Art Addicts Alliance “Sleepless Nights” – The Night Circus Fan Art

Art Addicts Alliance “Sleepless Nights” – The Night Circus Fan Art

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets Creative!
Today is the 3rd Friday of the month, and that means it’s time for another Art Addicts
Alliance upload. This month our theme is “sleepless nights,” so be sure to check out the other
member and guest channels to see what everyone else did with the prompt. I’ll have them all
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We have one official guest this month, our friend pacemask who’s participated for a couple
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one here on my channel, since this is my fourth video of the week! If you like this video,
don’t forget to hit like and leave a comment down below. What would you have drawn for
this prompt, if you were participating? When I sat down to do a piece for this prompt
and started thinking about what I should do for “sleepless nights,” the first thought
that came to mind for me was Erin Morgenstern’s novel The Night Circus. I love this book so
much I actually own three copies: a hardcover, a paperback, and the ebook. If you’ve never
read it, I highly recommend it. I’m a huge book worm, always have been, and this is one
of the few books that leaves me not wanting to start another book just yet every time
I finish, because I’m not ready to leave this book’s world. It’s also particularly special
to me because it’s a NaNoWriMo book, and I’ve done NaNoWriMo many times myself.
NaNoWriMo stands for National November Writing Month, even though it’s quite the international
community now, and it challenges you to write a 50,000 word manuscript during the month
of November, which is 30 days. That’s 1,667 words per day if you average it out. Erin
Morgenstern has said that her original manuscript for The Night Circus is the result of three
rounds of NaNoWriMo, so she built on her first year’s project twice over the next two years
before she had the full length draft of this novel. I know Water for Elephants by Sara
Gruen also started out as a NaNoWriMo project, and there are others.
Erin Morgenstern just published her second novel this month, and although it’s not a
sequel, I’m very excited to read it when I get to it on my reading list. It’s called
The Starless Sea. The Night Circus is the story of a very unusual
travelling circus and the key players who make it so unique. Le Cirque des Rêves, or
The Circus of Dreams, arrives and departs at night. No one knows when it’s coming, when
it will leave, or where it’s going next. It’s only open from sunset to sunrise. Everything
about the circus itself is completely devoid of colour; only black and white. Some visitors
become so enamoured with the circus that they start to dress the part, also wearing only
black and white, and they start to form a community. They gather when the circus is
away to share stories about the circus. They let their fellow fans of the circus from places
far away know when the circus has arrived, so that they can travel to come experience
it again. They call themselves the Rêveurs, the Dreamers, and they start to wear a pop
of red in their black and white attire to mark themselves as such.
Little do they know, the circus isn’t just a circus. It’s a stage and a battle ground
for two young magicians. For decades, two of London’s rival stage magicians
have been pitting their apprentices against each other in a show of talent and finely
practiced skills to prove which magician is the better teacher, and therefore the greater
master. These students never know who their opponent is, or when the competition has truly
begun. The competition ends when one is no more. Le Cirques des Rêves is the latest
competition, and all the other performers and crew of the circus are unknowingly wrapped
up in it. Celia, the headlining illusionist performing and travelling with the circus,
is Prospero’s daughter and candidate. Marco, the circus’ manager from afar, is her opponent.
Neither knows who their opponent is, though they do know each other. They take turns making
magical changes to the circus and falling in love with each other through their work,
until eventually the sheer quantity of competing spells and illusions cast upon the circus
start to have unfortunate consequences for everyone else.
As you read through the novel, sections are broken up by short excerpts from Reveur memoirs
published by the character Frederic Theissen, and I would like to read a couple of them
now. For transparency, I am reading from the 2012 Anchor Canada edition in trade paperback
format, and I will include the page numbers I’m reading from in the caption file if you
want to find those. “The whole of Le Cirques des Rêves is formed
by series of circles. Perhaps it is a tribute to the origin of the word “circus,” deriving
from the Greek kirkos, meaning circle, or ring. There are many such nods to the phenomenon
of the circus in a historical sense, though it is hardly a traditional circus. Rather
than a single tent with rings enclosed within, this circus contains clusters of tents like
pyramids, some large and others quite small. They are set within circular paths, contained
within a circular fence. Looping and continuous.” (page 7)
“There is so much that glows in the circus, from flames to lanterns to stars. I have heard
the expression “trick of the light” applied to sights within Le Cirque des Rêves so frequently
that I sometimes suspect the entirety of the circus is itself a complex illusion of illumination.”
(page 117) “There are tents, I am certain, that I have
not discovered in my many visits to the circus. Though I have seen a great deal of the sights,
traveled a number of the available paths, there are always corners that remain unexplored,
doors that remain unopened.” (page 393) My favourite quote from this book isn’t one
of Frederick Theissen’s exceprts. I don’t know what page number it comes from, but I
had it stamped onto a bracelette quite a few years ago, and I believe it’s said to Celia
by one of the other circus members. “We lead strange lives, chasing our dreams from place
to place.” That line has always reminded me of another favourite quote of mine, from Tolkein’s
books, “Not all those who wander are lost.” Let me know in the comments down below if
you’ve read The Night Circus yourself, or if you think you’ll find it and read it now
that I’ve introduced you to it. It really is one of my absolute favourites.
This piece is inspired by the artwork that goes along with everything to do with the
book. The book’s various covers, the merchandise associated with the book, decorations at the
book’s launch. Everything is simple, stylized, and mostly black and white with pops of red
and silver. This is done on Strathmore Vision watercolour paper using exactly 4 pans from
my Kuretake Gansai Tambi collection: black, cadmium red, white, and white gold. I love
working with gansai tambi because it’s very similar to gouache. You can dilute it a lot
and use it like watercolour, but you can also get very opaque colours out of it. It is supposed
to be a highly lightfast material, though I’ve never been able to find actual testing
results from Kuretake. I’m currently conducting a basic lightfastness test on a lot of my
paints, and these are among them, so sometime early next year I will review and reveal those
results. One thing I’ve noticed that makes gansai tambi very different from gouache is
that when you use the paint in less diluted washes to get opaque colours, those parts
don’t dry matte, but the areas where you water it down to look and act like western watercolours,
it does. That means in a piece like this where I used the paint both ways, the only thing
shiny about the background is the iridescent flecks from the white gold I splattered in,
but on the main illustration where I’ve used the paint more opaquely, it looks like I’ve
already varnished it. Welcome and congratulations again to the newest
members of the Art Addicts Alliance! I’m so glad you’ve joined us. Again, I will be linking
all of our members and our current official guest in the description down below as well
as a link to our Facebook page where you can message us if you would like to apply. Also
check out the Facebook page if you would like to vote for our monthly topics! We could really
use some more votes so we don’t keep ending up with options that win by a single vote.
Thanks for watching, I hope you’ll check out everyone else’s videos and also look back
on the whopping THREE other videos I put out this week, and I’ll see you again on Tuesday.
Bye guys!

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  2. I love this. It's like lovecraftian watchers mixed with the aesthetic of gothic circus tents. Uncanny all around.

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