Argus Nightstalker (Mobile Legends) – (Part 2) Polymer Clay Tutorial

Argus Nightstalker (Mobile Legends) – (Part 2) Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial! This is Argus the Nightstalker skin from Mobile Legends and this is part 2! Let’s get started with part 2. First of all guys, I’m sorry that this part 2 wasn’t released last weekend as I promised you, but you know that I have the stem cell donation and I got sick during the process and it just took some time to recover and yeah, I’m sorry. I’m almost healthy again, maybe you can hear my voice it’s not that strong than ever, but it will just take a few days, and then I will be fine. I can share some pretty great news with you! I got some information about this stem cell… …procedure that I donated for a 76 year old German guy with blood cancer and now he gets his treatments and he also gets my cells, and I really hope he will get healthy and well again. I think I’ll get the next news in almost three months. So we have to wait, I will of course I will give you an update by then. Now let’s go back to the creation of Argus. Here you see the full and final aggregation. These are the horns which pretty much remind me of the devil. And we will just fix them right to the head. Of course, not only the devil. Now let’s work on the blade. It also reminds me of goats… and cows. Any animal with big horns I guess. I created this color gradient on the blade, so it’s just green, yellow and orange. Pretty simple and get sharp edges by using a real knife for cutting the clay. Now this is a bit tricky. There is a lot of decoration on the sword itself. I mixed a very dark silver for that and now we can work on all the details. And I pretty much loved the details on this sword. There’s even this skull with these green eyes, so I’m just working on these details and some more horns. And even tiny horns I assume these are horns and not only three hairs on the head. And this is the handle, also pretty easy to create. Just attach the horns and now that also the sword is finished, we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly-baked sword and also freshly-baked Argus, but we will see him in a minute Let’s prepare this sword before working on the character itself. Just add some more acrylic paint. No not more. I think this is the first time I used acrylic paint for this creation, and it looks great, I think. Now we will add some superglue for this… …toxic green wool, at least it looks a bit toxic. There is this fire effect in the game Mobile Legends, and I wanted to achieve it by using this wool, and I like it. Now, let’s work on Argus. I forgot this part of the armor on his legs, so we will glue them afterwards, after baking and now! The sword! I’m sure there’s a special name for his sword. Claw up for this video if you like it. Now let’s glue the claw back to the end and the grip is hard for the sword. Now let’s work on the wings. I use these paper wings to get them all symmetrically and now we will create and cut all the wings from black paper. This is pretty thick paper. Pretty, pretty thick one. So just draw them onto the black paper and that’s a total of six wings. There are these main, well, there are two main big wings and also some wings the above and under And I first thought about creating them with clay, but even when making a very thin layer of clay you always have the problem that it gets too heavy. The whole creation just gets too heavy and I just wanted to avoid that. This is why I switched materials and now we are creating with paper. You need some more pens and you will see what I’m doing. Just creating all the feather details. I start with my white pen to get the texture and also the lightening, so everywhere where it is just white it is supposed to be just bright from the light coming from above. And now we will also use a blue pen and also green to make this tiny color gradient. Later I even added some red as the skin of Argus is red and you just create a better fitting for the wings to the body. Now this is one of the big wings. Same procedure. First let’s work out the big feathers then the more tiny one and then you can start thinking about the lightening and where to put shadow and where to put the light itself. Some more green and I usually use black again for the pretty dark shadow parts and also for removing some of the white parts. OK before this tutorial is over, next week will be all about Clash Royale again, so don’t worry, please. Now let’s glue all the six wings to the torso of Argus and I guess finally, that’s it! Argus Nightstalker Skin! Oh guys, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as well. This was part 2 from the Argus’s tutorial. I have also created some more very detailed characters, which you want to watch. For example, this is Reaper from Overwatch. Let me know if you want to see any further games which I haven’t created yet. I guess that’s it for today. Thank you so much for watching. Hope to see you next week on Friday! Take care. Bye! ‘So, you are Argus, right?’ ‘And you are the Reaper!’ ‘Let’s have a fight my blade is hungry!’ Should be careful with these.

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    -Alucard (Child Of The Fall)
    -saber (S.A.B.E.R regulator)
    -karina (spider lily)
    -gusion (hair stylist)
    -vexana (sanguin rose)

  2. I'm from Malaysia and speak as a asian people.. We want more mobile legend hero please 🙂 we know u are so talented..

    What a awesome finger there 🙂

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