ART BLOCK??? | How to IMPROVE as an Artist! [ Art Hacks ]

ART BLOCK??? | How to IMPROVE as an Artist! [ Art Hacks ]

hello everyone this is hopeless pictures and today I want to talk to you about a few broad tips be able to help you out with improving your art if you want to be able to also get into some tutorials or anything like that well I don't check out our sponsors Skillshare Skillshare is over 25,000 tutorials well they can go ahead and guide you through any kind of creative medium you want to get good at anything from web design animation to digital art if you fancy if your procreate user like me check out this procreate tutorial that I'm going to show you here right now because they show you steps that I haven't even heard of even though I've been using procreate for like over a year now it's pretty awesome don't forget to check the link in the description that'll give you two months free premium membership and anything past that is less than ten dollars a month now that is a steal anyway let's get back on to the video so I've been asked a lot about how I've been able to improve over the years and everything like that and I don't really know how to answer these questions because there's so many factors to come in to be able to improve your art I get so many comments like this and I want to say practice but people don't really know what to practice on for instance my friend Kuzon Mari he told me that for years he'd been drawing a lot longer than I had and he didn't really know where he was putting his ass into so he wasn't really improving and I think in a way that that's what I've been doing in a certain sense like I've been getting good at drawing one thing but asked me through a background and it's gonna look pretty pretty shocking so that's what over on a really make a video about and how to improve yourself firstly redraws you've seen me doing this on this channel and no matter what I'm going to defend redrawing you can't fight me on this one cuz this is where you can look back in your a lot and be able to compare yourself to yourself I mentioned why do you read yours is quite good in those videos as well so check out my redraw videos where cannae be able to talk to you about why redrawing is good and also give you some creative insight into what I do during those videos another thing is about going out of your creative comfort zone for instance if you've seen on this channel my comfort zone tends to be around girls and pinky hues you've seen this a lot on my channel and sadly until I've got the space and time to be out the drawer when I want whatever I want I'm kind of limited to what I can do considering they also wanna do YouTube I want to do this and that blah blah so I've not really got the chance to be able to branch out what you guys can what do I mean by branching out for instance if you draw girls like tore a guy if you drove guys like to a girl if you draw characters a lot or a background and so forth I would say is a good way to be able to push yourself out can I get like a random word generator I've seen a video from love into town where she can it got given a group of words from a random word generator and she had to make an arts piece around those words because it's so random there's no subconscious thought into it trying to keep you at your roots that your actual comfort at your that you're comfortable in and stumbling over my words I don't know what I'm doing that way you can't really tell yourself oh well it's out of my creative comfort zone because this time it's a girl with pinkish shoes but with wings yeah get out of here now random word generator is a probably a good idea to be able to base a drawing around it's quite decent another thing that you also want to say is try out different styles I know that I made in my art style video that art style is a slow progression however you can also try out other art styles as you've seen in my drawer like a youtuber videos I go out of my way to try and replicate someone's style first off you can't steal an art style so don't worry about this you can even if you feel really bad about it you can go ahead and go hey by the way I'm using this person's art style by Babur of course if you're actually copying their drawings it's not gonna work out instead try and emulate different art styles basically you can do realism anime cartoons anything like that any kind of art style that you see try and draw that because they'll give you more of an understanding of how you yourself draw for instance I started drawing more like Sonic fan art and everything like that and then I moved on to kind of like a bones anime and even though that they were kind of building blocks of style that I have today the direction I was going in didn't really fit well with how I like to draw so being able to brunch yourself out to different kind of styles and everything like that will also help you improve because even if you don't stick with those kind of art styles you can bring in elements from those different art styles to your improvement another way to improve is to improve how you think about yourself and this is the biggest one I want to say that's right i trapped you all in a video that's not actually a tutorial it's a lecture how about that I see so many people in my comment sections all the time saying I'll never draw as good as they're so far but I was like that too and a lot of people are like that but you need to push yourself no matter what no matter what you're thinking you yourself are in control of how good you get our art it doesn't matter if you take five years to draw or five months it doesn't matter because it's not a race all you're doing is trying to improve it doesn't matter how long it takes you especially if you're a hobbyist especially if you're not trying to go into a creative field and if you're taking a long time and want to do it as a profession try and find different elements because everything else I also said in this video will also help you improve faster but what you need to do is start thinking I can do that because everyone starts off exactly where you feel you are right now we don't really know what you're doing everything looks off in your eyes everyone has drawn potato people with stick arms and stick legs and the little ball eyes everyone started off there and you ate that because some people think that art is like a talent well you're either born with it but that's not the case so the biggest way to improve your art is to improve how you see yourself okay so that's the end of the video I hope you liked it make sure to check out the link below for Skillshare Thank You Skillshare for sponsoring me and I'm really sorry this sponsorship came late because I'm a bit of a derp anyway if you need to channel hit the subscribe button let me know your own thoughts and opinions on all the kind of ways that you can improve yourself this has been hopeless peaches and I'll see you around you

44 thoughts on “ART BLOCK??? | How to IMPROVE as an Artist! [ Art Hacks ]

  1. Thanks for watching the video! Dont forget to check out Skillshare, and please help the channel by sharing the video too!! Thank you all!! ♡

  2. That spon in the beginning gave me ASMR so I watched it like 3 times and ended up falling asleep to it hdjgfjhlljh. For real though your voice is super relaxing to listen to

  3. owo tysm for all the tips!! I'll definately try to do the style challenge uwu

    Also,, idk if you're going to see this but how tf do your soft lineart?? Like, when I do lineart it's always really sharp

  4. 5:48

    Me: Wait. That's illegal

    Jokes aside,I really enjoyed this video since it gave me alot of useful tips. I've been using the "try different art style" strategy for a while but wasn't sure if it's an effective method,so it's nice to know it's okay. Not only this video,I really enjoy all your videos since they're very useful.

    Thank you,you gae.

  5. i tried replicating the Panty & Stockings W/ Garterbelt anime style i think it helped me abit so replicating certain styles does help alot!

    great video Peach keep bein wicked f_ _ _ ing cool peace

  6. Thank you so much for always doing such helpful videos! It always helps way more than you can imagine. And the speedpaints are always so fun to watch.
    On another note, Hopeless, does your OC have a reference sheet? I've been meaning to draw you fanart, but I'm kind of blind and can't find one haha. But great video as usual! ^^

  7. Hey do you mind me asking what brush you used for the shadows? If it’s in the video I didn’t catch it sorry

  8. You know, it never hit me until you said "You are in control of how good you get at art"

    I didnt think i needed this video, i just had it on in the background, but now i feel inspired

  9. I'ma just say this: I've only been here a few months or weeks but every one of your videos has taught me something about learning how to art and about certain layer things (Because boi you bet I watch them layers xD) So Thank you Hopeless Peaches! You da best ;w;

  10. So many ppl need to hear this, Especially my Friend, She is afraid of drawing because she thinks her art is trash, I try to encourage her to draw more, Welp, gotta go sent this to her

  11. thank you so much for this video! its really inspiring! off topic but i have a random question… how do you make procreate white? I have been trying to figure it out for a while and i cant find how ;w;

  12. Hi hopeless! Im a huge fan and I was wondering if you could show us all of the features in Procreate? I always end up doing things the harder way.. like coloring instead of color drop because I don’t know about it.. Also how do you get the outline around your tools white? Thank you! 😃

  13. Tbh I’ve just always figured out certain things I work on and put it in my todo list then get inspired then do it then I learn something about it that helps me to it ( like how I learnt with furniture it’s angles ) and then I learnt how to do muscles- I’m mostly learning how to simplify it and references help to learn it, especially tracing a part you can’t do then trying it on your own.

  14. Hopeless Peaches:
    She protecc
    She attacc
    But most importantly
    She got young artist's bacc

    Edit: I got my first Like!
    Why's it blue…?

  15. Thanks peach!
    I've been here since 300 subs and I wonder how you sketch bodies,I'd appreciate if you make a tutorial abaut it!

  16. For improving my art, I have taken Kuzomari's advice of drawing and sketching everyday and as much time as possible. Although not as extreme as his method, since I don't want to sacrifice things like videogames for more drawing time. As for pushing my creativity and drawing agility, I put out a game in a online community where someone describes a character only using 3 words and someone else (usually me) draws it in 30 minutes or less. I think drawing agility is very important drawing skill to have, even for drawing hobby, since time is wasted less on things like perfecting rough sketches. A good manga artist can sketch a character in 20 minutes or less and already start inking.


  18. You see, my problen when comparing myself with other people is not "I will never draw as good as them" or "I draw bad" I actually feel it´s more of a no mater how much i try doing all kind of things (From chibi to full ilustrations to simple drawings,comics, even small pixelart or animations) in order to improve but i just dont like it. And it hurts because i really like to draw, but when i see the final product it´s like, idk it´s horrible, and i don´t know how to change my mentality. Whenever i talk with friends i feel more determined to draw, and i actually somehow like the end pice. But i can´t speak with anyone lately and i feel like there is no reason for me to continue with art at this point.

    Could you please give me some addvide to change this?I really want to do something im proud of and enjoy, but I don´t know how, if you know how i can do this i would aprecciate an answer from ANYONE

    Alsow sorry for any spelling mistakes, my first languaje is not english

  19. Thanks for the tips peaches! I can suggest even just drawing everyday no matter how much you do, you can improve.

  20. Thank you so much! These tips are really helpful! Hopefully I'll be able to improve my art! Also the drawing is super cute!

  21. Thank you peaches all of your videos help me in some way. I love you’re art so so so so much 🙂 you’re amazing and I hope you have an amazing day!!

  22. Wow this video is actually really helpful and I think working out of your comfort zone is some great advice and I thought when you said instead of thinking you’ll never be as good as this person instead you should push your self to think better! Anyway love the video keep pumping out new ones 🤠👏♥️

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