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  1. Michael Rugg hasn`t posted a new video in 2 or 3 years. I wonder if he`s still with us? He`d be about 74 now.

  2. I am an avid hunter, outdoorsman and a very avid gun collector. If I ever came across a bigfoot, or if I ever got the drop on a bigfoot and I had a hunting rifle .30-06 or smaller you best bet Im not aiming my gun at it. Short of being able to get a clean head shot, you best have a big bore gun in you hands. Im sorry 8 to 10 foot, 700 to 900 pound bipedal humanoid infront of you you better be shooting like a 458 WinMag or a repeating 500SW Mag. A full grown male Grizzly can weigh up to 1100 pounds and be over 9ft tall on its hind legs. I personally know several men who have harvested Grizzly with .30-06 and it took 3 shots with a 210 grain hot loaded hand loads specificly for Grizzly to down the animal. now apply this same logic to something that is the ultimate hide and go seek champ who could weigh up to or over 1000 pounds and is multiple times stronger than we are. Now what I would do is whip out my phone or camera I carry on me and shoot some video and stills. But short of me having a cartridge/ bullet rated for world wide dangerous game, like Hippos, I am not taking that shot.

  3. 1 of the best radio host. A late night drive can never be the same. Rest in peace Art. And thank you. Everyone tried to copy you but just never could connect to your audience like you did.

  4. Thanks for posting. You ever post up any George Knapp stuff? May I gather that you aren't a big Knapp fan?

  5. I bet Ray Wallace's wife wasn't even wearing a gorilla suit when he took the photos; she just hadn't shaved her legs (and the rest of her body) in the recent past

  6. There is a good chance Bigfoot might exist. But pretty much 97% of all researchers are liars and crooks. Have been a big fan of Art's and listened for yrs. This stops now. You say you try to prove it is real and yet you know where 2 bodies are. Yeah we know something that will change the world view and history. But we are not gonna show you, and we are still looking in other places. So now I know he was just another con lair. Sad. If you believe him I got lots of shit to sell you like nice swamp beachfront property. This sucks ruined my day so and Think I actually liked and believed the lying POS.

  7. I live in Australia and I have only just discovered Art Bell, how I wish I had discovered him earlier. Just love the sound of his voice and his subjects are facinating .

  8. Look, Bigfoot has nothing to do with Evolution. Bigfoot is just Gigantopithecus, that never actually died out 9 million years ago like everyone thought they did. They crossed the land bridge into Alaska and spread out all through the America's going north and south. Some went North all the way to the North Pole, found the entrance to the hollow earth and just went inside… Probably….

  9. I have zero interest in this topic … I just want to listen to Art Bell 🙌 He's just that amazing. I'm devastated I didn't know who he was until his name trended on Twitter because he had gone to the other side 💔 Thank you Dave! So grateful.

  10. guy named Homie told me how he saw a Bigfoot in northern NM mountains…he left an open jar of peanut butter on the hood of his truck and fell asleep. He woke up and saw him eating peanut butter.

  11. Thank you Dave this was a great episode more like this non paranormal or spooky things I appreciate it thank you, however I do appreciate what you do for us you're the best thank you

  12. So you don't believe in Bigfoot. When he breaks a piece of that Bigfoot off in that ass you'll believe!!

  13. Another great upload Dave 👏👏👏. My personal thoughts on big foot is that in the same way when they performed the famous “double slit test” and once the cameras were turned on the particles behaved differently as they had awareness (they were conscious of being watched) I think they call it quantum phenomena, I believe Bigfoot operates on this sort of level. I believe it is a multi dimensional being that when it is seen by the human eye, it’s shifting its dimension at that particular time (like when a ghost is seen). About a year ago I was driving in broad day light with my wife it was about 15.00 it was a dull typical Uk weather day, we have a very large woods area near us of which the road I was driving down goes to the side of. All of a sudden this being moved across the road in front of us (it was about 30 feet in front of us and stood about 10 to 11 feet tall, it was hunched over, the only way I could describe it terms of colour or density is that it looked the thing in the film predator (like it was shifting frequency) because I could see through it. For a split second I thought I was imagining things until my wife said “did you see that” when she acknowledged seeing it my jaw dropped it is without doubt the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen. My personal thoughts on all of this phenomena is that we are living in a multi dimensional universe and that particular people are seeing these things and others are not. Alien abductions and other experiencers, often have similar characteristics (trauma as children etc) and that’s why we are seeing these things. I have seen a UFO’s as a kid and from the moment we saw the “being” my wife and I have experienced many other paranormal events (UFO sightings, lights turning on in the room we are in, TVs and computers switching off or holding an iPad or iPhone and it operates by itself) the thing lately is meeting people with the same birthday or the same name. We dropped our dog into have his nails clipped the other day we dealt with 3 girls in the shop all of them had my wife’s name, her first name and her two middle names.. We recently drove 50 miles to enjoy a day with our dog by the sea, it was a busy day and there were cars every where (parking was a nightmare) I managed to find a spot beside a blue BMW, when I got my dog out of the car and was walking away I looked back at my car to make sure the alarm flashed and it was locked, to my amazement the car next to me had the exact same number plate (bar one digit) it was next car to be registered when my car was produced. The chances of that must be millions to one. I took a picture of it and showed it to one of my best friends (who is a total non believer and just puts everything down to a coincidence) and again he said it was just a fluke. Ironically this is the same guy I randomly met 10 years ago when I lived overseas, who’s pet dog at the time (had my wife’s name, who’s dads birthday is the same as my wife and who’s phone number when I moved into my house was HIS from a business he owned six years before). And he still thinks it’s a fluke 😂. I love your channel Dave and I think progressively people are waking up to a world that is very different to what they actually thought it was (thank goodness). Art is very proud of you I am sure, keep up the good work my friend… 😀

  14. Dave, honestly can’t thank you enough! Love and miss you Art! You have all the answers now! Prayers! R.I.P 🙏🏼❤️😇

  15. Refection of venus on a night with a full moon will equal a big foot sighting. Swamp gas is big foot breaking wind.😂😂😂

  16. Art must not have been paid very well since he lived in a mobile home, you would think that he made some nice money over the years hmm perhaps he just lived way way way below his means which would be sad if that was the case either way R.I.P. Art

  17. Please promise us if YouTube takes this channel down, you will put them back up. Noticed some of Art’s material vanishing again. 🤨

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