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  1. But we have to keep in mind of what Albert Einstein once said. EVERYTHING SHOULD BE MADE AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE, BUT NOT SIMPLER. I don't if Einstein actually said it or not but it is widely attributed to him. And i guess it is contextual to write it here.

  2. Wow this was a real eye-opener guys. I never thought of innovators in capitalism in this light, but they truly are painters in their own right aren't they? What a great tribute to a brilliant man… I almost wonder if the simplicity/aesthetics behind Apple has roots with men like Rams. Great video guys.

  3. Did it ever occur to you some people might be tired of Capitalism or are by their very nature incompatible with it? Was there ever a moment when you realized all these things you proposed had a chance at one time or another to exist , but the very mechanisms of such an anachronistic system kept these concepts from coming to fruition?

  4. Industrial Design is Science, ART has some embedded design in a way, not otherwise. The fact industrial designers study and develop a certain product to specific public or niche makes the product itself, sometimes, an art object from the point of view of its user, not the Designer. When comes to Dieter Rams, we could almost tell that is products could be a piece of art, nowadays, if we didnt consider "his" products functionalities. Hes 'style' is very influenced by BAUHAUS 'school' and His style is very functional and clean, durable, etc. Apple's Industrial Designer 'Johny' Ive if a big fan of Him and seems to have inherited Dieters Style.

  5. Who wouldn't want to buy a consumer product without any instruction manual? Products with instruction manuals somewhat tells us how to properly operate a thing, as if we can't discover these by ourselves without destroying it. Rams' principle on this is brilliant.

  6. no the fashion industry shouldn't have to focus on what is ideal and functional, the fashion industry should pride itself on the ideas that come out of it, the meaning in clothing and the reflection of culture that is most evident in what we wear, which should never be stationary, it should be evolutionary and show people what it means to be human, and how to live better, fashion is more than a seasonal, functional thing, it's an expression, it's art.

  7. what's keeping the snooze button from being considered only for its practical purpose and not as an object of artistic meaning?

  8. Other companies did follow Dieter's belief. Steve Jobs has planted the same credo at Apple from the very beginning and it's starting to trickle down now.

  9. Curiously negative. I would ordinarily expect a more balanced view from TSoL… perhaps something more along the lines of how to deal with one's over expectation of parenthood and the inevitable disappointments and struggles that are part and parcel of any serious human endeavor. I experienced very few of these so-called 'Inevitabilities'…. and am left with feeling that the author himself has perhaps injected a wee bit too much of his own negative experience into this video?

  10. The whole idea behind design is very interesting, but what are the work conditions of the people who actually make these products?

  11. Ram's mindset will never become widespread, since it is only effective if acting through true genius. A mediocre designer will not be able to able to build something truly simple, effective and long-lasting and has to resort to an attitude more commonly associated with with capitalism. This association btw. is probably not just a weird coincidence and something temporary, but the realization that less effort can yield worse or just as good results, which capitalism is all about (maximizing profit).

  12. Why doesn't the school of life make videos about important contributors to music? You've got art and literature covered. It would be interesting to see a video done on an influential classical composer or jazz musician.

  13. More Designers Please! Naoto Fukasawa, Jasper Morrison, Kenya Hara, James Victore and Marcel Breuer just to name a few suggestions!

  14. School of life, as a design student and someone who really enjoys what you share, I really liked what I just watch. But as you know, this is design, not art or architecture and I think this area could have more emphasis on your page, that would be really cool, because we are and always have been surrounded by objects that should be given more thought since nowadays, apart from all this things we live with, we also live with this giant consumerism and we should be really able of achieving awareness in our lives and our world, so that we can create objects that are smarter, because, really, form and function shouldn't be enough, that should be granted and we should be capable of at least realising what truly matters.

  15. "Being simple can make you vulnerable, but being simple is really an achievement. It follows from a hard won clarity about what matters."

    Thank you

  16. Lovely analysis, really quite liked it. However, I read the website article first and seeing the video afterwards was a bit jarring: it felt like some of the principles discussed got ignored in the creation of the video. It all seems a bit busy and overdone, detracting from the overall experience. This could have had much more impact with slower, simpler images and graphics that don't hop around so fast…

  17. The line about architects as designers "of spectacular things to promote their own glory" is bullshit. If it is a quote from Rams it should be identified as such, but it's still bullshit and is little more than a pretentious claim to some kind of moral superiority. I don't buy it.

  18. Is there a website that will show me a painting and then give me a short description on why is revered? I would like to learn more about art.

  19. his aromaster coffee maker is such a favorite of mine that when my 20 year old one finally died I hunted ebay for another just like it rather than just go buy a new coffee maker. (Braun no longer makes the Rams design and i think no longer imports coffee makers to the US at all) and I did it again when i moved and decided the new kitchen needed white appliances instead of black ones.

  20. I often found these kind of advocate are somehow a paradox. A Braun watch costs 90 pounds. Poor people would not be able to afford it, even if they do, would have no intention to buy it. Probably only the bourgeious would be able to afford it. Interesting to see the contradiction exists between fine craftsmanship and the idea of improving ''people's life'' when people is directed at a narrow group of people in the globe. (;

  21. This video was so disappointing mainly due to the bad and sloppy research.
    The lack of basic research already becomes obvious when the first piece of design is analyzed in the video: You call it PC3 SV Radio, although it's actually called SK2 (the PC3 SV is a turntable by the way).
    … And if that's not sloppy enough, this radio you've chosen wasn't even designed by Dieter Rams. You can easily find that kind of information on Wikipedia.
    The rest of the video goes on like this.

    To the people watching this I can only recommend not using this video as some kind of source for information regarding Dieter Rams.

  22. Someone may have mentioned this already, but I think the actual text for #3 is missing from this video. Otherwise, awesome job as always :).

  23. try being left handed, you want to do everything backwards and u really think ur stupid, then realize you are different and you are being discriminated against, that nothing is built for you, at least in america and you feel frustrated and alone at the cost of the few left handed supplies available. everything should be made regardless of handedness, to work both ways, it really doesn't matter, its just a hand

  24. Hi Schoool of life.
    Please dont get that lady to read your videos, the mans voice is best thanlks.

  25. Come on I was expecting the nice and soft voice of the girl, not this good man, but not the girl at last…

  26. Is Alan going to do everything from now on? He's great, but maybe we could get Dr. Foxy Roxy back for some more art commentary? Beauty personified.

  27. Braun's time piece designer was Dietrich Lubs not Dieter Rams, I believe all the clocks he is accredited with as a designer are collaborations with Lubs, non of the time keeping interfaces are his design. The watch that is shown several times in the video is a contemporary design inspired by the Lubs designed AW10.

  28. Thank you for bringing this guy to my attention TSoL, finally an artist who has made a telling contribution to all our lives.

  29. I don't think there's anything wrong with promoting your own glory so long as you're doing something original and something that brings you a lot of joy. Certain people might see it that way but maybe they're jealous?. I cant stop my artwork because i think people might think a certain thing about me, if your good at something and its not pretentious shit, then its worth showing off; people take the same boring selfies all the time on and upload to social media, so if its something raw and original then do it. 100%

  30. Maybe u can edit the vid and say he's a german industrial designer instead of 'designer of every day objects'. industrial design should be given more credit and awareness to people. peace out!

  31. There is no "Number 3" outlined in the video. That annoyed me as I kept rewinding it thinking I missed it. smh

  32. Poor quality products have never been a feature of capitalism though. A feature of Mass production, at most and even that is only sometimes.

  33. Not everyone likes this specific type of (overly) simplistic design – it's one of the reasons why I and (I'm guessing) many other people don't like Apple. This is NOT the same as saying that I don't agree that things shouldn't be overly complex, just that where the line is drawn is far from where it appears Dieter Rams would draw it. Unfortunately, for me, it seems that many designers agree with him.

    If I should speculate as to why I don't agree with this type of design in general, then I would have to say that it has at least as much to do with feeling that I'm being controled (in a sense that extends beyound the artefact) as it is about being able to control.

  34. Ironically this video is visually unappealing and those polygon cuts are deeply inartistic and downright offensive.

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