[ARCHIVE] Etika Plays - Doki Doki Literature Club! (Pͅa͈̺ͅr̳͙̭̞͈̱ͅt͕̺̬ 2̻͕͢ Finale)

[ARCHIVE] Etika Plays – Doki Doki Literature Club! (Pͅa͈̺ͅr̳͙̭̞͈̱ͅt͕̺̬ 2̻͕͢ Finale)

what's going on guys edica from the etiquette world network here and today we are back playing some more of that doki doki literature club now i have basically restarted everything once more with my hard drive thing got a new hard drive today have to redo it all because of those stream issues I had but there's no stream issues now it's a completely new computer so we I had to take some time beforehand to catch up to the part that I was up to in the actual game since I lost my save data and I forgot to transfer it from the old hard drive so I think everything's caught up now I had to go through all the decision-making again I didn't realize you could skip everything by holding down control so for the longest I was just clicking superfast and I finally got things to where they should be now in terms of this game I'm going in there again with no knowledge the reason why I'm playing this so soon after the first part rather than doing something else like I had initially planned is because I've not been able to check any of my social media since then obviously it's the internet they troll for a fucking living we all know this there was no way in hell that my Twitter now no longer has spoilers the way it did before I played okie dokie so knowing that I haven't been on Twitter I haven't been browsing anything I've just been at home setting things up with this new harddrive thing now that that's finally done I want to be able to check my social media again so in order to do so I'm gonna be completing doki-doki tonight now with that there's some implications that I just wanted to bring up before we start one of those being that this game was the first to cap me you know experience nightmares in a long time it's kind of crazy to be in that position because you know me I consider myself a horror kono seer you know what I mean of sorts I like scary shit but this was the first game in a while to actually make me feel uncomfortable and I like that I'm looking forward to it even though I am a bit shaken by what's happened so far I'm curious to see what else happens now the thing is this game hits you in stages it goes from you thinking it's a standard visual novel with the whole cutesy kawaii high school life type shit that Japan is known for typically and then it turns it into sort of an emotional drama with the whole se re and URI thing then it turns it into somewhat slice-of-life really like depressing sort of pressing kind of drama with like the the whole thing about not feeling worth it and wanted to just completely be removed out of someone's life it pulls at you and then it hits you on some next level like school they shit with say you're a suicide but it goes a step beyond that and I think now we're on some flowers shit to be real with you I don't know what's going on who's the source of it I have my I have my deductions as to who it might be a certain girl with the name and starts with a letter M but since I have not been spoiled thankfully I don't I'm still unsure I think it's definitely Monica though I mean clearly she's giving all these references dropping hints all over the place I you know she's running the scenes or something I don't know but I love how this game delivers all of those escalations to you after like waiting a while you know like it doesn't force it on you right away it's just like okay you think it's this we've done it for about like 30 minutes now BAM you get hit with another part I don't know so in 30 minutes from me starting this game right now on the stream what the fuck am I gonna think of it that's the fun to me I I'm glad that we don't have these technical issues now this means I can play the game entirely and not have to worry about sync issues on YouTube I am NOT gonna be able to upload the first part because those issues completely fucked it up and I don't have a good recording of it on my computer so the first part is gone but I honestly think the first part was just a build-up to what we're about to experience right now doki doki i think is gonna take me on a wild fucking ride and you know what i'm glad to be able to experience it on camera with you guys I'm optimistic about this I'm excited I'm ready to be shocked now after having a few days to really sit down and think about it let's see what's gonna happen alright so I got the game right here my desktop is pretty much the same as it looks before the only difference is I am I'm salty I he uploaded it thank God he recorded it while I did it but the the video is like done in my part but if you want to watch the first part go to I'm salts channel he has it I'm sure he'll link something in the description all right nothing description in the chat you'll be able to watch it there I highly suggest if you have not seen my first part doki-doki or played up until the first major event the suicide then you need to go back and do everything all that build-up is necessary because I don't think this game would have hit as hard didn't have all these yo oh this nigga this is Jesus Christ I forgot I had that one oh that's that song is hot though nigga that turned down for I'm KYT and I says I got my issues with doki-doki it's not like undertale but the creepy shit has a purpose it's a passable story but about depression but the creepypasta shit came off as more shock value to me well so far I think it's exactly the trend it's stable we'll see I mean so far I think the story is just built upon the characters that are involved you know what I mean I'm just gonna give it a few more minutes make sure that everybody settled in here a lot of people thought I had cancelled this dream but not we're still good tonight I'm gonna give it like maybe 10 more minutes and then we'll begin of course in this dream I'm not gonna be able to read the chats either I thought I could get away reading the sponsor chat but I don't know man it seems like the spoilers are everywhere right now so even though the chats are literally right there I will not be able to read a single fucking word maybe I'll skim it or glanced at it a little bit okay why ma'am I'm glad that you were able to share your opinion with us I don't know I'm it actually seems kind of it seems well-founded to think that it's just there to creep you the fuck out and I mean I honestly like that idea I mean the game has that glitch aesthetic already happening for it I don't know if it gets any worse yeah I think it might get a little worse that's the thing that's scary to me because if I had nightmares the first night but I think that's just when the initial shock and now that that's done maybe I'm better prepared I'm more reinforced I'm ready to see what kind of fucking shit this game has for me to be honest with you doki-doki literature Club already had it's time to fucking scare the fuck out of me and that time is done now I've experienced it I've seen what this game can dish out I don't know what else they're gonna do to realize how can you make it more straight kind of scares that I already had man I don't see how they're gonna pull it off already the game though it's great in my opinion just for the build-up and how how seriously it takes itself but now what can you do to level it up am I really gonna be fucked up from the rest of this game I doubt it I doubt it I am a veteran of scary shit I've seen these things before good boy is damn near almost 30 I'm 27 going on 28 dog trust me I think this is kind of the the we're gonna see crazy shit but I don't think it's gonna knock me off my horse like it did the last time we played this thing but we will see little two came through with $50 we can give it a few more minutes in here make sure everybody's in this bitch little juices am I the first donation you we're the first probably when you made it but now Kate while he beat you to the punch you get nightmares from doki-doki I made this video just for you watch it before playing doki-doki not a little tuna that's a big plus we're not gonna watch anything beforehand but I'll probably check it out afterwards man there's not that many generations are gonna happen as a donation limit being $50 minimum so not many people are gonna be talking but I'll definitely be able to see the video afterwards as a matter of fact little – I'm just gonna copy this bitch real quick from here have it on the side edit go this is the G me show yeah I had that one I was already watching a little bit of it I saw like a minute any seconds in that shit early all right man I think we're pretty much safe to go we're good here I think I think we're good here twelve thousands a good amount I think that's enough people from the last stream watching us now so let's start it up i I think I got every single decision that I made in my last save file before I started up a new computer so we should be right where we left off if not like maybe just a little bit before or after maybe a little bit after because when I was holding down the skip button that kind of um I kind of ran through some text that I knew it was kind of important so I I read back on it in the history tab but we're not that far like maybe just like maybe five or six sentences a dialogue after the point that I saved the game last time okay guys all right are we ready are we ready nigga let's see what's up man Monica I got my damn eye on you making all these damn references what the hell is her role in this game you want to know what my predictions are and this is just based off of what I've seen like I said no one spoiled me I think Monica is really on some flowers shit I have a feeling that she's the orchestrator of everything and maybe the other girls don't even exist if she can easily just erase people or something like that and she's manipulating the files and the actual folders then I'm thinking she has to be on some like Haru Hui Susie Susie me suzumiya haruhi the girl who's actually God when you find out at the end for the air I don't know that's my guess though but what would be the motivation maybe she just wants to be and you know what's also creepy the fact that that Monica girl at one point before we ended the stream last time she laughed the same way that say or he did with the AAP you know that puts in mind right there maybe she is killing these girls and assimilating their personality attributes so that way she can become the best girl for her senpai which is me Desmond Chan death Desmond Cohen that in my opinion that's what this thing might be that's my honest-to-goodness guess the other girls are just like figment of my imagination or some shit in reality but then again won't be the point of that why just – just come at me while I'm making the girls in the first place if you're this gonna kill them and take their attributes why not come at me I don't know the Monica situation but all I know is she's the orchestrator she's behind all this fucked up shit I want to see alright um hold on before we continue one more time I just want to make sure that this alert thing is working because I'm not seeing this thing pop up with a fuck where's it at source not using okay there we go there we go it's there now all right I got you know there's a new computer so I have to well new hard drive so I got a literally redo all this shit from scratch surprise I was able to pull it off this well all right hold on Fields with $50.00 he says back to LA let's fucking go my boy yo Kharma are you ready for this shit bro listen man I know I still gotta check out that music nigger but for now I'm not – check out this Monica see what the fuck is up because I know she's want some savage shit right now kill him all the fuck is out here all this she killed know she think he'll say or eat but she talked to her – killing herself or some shit this is fucked up so how much omnipotence does Monica really have is she like a I see all I hear all type shit if she like that's why I think she might be on some God shit but then why well I do all of this k YH I said earlier in his donation that the game doesn't really have a motivation behind all the fucked-up shit that happens in it so therefore is it just a girl who's playing God and it has nothing to do and is just doing it to fuck with niggas how far is she willing to go if it is it really all her I don't know man that it makes it seem like it obviously Monica is a person of interest let's start the game up this is no longer about me choosing which girl I think is the best it's about surviving whatever the fuck is going on in this game whatever the hell Monica is on that's what it's all about I will I go into this thinking I'm gonna come out here with a wifey and instead I just said I'm trying to get I'm trying not to get destroyed by a demon again I don't know man karma feels thank you once again my boy I'm gonna talk to you in a bit all right we're about to start this thing up here we go whoa another big donation man we got a goal meg hold on I mean before you know what like we got to get the initial stuff out of the way real quick let me let me talk to these guys real quick oh man came in here he says I don't know if you saw my donation message the other day but thanks for the mod dude let's get into some mischief tonight bro I don't know a mischief is reserved for when I'm having fun and I'm doing shit fucked up but it seems like it's gonna be done to me at this rate but I mean hey I don't I don't really know if I'm gonna do the whole mod removal thing as I was initially mods are valuable at least until I'm able to slow down the chat my clothes they have slowed down but I really want to have the ability to just pause the chat put a message so everybody can see it so chat doesn't spam I mean at least that way I can get important messages out instead of y'all mother fucking troll ass niggas spamming but I cancelled the stream now I thought I didn't see you do that dumb shit kids looking canceled nothing yeah I just want a troll niggas if I had the ability to like pause it and put down head in then everyone would see it and be like oh ok so fucking trolls but you know thank you very much so going back I appreciate that I think we had two more donations after you and then we are ready to begin the stream straight up we're gonna be we're gonna be being in the game tonight I'm not I'm not in the stream until this game is done because I need access to my Twitter again I don't want to fucking be avoiding my notifications worried that there's gonna be something that pops up that's the way it always is trust me I've been getting spoiled upon games for years thanks to being a content creator with an open public forum therefore I've been spoiled to so many titles man I already know how it goes so with doki-doki it's easy for me to follow the format I just so avoid this avoid that it's easy some people think I faked my shit they're like oh you clearly you must have known something doki doki is everywhere nigga do you know how easy it is to just not go on fucking line it's just check things that you know like your email or something now people are gonna send me spoilers an email but it'll be too late because I'm about to beat the game in the stream so yeah yeah I don't get the chance to spoil me you see how smart you see your kids well me if I don't check shit abandon shadow with the sponsor thank you this is a game that I really don't want to get spoil for myself though because of how I guess how plot dependent it is thank you very much so we also had another donation from space bar who came in here thank you once again bro he says shout out to I'm salt and go mank those are the boys right there go Mac man this nigga was about to fucking expose me yesterday in the stream though he was fucking pissed off I forget a good yeah but these mama now I miss the old etiquette god damnit man this is new Atticus ass man the dog doo doesn't do anything incident way hey hey they have a fucking point man the new attic ain't like the old nigga oh yeah it's done dos attack on Titan day the squad nigga fuck all right Bieber all that shit fell to the wayside but you know it's funny I don't talk to anybody I'm fucked anyone online nobody this is gonna be fucked up I feel bad about this but god damn it I feel bad but you know what just to get the message home about how fucking its he's social I am it's like look at this shit I feel so bad man I wanted to respond to him earlier but it was like god damn it look at this alright I'm about to show you how real quick motherfucking so let me go back to my dams motherfucking alpha rad message me he was like hey man how do i download senran kagura and then before that he had said to me it's been three years how have we not made a video together alpha I'm so sorry baby I'm so sorry alpha red I'm such a bad friend so don't feel offended if you feel like I don't respond to your shit or you know like I'm I don't talk to anyone I really don't I'm so fuckin I'm so isolated Nick there's a barrier between me and every other content creator out there oh so so fool helper rad Mulligan zero relax relax everybody I don't talk to no this is always things to do there's so many a few more minutes wanna make sure everybody's in here we're gonna be doing this game live I don't want to start before we have like at least the audience that we have before it's not about the numbers but it's about the reception I want to make sure the niggas who were here don't be like oh no nigga we've been going once I start this thing we ain't stopping man we had the last donation for uh for now and this isn't from freedom 64 once more coming through bomb in the stream he says yo Attica fuck boy Network what's up bro I take back my statement on the slow pacing the shit is so intense and I seriously cannot wait to watch the on wait to watch the rest tonight my nigga the anticipation now this is a game which you have to understand in my opinion is an exception to the rule of slow games on the stream all right this one is different because the the format there's nothing like any other games in the similar genre it's fucked up you go without a no where it changes the mold the game got awards for going out loud yet before let me let me stall a little bit more actually we have awards coming in the guy who made the game one of the world may be the head developer of this shit I posted this on i retweeted his shit on Twitter actually the nigger you know what without looking at the fucking UM without looking at the comments the dude had posted and he said yo doki-doki literature club won IGN People's Choice for every category it was nominated for best PC game adventure games story and most innovative so this is an exception to the rule just like undertale was slow paced games usually aren't the kind of wave on my channel like other kinds of games or different stuff that's new but but this dog whatever doki did well whenever I'm about to experience what I've experienced so far is are so far I was already fucked me up but what I'm about to experience now I'm looking forward to it how the fuck it win that many awards it won everything that was nominated for that's major absolute major man um Erica the mic is muted the mic is muted really oh shit really Oh hold on a second now I'm about to experience Oh absolute major ma'am he's muted the mic is muted really oh it's not bitter it sounds good to me oh then y'all told me yeah okay good shit ya got me ya got me no no we know I should have known nowhere near as many people were saying my commuted as they would be if the mic was actually new to nigga fuck you you got you niggas anyways yo yo Bitcoin Kemosabe wait a minute where's my Holdings at where's my holdings at bro finance where's my holdings bro how much I got you niggas got job niggas I wanna show me I told you back Mike Mike crypto I'm losing everything bro damn just look at Bitcoin all-time low why is the price falling so low I'm Nick is losing his investments yo well you know what whatever I'm Bobby I'm about to sell on the stream Dawg I'm not playing around here dawg bitcoin going down big going on down women Bitcoin cash is down areum's down like coin at 2:59 my prices where's Burchette though hold on don't tell me verges fucked up nigga no no no nigga no no no bro bro ok ha wait wait wait Virg punch down the 10 cents doki-doki up against my money Jesus oh my god well you know what I'll save this for later I can't verge down to 10 cents dude Wow like coin at 2:53 Bitcoin fucking dog I need I think I need to sell I'm trying I'm not trying to lose everything by ourselves then I don't know dog I said you know what no no no I'm in the game I'm holding on to these coins man I'm holding on to my damn coins I'm not giving up no no scared money don't make no money man fuck it I got 11,000 verse right now bro this is the next coin I thought the I thought you were the next one ding ding jumped up to 16 cents the other des damn my ripple my Cardona shit uh whatever man whatever let's see what happens okay are you ready I worry about to get into this man I'm not selling I'm not selling bro whatever will be will be I'm not even in that much I mean fuck is only like two point five grand which is you know a lot of money in some regard but in investing and crypto and you know that's not that much money it's a lot of money outside of that but and in in that field it's like meh let's see what happens alright you know what we're not gonna let that down the mood we're gonna let this game down the mood is down alright let's do it now you know what I got to do right you know I got to do an audio test alright well then again now I think we're good I think we're good alright let's start let me get into this we're going into doki-doki mode alright dokey dokey okey dokey so these two aren't they gonna have their argument again the one where they were like oh yeah what's better basic or complex styles of writing the language I guess I was trying to say something else so here we go so they're gonna they're gonna shit on each other now right the argument you remember this and doesn't like it too so I remember the last time that I was engaged with this equation I went with Natsuki maybe this time I'm gonna go with URI just to see if there's anything different that's my like my poem – yeah okay here we go okay and then she says she stuffed her bra her boobs got bigger out of nowhere nothing weird is happening so far though we had a new sponsor Thank You Jacob don't skip it I'm not gonna skip it as much no I'll sue myself I would okay it looks the same though so far yeah and then here we go to the boot part she stuffed that bra so you need to need and stuff it though I mean she seems good to me that Monica comes in this doesn't involve you Monica just blown the fuck out what what what what's going on what's the what the hell's going on here what's going on Ian Joe no no no no pull-on classic the world thank you thank you yo all right something's fucked up did you wait what's this conversations getting crazy yo what most people get on this is good if you wanna prove anything stop arise another Yankee kind of bastard customer sent out about dressing etiquette or think you guys gonna be careful won't be careful you might cut yourself on that a jury but you already do don't you cut yourself did you just accuse me of cutting myself where is this conversation going the future the folder yo classical world thank you um can I save the game he says he'll edit the man I don't have a few times on stream man let's move to a new stream we all arrived with this game boy by the way hold on to your Bitcoin ride the waves out man yeah I'm gonna ride it out bro there's no way I'm selling right now dawg hey it'll jump back up alright hold on we're back what the fuck is wrong with your head something's up here everyone's talking so aggressive to each other yeah go on let Desmond hear everything you really think I'm sure it'll be head over heels for you after this dude so it's like everything's coming out in the open now what Oh hold on I think I fucked up I'm gonna quit I think I fucked something up I accidentally skipped a bunch of fucking texts I didn't mean to well restart this thing restarted they said some crazy shit to each other these girls were like take him hotshots okay we're back alright did you just accuse me of cutting myself and then go on let him hear what you really think I feel be head over heels for you and then what what so I'm the ureters turns toward me Desmond what she's trying to make me look bad it's not true she started it what what whoa what am I even choosing here what's a choice URI URI yo this is getting fucking insane okay you know what I'm ready for it bring it on what's gonna happen with your fury I choose URI URI it wants me to choose not Sookie Monika what yeah what's going on here yo tell us who you are right now tell us what's going on Monica hey Desmond what what's up why don't we step outside outside where Monica what the hell is going why are you acting like nothing's happening here huh I know she's behind all this Mike mashed-potato says my guy after this run of doki-doki don't worry no spoilers ahead please go back and get the good ending it was worth all the time I put into this game I don't know what you're talking about bro but I'll look it up afterwards I mean I don't know is there a way to beat the game well we'll see thank you mashed potato I'll keep that in mind good ending whatever is there even a good wedding to this like some president I am now I can't even confront my club members I wish I was able to be assertive I never put my foot down you understand right I don't understand shit I'd be happy to spend time with you what she's crying what happened not to keep oh dear well it looks like they're done so Monica wants to spend time with me I didn't mean it what she's rocking back and forth in her desk with her palms on her forehead what what's going on why did this get so aggressive I don't have any idea what they said or did Desmond please don't hate me there's something wrong with me today we know you didn't mean it she'll forget about it by tomorrow complete I don't like how assured you are of this Monica you seem way too the meetings over you can go home is the literature club even gonna be good she keeps glancing at Monica you can go first Monica I'd like to stay a little bit longer I'm the president so I should be the last one out she is a scary son of a bitch I'll tell you that much man Monica oh my god that was interested in seeing what the hell was good with her earlier on turn off skip wait what oh I just saw I just saw someone um turn off Skip unseen text it'll fuck shit up Oh what my bad I had that fuck them and fucking my bad gute I was using it to get to the point that I was at now after my game fucking up from yesterday Oh from the last time I played I'll wait for you to be done well I'm the vice president so please let me take that responsibility today it sounds like you don't want me around for something you're eat yo I'm telling you so wait so URI has is there some sort of whatever the hell happened is there some sort of way that URI is able to have inside knowledge sort of similar to how sans he didn't understand the multiverse thing but he knew enough of it to know that there were other he wasn't a whale when you reset the game he was like oh okay well time to take you down but the nigga knew there's you did this before it's like she knows it sounds like you don't want me around for something it's not that yeah right it's not that but you're he's looking at fucking Monica's scared as fuck I just didn't get much of a chance to discuss my book with Desmond URI call me on the phone tell me what the fuck is going on here who is this motherfucker it'll be embarrassing Yeah right Monica she knows bro I guess I really don't have a choice I'm sorry for causing trouble but I really dogs dogs when she said I don't have a choice I thought she was gonna do something like okay well fine you can stay I'll go but so we know she there's something fucked up let me go back make sure my audio is good but I was in trouble but I really fuckin it go damn damn okay so now let's okay who could we get let's get like we need to talk to URI I got a to stuff for URI destiny there we go the determination what else would she like disowned depression what she likes depression now so all the words that used to apply to say or we go down to URI disaster this one Massacre all right we're gonna go complete URI she needs to get a chance to talk to us or something unending anger anger anger goat Wow was that always a thing okay so hopefully oh man I don't know if I'm ready for this shit I don't know if I'm ready for this shit Yuri what's up open up to a nigger I've gotten more comfortable here good for you as usual scene greets me that's not usual dogs Yuri is fucking glitching what's up Yuri I'm not sure if it's me or her expression but the weight of yesterday's quarrel still hangs in the air what's up what's up she's reading manga Monica ain't here yet Yuri takes my arm and pulls me to the corner of the room about yesterday I really need to apologize nothing like that's ever happened before something came over me I wasn't acting mentally sound please don't think that we're usually like this not just me but Natsu I'm glad you apologized don't worry even though I've been here a few days something was fucked up we could be a little extra sensitive or sharing poems and whatever look BEC whatever it was it did make me think any less of you so is Monica trying to cause this she's trying to make them fight but for what purpose what's the reasoning I decided there's no way you can be a bad person and you're apologizing I know you didn't really mean it des don't say those things so frankly they make me a little too happy I'm glad you're an understanding person and I'm really glad that you joined this everything's a bit brighter with you around what what's up no it's fine I talked to me have you seen Monica no I was wondering where she was she's usually the first in here right I'm guessing you haven't seen her either URI URI is clearly taken aback by how calm not Sagi's at addressing her no this isn't like her at all I know it's stupid but I can't help but worry a little bit I'm not worried about shit but then again I am I want to keep my eye on Monica and if she's not in the scene there's something fucked up going on why are you looking at me like that about yesterday I'm sorry I didn't mean any of that and I'll stay calm why what do you did it Monica say that Natsuki won't remember a damn thing at all so she erased her memory Monica erased her memory and why could why couldn't she do the same thing to URI then if she was so intent on making it so nothing happened did you do something else today your whatever's on your mind I'm sure it was nothing and where's this text coming from is this like Carla talking associate I don't even remember anything bad happening you're the kind of person who worries about wait you're the kind of person who worries too much about the little things aren't you bro so now we're not even thinking about say Ori right now what's going on my file folder is everything good no not everything's not good there's a new file right here dogs read me a new readme is this no everything's good there everything's good there there's a new one right here what's this wha all right so there's something else I think this much is this like messages from say Ori or something I hate this I can't wait when your word wrap it I can't do anything nothing no matter how many times you play it's all the same it would really really it'll be really really easy to kill myself right now but that would mean that I don't get to talk to you anymore all I want is for you to hate them why is that so hard and this sounds like it's coming from Monika fuck alright I'm seeing the same message posted in the chat I'm gonna look I don't know I know my Aussie shit alright but what oh ok we we are awesome this is some undertale shit bro this is the kind of game doki-doki is this is the game that one people's choice doki-doki literature club this is what it is now are we really about to do this this is it poster the fuck is the pole what do you mean a poster poster I'm I'm like done right now I didn't know it was gonna go to this level world nibbles silk so we're just we're just saying random words now huh what's going on Monica what is all this I'll accept all my fucking nigger if it helps you feel bad besides kinda nice to hear I was afraid that you hated me or something this this game is literally going out of its way to be the hay dogs so what is Monica possessing Natsuki and where's that big smile coming from I don't hate you well you're weird but I don't hate you either she turns to me you're still on trial then haha I could laugh what I mean I know something's fucked up so there's no humor here the door swings open perfect donation timing perfect timing RPG master says real talk take your verge and invest that shit into a ripple it's gonna be on coinbase next meaning it will skyrocket it's the only coin that the banks like making it official remember me my boy RBG Master I've heard the same thing from a lot of people dawg I appreciate the suggestion RPG master says put all that shit into ripple ripples down excuse me ripples down right now but I'll gladly will I got like $6.99 ripple thank you very much RPG master Monica says sorry I'm super late what's going on there you are didn't mean to be late so why do you want us to hate them Monica nah well not to be was I was not what took you so long anyways well my last period today was study hall but to be honest I sort of lost track of time well that makes no sense though you would have heard the bell ring at least I must've not heard it since I was practicing piano the piano I wasn't aware you played music as well Monica they don't give me more credit than I deserve isn't she like a superstar whatever but I guess I've been practicing for a while not good idea still that's dedication I'm impressed well thanks URI you should play something for us sometime that's she looks at me well I'm working on a song but it's not done when I get better I will sounds good look forward to it is that so in that case I won't let you down desi dogs these donations are not fucking help it that shit scared the fuck out of me no it's not the time for these things bro you scared the fucking Christ out of me nigga god damn first off Merry Christmas my dude and Happy Holidays to you too secondly I finished sending out my college apps is there any advice for King now is not the time for that right now VX I appreciate the donation but I'll give you some advice soon but right now it's like that's gonna take me completely out of my element to focus on helping a nigga out in his studies but best of luck to you my friend I will get back to your donation once everything comes to a climax alright thank you for thank you for supporting the channel man really do appreciate it let's get back to finding out what the fuck this bitch is about to do because I'm scared nigga she smiles whenever she smiles though ah no pressure don't worry about it I wanted to share it with you anyways that's why I've been practicing so much I see is she referring to the whole club or me many in that case best to look Thanks so I didn't miss anything did I you know damn well you didn't miss anything Monica you're aware of everything I didn't bring up what weed the three of us talked about and besides not to be ran in the closet des since your compliments put me in a good mood would you like to spend some time together today in the club yeah sure thing URI I really want to get into it like oh yeah you know that sounds good to me real you know real kawaii shit but I'm just waiting to the next fucked-up thing happens I don't want to get too comfortable at this point I don't think I could say no to you after you gave that book to me well I guess I need to make sure nots isn't made him for me after we finished reading yesterday after we finished reading yesterday the shit with the eyes she she's fine she's reading over there so it's okay right in that case there's no problem okay can we start now let's find a place to sit I'm being a little forceful aren't I oh you know what I kind of like girls I take initiative so it's fine with me Yuri but my heart won't stop pounding for some reason don't worry about it if anything it's nice to see you have so much energy it's better not be heart pounding on some Death Note Kira Mika me shit was a Monica shit and it's calm down take your time are you gonna read together again what's it about the book is the portrait of Markoff we remember this the I symbol it's like a real fucking serious story he didn't think that she would be into that facility gets worth yeah hmm yeah yeah I remember this I remember that what the poster holy shit is that Sayuri Monica the poster my boy what's Monica doing why is this relevant dx9 thank you once again man for the donation but um I'm just so you know what URI I can't even get into getting close to you now we got a picture of motherfucking say origin on some fisherman shit back there this oh my god original Kevin saying yo here comes that bullshit beat on nigga ass til the DJ drop music merry freaking Christmas might do it I'm sorry if it scared too late for that nigga they're fuckin almost made me piss myself that woman Bayonetta that shit scream loudest fuck thank you very much no keV god dammit merry Christmas to you too my boy I appreciate the season's greetings happy holidays man I hope so I totally forgot she's none of those things she saw him reclusive Leon so what am I paying a tip what's really happening here why go through everything again okay then suddenly what why is no-one aware of this what does he see what is our character see in the real world when he sees this fucked-up text I haven't lost interest or anything well it's all right then I have this problem when I let things like books and writing fill my thoughts my whole body gets what excuse me what it doesn't pop up there the wait no no it does we have to go one more we have to go one more so I'm sorry for end up saying something strange II but here we go fuckin Christ what did she just say I gotta pull it up on my on my stream on my own stream but because the world is full of horrible people and then fucking christ man my whole body gets incredibly something alright okay oh okay yeah let's start reading bro you want to take a seat right next to me and it's weird though well she maybe she's not telling me about the whole thing with remember how she wanted to talk to me the first day she's not telling me that probably cuz Monica's here now so maybe Monica isn't omnipotent you seem apprehensive I'm sorry I don't want it says something I'm not used to yeah I know I know I know sit your ass down already man here we go here we go here we go I know things are man I can't believe the first time I went through this I was actually thinking it was some cute shit she's meeting for my book wait what come on I keep missing these things they go so fast they don't stay there they don't stay on the screen they literally come and go click the poster I'm not I'm clicking it this is some demonic shit bro listen it's a good thing I'm not strictly religious well I gotta see that again listen this is some fucking I gotta see what that said man I got I'm just out of my own curiosity oh fuck it went so fast maybe it's not that important maybe I don't have to spend so much time reading the black text I was just bathing in the what I was just bathing in the what my nigger oh my god it happened so fast Jesus I gotta see it this might be like one of its texts it's like important oh it's too fast I can't catch it man I tried I really tried it's not it's not possible it just vanishes sorry I mean I'm clicking the poster nothing's happening okay children is touching yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah all right man I'm waiting for it I'm waiting for it okay we're close we're getting real intimate and all that I'm waiting for the demons to pop up I'm reading it though I'm seeing if there's anything weird okay they're being cute and I realized that sometimes the eyes change position so they are looking at me inside I just assumed we could see the first chapter of silence turning each page Yuri let me save the game imma save it again I don't know why I'm saving you so much but yo we got another one coming in here god damn got a green HX saying yo Yuri is the cutest have a fun stream dude I hope you guess I hope this gets uploaded yeah this should be now that there's no technical problems satellite internet in the Galapagos is oh hello choppy hold on SEC my man Z yo hold on Dan youyou want me can I please I don't know that you fixed your SSD Thank You Man also visit the sponsor discourse sometime this gourd man haha it's not the best recipe for me man but you know what I'll consider popping in there once in a while you know that this cord man bought me a lot of grief but hey there's loads niggas uh let this board be discord I guess you can't control okay thank you very much though God nice to see you in here man happy happy holidays Merry Christmas character reminds you okay or a facial expression change that happen in the previous one Laurie it's just oh are you feeling all right she's been fidgety ever since we started reading yeah your breathing is a little my breathing puts her hand on her chest is to feel a heartbeat I didn't notice anyways I'm fun I need water don't push yourself she stands up and rushes out the classroom what was that all about what the fuck did something happen just now yes something happened just now Monica Yuri wasn't feeling like that the first time you wouldn't do this to this scenario huh no idea she was acting a little bit strange and snafu saw my show who he game who you said my boy slow down your text speed and settings you're welcome chat season's greetings to you Oh hold on a minute all right now that's a good idea I'm gonna start I'm gonna turn that shit down just so we at least we can keep up with these messages that happen here thank you for the tip man I appreciate that happy Holidays to you it's not food thank you for the donations guys really do appreciate it yeah motherfuckers I'm making me have a more fucking Kris Kringle holiday right now thank you thank you very much okay you named me to buy the hard drive that I need the last minute to be able to get the screams on track so that way there's no technical difficulties right okay it's good she was acting strange so you don't know anything nonny nonny so you don't know anything triple dot someone could tell me maybe are you worried about her not really I was just making sure that you didn't do anything to her nothing don't worry I believe you silly she just does it sometimes there's nothing alarming if you say so why don't we start with sharing our poems let's wait for URI she might be a while is that okay I was just asking stand up make a mental note of where I left off in the book slipping into my bag what da fuck nigger that didn't happen the first time URI is completely excluded from the second day Natsuki what's up with you hmm I like your last one better well I can tell that you are a bit more daring with this one which are really not good enough for that it fell flat I want to try something different I'm figuring this all out fair enough you're new to this I wouldn't expect you to find your style right away everyone writes really different you'll find influence from all of us for instance I noticed you were spending some time with Yuri today not that I care who you spends time with I was taught never to expect anything from anybody so it's not like I was waiting for you or anything you soon to Rhea's you should look over my poem you'll probably be able to learn something from it the spider's poem yeah I remember this one it's the same one not bad it's a bit longer than yesterday's yeah I was warming up of course not the message is straight you ain't got explaining nothing everyone has some kind of yep yeah we know we seen that this makes people still who cares as long as they're not hurting anyone damn right damn right such as two girls in this very club whom I respectfully won't name kind of ironic that even in one place of comfort I can't have people respect me now you're making me complain too much what did I do for was worth I respect you I guess Thanks it was kind of obvious that you respected Yuri more they didn't get to have that argument I may choose not to be over Yuri maybe the decision from the first playthrough would make a difference look I don't know that's why I I'm still confused man whatever we're done share you can leave mónica bring that ass here my girl my demon this has to be a fucking demon how's the writing going it's okay I'll take that as long as it's not going bad I'm happy you're applying yourself maybe you'll come up with a masterpiece I wouldn't count on that you never know we want to share what you wrote here – no I gave a poem to Monica okay great job des I was going oh in my head while reading it's really metaphorical I'm not sure why but I didn't expect you to go for something so deep I underestimated you it's easy for me again yeah I remember that from the last time anyways it worked you know your Alexis I'm writing this full of imagery her mind is totally detached in reality but it's not a bad thing sometimes I get the impression she's totally giving up on people is that new I don't know she spends so much time in her own head it's more of an interesting place for her that's why she gets so happy when you treat her with a lot of kindness I don't think she's used to being indulged like that she must be starved for social interaction is that new nigga this doesn't sound like the last time like earlier I think if she gets too stimulated she ends up withdrawing and looking for a long time what the fuck suddenly the door opened is URI back hey what's up I'm back did I miss anything not really while we're up sharing our poems already I'm sorry for being late no need to apologize we got plenty of time okay thanks I get my poem anyways you want to read mine now yeah I remember this one whoa whoa whoa okay never mind Wow this one's a little bit different now the colors the way beautiful the noise that won't stop violent grabbing sine cosine tangent I remember that part and then like like playing a chalkboard on the turntable like playing a knife on a breathing ribcage Wow delete her didn't say load me last time excuse me Monica what's up what's up Monica what's up Monica really really okay that shit said load me last time now says the leader the fuck is the deal fuck I'm trying to well nevermind don't gotta explain a shit it's a fucking it's a fucking visual novel here's Monaco's writing tip of the day sometimes you'll find yourself facing a difficult decision edgy trash can Thank You Man when that happens don't forget to save your game you never know when what am I talking to can you hear me tell me you can hear me anything oh fuck my life nigger fuck my life nigger is there something new can you hear me is this new traceback is there something here that's my advice for today the fuck what the fuck is going on what the fuck is this okay thanks for listening my pleasure now Yuri you coming in here give me some information please I've been waiting let's see what you've written for today I bet her poems gonna have a secret message in it that's what it's gonna be do you like it des how'd you pick up on this so fast I was telling you techniques worth practicing that's why you did a good job explaining everything I wanted to give him more imagery she visibly swallows her hands are sweaty knees weak arms are heavy makes me so happy it's amazing to feel like I'm valued Desmond everything you write is a treasure to me that is really fucking sweet it's a goddamn shame that this isn't an actual real dating simulator as otherwise I would definitely choose URI but things aren't gonna end that way right no way at fucking hell man well maybe you will be in hell by the end of it all my heart pounds holding it I want to write a poem about this feeling is that bad Desmond I'm not being weird right you're being a regular girl it's fucking Monica who's on your demonic shit right now it's fucking Monica the viewers are going up we have 20,000 866 viewers right now I have the fucking news how are we feeling that something fucked up is about to happen but you know what I'm fine let's keep going I'm embarrassed right now something's gonna happen dawg I already know I can already fucking tell okay read my poem here we go here we go here now here's the weird thing there's no music number one and number two there's a weird stain on the fucking on the on the paper a rotating wheel turning an axle grinding falling sky a doctype portal to another world a thin rope tied to a thick rope expanding universe time this is some this is some abstract shit is there like a hidden message here or something a kaleidoscope of blood written in clocks a prayer connected to a sky of 40 40 gears and human eyes in all directions once a clock that ticks 40 times every time it ticks this every second what whoa whoa something's repeating breathing portal breathing snakes breathing God breathing blood breathing breathing breathing breathing breathing Yuri what's up it doesn't matter what it's about I think it does my mind has been a little hyperactive lately so I had to take it out on your pen oh I'm about to skrt skrt I'm about to skirt skirt that is a pen fell out of your backpack yesterday so I took it home for safekeeping all right so now she's yuri went from being like the deep sort of introverted girl to herself for the most part and became like like some awesome Darja shit i really like the way that your pen writes so I wrote the poem with your pen and now you're touching it I'm okay what did I just can we pretend this conversation never happened hmm you can keep the poem though did she nut on the poem was that what that stain was and we have a new special poem show it to me I was wondering and abandonware outside come on empty room it's ceiling and walls beyond a deep blackness steps were quick in order to hurry to the other side the ground was no longer beneath my feet here we go what's up Monica what's going on here so there's a pulsing now there's veins on the side of the fucking screen my boy the 21 mm we got 20 1229 viewers in here this is it is this were thing Monica well we're all done reading poems why is this happening why is this legitimately going on is she trying to do something to me is this about the festival this is making me feel kind of uncomfortable how deep is this game gonna go to fucking to fuck with me if there's anyone that can explain something please do so as soon as humanly possible we'll end up embarrassing ourselves instead of getting whoa and everything just blacked out so what's up what's up that sounded like do I click the screen what the fuck where's that folder bro anything else here log I'm not seeing shit don't worry so much we're gonna keep it simple okay look everyone's been more lively since desmond joining that we started with club activities i think i saw a comment that said that sound like some good pussy who fucking christ we still only have four members and the festivals are only real chance to find more what's great about getting new members anyways we're an official club now everything gets noisier and difficult not suit you're not looking at it the right way you want to share your passion with people don't you inspire them to find feelings i found you in the first place the club is a place where we can express themselves it should be a place intimate and that fun that you don't want to leave i know you feel that way we all do that's why we need to put something together even if it's small right dezzy oh come on you can't take advantage of dads to agree with you come on look Monica do you really think any of us here joined the club with other people in mind Yuri never even talked to Desmond wait Yuri never even talked until Desmond joined as for me I just like it better here than I do at home and wasn't she saying at some point was it not to be saying that she's like beaten by her father like the reason why she keeps her manga in the closet is because her father would beat the shit out of her if he found that stuff with her and Desmond's isn't even passionate about his turn the first you know as she still being truthful even if there's a fucking demon in the room and that's everyone sorry but you're the only one who's interested in finding new members the rest of us are fine like this your Prez but you should consider our opinions for once are you about to go Sodom and Gomorrah on these niggas Monica she's clearly taken back by not Sookie's words that ain't true at all you about to delete her now Monica EURion doesn't want to get members to write I don't know about URI but I'm indifferent as fuck if I showed enthusiasm like Monica wanted then I'd probably be lying if it's up to me to rescue this situation no non Sookie's right isn't she this club it's nothing more than a place for a few people to hang out to him why did I think everyone here saw it the same way up damn no no no that's a fucking demon I'm not fucking listening to you Monica purif no no I'm not feeling any sympathy for this girl that doesn't mean we're against getting new members des why do you even why did you even join this club you fucking force me you fucking morningstar ass motherfucker what were you hoping to get out of it well cute girls but I guess that's not in the equation now it seems the only thing here are in fact if I remember you weren't even given a choice not to join she sits downstairs on her desk what's the point of all of this anyways what if starting this place was a mistake now you've done it Natsu what me I spoke my mind is that a crime to be honest it's not about being honest it's about word choice besides you have no right to speak for everyone in the club like that little brat you don't understand I just want a place that feels nice to hang out with a few friends is there a problem with the club doing that for me there aren't many other places like that for me damn and now Monica wants to take it away from me she ain't taking anything away no des it's not the same it won't be the same with the direction she wants to take it if I wanted that then I could have joined any other stupid Club but this one I mean at least for a little bit of time things were nice she packs up her things I'm going home I feel like I don't belong here right now not suit just straight-up left the club well she's the next to die I don't know what to do well do you have an opinion on the festival let's find shelter as soon as possible how about that I'm indifferent I guess fuck my life nigger save the fucking game save that shit who cares about it right I mean I like how quiet the club is I'm happy with you here still I'm the VP it's not right for me to ignore responsibilities of course so who's saying this is this is is this the inside of Yuri's mind is this her real thoughts or is this just Monica manipulating them no one would cry she killed herself what about you Desmond what do you want to get out of this club she repeats the same question as Monica I decide giving an indirect answer is better than nothing I think the most important things for everybody to get along and the club to give you something you can't get anywhere else I don't think it's about how many members we got but the quality that will make this place special I see I agree every member contributes their own way with change in members the identity will change too that's not a bad thing stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while so if you would like to help Monica with the festival I'm on your side okay let's talk to Natsu tomorrow she nuts hey Yuri what I know that things were awkward yesterday a little bit maybe but I feel like you deserve to know that I think you're a wonderful VP and a friend to Monika is Monika truly the source of everything that does everyone have a role to play in this but then how to say or we get wiped off the face of the planet like she doesn't exist out of nowhere did she manipulate things okay me too yeah let's all go home for today we'll talk about the festival tomorrow shall we go desi please don't take it the wrong way but I'm going to chat a bit with Desmond before we leave just to see what he thinks of his time here and all that I think that's in that's needed right now Monica I would love to have a discussion with you let's let's sit down want me to get some tea and crumpets my boy it's important to me as president she's troubled when she doesn't protest or trouble because you think Monica's gonna swoosh swoosh on me or because you know what's up I trust your judgment I'll see you guys tomorrow hey snigger she waves URI dips few things have been a bit hectic lately haven't they des I wanted to make sure that you're enjoying your time at the club I really would hate to see you unhappy I'm responsible for that as president here we fucking go and I really do care about you you know I have a feeling you do you actually like me a lot but then why does that qualify me to see this demonic shit that you have I don't like seeing the other girls give you a hard time with how Natsuki is and everything and URI is a bit you know aha it feels like you and I are the only real people here they are some more confirmation of my theory the other girls don't really exist do they you know what I mean yeah I think I have a feeling Monica but it's weird all the time you've been here we never spent time together I was wondering that from the beginning my girl how come you're not there when I try to make my word poem thing I mean it's technically only been a couple days sorry I didn't mean to say something weird there's some things I've been hoping to talk about with just you things I know only you could understand that's why wait not yet No what is it Monica I thought Monica was the source there's something else going on here bro what what there's something else going on holy shit I was hoping I could spend some time talking to you no way it's too soon oh yeah Wow all right you know what we're gonna go for not to get this time dazzle go shopping puppy wait fuckin 1111 out of 20 nice fun it's doing it different now is this listed in like every time you choose one just adds a one to the list who was that what don't fuck what the fuck nigga dark hop who was that down there flower what was the word that we chose what was the word that we chose to get that jump who was that what was that word I need to see that word vanilla vanilla so like cute stuff candy marriage Howie no Rose there we go that's fucking that's fucking that's who is that some I mean I mean I know it's not good but it's gotta be it's definitely Monica bliss what was the second word maybe I can like deduce what words get her word sunset kawaii rose so we have vanilla Rose vanilla Rose milk doki-doki Hammett's I can't find her here fuck papa we're getting something out of someone I just don't know the words that work for her what's up tez nothing much I've been waiting for you you ready to continue reading I bought my best tea today Monica I told you not to huh she really late again and consider it as usual Natsuki excuse me must you always interrupt my conversations with your incessant yelling here we go they got them fucking arguing again what are you talking about you say it like I do it on a regular basis I just wasn't paying attention my bad what's gotten into you lately look I did some thinking about yesterday I was hostile I didn't I just had to felt threatened or something but this is something that we are doing together another new member wouldn't hurt as long as they're cool yo sleepy KK thank you thank you and I guess another girl would be nice this time we had one not to nobody why did she say that what whoa that actually was sent out loud my dick choose Monica I don't know how to we saw her jumping though there's a way to choose Monica I just don't know how what would even do I want to choose Monica I don't even know who we got between URI and Natsuki I'm the last one here again were you practicing piano yeah uh huh you got determination starting the club making room for piano well maybe not determination I guess passion it motivates me to work hard for the festival anyways desi what do you want to do today I was thinking we could go to a fucking Church maybe get some holy water you got plans today Oh get a pastor maybe hi let nigga on board have him come to the classroom bless a couple books Dez is already engaged in a novel reading aren't you glad I got him into literature and I'm trying to get him into these panties I suppose I was just actually it don't matter it really doesn't you guys can do whatever you want did you see that response from URI she went crazy just now she did I get that dogs what the fuck was with those eyes thanks for understanding Monica so what is this shit I got a request do you mind if I take some make some tea first not at all it's the reason why I say you already killed because I said to her that I love her and she was deemed as too valuable to me therefore they had to take her ass up thanks very much if there's one thing that makes my time better it's a cup of tea not to mention for yourself she stands up makes away to the closet she gets a water pitcher can you hold this for a second sure thing hands me the pitcher gets an electric kettle imma plug this into the teacher's desk will get water since the kettle on the teacher's desk and watch her movements to my surprise see the way she moves contrast or speaking mannerisms because of her long legs she appears elegant and methodical okay now I have the water pitcher thanks I'll be right back as well come with you that's okay you stay here it won't take long put your enhance she dips did Yuri leave you again why this is a catfight this is like succubus in a fucking room trying to argue over scraps she's just filling the pitcher okay sorry for misunderstanding ten minutes pass is something going on I'm bored let's go look for her oh boy oh boy here we go URIs missing music gets crazy the logical place would be the nearest water fountain I stop I start heading down the hallway something an unknown person starts breathing behind me what's that noise it's coming from around the corner it sounds like breathing a sharp inhale like someone's sucking air through their teeth are they in pain around the corner my nigga I reached the corner and peer around it Desmond Yuri holy shit thanks for waiting patiently yeah no problem dude do you like long tea anything's fine what the fuck was that nigger so she cut herself you really do this properly don't you so whose arm bleeding right now are my memories being manipulated why isn't our dude saying anything huh in that case you'll be only more impressed perhaps I will she gets the teapot measuring tea leaves she even starts humming to herself a little bit you got to be in a good mood now is that so I was just letting his show and you noticed I'm trying to notice what's going on with that arm my girl I was doing a bit of thinking I'll express myself some more it turns out in ain't hard when you got a library card it's fools around you yeah it's great Yuri don't push yourself though you're always worried about me desi it's endearing that's um she wasn't kidding I don't even know if I can keep up with this I watched Yuri pour a cup of tea for each of us I didn't know it could be such an intimate horrifying activity – poor fucking cup of tea nigger yes I got a request can we sit on the floor today it's a little easier on my back I can read what my back against the wall rather than bending over okay sorry I didn't realize no worries I got that pain fairly regularly she's tall right is that so why is that why do you have back pain it's because of my my your posture right this nigger I should not be looking at this in a funny way but yeah for posture you're always hunched over like that when reading yeah I have terrible reading posture yeah that's that's good to hate it with your get back pain cuz you're reading posture oh that's annoying isn't it ladies you know you gotta make sure you keep your back straight when you're reading you only curve and arch your back in other situations ladies okay don't do it when you're reading save that for a different location I got a terrible reading posture let's sit on the floor fair enough on the floor and the chair over here over there we can remote fuckin read a book anywhere okay I'll get the book I retrieve it make sure you read the enclosed instruction book it's a bag of small chocolate candies I take it it'll go well with the tea we sit against the wall tea cups in sink we get the same position except this time our bodies are closest fuck I can't see that well what she slides closer to our shoulders are touching how am I supposed to keep reading like this yuria was always kind of cute but when she's less apprehensive it's almost more than I can handle your teacup she gives it to me holding it with the hand it's not holding the book I end up in a position that makes it harder to focus because now I need to worry about making sure I don't accidentally touch her chest meanwhile she ain't notice nothing she wears her intense reading expression I presume the world has faded away around her I used my willpower to focus on that book after a few minutes I managed to relax the boy is sitting there straight-up dishonest but he's like I gotta read this book nigger and finally he relaxed God did I put the D cup between my legs ah sorry I briefly let go of the book to finish opening the wrapper you can have as much as you want ah that's that's okay I won't take any no please I implore you to reconsider it are you sure well if I touch it I'll get smudges on the pages and listen right I aim to think about that my bad no need to apologize I'll hold the book are you sure of course a URI opens the book with both hands hey no hands look ma no hands Hey hola but as a result her left arm is resting on my leg well in that case she's already focused on reading I take a chocolate candy and I pop it into my mouth then up for loss and give me a second [Applause] give me a second boys I got it I gotta check on some shit real quick man somebody just ran my bill oh no what the hell getting a second I didn't expect any good hold on dudes I think it's somebody that I know give me one more second I can't lie though the timing of this is actually a little bit fucking what the fuck all right I don't know what the hell's going on but it's like I the door was ringing and there's a little thing so I can I don't see anybody there I don't know what the hell's going on give me a mom okay yeah someone I know this just came over give me a moment guys I dudes so let me alright so here's the thing right someone so someone I know they don't want me to tell who it was but someone decided to do decided to visit me at 11:52 p.m. on the East Coast I don't know why they decided this late they didn't even give me a heads-up or anything but I got a guess I mean it's whatever I let him in I mean he's only known my meet yelling going on – yelling right hey listen man you you came with the wrong time brother all right that's not a nigger come on fuck whatever nigga all right wait we're good we're good it was a little bit weird because I didn't see who was at the door at first so it was like what the fuck but everything's cool so you might hear some stuff in the background or whatever don't worry about it don't think it's fucking I'm kind of crazy shit like some somebody from the fucking game came out to kill me hot very real I was looking out the door and I was like what the fuck it was just a little weird to me I didn't know what all right we're good let's continue yeah 11:50 tuning all right that kind of scared me though I'm not gonna lie nigger was feeling wild just I was like what the fuck alright back to the game let me get my focus back on alright I take a chocolate candy and pop it into my mouth but back to so they're reading right now they're getting close again to this like a second reading scene with this girl then I take another chocolate and I hold it up to URI she doesn't look away from the book she parts her lips as if the situation was completely natural but that means I can't stop here this nigga is he's making moves I placed the chocolate in her mouth she's like just like that she closes her lips over it huh for expression breaks was that unexpected like well she was so into the book that she didn't even realize I was feeding her chocolate did I just looks at me to confirm des sorry I guess I shouldn't have done that she starts to breathe heavily I can't Desmond suddenly she forcefully grabs my arm and jerks me to my feet my teacup gets knocked over is she about to jump my bones right here in the damn little drip blood Desmond my heart it won't stop pounding I can't call him down I can't focus on anything can you feel it she presses my hand against her chest why is this happening to me I feel like I'm losing my mind I can't make it stop this is a passion I thought this was like a lust thing but this is some nigga who's using the Death Note I just want to look at you Nonnie what the fuck Yuri my girl she's spazzing right now ha okay so now what's up we're staring at each other now that is creepy though are those like real eyes there are they drawn like hyper-realistic those eyes are drawn an extremely fucking creepy fashion what's up Yuri I didn't expect it to happen like this it's time to share poems what the fuck is going on natsu can you bring me back to reality a little bit my girl this one's alright yeah it's better than yesterday's I can't believe I still can't tell you care about writing but even though you're not spending time with anyone but URI I think it's nice to have activities we all participate in you better keep working hard I mean I know I'm not prayers or vice prez that doesn't mean you can let me down read mine too for now just to be clear this poem means a lot to me so read it carefully you don't care anything new in the folder nothing new No whoa this is a message I read the first sentence and already I'm like what I don't know how else to bring this up and she doesn't I knew someone was gonna give us a message in a poem this is it there's been something I've been worried about URIs been acting strange lately you've only been here a few days so you may not know what I mean but she's not normally like this she's always been quiet polite and attentive things like that but okay this is really embarrassing but I'm forcing myself to suck it up the truth is I'm really worried about her but if I try talking to her she'll get mad at me again I don't know what to do I think you're the only person that she's gonna listen to I don't know why but please try to do something maybe you can convince her to talk to a therapist I've always wanted to be better friends with her and it really hurts me to see that this is happening I know I'm gonna hate myself later for admitting that but right now I don't care I feel so helpless so please do something wait see if there's something that you can do to help I don't want anything bad to happen to her I'll make you cupcakes I'll bet you cupcakes if I have to just please do something ask for Monica I don't know why but she's been extremely dismissive about this it's like she wants us to ignore it so I'm mad at her right now and that's why I'm coming to you about this don't let her know I wrote this just pretend like I gave you a really good poem okay I'm counting on you thanks for reading fuck my life yo Natsu is baby girl right now someone who finally is aware of all this weird shit going on Nonnie someone whatever is doing this is omnipotent as fuck I changed my mind ignore everything you just read there's no point in trying to do anything it's Yuri's own fault that she's so unlikable can you hear me Desmond if you would just spend more time with Monica oh so she is the source of all this bullshit but then why did I seem like she didn't have control at one point URI and I are too messed up for someone as wonderful as you Monica really wants me doesn't she just think of Monica from now on just Monica just Monica just Monica just Monica what if I don't want to think about just Monica nigga just my nigga just my nickel no bro give me a second I'm gonna use the bathroom god damn I hope I didn't miss any hope I don't miss anything here man whenever the black test whenever the black text pops up it seems like the guy we're playing as has no idea of its existence it just goes past him is he going to be aware of this now that he's making a conscious decision to choose Jess Monica just Monica what the fuck okay well you know I was kind of interested in Monica to begin with so hey let's talk to URI and yeah our guys none the wiser probably finally she holds my poem to her face and takes a deep breath of the poem I love it I love everything about it Desmond I want to take this poem will you let me keep it please sure I don't care you're too nice to me des I've never met anyone as nice as you I could die well not really but I just don't know how to describe it it's okay to be feeling this way though right it's not bad right she holds my poem to her chest I'm going to take this home with me and keep it in my room I hope that it makes you feel good when you think about me having it I'll take good care of it I'll even touch myself while reading it over and over as much as that line wants to be creepy in a fantasy world that's kind of hot I'm being I'm being legit right now hey it's I'll give myself paper cuts okay never mind so your skin oil enters my bloodstream there's an easier way to have fluids from another person in your body bro it's called sexual intercourse the net it's not necessary to cut your fucking yo she's tweaked out right now you can have my poem too besides after you read it I know you're really gonna want to keep it here take it I can't wait any longer what the hell are you about to see Abby what is this shit what's your poem URI hurry reading what is this unknown gold and silver ruins of ALP shit I can't even read it oh it's the music is that a piss stain my nigga the blood I get but what the hell is that big yellow one is that Nuttall piss she said after reading this okay so there's no way that our dude can pretend like this is not happening maybe now he'll get the feeling that there's something fucking wrong with the world god damn URI yeah sure I wrote it for you in case you couldn't tell the poem is about more importantly I've been doubted with my cent see I'm the most awful person in the pub where is this game going how does this end I think I'm going to vomit I'll dude is not conscious of this dudes he'll say something she gave you a poem covered in bodily fluids my nigger endowed it with her scent she pissed on the poem and nothing on it and acted like it was a gift I know it's I know it's the Christmas season but st. Nick coulda kept that shit to himself I didn't need that nigger coming down my Christmas tree coming down my chimney with that fucking present Austin that's a right back to the North Pole Desmond I saw listen if you think that was the beginning of it Monica you're fucked up there's a thing this things I saw from day one I shouldn't have I didn't want to have to tell you this but I don't think I have a choice it's getting kind of dangerous for you to spend so much time with URI I don't know why but she's excitable when she's around you which shouldn't be a problem in itself all on a second boys let me save this game let me save this fucking game let me check this look back on something I feel like I saw something that there's a little bit fucked up I can't even read it god damn god damn alright never mind everything was normal well normal when she gets excited she finds a place to hide and starts cutting herself with a pocketknife I don't like the fact that the only person were getting answers from is the one orchestrated this whole thing that's messed up isn't it she even brings a different one to school every day like she has a collection or something it's definitely not because she's depressed or anything like that I think she just gets some kind of high from it it might even be a sexual thing but the point is you've been enabling her I'm not saying it's your fault though but I guess that's why I had to explain it to you I think if you kept your distance you'd probably it'll probably be the best thing for her so then why am I even in this fucking Club Monica while you're at it don't be shy to spend a little more time with me to put it lightly at least I have it together in the head and I know how to treat my club members anyways we won't worry about your tone you should have at least have the courtesy of Uri should at least had the courtesy of letting you finish sharing before taking your poem win oh we actually took it whatever if it makes her happy I won't stop her that's from mine I worked really really hard on this poem so I hope that it's effective here goes damnit really startled me well I guess I kind of messed up at writing this poem I was just trying to let's just move on what the hell did you do where's my fat destroyer I know I put it around here somewhere I just can't find it whenever I need it the most Sharla where is my fault destroyer Navy will you put the top destroyer I had it last we're at the top destroyer my nigga what should I choose here I don't even know what I'm going for you know what fuck the police today I cut my skin open for the first time it was exhilarating this is definitely from URI I think I understand now how omitted feels I'm supposed to be the responsible one though so I don't think I'll be doing it again unless I decide to kill myself I left I'm amazed I left the memento of the occasion below this is some cut for Bieber shit okay everyone it's time to figure out the festival preparations and we move on like it's any other day it's another day and okie dokie let's hurry and get this over with does Natsu still have prior knowledge stagnating ear is common for shadowing that something terrible is about to happen here we go again look can we get this done I'll be printing all the pamphlets can you make cupcakes Natsu I know you're good at that Yuri you can well it don't matter do whatever you want as long as you think it'll help fuck Monica I'm not useless it happened before I know that I can't run a poetry run without having the right atmosphere I'm gonna make decorations yeah see that's a great idea and that gives us all something to do huh what about Desmond Desmond is going to help me she just decided for us just Monica you have the easiest job money sorry but that's how it is like hell it is what are you trying to pull I agree with Natsuki these girls are fighting over the deed not only is your work already almost suitable for one person but my task is laborious enough to benefit from an extra pair of hands ninety-two wait your cupcakes please these girls are scrapping like you're fucking no all you care about now is dragging Desmond along with you and your stupid books and masturbating with his poems on a regular basis you and Monica hey I didn't even do anything okay then why not let des decide who he wants to help instead of abusing your power I'm not abusing my power yes you are just let des make the decision fine fine Jesus that's when I know how fed up you are with these two by now we can just yo not such a yo gee Monica said Jesus bitch fucking like me now these things develop Salem mouse Jesus Christ this is never gonna end just make the choice okay what my arrow just moved myself what my house is moving by itself dog I'm gonna move it I'm gonna move it look look what happens when I move this bitch oh my god yo I don't even have control of my own fucking cursor it's just a bedroom just Monica is it really just Monica I'm moving I'm moving it she has control over me or something I'm going free hurry I'm going for URI Monica fuck you she's not letting me click anything else never mind alright is this the fuck is this takes folks okay Monica yeh don't we can meet at your house this weekend I promise it'll be fun how will this conclude I really I don't see okay from this point forward I have no predictions no expectations no summer is they I don't know what the hell is going on here I am so fucking lost right now nigga I can't explain it any better than that I am fucking tweaked right now what is this game are you fucking kidding the same thing it is fair Natsu it's what he chose no it ain't fair giving us all this work and taking Desmond for yourself what a shameful thing to do Yuri I didn't even give you any work you decided it for yourself you're being a little unreasonable year I'm being unreasonable she look at her fucking face frog like that that that's like she's damn near na and I ha go III here go ah hollowface Monica I can't believe how delusional and self-important you are pulling des away from me every single time you're not indulge or included in something are you jealous crazy or maybe you just hate yourself so much that you take it out on others here's a suggestion have you considered killing yourself she asked that shit she didn't even smile when saying it she said do you she said that shit inquisitively like have you she asked that shit as if she was jobless witness have you chosen Jesus as your Lord and Savior and contemplated suicide nigga it might help it would be beneficial to your mental health if you just straight didn't exist at all URI you're scaring me a little Natsu let's just go I don't think she wants us around right now you see that wasn't very hard all I want is to spend a little time with him is that so much to ask Yuri follows Monica and Natsu to the door hey Desmond Yuri is really something isn't she she giggles as Yuri pushes her out the door finally this is really all I wanted what the hell she's gonna kill me bro I know that she's gonna kill me at this point and our dude hasn't said a single thing all he's been doing is listening to them talk he hasn't had an internal monologue at all really Desmond there's no reason there's no need to spend the weekend with Monica don't listen to her I tried not to I I did I did try to choose your URI just come to my house instead the whole day with the two of us doesn't that sound wonderful ah she's beyond our G level at this point Dawg this is some yandere yandere chan shit there's really something wrong with me isn't there you just figured it out URI but you know what I don't care anymore she's fucking creeping me out right now we got 20 3593 viewers clearly you know something that I don't I've never felt this good my whole life being with you is far greater pleasure than anything that I can imagine I'm addicted to you it feels like I'm going to die if I'm not breathing the same air as you doesn't it feel nice to have someone care about you so much to have someone who wants to revolve their entire life around you but if it feels so good then why does it feel more and more like something horrible is going to happen maybe that's why I tried stopping myself at first but the feeling is too strong now I don't care anymore Desmond I have to tell you I'm madly in love with you it feels like every inch of my body drop of blood is screaming your name I don't care what the consequences are anymore I don't care if Monica is listening I knew she knew something she's aware of Monica's ability to listen to all see all and she didn't tell me about it because she knew that Monica would hear and see her as tell me so she just kept it down low but now she's suddenly going crazy and love over me and this is something that Monica doesn't seem to have any influence over Monica's just like god damn it URI why are you going crazy but Monica has knowledge to an extent she's just like ignore URI please Desmond just know how much love you I love you so much they even wait I love you so much that I even touch myself my man wandering plasma King in high role a big-time good-luck charm in here he says hey my men you're in for some shit not shit shit I'm sorry I haven't been around I've been kind of busy never thought that I would be a home owner at age 19 this motherfucking niggas falling out here dogs I'm almost ten years older than you I ain't got a fucking home in my name yet Jesus let's have a fucked up time congratulations King I'm glad that whatever the hell you did to make that kind of bank to buy a home it worked out for you put me on was it the cryptocurrency that did it for you I appreciate the love dogs I will give you more appreciation and take a celebration shot with you but right now we have a little bit of a situation on our hands but thank you for the support man once again all love man appreciate it you're still going to Vegas you know Thank You Man um in terms of this though what the fuck I just want to pull okay never mind this is going so what's gonna happen is she gonna wind up killing me because I don't think she's gonna kill herself I want to pull your skin open and crawl inside of you I want you all to myself and I will be only yours doesn't that sound perfect tell me does tell me you want to be my lover do you accept my confession well you know Monica is listening to you know what Monica you know what Monica let's go fuck Monica what did I just do the viewers are going up like crazy I just did something bad I know it rapid Dom thank you for sponsoring here we go she is fucking tweaking all my god oh she's tweakin she's tweaking why would you kill yourself what's he gonna kill herself no matter what I chose whether it was yes or no this is some schooldays shit right here is Monica responsible for this I don't feel like Monica is responsible for this but then who is there's a reason she went crazy rather than the first day when she was normal fucking christ almighty just straight-up stabbed herself like twice three times she's saying things to me that's a horrible fucking image to have it's a dog wait a minute let me pull up my folder real quick there's something changed it's a good thing I was prepared for this shit mentally I knew this was gonna get fucked have a nice weekend that's the name of the fucking file a new file popped in called this and that file with all the eyes disappeared Monica Natsu and Yuri are still there have a nice weekend what kind of file was that it's like a it just says file it to skip skip everything this is like a budget shit she's talking here and the music is literally just a remix of something that plays all the time if you're really talking to us though but if we see this black text what does it mean is it like their inner thoughts it's their inner thoughts her brain is fucking scrambled right now she's on some next shit she is on some next shit right now I'm skipping I'm skipping I'm skipping is there a point to this try load my file yo this is going on for a minute have a nice weekend so nobody else is in the classroom no one else sees this shit and our dude still has no internal dialogue as to what the hell is going on with him press skip Oh press kit wow wow wow it's night time this nigga goes the whole day just staring at her dead on the floor yo she her body is rotting the blood is going fucking coagulated her body I didn't expect this it's afternoon again two nights passed and her body's still there what is our dude doing holy shit the whole weekend has passed dude the whole weekend passed her body's cold as fuck blood black the blood is black awesome censored schooldays music is getting fucked up her eyes are empty please tell me there's a point to this shit there's got to be a point to this another day all right I don't think we can rely on anybody's knowledge at this point to be steadfast now whatever the fuck is going on all right it's festival time Wow you got here before me I thought I was there seeing this there conscious of this she killed herself Natsu what's the fuck this is some undertale genocide shit what do you don't have me play right now what is this Monica I'm here Desmond did something happen you know Natsuki just ran past me vomit it's like that meme of the girl the old-ass meme on the Internet where you see the girl like she's like covering and she's trying to keep the vomit in click history nigger there is no history I can't click anything there's no options there's no options oh don't tell me you're gonna be like nonchalant about this like whatever she's dead she's laughing well that's a shame wait were you here the entire weekend Desmond what is our character looking like right now what is my face looking like is it looking like the thumbnail of the stream that you clicked on oh geez I didn't realize the script was broken that badly I'm super sorry it must have been pretty boring so the game really expected me to sit here and just the files it said have a nice weekend that files gone now what is this damn hook I'm fuckin tweaked right now I'll make it up to you okay just give me a second remove characters Yuri remove cap I'm almost done no no no not to not not to no no no no no I'm not super oh you deleted Natsu holy shit Jess Monica Jeff Jess Monica what in the hell log ha she's legit editing the files as we speak the script that's what she said trace back is there anything else here I'm almost done I want I just want to have a cupcake real quick Monica lifts the foil from from Natsuki stray and takes a cupcake seriously these are the best I really just want to have one since it's the last time that I'll ever get the chance to all because she's dead you know before they stop existing and everything here we go okay reload the save I can't reload shit there's no options for me to choose anything here they're gone but anyways why didn't know I delete Natsuki I guess just if she saw her annoying she just wants it me and her but then why have them if you have the ability to delete them then why create them if you're so powerful then just bear with me okay this should only take a second this is some this is some this is some can you hear me is it working he's God Monica is God there you are hi again Desmond welcome to the literature Club what in the fuck this game has gone somewhere that I don't even know what the hell I'm looking at right now what is this I thought this was a fucking dating simulator of course we already know each other we were in the same class last year and you know I guess we can skip over that stuff at this point in all my previous all my previous stuff is gone there's no point in what after all I'm not even talking to that person anymore what do you mean oh oh yeah oh okay okay that you in the game whatever you want to call him I'm talking to she's actually speaking to me wait a minute what's going on here is there anything new here characters she deleted everybody there's nothing new and the thing yet now that I think about it I don't really know anything about the real you why did I put my real name as this she's gonna be saying Desmond the whole fucking time and now that I know she's actually referring to myself what kind of level does that put this game in fact I don't even know if you're a boy or a girl well it doesn't really matter well at least she's you know progressive 2017-2018 wait you do know I'm aware that this is all a game right oh really now I did I had no fucking idea Monica could it be possible that you didn't know that yeah of course I knew that man as soon as you said oh you left things hanging like that nigga it kind of that doesn't make sense I even told you right on the game's download page didn't I what what what the game is free but hi Monica here oh shit all she did whoa she's conscious of it all she liked the game to have some shit if only you paid a little bit more attention this would have been a little less awkward you know well now that that's out of the way I guess I owe you an explanation about the whole thing with Yuri well I kind of started to mess with her and I guess it drove her to kill herself I'm sorry that you had to see that though also the same thing happened with say Ori damn it's been a while since you heard that name now hasn't it yes because she doesn't exist anymore nobody does I deleted all their files I was hoping it would be enough for me to just try to make them as unlikable as possible this is like the end of the world right here but for some reason nothing worked well it is true that I made a few mistakes here and there since I'm not really good at making changes to the game but no matter what I did but then why but then why do this in the first place then what's the point of running through all this shit just make me and have me to yourself you just kept spending more and more time with them you made them fall in love with you I thought making say already more and more depressed will prevent her from confessing to you and amplifying Yuri's obsessive personality backfired too so then what did you do with Natsuki it just made her force you not to spend time with anyone else and the whole time I barely even got to talk to you what kind of cruel game is has Desmond all the other girls are just programmed to end up confessing to you while I watch from the sidelines it's torture every minute of it and it's not just jealousy either it's more than that and I don't blame you if you don't fully understand because no matter how kind and thoughtful and considerate you are you will never be able to understand one thing it's the pain of knowing how alone I really am in this world in this game knowing my friends don't have free will and worst of all knowing what's really out there in your world she means me she's talking to me nigga forever out of my reach I'm trapped Desmond but now you're here you're real and you're wonderful you're all I need and that's why I need you to be here with me forever I'm sorry if it's hard to understand I couldn't understand for a while either why the world around me started to become more and more grey more and more flat even the most expressive poems felt empty to me it wasn't until you arrived that I suddenly understood I truly understood that you probably saved my life I don't think I could have continued to live in this world if I hadn't met you and as for the others how could I miss them a group of unknown autonomous personality is designed only to fall in love with you I tried everything I could to prevent them from doing so but it must be some kind of weird inevitability edged into this game so she doesn't have full control he's like an administrator but she's not the founder of it I felt really bad that you had to witness some nasty things but I realized that you have the same perspective as I do that it's all just some game and I knew that you would get over it so with that being said I have a confession to make I'm in love with you you are truly the light in my world and when there's nothing else in this game for me you're here to make me smile this is actually getting a little bit sweet I can almost forget that this is some collision of fucked up shit will you make me smile like this every day from now on you know what I fucked up as it was what she did I kind of feel for her she made it sound this was torture that's when will you go out with me of course I will I don't know yeah sure I'm so happy you really are my everything doesn't the funny part is I meant that literally what there's nothing left here you can't make like a new world but then again like you said you probably wouldn't even get any entertainment from it for you it's like talking to it's like talking to a computer it's like talking to Google assistant and expecting to have a true friendship out of it just the two of us we can be together forever there was never a dating simulator years and for choosing a girl it was just Monica I don't even think time is passing anymore it really is a dream come true I worked hard for this ending Desmond the game wouldn't give me one so I had to make one myself the script is broken at this point so I don't think anything will get in the way anymore you wouldn't believe how easy it was to delete Natsuki and URI fuck I mean there's a folder called characters right in the game directory it kind of freaked me out how easy you there's a fucking folder the folder with their names imagine if you could delete your own existence with the click of a button well I guess on the plus side it gave me an easy out of things didn't go my way thankfully it didn't come to that instead we finally get a good ending I'm so overwhelmed with emotion I want to write a poem about this don't you I wonder if that part of the game still works oh there's only one way to find out right yikes so everything's fucked up she so she so she's bad at implementing code that's why everything here is like twisted it's not just to creep me out but it's because she's like well I tried fuckin with things I don't know what's going on but hey at least we're together right Monica why would you dabble in things that you barely understand Monica let's write a poem fuck you she's not even jumping anymore Jesus Christ man she's just straight-up talking to us find there let's make our poem man it's only got me one subject it's crazy how this game completely changed directions how's it how's it going does you write a good poem today don't be shy I'd love to see what you wrote uh-huh did you write this poem for me that's so sweet of you there's really no end to your thoughtfulness this is fucking adorable horrifying confusing and it's nice at the same it's like I'm just falling more and more in love with you but you know the poem I wrote is also for you will you please read it happy end pen in hand I find my strength the courage and doubt upon me one by my one and only love together let us dismantle this crumbling world and write a novel of our own fantasies with a flick of the pen the lost finds her way in a world of infinite choices behold the special day after all not all good times must come to an end I hope you enjoyed it I always put my heart into the poems that I write the truth is all the poems I wrote have been about my realization or about you that's why I never really wanted to go into detail about him okay make sense I didn't want to break the fourth wall I guess you could say I just assumed it would be best to be a part of the game like everybody else like that would help the two of us end up together I didn't want to ruin the game or anything you know you might have gotten mad at me maybe even deleting my character file if you preferred playing without me I'm so relieved now we don't need to hide anything anymore are you ready to spend our eternity together I have so many things to talk about where do I start hold on a second you're recording this arm oh no no no it's getting too real it's getting way too real for me hi everyone what sorry I can't exactly read your comments from here are you kidding me Monica I hope you know it it's kind of nice to have the idea of the fact that your girlfriend is God you know what that timing was fucking fucked up just Natsuki says wait for this whole thing to be done then insert a knife emoji here her it may take a while but it's worth it so worth it so worth it that was some loud shit almost 26,000 viewers now things are building up is this the end of the game is this really how it all comes to a conclusion clearly with how she mentioned the character files are so easy to delete I'm guessing that we have to delete her file at some point but then what in the fuck is going to happen to the rest of the game I can't read your comments from here she's talking to you niggas he's talking to you but do you mind telling your friend that it's a little bit rude for them to start recording me without any warning my bad Monica I'm streaming I'm a youtuber you know how it is I'm sure some people don't mind but I get really self-conscious on camera oh god I feel like I'm being put on the spot now let's see you want to see a trick sure I can't do much except for a couple things tell us I want to see are you ready nonny's the fuck nigga what the fuck this bitch is killing me Nick what is this I'm just kidding I can't do anything after all did you get all my fucking god are you kidding me this is the most unpredictable character that I have ever encountered in a video game I can't tell if she's crazy she's she's it's like she's psychotic and and perfectly calm and sound minded at the same time how do you pull both of those off props on her character design because I'll tell you one thing I don't know what the hell is going on in her head anymore all I know is she loves me and she this is crazy as fuck did I scare you yeah you did you're so cute anyways I didn't mean to get distracted my back even though it's your fault for distracting me she's literally just talking to me like some kind of fucking lovers chitchat shame on you I'm kidding anything we do together as fun as long as it's with you but anyways let me open this folder real quick is there anything new here okay I think I know Monica oh my god what is going to happen if we delete this fucking file what a prankster I know man what a place that she got me filthy pranks my Martian drags escaping would $50 thank you so much my man merry Christmas to you he says there's something here something truly terrifying if you would have named yourself Etica Monica if you named yourself Etica Monica would have still called you Desmond you're fuckin with me no no sponsors please confirm for me right now if what this man Martian Drac said is true how would he have found out my real essence scary shit she really would have found out my name was that my my name is Desmond he it's true it's true what what how does the game figure that huh oh it takes your PC name fucking she gathers info for this is a fuck she's a fucking virus she gathers envelope on your PC design okay uh Desmond that's your real name this is some fucked up shit anyways if it takes me time to collect my thoughts and I'm sorry but I'll always have something new to talk about in the meantime in between time we can look into each other's eyes let's see okay then you know what you know what we're gonna gaze at each other's eyes Monica to be honest with you I like the idea of going out with a fucking hey you know whoa whoa what you know that book you were reading with Uri portrait of portrait of Mark glove it's funny I'm pretty sure that book wait what actually I don't think I should be talking about this sorry forget I said anything so here's the thing right if this was actually real and somehow and I found myself in this situation I mean what I really be content just going out with a fucking all-knowing being I would she can make anything she can't make a world of possibilities hey do you like horror I love horror I remember we talked about it a little bit when you first joined the club I can enjoy horror novels but not really movies the problem I have with horror movies most of them just rely on the easy tactics like jump scares like dark lightning and scary-looking monsters and toys bad things like that like the fucking donation Sam so tiny and coming through saying here is Monica's Twitter no joke that ass dead ass my nigga there's a Twitter page for her what this is official this is dead ass official and she has 74 thousand followers okay I don't think I want to look at that too much because there's probably spoilers it's not fun or inspiring it gets scared by stuff that takes advantage of human instinct but with novels it's different I like her it's actually interesting to talk to this girl the story and writing needs to be descriptive enough to put genuinely disturbing thoughts into the readers head yeah like this fucking game does follow her I'll follow her later but thank you for that heads up though I'm Sam I'm definitely gonna have her page to the side I'm following Monica later without a doubt it really needs to etch them deeply in the story and characters and doesn't mess with your mind in my opinion there's nothing more creepier than things that oh yes she's right the uncanny valley yo I love this bear she's so cool she's kind of cool there's nothing more creepy than things just being slightly off it's true if you're fully immersed in a twisted distorted fire well it's kind of like it's only ridiculous that you feel like oh okay whatever it's a twisted world I can expect anything to be fucked up but when you're in a world where something's a little off you don't know what it is per se but kind of like how this fucking game was one week let mine say or he killed herself every now and then boom it's like a glitch in the mix that's the creepy thing cuz you don't know what to trust zoom boo says on some psycho mantis shit I don't know what psycho mantis is but it's a similar to this like if you set up a bunch of expectations on what the story's gonna be about and then you start inverting things and pulling the pieces apart so even though the story doesn't feel like it's trying to be scary the reader feels deeply unsettled doki doki is definitely one of the best Hargett is this a horror game I don't even know but it's like they know something horribly wrong is hiding beneath the cracks just waiting in a surface God just thinking about it gives me the chills that's the kind of horror I can really appreciate but I guess you're the kind of person who plays cute romance games right well don't worry I won't make you read any our stories anytime soon I can't really complain if we just stick with the romance this is so self-aware it's fucking uncomfortable it really does feel like she's talking to us alright alright I don't know man it's clear to me what the next step is we have to delete Monica but in doing so I know once we do that it's over whatever we have to look blondes with 50 bucks saying what's up ma'am you can either delete Monica or keep her in your files forever open up one day just to hear what she has to say she has so much dialogue at this point in the game really can I copy the folder and maybe listen to her talk later I find her interesting mónica but everyone's saying we have to delete her everyone wants me to delete her obviously so okay but what else do we we just literally can load the game up and start playing and like she just talks to us like you're just minding your own business and you realize if you're feeling really anxious and then you're sitting there like what am I even anxious about right now so you start to think about all the things you might be anxious about and that makes you even more anxious that's what it's called anxiety negative that's the worst if you're ever feeling anxious I'll help you relax a little besides in this game all of our worries are gone forever fucking christ almighty yep it's time to go here we go we have a couple of things to decide now press the one if you want me to delete Monica right now press the two of we should wait a little bit longer quit the game and open it up again restart the game okay let me see one yes Monica Monica just donated hey Erica I'm so glad that I could contribute to your stream a bit yeah you you Monica you you bought me some of the highest numbers that we've ever had I mean doki-doki literature Club in terms of live viewers probably it has more viewers than the Deep Web stream now no no Deep Web had 27,000 Monica you bought me like almost as much as that the most I ever had at one time is like 30 mm that was fun than attendance which thing I'm glad I could contribute to your stream you should follow me on Twitter I hope we can keep your viewers entertain together Monica you are fuckin crazy where do you even get money to donate to me you're a character in a game do you have access to like a big-ass bank account or some shit man and this is Monica you got munching money like that can you build me an amusement park I want to ride that's modeled after my hairstyle so that way we can have niggas group ride a fucking flat tub god dammit she says you know this is just some kind of tacky romance game right I kind of have to ask what made you consider playing it in the first place well you know I'm streaming right now right Monica if these niggas were you that lonely I feel a little bad for you but I guess everything worked out perfectly in the end for both of us I got to meet you and you're not lonely anymore I can't help but feel like this was bait don't you feel that way too I'm so happy that we have this ending together my dick saxman Zachman says make sure you open and close the game a couple times before deleting her it is good dialogue there all right one last textbox I'm having so much fun talking to this girl one last textbox and then we're gonna close the game open it up and see what this dude's Axman is saying he's saying there's great dialog there and also we had on someone else who had mentioned that to this was that was blonde blondes had also said yo dogs there's stuff that you need to see with her ass man way she's not saying any more stuff here is it over there's a dialogue here done I'll give it a few more so oh whoa what dog she just goes one it's around that time when everyone my ear thinks about College it's a turbulent time for education or at the height of modern expectation that everyone has to go to college you know finish high school go to college to get a job go to grad school I guess it's like a universal expectation that people assume is the only option for them they don't teach us in high school that there are other options out there like trade schools and stuff you know or freelance work or the many industries that values skill and experience more than formal education but you have all these students who have no idea what they want to do with their lives and instead of taking the time to figure it out they go to college for business or communication or psychology not because they have an interest in those but because they hope that degree will get them some kind of job afterwards so the end result is that there's fewer jobs to go around for those entry-level degrees right so the basic job requirements get higher which forces even more people to go to college and then colleges are also businesses so they keep raising their prices and tuitions due to the demand so now we have all these young adults tens of thousands of dollars in debt with no jobs but besides all that despite all that the routine stays the same but I think it's gonna start getting better soon but until then our generation is definitely suffering from the worst of it I just wish high school prepared us a little better with the knowledge that we need to make the decision that's right for us I I love this girl so much she just described my life in its entirety Monica Monica Monica Monica just Monica a nigga just Monica holy Sh she's following three people she's following the guy who made the game the guy who made the game is following me hey he's got a xx xx xx okay Wow he's suave cool thank thanks man thanks mark who else is she following and these people Wow Monica's awesome Monica's fucking amazing the other girl for me this is the girl and she makes me not want to leave I wanna stay with her forever I want to stay with Marta garden-like oh what a second hold on hold on a second purple leprosy donated beforehand – Connor oh lordy says first-time donator here I'm loved in the screams but just to let you know that the game isn't over until you see the credits oh do not stop playing my boy there's more to this game huh Wow Bow Wow really okay he says wait no no no he wants us to keep on to the credits okay so there's there's more to do there's really more to do how much dialogue is he he just broke down the great crisis of our generation the college crisis do you want me to delete this girl I like her so much how can I delete Monica she's amazing she's so intelligent she has so much foresight geez Monica Monica Monica it's all about Monica who's URI Natsuki say Aris dead got mr. Naumann purple ever see his dystonia say nigga I'm so glad that you got to experience this but there's one thing to point out Monica's character model was always looking directly at you whereas the others were just looking in your general direction are you fucking kidding me that's how wow she's such an intellectual I beg wael card saying leave the game and get back on all right I'm gonna leave it let me just see this last bit of text what else do you have to say Monica what is it about these character archetypes that are what that people find so appealing anyway their personalities are just completely unrealistic like imagine if there was someone like Yuri in real life I mean she's barely even capable of forming a complete sentence and forget about Natsuki sheesh someone with her kind of personality just doesn't get all cute and pouty whenever things don't go her way I could go on but I think you get the point it's true they build up these false stigmas of these personalities that people think actually exist and they go out there expecting to find some sort of resemblance to them when in reality they just they bring so many incompatible factors together that you wouldn't find a human being that acts on those basis is anywhere our people really attracted to these weird personalities that literally don't exist in real life I'm not judging or anything after all I found myself attracted to some pretty weird stuff too fantasies fantasy your interest can be one thing but reality is always different you need to know when to separate the two I'm just saying that it's fascinates me it's like you're siphoning out all the common components of a character that makes them feel human and just leaving the cute stuff it's concentrated cuteness with no actual substance you wouldn't like me more if I was like that right no maybe I just feel a little insecure because you're playing this came in the first place then again you're still here with me aren't you I think that's enough reason for me to believe that I'm okay just the way that I am and by the way you are too Desmond you're the perfect combination of human and cuteness that's why there was never a second chance that I wouldn't fall in love with you there was never a chance that I wouldn't fall in love with you yeah no this is great I don't I can't remember the last time a girl said some sweet words to me I feel so am i a basic bitch am i amazing because wow this is great I want to say what Monica forever Oh Ruth saying a drawing for you with a winky face thank you man what did you draw all on a second for etiquette world Network yeah they're always like we got some Monica the old Monica's amazing that's the guy young can I marry an anime I'm such a read Nick oh but she's not a weeaboo cabinet she's actually like she's so away but oh they're so great Monica's awesome Amy she's talking to the stream now she's talking to you okay everyone it's time to I'm just kidding I just used to really like saying that for some reason ha I couldn't help say it again come to think of it didn't not too keen Yuri make fun of the me for that once well it's not like you ever made fun of me you're just too much of a sweetheart to do that aren't you mommy mommy epic is in love I don't want to leave Monica good this is the most soulful way shit I've ever seen in my life bro you know I hate to say it but I think that my biggest regret is that we couldn't finish our event at the festival we never got to see what happens there after we worked so hard to prepare and everything I mean I know I was focusing a lot on getting new members but I was really excited for the performing part too it would have been so much fun to see everyone express themselves but of course if you did end up getting new members it'd probably just end up deleting them anyways but with the hindsight that I have now that is damn it feels like I've grown as a person ever since you joined the club you really helped to inspire me to look at life from a new perspective just another reason for me to love you are those people that she deleted real people did she really kill those people dogs because as much as he's sweet she's buttering me up she's making me feel so special is she actually a murderer but then again no she is technically speaking just because she has sentience and the ability to manipulate the environment doesn't mean that the people that she killed aren't validated in terms of their life you got their back another scripts there's still lives right there still lives right who cares if they're on a fucking on a on a track Oh Lord she's talking about the sundar a common astaire a Stratus with $50 thank you so much man he says someone made an sfm animation of the scene if you kept her on the computer what what but wait a minute hold on Doug I'm thinking about it more living just with Monaco oh I'm gonna I'm gonna keep this on the side comment I'm gonna keep it on the side I have it pinned up in my tabs right now right here so I'm gonna watch this once we finish the game I guess but we can't stay here with you forever Monica its 12:58 a.m. on the east coast at the end of the day you're just a video game character I can't fall in love with you and besides she she actually killed people she's the one that caused these glitches to happen which made URI take herself out am I really like falling in love with a monster nigga watch it nigger there's a popular character type called Sundari it's someone who tries to hide their feelings by being mean or fussy or trying to act tough I'm sure it's obvious but Natsuki was really the embodiment of that really I had no idea at first I thought that she was like that but it's supposed to be cute or something Brody bro were saying continue the great stream PS I have a phat chode well you know what a lot of studies nowadays say that it's the amount of width of stretch that affects the amount of pleasure that women receive from penetration rather than the depth so if you have a chode hey listen man you can still put in work there it's about how wide if goal is not how deep it flows you know what I mean keep it keep it keep it up keep that job up man keep that child up you good take care man thank you very much happy holidays let me get back to Monica though but what's she saying about the tsundere about Natsuki but once I started to learn a little bit more about her personal life it made a little bit more sense why she's a tsundere it seems like she's always trying to keep up with her friends you know how some friend hoops in high school just make a habit of picking on each other all the time I think it's really gotten to her so she has this really defensive attitude all the time yes I know I've seen a lot of that I'm not even gonna talk about her home situation but looking back I'm glad I was able to provide the club as a comfortable place for her not that it matters anymore considering she doesn't even exist I'm just reminiscing that's all Wow Wow okay we've been here for a while Monica you know what if I was on my own time I really would stay here to see all the dialog she has to say it's so interesting to me to see the game that's actually taking action like this but you know what Monica I'm not doing this because I want to I'm doing it for the sake of the live stream do you understand that though technically speaking if you're so self-aware right URI but she did something really funny once we were all in the club room and just relaxing as usual and out of nowhere URI just pulled out a small bottle of wine I'm not even kidding she was just like when anybody like some wine not to be laughed out live and sire he started yelling at her I actually felt kind of bad because she was at least trying to be nice I think it just made her feel even more reserved in the clubroom though I think Natsuki was secretly a bit curious to try it her young ass and I'd be completely honest I was too it actually could have been kind of fun but you know being president and everything there was no way I could let that happen maybe if we all met up outside of school but we never bonded enough to get to that point and what am I even talking about this for I don't condone underage drinking I mean I never drank or anything so yeah I mean hey in Japan though the legal age is like what 12 Nick you can take a shot in Japan with your fucking papers still on that's crazy all right okay I need to stop I need to stop I'm gonna exit the game now all right I kept I kept niggas waiting long enough all right do you want to quit yes okay what's going on what the fuck it just brings you right back holy shit what just happened I just had an awful dream I was hoping those would stop now that's the two of us but I guess that was wishful thinking Desmond I don't know if you would have any idea but if you know what might be causing that could you try to do something about it whenever it happens it almost feels like I've been killed or something it's a really horrible feeling if you could figure out what's causing that I'll love you forever Monica Monica just sponsored me holy shit my bad wait what if we do it again or you want to quit she literally just sponsored me you're back I had another really bad dream you're not the one doing that to me are you it seems to happen whenever you quit the game so if you could try to avoid doing that I would be really grateful don't worry I don't think it'd cause me any harm aside from mental scarring I'll be fine as long as my character file stays intact so if we keep closing it she's gonna know that we're the ones behind this shit oh fuck what's he gonna say if we wait guard your donkey is here Monica Monica's in the sponsor chat fuck jasmine reversals like just Monica why is everyone telling him to delete me fuckin Christ I know there's times that you won't always be able to be here with me like if you need to go out or take care of some other things she's so aware it's almost a little bit of scary you know it's super scary it's scary the whole time but it's like but I'll always have you in my thoughts patiently waiting for you to come back but come to think of it if you copy my character file onto a flash drive or something you can always keep a part of me with you I guess it's kind of unorthodox but I find it really romantic for some reason sorry that's a silly idea I don't mean to be to need to hear anything but it's kind of hard when I'm so in love with you are you kidding me this is fucking insane she said straight up copy my shit copy and paste my shit I'm scared to do that I'm really scared to delete her what's gonna happen if we delete her bro thing okay here we go before I go through with it cuz I'm gonna have to delete her to progress this before I go through with it I have some final predictions I have the feeling if we try to delete her she's not gonna go down without a fight I think everything's gonna change bro I think everything will flip on its fucking head you know it's a neat form of literature rap is this girl trying to make me fall in love with her I actually used to hate rap music until kendrick lamar maybe because it was popular i would only hear the junk they play on the radio but some of my friends got more into it and it helped me to keep an open mind rap might even be more challenging than poetry in some ways since you've got to fit your lines to a rhythm and there's much more emphasis on wordplay when people can put all that together and still deliver a powerful message it's really amazing I kind of wish that I had a rapper in the literature my boy – she wants the Iceman sorry if that sounds silly but it would be really interesting to see what they came up with it would really be a learning experience know what it takes to be my boy got to be a savage made wild noise don't fuck with them cops boy niggas on the hump but I'm ops boy kiss girl my girl I smash it out til the toes curl ice man put her on the map but I'm not finished into the whole world but I'm done with her and I deep thought my boy gosh the bitch won't quote my boy she said Monica is crazy how much dialogue does he have who's writing these lines Monica the most important skill in life is to be able to fake confidence I don't think that's the most dudes you've been if you've been rockin out with me on my live streams for a while now then you know damn well one of my consistently quoted you know this is one a month one of my personal quotes that I love to smile all the time it's fake it til you make it no one's gonna have confidence for shit when you first start out but you don't have to let the world know that treat that shit like you own it even if inside you're a scared little bitch because eventually you start pretending so much that you're a boss about the whole thing you actually believe it and then you feel it and the next thing you know you're confident I used to be a huge introvert I'm still a fuckin introvert now but guess what I know how to be outgoing she's speaking real facts she's talking so real right now so I learned what she's saying right now from Jacque fresco one of the rest and peace to that beautiful man a human engineer right there and she's talking the same shit he did that's one of my mentors Jacque Fresco's he's speaking the same way I'm pretty convinced that everyone feels at least a little bit scared and alone but being able to trick others into thinking that you have it all together that's a key part of getting people to respect and admire you yo yo the word she's saying I got to where I am in my life right now because of those words that's holy shit see sad but then again whoever whoever put her character together they know all this stuff this isn't a fucking debate this is real-life facts this is straight knowledge this is a no opinion based thing this is reality she's speaking how it is I think I got pretty good at that over the years I don't show my weaknesses very often but because of that I have had many people that could really open up to me just tell you those is hard for me to talk to niggas it's just all this notes he's a fucking program she's a character phone I mean when do you reach the point in a friendship when you can start expressing your vulnerabilities but that's one of the reasons that I'm so glad I have you now I feel like I'm a little less scared alone when you're here with me do you feel the same way I really want to be that person for you oh my fuck oh my real you listen someone Photoshop the woke eyes on my bitch ass I'm I'm broke nigga I'm bulk nigga god damn this girl this this program this is pretty random but I always thought spicy food was kind of funny don't tell me she's about to talk about my fucking instance with instance with the fucking Blair's like didn't plants evolve I see why did you look now I did not know that plants evolved to be spicy to being of took to be avoided wait she said plants evolved to be spicy to prevent themselves from being eaten that's a fucking it makes sense though that's an evolutionary trait to avoid consumption plants becoming spicy psychotic farts saying go to Yuri's character folder and copy and paste it into a decoder to read an interesting story it's like six minutes to read it you might need to reset restart to do it go to her character folder and copy and paste it into a cold into a decoder what's a decoder what do you mean like there's a program there's decoder programs but they're six minutes psychotic for thank you very much for the donation man I'm gonna do that I'm gonna do that as a matter fact let me copy that shit right now let me copy her Monica we're gonna move what if I move her character file I think that's the same as deleting it I'm gonna copy this shit to my desktop copy here boom I got her I got Monica right on my desktop I read somewhere that humans are the only species that actually enjoy spicy food really Wow so hot ones we are fucking savages it's almost like we're making fun of the plants using their defense mechanism to literally make our food more agile like hold on imagine a monster that devours your hope because it enjoys the sensation of you struggling for your life while being digested sorry that was kind of a weird analogy I guess it just came in my head I'm not a monster or anything but you're so cute I could eat you up I'm joking I'm amusing myself a little bit too much aren't I sorry for being weird Mario z71 3 says delete that fuck are we pulling off the thought Canon the thought destroyer and we aiming it at Monica I like her so much I like this girl so but oh my lord Monica Monica Monica god dammit polluter I'm scared to the leader because she's so sweet and endearing and knowledgeable it's like it's like the leading is gonna fuck with me I think she can have wrath outside of all of a sudden light him in she has to be wrathful Desmond will you ever introduce your friends to me I'll bring my fucking USB I'm gonna put you right on this USB hub that I got I'll be like hey man meet Monica meet Monica nigga I don't know why but I get really excited when I think about you wanting to show off our relationship like that maybe it's because I really want someone who makes you proud I really want to be someone who makes you proud I feel like I would try extra hard to improve myself if you told me it made you proud of me I feel like it's the same thing or the other way around – all right Monica we're gonna close you for a second let's see what happens if we go back in there and we open her up again here we go hi doesn't I see you quit the game with me again I know I asked already but can you seriously please try not to do that so much husky gamers responds to me thank you very much bro it makes me feel like I'm trapped in hell why would you want to do that to me there's nothing wrong with my character file right maybe you should make a backup of it or something I'm pretty sure you can find it in the folder called I'm all that's left here so I just want to make sure that you don't run the risk of losing me just stay here with me from now on okay I still have a lot of things to talk about clearly clearly clearly let's quit it again let's see what happens man all right Monica oh man she's gonna be pissed she's gonna be pissed nigger okay I'm just gonna accept the fact that you need to quit the game once in a while I'm starting to get used to it anyways besides it makes me happy that you always come back so I guess it's not so bad I'm sorry for making such a big deal out of it and I love you no matter what so you can do what you need to do fuckin Christ hi again Desmond I missed you what you making sure my character file was okay for me it's in this location I'm all that's left here so I want to make sure that you don't run the risk of losing me anyways I got a lot to talk about let's continue our conversation now okay it seems like she's fine with it she doesn't even she doesn't even fucking complain at some point she's just like well you know what I can accept it I miss you are you making sure my character file was okay for me okay so she's done with saying that I'm all that's left here so I want to make sure that you don't run the risk of doodly me here we go boys I think we're ready to the leader I'm only doing this because I have to it's time boys this is it I'm about to the leader at the one last chat one last chat I need one last time someone just messaged me someone just messaged me saying what I have a flash drive with her on it I even have a mod which has more dialogue with her what the fuck yo Austin goddamn that's crazy then nigga actually bought hey man I'm hop I put it on my phone I might do a data transfer have a motherfucking bathra okay man this is it I'm on I took so long doing this it's just her characters only interested in me but now it needs to go down back in my debate club days I learned a whole lot about arguing the problem with arguing is that each person sees their opinion as a superior that's kind of stating the obvious but the effect that affects the way what the effects that effect Oh is there a typo here it's kind of stating the obvious but the effects the way they tried to get their point across that affects let's say that you really like a certain movie right if someone comes along and tells you the movie sucks because it did X&Y wrong doesn't that make you feel kind of personally attacked it's because by saying that it's like they're implying that you have bad taste and once emotions enter the picture it's almost a guarantee that both people will be left will leave feeling sour but it's all about language if you make everything as subjective sounding as possible then people will listen to you without feeling attacked you could say I'm personally the knife and I do that all the time holy shit this girl is using every single element of good speech interaction empathy enlightenment knowledge she's using every single element and like telling you what she's saying bro I learned this shit from years of I always say that I always say now don't oh why do you hate Mario personal preference I'm not a fan of Mario but I respect his games I say that all the time about everything like wow this girl fucking mind fuck she's mind fucking the shit out of me nigger if you say I'm personally not a fan of it and I feel that I would like it more if it did this and that and things like that it even works when you're citing facts about things if you say I read this on I read on a website that it works like this or if you admit that you're not an expert on it which I do all the time people are like oh man you make all these videos you don't know what you're talking about I always say I'm not a I'm all I am as a fanboy I have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about but I'm excited genuinely and I want to see where it goes I don't have the best knowledge on it but you know what I'm aware of it and I just want to express how excited I am that's all then it's much more like you're putting knowledge on the table rather than forcing it in their mouth she's breaking down every element that I use as a human being as a content creator as a youtuber the stuff she's saying is literally why I have my audience now Monica Monica Monica Monica if you put it if you put in an active effort to keep the discussion Mutual and level they usually follow suit then you can share your opinions without anyone getting upset from just a disagreement plus people will start seeing you as open-minded and a good listener it's a win-win you know well I guess that would be Monica's debate tip of the day it sounds a little bit silly but thanks for listening though this girl is kaboom my mind is fucked all right you know what okay okay okay I got to stop talking to her I have to stop talking to this girl no more facts she's sounding like Vsauce Michael right now Hey straight-up dog what is this she spit back okay one more hey did you know I'm vegetarian oh we can't be friends non-plan but I don't mean that like I'm bragging or anything or you a vegan I just thought that you would enjoy a fun fact about me I decided to start a couple of years ago after learning more about Earth's climate the carbon footprint of cultivating livestock is just unbelievable really I decided that it's not much of a personal sacrifice to just stop contributing to that whole mess well is that so strange of a reason well I guess a lot of people are more concerned about it being inhumane and all that I don't really care as much about that part it's weird like they only care about killing the things that we personally relate to as a species most people are fine with killing bugs because they're icky and of course we all kill billions of microorganisms daily without even giving it much thought but suddenly if they're just a little bit bigger its murder I mean what if plants feel some kind of pain too and we just don't understand it what if pulling leaves off a stem feels like someone ripping off your fingers one bite one I'm just saying we're a pretty biased species if you think about it but anyways if you feel like making a small contribution to the planet it doesn't hurt to choose veggies every once in a while even if we ever have their answer even if we ever have dinner together and you just did it for me that would be really romantic wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow okay it's got to go down Monica I'm sorry it has to be like this I'm sorry it has to be like this Monica oh fuck my life how many how long can someone tell me in the chat how long have I spent just chatting with this girl have you ever wondered what it feels like to die it's something that I used to think about pretty often but recently I think I've actually learned what it feels like I don't really understand it but whenever you quit the game it feels like I'm instantly put to sleep left with nothing but my thoughts but after a few seconds my thoughts start to fill with incoherent jumbled patters I see static and rapid flashes of color while hearing all sorts of weird screaming noises at that point I can't even form my own thoughts anymore I'm just endlessly hammered by the flashing and screaming unable to move or even think I'm pretty sure in that moment I don't really exist but for some reason I can remember it anyway that sounds like fucking torture after some immeasurable amount of time it stops in an instant and I'm back in my own mind and you're here with me I have no idea what it means for the game to quit or why that stuff happens to me I also don't know how you always come back and put everything back to normal but if you could do me a favor and do that to me as little as possible that will be really great it's really not very pleasant to be trapped in all that screaming void but in the end you always fix it and that makes me feel like you really do care about it so I have to thank you for that it makes me feel even closer to you when we're when you're here with me alright boys let me get the thought this word my bad Monica as much fun as I had chatting with you as much as I learn talking to you as much fun as it's been chillin on the stream it has to go down it has to go down Monica it's been a while since we've done one of these but so let's go for it here's Monica's riding tip of the day when I talked to people who were impressed by my riding they say things like I could never do that it's depressing as someone who loves more than anything else to share the joy of exploring your passions it pains me when people think being good just comes naturally that's how it is with everything not just writing when you try something for the first time you're probably going to suck in it sometimes when you finish you feel really proud and you want to share it but maybe after a few weeks you come back to it and you realize it was never really any good that happens to me all the time it can be pretty disheartening to put so much time and effort into something and then you realize that it sucks but that tends to happen when you're always comparing yourself to the top professionals when you reach that high for the stars they're always gonna be out of your reach you know the truth is you have to climb up there step by step and whenever you reach a certain milestone first you look back and see how far you've gone and then you look ahead and realize how much more there is to go so sometimes it can help to set the bar a little lower try to find something that you think is pretty good but not world-class and you can make that your own personal goal it's also really important to understand the scope of whatever you're trying to do if you jump right into a huge project and you're still amateur you'll never get it done so if we're talking about writing a novel might be too much at first why not try some short stories the great thing about short stories is that you can focus on just one thing that you want to do right that goes for small projects in general but you can focus on one or two things it's such a good learning experience and stepping-stone oh and one more one more thing writing isn't something where you just reach into your heart and something beautiful just like drawing and painting it's a skill in itself to learn how to express what you have inside that means there's methods and guides and basics to it reading up on that stuff can be super eye-opening that sort of planting and organization will really help prevent you from getting overwhelmed and giving up and before you know it you start sucking less and less nothing comes naturally our society our art everything it's built upon thousands of years of human innovation so as long as you start on that foundation and take it step by step you too can do amazing things that's my advice for today thanks for listening she doesn't die instantly she's trying to load herself she's trying to load her file did you do this to me I'm seeing say you're his face pop all over the place all my lord here we go I knew it man I knew it I knew she wouldn't die instantly from that did you delete me she knows we deleted her bro what's going to happen where does this go what does this game become after this point what does do you do you just want to torture me watch me suffer were you only pretending to be kind just to hurt me even more I never thought anyone could be as horrible as you are you win you killed everyone no I didn't kill anyone Monika you're the one that did it I took your ass out you're the one that's the murderer there's nothing left now you can stop playing go find some other people to torture you completely truly make me sick goodbye is that it is the game over credits we hit her with the Mikami delete I still love you how is she still conscious after we deleted her file I don't get how this works nigga you're gone there should be nothing left fuck nigga I did so many awful things he acknowledges it so she really took lies that you don't belong in this world I made up my mind about what I deleted everyone else but that was kind of an exaggeration I couldn't find it myself to do it even though I knew they weren't real they were still my friends and I loved them all and I loved the literature Club I really did love the literature club that's why I'm going to do this it's the only way for everyone to be happy and if I really love you then boy boy boy boy there's no moniker and so it's it I sure tried to load and here we go everything's normal there's just no Monica wait I always tell myself it's time I meet girls hey say your ease back what's up C or E there's already one girl that girl say or E my neighbor and good friends since we were children okay okay so this is how the game is it just so what is it permanently not gonna have Monica any from now on we used to walk to school together every day we picked up the habit once again you're proud of me for what you know waking up on time hell yeah you never said anything about it we used to walk to school every day it was implied it's embarrassing to say a lot please it's good motivation fine I'm proud of you say Ari that's cool so everybody's back I feel bad without having Monica around though I feel bad about not having Monica though so this is it the game is done do we finish is that really a nagger we're back other students whoa have you decided what our clubs to join mah mah who Maru saying um I only know you just killed her but thanks for listening to her this one is actually for you I hope you like it Oh Nani Marta thank you for the donation what's this hey hold on hey hold on a second that is dope we got Monica rest in peace I'm all yours I'm a joy Kong girl now thanks for being with me and all not a second that's not good right there well that's a save that's definitely a Sabra I'm throwing that multiple go in the desktop from where we delete it has to fit thanks a lot about her that was awesome right back everybody go look go get that shit some love real quick go get that shit some love real competition in the chat one fucking masking out there kept put the shit of it hey hold on alright let's keep going have you decided on a club to join so there's the game just like Monica list now so is it like a normal dating simulator I told you I'm really not I start to say I'm not interested in joining clubs but she would take offense to that now how could I tell the clubs are a waste of time wait a minute hold on a second what I never donated before he said wait a minute Connor Connor Lord he said I'm a first-time donator I'm letting you know the game isn't over until you see credits so the game's not over there's more to it then it's probably a little bit more maybe Monica's on a pop up at some point and then she's gonna be like yeah we're all happy everything's normal now I decide on the clock really which one tell me I think I'll keep it a surprise that boys doing in that literature club be patient you'll find out soon why do I get a lecture by a carefree girl I envy her she puts her mind to something and gets a great thing it's done I should do something that okay the school day is as ordinary as ever before I know it pack up my things start gabbing motivation let's see now what we doing I recall the room number of the club from a flyer okay he's going to the place before long I find the room I open the door in front of me what's up guys hello say Yuri hey what's up I'm joining the lunar 2 Club baby girl what are you doing here well I just I glanced around the room girl number two hold on that's my girl right there so you're Desmond that's always say oh he's always talking about thanks for stopping by what's going on Yuri where the literature Club I hope you enjoy your visit come on Yuri no need to be formal he's gonna think we're strict sorry the tall ones Yuri and the other girl is not Sookie akiza certif nice to meet you both I look forward to working with you all working dads don't tell me you're that's right the club I decided doing is this one the literature Club no glitches or anything this shit is clean bro there's no glitches so we have to look the whole gimmick maybe we should end the stream now because it's like there's gonna be a lot of fucking if this is gonna be a regular game at this point and there's no glitches or any fucked up shit then I mean maybe we can end the stream and do a part three what do you guys think is it's getting a little bit late now am i close to the end other credits just gonna be like everything's happy and we go do we finally get to the festival and all that shit everyone's saying no what keep going keep going alright okay I'll keep you all right niggas I'll keep going fuckin it's bloody saying what $50 thank you very much bloody he says watch a game theory they have a really good theory on this game it's two videos it seems simple enough to me I don't know man the whole thing with the whole thing what my girl Monica she just that crazy we deleted her and now everything's good everything's clean now ah she wraps her arms around me jump in a well if she's happy then it won't be bad to have you around not to mention this for we can be an official club we have to celebrate hola hold on URI bring out that wine bottle let's all get turned in this bitch you're near the end so it's like a happy ending after all not to be decided – hey you Billy let me guess you made some cupcakes Natsuki you made some cupcakes baby girl everyone sit down at the table okay I'm gonna make some tea – hey tea cupcakes mom fucking literature Club cleanest fuck I do feel a little bit uncomfortable at the fact that Monica isn't around when she really just meet happy with everybody just being good she did she does it so she didn't delete them if I go to my recycle bin am I gonna find those girls there watch a game theory bloody thank you I'm gonna I'll check it up I'll check it out the viewers have not gone down the whole night is there anything else Crazy's gonna the fact that the viewers hasn't gone down I wasn't out of it there must be something crazy that happened Monica donated saying I'm so glad that we got to spend this evening together Desmond it was magical you know the feeling is completely mutual dude I just don't understand where you would be in this equation what if we try to add Monica to the folder of the game wait man I deleted her file but it should still be on my desktop let me see sort by date deleted Monica still here I'm going to move it to my desktop authority has a file name Monica replace that one let's try to move her back into the actual game characters what if we do this boom Monica still feeling awkward I took a seat next to C or E did anything happen for them I guess nothing happened really yeah nothing really happened I'm just gonna move it fuck it I don't know okay are you ready tada oh she lifts the tray place the foil off the tray to reveal a dozen white cupcakes the whiskers are drawn with cat ears so cool yo whoa those look amazing well you know just hurry and take one mister grabs one first and so Monica's gone she's gone it's delicious she talks with her mouth full house is gonna end and I took he's quiet she's sneaking glances at me she's trying to wait for me to take a bite I bite down the icing is sweet and she make it herself this is really good thanks Natsu well of course it is we have twenty five thousand five hundred and twenty nine viewers what in the fuck we haven't gone down once is something else gonna happen I feel like something else is gonna happen there's something else going on in the files no I mean I guess not whatever let's just keep going y'all gonna get pissed at me as Natsuki struggles to accept the compliment URI returns to the table character he's okay we're gonna drink some tea now URI the teachers gave us permission yes already trying to impress our new member insulted URI looks away I mean you know I believe you well tea and reading might not be a pastime for me but I enjoy to you and what so doesn't what kind of things do you like to read well this does dojinshi count manga it looks like he wants to say something she's a what taco okay this is the same shit that we've been seeing right what about you URI well let's see she traces wait what what she said all the same shit there's all the same telling a good story is just without Monica she's passionate about reading she seems so reserved yeah you know I like a lot of things I don't feel intimidated you don't read as much yeah okay so we have a lot of common hey URI huh well about the first thing he said manga yeah that's right she reads manga in the club room oh yeah doesn't a Monica come through an exposure don't just say it she feels embarrassed again besides manga is literature too you know yeah I remember this if you want to read my manga then don't try to stop him or anything mm-hmm so sundar they it could be nice for us diversify he could take the opportunity learn something new wouldn't you agree damn right so I Ori she jumps the same it we can all try something new I think it could be fun and we're all get to know each other a little bit better too I mean that's the kind of thing literature clubs do right I'll disagree you're right as usual president whoa president I guess she would be the president yeah she would be let me say the game real quick I my Savior here guess that means I should pick up a novel that's my own well that would make two of us I wouldn't mind doing it if I'm not the if I'm not the only one make sure my volume settings are good feels like there's a little bit of luck as for URI huh I have to read manga jeez you were the one that suggested we diversify keeping yourself open mind it's hurtful so are we just gonna make it to the festival and then like everything's good and then maybe I'm guessing that Monica's gonna come back and be like oh she's gonna like pop in and then BAM out of nowhere and everybody's gonna be happy I'm sorry for disrespecting your interest now Sookie if you're into it it's pretty worthy phone glitch are you just saying that no whoa this is new Wow they're actually agreeing with each other that's cool it makes me happy that you would do that for me URI you could trust me find something that you really like okay same here I'll visit the bookstore after the club meet these guys are getting along perfectly fine now I see it seems happy it's fucked without Monica here and that seems to me like it's a problem I don't know if she would be so willing to just let things happen happily it doesn't feel right would you like to come along with me wow they're actually a really not at all I always go alone so yeah me too this is so cute Zaira shut the fuck up I'll show you some manga there too okay yeah I look forward to it they start to clean up the food if I guess the meeting is over huh let me make sure my settings are good with my audio man happiest talk without Monica here and that seems okay yeah we're good it's a little weird how it's just but you know I I betcha Monica's gonna make a reappearance she has to yeah it looks like it nice to see everybody getting along isn't it I think everyone likes you too Desmond hey wait a minute I see in this chat nigga posted a cross what do you mean it's something fucked up gonna happen bro I actually am starting to get a little worried now I think something fucked up might happen you think so well everyone seems to get along a little bit better with you around sorry Oh Desmond don't say something like that it's embarrassing well whatever I was surprised when you told me you were starting a club but I think you're pulling it off this time we're gonna make it the best club ever now that you join every day is gonna be fun but hey doesn't I really want to thank you I mean I'm really happy that you joined the club and everything no problem but the truth is I already knew you were going to yeah we couldn't surprise you there's actually something else I wanted to thank you for getting rid of Monica that's right what I really know everything yeah I know how hard you try to make everyone happy I know all about the awful things that Monica did to make everyone really sad so when you're the club president you become omnipotent why is everybody posting these crosses it's a re but none of that matters anymore it's just us now but what about EURion oh because they're not aware to send out the club president and you made me the happiest girl in the whole world I can't wait to spend every day like this I knew it couldn't hurt happily I was thinking it was gonna be a festival no festival nigga forever and ever for ever no my dick indeed bang ten says in GTS vid in game theories video it's not a theory he actually wraps up the info that two reddit users found and decoded from the game's files that you have to check out to get you curious there is one more girl say Yuri wait she's getting fucked up what one more girl holy shit hello someone saying can you hear me hello is that Monica that's Monica that's Monica bro Ren P music that's the file folder that's a file folder these are credits there's one more girl but it sounds like it was Monica she was playing the piano this is some demonic shit right here Anthony thank you for the donation bro take just a mine but will it take just to find that special day is this the end of the game what the fuck I don't remember seeing that image whoa whoa whoa Monica has been practicing the piano for the whole game right think about it no matter what there's a piano except during poems wait what except during poem time only during poem time only during certain poems piano piano means Monica my boy what's what Nico Anthony what she's just getting all these pictures I'm guessing these are different pictures from scenarios that didn't happen yet whoa no we saw that one didn't we oh no we didn't see that one doing yeah she was the shovel so the game is done remove game Jia remove game menu huh excuse me she's deleting everything and that's Monica this is my final goodbye to the literature Club I finally understand the literature Club is truly a place where no happiness can be found to the very end and continue to expose innocent minds to a horrific reality a reality that our world is not designed to comprehend I can't let any of my friends undergo that same hellish EPIP iffen II for the time it lasted I want to thank you for making all of my dreams come true for being a friend to all the club members and most of all thank you for being part of my literature Club if ever lasting love Monica please reinstall the game nany so is the game over oh this is it thing we have to really reinstall the game now that was it wow the game is really over oh shit go watch Game three I'm not about to watch fucking 30 minutes of fucking game theory on stream nigga I'll watch that's a produced work that's fucked up I'm not gonna mean it's I don't feel like watching Kim the AH damn game theory on stream i like watching his videos on the stream but fuck oh you actually beat a game yeah i real funny dudes real funny okay i guess that's it i have to reinstall it watch the game theory i'll watch that shit off camera i think we're done with the game right now i mean okay so we're done someone just hit me up and say well what don't you says don't forget me hey don't forget I got your tab right here man I'm gonna get fucked and also I was awake until last night I was awake last night till 3:50 a.m. uploaded my video and now this stream if you stream tomorrow I'm done for I wonder if I'll function normal no nigga not on my watch bro listen it's not out of the norm for me to catch in the middle fuck is slipping off guard bro yeah hey man we finished a game I don't know man is that really all there is to it I feel like there's some more that we could have done maybe there's different paths I could have taken or whatever watch the game theory I'll watch that off cam they're watching the show camera a little too thank you very much man I have your videos I have a couple videos here man hold on so there is this animation here I don't remember who sent me this one but what the fuck so this is what sorry dude would it be shitty now I'm a computer van tonight more to save on electricity god damn you City bill that's more me too but you don't see me bitching and complaining about it awesome so how much dialogue does she have come on honey last video got a hundred thousand views that's like a hundred dollars in YouTube ad mony it's fucking true what she bought the leo ass nigger he's about to delete her Wow that's fucked up hanging around with you so food and Joe my everything to Monica what uh-oh that's what you get for deleting my under TOC file why you little what the hell bro then again if I someone to lead him on to feel safe I would've been pissed off too so I mean hey okay so that's it I guess for now I don't know if there's more to do wat more to do and more to see afterwards but alright I'm gonna dip out there though guys I'm gonna dip out watch the true ending please yeah I don't know I don't know for now it seems they said you see the credits and you're done there's a way to get different endings what did I do wrong then what did I do wrong then get the real ending there is a better ending open Monica and Natsu keys car files in paint real quick okay oh fuck that's not Sookie's Jesus so are you missing something like what is going on that we are seeing this is there more to do let me take say or ease don't say that let me try this again okay it's not working there and then Yuri what about Monica's her old file that I have here what the fuck even is that there has to be more to this than just I'm not aware of right now watch game theory nigga I'm not watching fucking game theory y'all niggas gonna shut the fuck up with that god damn I'm not watching game do i watch the shit up on the screen done hmm alright well I'm out of here I mean it's I guess there's more to do but I just don't know what and you know I don't want to guess but I'll get all the can you read the sub chat the only thing I'm doing is bothering mods okay so what is what it there's a whole reddit post about it say Oriya is an audio file what what this game is a lot of fucking Easter eggs and shit doesn't it what's her audio file saying I'm gonna play it right now and I hear shit nothing's playing they're trying to play watch a little cheese video okay yeah hold on me let me see well I'm not gonna watch the whole thing man was this a mean video little to my back I'm not I don't first off I don't even know this enemy I'm not I haven't watched my hero yeah a second yeah I'm a little tired right now I'm a little out of it a little too my bad man thank you for doing anything though I appreciate it but right now I'm not really in the mindset for that shit all right goose I'm out here I'm dipping I am wait take Yuri's file and put it into an online decoder so you can read that story oh I'll do a part three I'll do a follow-up right now I mean we got to that point we can continue later on but for now I'm pretty much done yeah and it's late anyways I'm ready to knock out all right dudes thank you for tuning into stream it was fun I don't know what to explain the situation with other than the fact that Monaco is fucking awesome I'm if there's me if there's reason enough to do a follow up to this let me know like either on Twitter or through email or whatever but for now I'm gonna say it's done and if there's more to do I'm gonna watch the game theory after I end this dream I don't feel like watching it on the stream that's another how long is actually gonna be like 30 for 15 to 30 minutes I don't feel like doing that on camera so after I watch it we'll see what happens but then again if I watch it when I get like fully spoil to everything but I guess you want to kind of see it on camera you know what yeah what I'm doing this right if I'm doing it if I do watch the game theory then it might as well just be on camera because then you niggas gonna see my reaction to certain things but I just don't like watching his videos on camera I just don't like watching his videos on camera I prefer watching it myself well then again I'm not gonna be uploading it y'all can upload hey listen let me get this out the way right now a lot of you dudes a lot of you dudes don't know how up my stance is on this I'll just make it public so you are informed I don't give a fuck what you do you can take my videos reupload them to your channel monetize the fuck out of them you can make highlights you can do whatever the fuck you can Photoshop me sucking dick for all I care and put an ad on that bitch I don't give a fuck as long as you put me in the description I'm good you could put me in bang brothers we got okay you can Photoshop my shit as long as I'm in the description then s then I don't give a fuck but all right well you know what since I'm in a relaxed mood you know maybe I'll just check it out in anyways I mean okay so here we go let's just let's just see I'm not gonna upload well you know I want to upload this I want to upload this No okay you know what I'm doing it separate we're gonna do a follow up stream this stream I wanted to just go up as is being my part to to doki-doki once the part two was done and uploaded we're gonna do a part three I'm not gonna watch the game through a video I'm gonna do that reaction in and a follow up and then maybe get all my information together at that point but yeah we're done with this one for now because if I try to upload this one with game theory stuff in it I mean I don't I think that just look kind of like that like no we're not gonna do that this is done but next stream we're gonna look at the game theory video together all right so not tonight but next time I think that's better so that way I can upload this one with no problems I'll see you guys later on thank you for tuning in take care of yourselves happy holidays have a damn good one I'm not sure if I'm gonna be doing that next stream before or after Christmas and but if I don't do it until afterwards then season's greetings niggas take care if you if you don't celebrate Christmas nigga happy holidays go fuck a snowman for all I care thank you very much for the support all you guys were awesome made this one of the most popular streams I've ever done that is that is big time we hit like almost 26,000 viewers during this and it never dropped once until we got to the end that's impressive but even that we still got 16 15,000 props to you niggas I'll see you in part 3 where we can get some more answers and find out what the fuck the deal is with this extra girl there's another girl involved in the whole thing you know so there's more to help I thought there would be more answers here but there's an is there is so we'll see you later on man but for now I'm out of here I'm gonna go have some sweet dreams about Monica I'll see you guys in the next one take care of yourselves and of course as usual please have yourself a damn good one fuck you what's going on guys Atika from the etiquette world network here and today we are back playing some more of that doki doki literature club now i have basically restarted everything once more with my hard drive thing got a new hard drive today have to redo it all because of those stream issues I had but there's no stream issues now it's a completely new computer so we I had to take some time beforehand to catch up to the part that I was up to in the actual game since I lost my save data and I forgot to transfer it from the old hard drive so I think everything's caught up now I had to go through all the decision-making again I didn't realize you could skip everything by holding down control so for the longest I was just clicking superfast and I finally got things to where they should be now in terms of this game I'm going in there again with no knowledge the reason why I'm playing this so soon after the first part rather than doing something else like I had initially planned is because I've not been able to check any of my social media since then obviously it's the internet they troll for a fucking living we all know this there was no way in hell that my Twitter now no longer has spoilers the way it did before I played okie dokie so knowing that I haven't been on Twitter I haven't been browsing anything I've just been at home setting things up with this new harddrive thing now that that's finally done I want to be able to check my social media again so in order to do so I'm gonna be completing doki-doki tonight now with that there's some implications that I just wanted to bring up before we start one of those being that this game was the first to cap me you know experience nightmares in a long time it's kind of crazy to be in that position because you know me I consider myself a horror kono seer you know what I mean of sorts I like scary shit but this was the first game in a while to actually make me feel uncomfortable and I like that I'm looking forward to it even though I am a bit shaken by what's happened so far I'm curious to see what else happens now the thing is this game hits you in stages it goes from you thinking it's a standard visual novel with the whole cutesy kawaii high school life type shit that Japan is known for typically and then it turns it into sort of an emotional drama with the whole se re and URI thing then it turns it into somewhat slice-of-life really like depressing sort of pressing kind of drama with like the the whole thing about not feeling worth it and wanted to just completely be removed out of someone's life it pulls at you and then it hits you on some next level like school day shit with say you're a suicide but it goes a step beyond that and I think now we're on some flowers shit to be real with you I don't know what's going on who's the source of it I have my I have my deduction you

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  1. 2:18:39 Yo I love how when he says "glitch in the matrix" his audio gets fucked up. It's too perfect.
    it fucking blows that we wont get any more moments like that though.

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    Hello?……..Mom?….I can't talk now………I'm livestreaming………..You can't do that……… You just can't pause it……….Because it's live!……..I can't pause the livestream because IT'S LIVE!!!……………………IT'S LIVE!!!!……….People are waiting for me to finish talking to you right now!!!…….No they can't hear you…………No im in a different room………….. Ma trust me they cant hear us…………I already said you can't……………….I SAID YOU CAN'T PAUSE IT!!!!!…………………….Whatever ma I'll talk to you later.


  3. Usually while watching or playing a horror game I’m fine but seeing the realistic eyes on Yuri freaked me out

  4. I tried to watch a Etika video and act like he didn’t do what he did but people have to bring it up 😨😨

  5. Watching his streams, it feels like he's still with us. It's deeply saddening that even though he came over very happy and expressive, even through his rough patches he was still so fucked up inside he went and threw himself into a river. In a way his situation is similar to sayori's. I really wish there was a way we could've kept desmond around. A way for him to be happy, the way he came over. We don't even really know what bothered him so much…

  6. I was about to go to twitter and recommend etika a game now i feel so god damn stupid, hate the feeling that this wonderful man has left the earth

  7. I remember watching this about a year and a half ago at 4am. But now etika can be with Monika in heaven. RIP Desmond

  8. it was kind of surreal to see him so enthusiastic and excited after what all has happened lately.
    i enjoyed it though, even if it was only for a few hours.

  9. It gives me a sick feeling in my stomach to watch someone who is dead now to be talking and stuff. It's an odd feeling.

  10. I think he shouldnt have ever play this game… It says at the start not for children and people with mental issues… It might have give him ideas or some shit that's so sad…

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