucked away in any place she could — being able to afford the best accountants and tax professionals is always nice — while all the employees end up eating garbage off the sidewalk.

  28. absolute baloney on historical grounds – there are all kinds of economic, environmental, health and safety regs that are safeguards for taxpayers, workers and consumers. Fox hosts never ask their guests for specifics, unless its someone with a left leaning view

  29. Taxes higher for the Wealthy leads to HIGHER PRICES FOR GOODS AND SERVICES FOR THE POOR. Wealthy will push down their loses to the lower income folks making up for any cost the wealthy incurred.

  30. Business is real, serious and risky.
    You can lose as well as win.
    When have any politicians created new wealth new ideas for families to prosper??
    Its always raise taxes, tax and also borrow money from social security or infrastructure and spend spend spend!
    No politician could survive in a normal competitive profit oriented corporation!

  31. Seriously, anyone who thinks they want a socialistic system, go live in it first. It's irreversible. I know from personal experience, having lived in the USSR. Success is a function of work and determination and adaptation. Learn a marketable skill…and if you want more, learn more. Don't get married too early. Make sure that your partner is supportive of your ambitions, etc. Be smart in all facets of YOUR life. You can do that in America! You cannot…CANNOT…do that in most other places in the world, including most of Europe. Europe is more and more stratified. I am now in a former socialist country in Eastern Europe, and you can't—by law—have bank accounts in more than one bank here. They charge you money for having your money in the bank, regardless of balance, if you're just SAVING it. That's right…you have to take money out…deposit money, etc. The regulation is atrocious. And there are laws in these places that will turn your stomach…you can lose your land without notice or compensation, and be SUED for back taxes and rent. And you will not find a SINGLE attorney to represent you against that type of action. It happens every day and NEVER gets in the news. It's happened to over 1200 people that I'm aware of. I've done vast research on it. You do not want this in the USA. Warren, Sanders, AOC, Tlaib, Omar…all crooks and liars.

  32. Time for the tax payers of this country to call on all politicians to give up there money. Elizabeth Warren is worth 10 million dollars and I say she should have to give up at least 9 million of that to make it fair to everyone. Elizabeth Warren you are a IDIOT!

  33. Well…  Major Corporations shifted American jobs to Mexico and overseas.  I remember the time when U.S. workers who worked for major corporations for 20 years – were able to receive a retirement pension. So, give us all of our jobs and retirements back, and we won't need all those DNC freebees.

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