22 thoughts on “Art historical analysis (painting), a basic introduction using Goya’s Third of May, 1808

  1. Awesome.  You've just summed up my first day of class in one 10 minute video.  🙂  This will make a perfect supplement.

  2. From the standpoint of someone who needs accommodations in an academic environment, this video is not properly captioned. "English (Auto-Generated)" does not count as captions as it is often very inaccurate and should be properly captioned if schools are going to use this video for assignments.

  3. Has anybody cried looking at this painting. there's sooooooooooooo much pathos here………..it's heart wrenching…….Goya was a MASTER of his art.

  4. horrible time in French and Spanish history. The fear and helplessness exuded by the subjects in this painting speak over the centuries.

  5. In the 2nd of May 1808 , the figure stabbing the horse taking part of the revolt sure resembles the figure with his arms outstretched..also in the shadow to the far let is a faint representation of a woman with a child very Madonna with child like.. I love this painting, 3rd of May, and have been fortunate to see it in person

  6. Art history has always been a fascinating subject to me. This analysis opened up a lot of things I wouldn’t have thought of. Thank you!

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