Art for Mental Health

Art for Mental Health

This is Art for Mental Health yeah?
He's how I feel inside. He's doing his best but he's a little unstable. His limbs are volatile, he's crying for help but he's trying to smile and that's the
mood of Easter term I think for most. So the event on tonight is an event
called Art for Mental Health and the idea behind it is that it's like a very
chilled out environment where students can get together and create art that isn't
necessarily about judging about how higher standard it is it's just about
being mindful and engaging in arts therapy. I think often running events can be a
bit of a stressful process but this is the type of event that is most fun for me
to do because people just come in there's not really an element of like public
speaking or performing in any sort of way and I'm not very good at art myself
so often I find that I learn things from other students. I really enjoyed teaching people knitting.
I'm not very good at knitting myself but it's been really nice to watch other people learn how to
do it the first time and kind of getting people into quite a nice rhythm and so they're
getting used to it and then once they pick it up it's nice watching people complete rows and casting off. So I used to do art quite low-key
before but then I decided I wanted to actually be in an exhibition so I went
for the BME First Space exhibition and I put some of my watercolours
on display, which is great and then I was in the Womcam Survival exhibition where I
also had some my watercolours put on display. It's really scary actually because you feel
like everyone's judging you but it's actually quite a good experience to be out in the open.

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  1. The first year of exams was more terrifying than my fourth year! At least by then I knew what to expect.

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