Art and Wine

Art and Wine

Hey Tasters! I’ve come across this
Italian bottle of wine and I cannot get it out of my head. It is a red dry wine
but it smells of roses and cherries and that eastern Mediterranean seductress
the mahlab. I am obsessed, I need to know more about it. I need an expert in
Italian wine. So, I’ve been doing some background research on this gentleman
here. Mr. Nicos Georgiades. Background research… does that make me a cyber
stalker? Anyway, he’s a fully accredited member of, and I apologise if I sound
like a bad Danny DeVito impersonator here, but I think it’s pronounced Associazone Italiana Sommelier. Or the Itialian Sommelier Association. He came
here to Larnaca and created a beautiful boutique hotel to celebrate
his two great loves: art and wine. I have heard that Mr Georgiades holds wine tastings
to educate his hotel guests about Italian wine. Okay there is a small challenge, these
wine tastings are only available to hotel guests. I mean I could book a room
but that’s crazy. I live in Larnaca, this hotel is ten
minutes away from the office. Hi, it’s me again.
I’d like to make a reservation please. For today, okay great.
I can be there in 12 minutes, that’s right I said 12 minutes. She thinks I’m
crazy. Anyway let’s go. Hey tasters! I am in the hotel room, I’ve
just checked in it’s a lovely room. I’ll show you around. Look at all these things. An espresso coffee machine, because wine
lovers usually love their coffee. And let me show you the bathroom.
Don’t you love hotel bathrooms. I’m going to explore these later, all these little
boxes. Fluffy white towels! I’m going to wake up
tomorrow morning and I’m going to have coffee looking at this masterpiece, I
feel quite lucky. Okay let’s check out the bedroom. Gustav Klimt was an Austrian
artist, he was very influenced by Japanese art. His paintings are very
erotic, and his best period was his golden period he actually painted with
gold leaf. Guys I’m just gonna top up my lipstick,
and then we’re gonna head upstairs to the roof garden and see if we can find Mr.
Georgiades. Hey guys, so I am heading up to the rooftop, I need to find Mr. Georgiades, my Italian wine expert. Hey tasters! I have found him, I have found my Italian
wine expert. This is Mr. Nicos Georgiades and I’m going to get my Italian
wine tasting, and some more information about that wine but absolutely intrigued
me. So, Mr. Georgiades this place is amazing. Thank you very much. Art and Wine is a
themed hotel based on two of my passions, art and wine. And now we are going to
taste some of my wines that I introduced in Cyprus, I am the importer. These wines I know
this personally all of these producers. I know that they produce amazing wines
even in average years. But we have to taste a lot of them, so prepare! Prepare
your taste, your palette. So, you didn’t start out as a sommelier? Of course not
I’m an engineer and I quit from engineering a couple of years ago, and now I love and I
work on my passion. I work on wine and on art, this is why
we created this place in the middle of Larnaca, with this amazing place upstairs
in the top floor. And of course we give to our guests once a week a wine tasting
complementary. You hold the wine tasting every week for your guests? Yes once a week and
because we bring together people from different cultures, different countries,
in front of a glass of wine, some cheeses and some marmalade.
It’s amazing, yes wine brings people together. Exactly! I need one more favour
from you before we start tasting the wine. I know that you’re a qualified
sommelier. Yes. But I cannot pronounce the the Italian Sommelier Association please
help me. It’s name is Associazione Italiana Sommelier. Associazione Italiana Sommelier. How did I do guys? Leave a comment below
and let me know. Okay so what are we tasting now? We’re tasting a Gewürztraminer from the North Italy close to Austria. It’s the Sudtirol area. As you can see is a different wine, a
different Gewürztraminer from the French ones or from the Austrians ones, because
this has less lychee, more acidity so it becomes balanced and it usually you can
drink it with a full meal. Very often Gewürztraminer is difficult yes to pair with
food, but this has more acidity so. Usually the Gewürztraminer is a dessert wine.
Oh, this is amazing. Yes this is not overly perfumed, you can easily pair
this with quite a range of dishes actually. It’s sharper than other
Gewürztraminers this, yes, but there’s still a little bit of rose. You can feel
first of all the flower scents, rose then you can feel the passion fruit and
the lychee aromas. We don’t have wood here because this wine has passed only
very quickly, perhaps a week in oak barrels. Of course you can pair it
with some cheese’s this is parmigiano-reggiano 30 months
this is a soft cheese with truffle. They do like each other. It changes. So, the wine on it’s own is beautiful,
but then when you pair it with a strong cheese like that, it changes. It becomes
the wine almost feels more full-bodied. Exactly, let’s go to try one more, one
that you know. It’s the wine that really, really intrigued me. Okay, it’s a
very strange blend because we have two different varieties. We have the Barbera
who has a lot of acidity usually, and we have the Ruchè. It’s a local Italian
variety in the north that has been reinvented, they found the last ten vines
40 years ago, 50 years ago. So it was nearly extinct? Yes. And it was rescued, wow! Yes and has been found on the ten of the these vines and now they
produce, and we have also has become a denomination of origin this kind of wine.
And this blend that is 60% of Barbera and 40% of Ruchè. Ruchè is a semi
aromatic variety is not like the Gewürztraminer but it’s in any case aromatic.
You can feel it during the fermentation and of course even the grapes, you can
smell them, and you can feel that you have some, they have some smell. So this wine caught my attention, I’ve
really I have never tasted a red wine that was so aromatic. You usually get
the usual aromas berries, dried plums, but this this is different because it’s a
red wine that has the aromatic profile closer to an aromatic white because
there’s all these roses and all these sweet spices. And I really, this is why I
wanted to find you. Okay, I can explain to you the reason that the Ruchè variety
give us too much rose. Okay, but when we leave grapes
for late harvesting, let’s say one week after the maturity, the skin is going to
release more substances the spicy ones let’s say. We are going to have in this
wine some different smells from the usual berries, cherries, and so on. This is
this is incredible because what I’m getting here, there I’m getting cherries
yes. However there is a lot of rose which is
very unusual and sweet spices. So there’s this cloves and I’m getting this spice
that you don’t really find beyond the the eastern Mediterranean very often.
Because this reminds me of mahlab. Mahlab is the ground stones of a particular
variety of cherry it’s very very aromatic because you get the the smell
of rose and the smell of cherries and it’s absolutely beautiful. I have never
found mahlab in wine before. This is something that you have to to recall
from your memory, some other time you have smelled it, and identified it.
This is why usually people they know that the red wines smell of berries. When you
are going further you’re going to find honey, you’re going to find the spices, you’re
going to find the aromas of flowers. But sometimes you can smell something that I
can’t. Because the sensitivity of that particular compound is yours, is higher than
mine. Okay, this is why you found something that I didn’t find it before.
Now the next time I create in my memory let’s say a box where I
introduce this particular smell and now I can recall it when I will smell. And
this is why we should always taste wine with friends. Cheers!
So the most of the aromas come from Ruchè not Barbera? Yes, yes Barbera gives us only the structure. We have the skeleton of the Barbera and
the, let’s say the bouquet of Ruchè. It’s a beautiful wine. So tasters this is what I
love about wine. I came across this wine that intrigued me and now I have
made a new friend, I have learned so much more about Italian wine. I had to check
into a hotel to do that, but it was totally worth it, and if you’re ever in
Larnaca make sure to check out these beautiful residence Art and
Wine Studios and Apartments. You can enjoy art on the walls, you can enjoy a
complimentary wine tasting of Italian wine that this wonderful gentleman
imports himself because he knows the Italian producers personally. I have had
the best time. So I’m gonna leave some details in the
description below ,if you want to find out more. If you’ve enjoyed this video
please leave a comment below. Leave me a thumbs up, and subscribe. I will see you
in the next video. Cheers!

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