8 thoughts on “Art Journal Flips and Play

  1. Love your videos always inspiring. I havent been able to make it to your lives recently. I think one time you should just start right away with the journal page that way you have more time for the tiny details because to me that is one of my favorite parts. I really enjoy seeing what you see in the piece and what I see in it. Always amazing have a great night!

  2. Hey Dede, love this page…the bee really made all the difference; And the water was a great idea. Thanks hun x Anja

  3. If you don’t mind, can you tell me where you found those pictures of marbles? Are they in magazines? Thanks

  4. My goodness! I just finished watching, the bee spread IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! So gorgeous! I'm so jealous, I must learn this vision! Tfs❤❤❤

  5. It's Whimsical Girls by JD. I bought me a second one to washi tape into a book when I watched you do That! I LOVE IT! Tfs❤

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