Antifa Plans 10 Day "Siege" At US Border, Art Depicts Fire Bombs And Terror

Antifa Plans 10 Day "Siege" At US Border, Art Depicts Fire Bombs And Terror

some see in this story get a lot of traction but hold your horses everyone let's tone things down an tyfa plans terror campaign and siege of El Paso Texas to push border resistance a little bold their daily caller but they are getting a language a bit from an Dino and a little bull there Andy no let's calm down a little bit I this look an tyfa engages and what I would call terrorism okay it's how it's been Devine defined for a while its its threats intimidation violence for political ends but let's just get one thing clear an tyfa is fairly low level terror it's still bad it still should be condemned called out and stopped okay but it's not like we're gonna see it a wave of armed antifoam militias showing up and firing on border guards there are antifoam malicious we did see what happened at the ice facility in washington if you guys aren't familiar guy showed up with weapons right so bad stuff happens but let's not give anti food you know more credit than they deserve i guess they're not like an elite team of you know extra national assassins or anything like that there are a bunch of young dumb privileged kids who put on masks and run around throwing milkshakes at people for the most part they do engage in violence we've seen the instance instances of the bike lock basher now as much as i want to make sure we can downplay the more like we got to calm down on this one we do i do want to stress there was a report from law enforcement that an tyfa was planning trainings in mexico firearms etc to help disrupt the border and now we're hearing there's going to be a storytime tour followed by a 10-day protest a disruption event i'm not gonna call it a siege like you know andy no did and that's the way he sees it fine i disagree and i think we got to be careful about you know holding up signs screeching the end is nigh listen an tyfa is annoying they're dangerous they hurt people call it all up but when you go around holding up you know signs saying the end is nigh far left are planning a terror campaign siege on the order people are gonna be like get out of here you know there let's approach it slowly and and carefully and explain for the most part an taifa frail weak skinny urban far left they're not that their power comes in their numbers and they are escalating so it is something we should be concerned about but let's let's read a little bit but a Lee caller says the far left Antipa movement is reportedly planning a terror campaign and siege of El Paso Texas in an attempt to raise awareness of alleged abuses at the us-mexico border please let's not call it a terror campaign and the end a siege of El Paso anti food does not have that kind of capabilities ok they throw milkshakes at people what while it is and ok ok ok I'm maybe downplaying a little bit too much they have bashed people over there with bike locks they've whack people with batons and crowbars I get it you know we had recently got the ice facility but to act like we're at this point yet little too fast little too fast the so-called border resistance exercise involves a militancy training tour they'll converge on a 10-day siege in El Paso Texas according to a tweet from Andy no I believe that is fairly hyperbolic as to what's actually being promoted emotional image shows border enforcement officers being killed and government property fire bombed organizers are asking for white comrades to pay for others so let's let's jump over to Andy's tweet and I look I'm the fan of these guys right but let's you know Andy says an tyfa is leading a border resistance militancy training torque that will converge on a 10 day siege in El Paso Texas the promotional image shows border enforcement officers being killed in government property fire bomb organizers asking for white comrades to pay for others now this is disconcerting because of what just happened in Tacoma they're saying border resistance tore stories and first-hand accounts of the last year of autonomous organizing on the border you go to border resistance calm for more info and we can see there's the gate being torn down although they make it look like it's made of wood when it's actually made of a metal some sort and then we can see an tyfa symbols oh here's my favorite look at the bottom can you see that there's somebody with a peace sign on their back throwing a mall the Tov cocktail I K will hold that hold on I want to stress this they have a peace sign on their back and they are throwing a Molotov cocktail in fact it looks like they're throwing several Molotov cocktails and then we can see arrows and the American flag burning and there's a huge fire and there's a board patrol vehicle being destroyed and they all have bows and arrows for some reason oh and there is a dead ice agent with with arrows in their head now it's for those that are listening on the podcast it is a crude bit of art if look I don't know the full details it may be a militancy training what I mentions going to happen is you're going to get a bunch of four lefties and they're gonna go around reading books and talk telling stories this will exacerbate the extremism problem and this is going to be followed up by this the call to action fighting off this knee sorry September 1st to 10th El Paso Texas border resistance convergence abolish ice shut it down I don't think we're gonna see John Brown gun club and redneck revolt showing up and firing on agents in a siege you know here's the thing man when you call it a siege it's silly it's gonna be a bunch of activists holding signs for the most part there will be black bloc attacks there will be violence but auntie of violence is frequent but low level I don't think we're at the point where we're gonna see a bunch of armed dudes show up and get into a battle with Border Patrol it's not gonna happen so I got it you wanna be hyperbolic sure sure fine but we also have this right here John Cardillo posts Cardillo domestic terror group nt fuss organizing to threaten the Border Patrol and ice you condone it to them on a credit card via Square Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who silences conservatives but not an tyfa is also the founder and CEO of square I believe this is the one I want to highlight now listen close call anti-fog point out the story you can call whatever you want fine I'm just I'm just one who's like like here's the point I'm trying to get you look at this story from Newsweek Trump wants to declare an tyfa a terrorist organization even though right-wing extremists have been more violent what what the hell is after that is a non sequitur these people are insane okay they're running defense and supporting an tyfa and they play this game to do it an tyfa and right-wing extremists are both bad right-wing extremists and to be more effective lethal like their plans they carry them out and it's extremely dangerous and worrisome yes it should be condemned here's the thing they're already called terrorists they're already listed as terrorists an tyfa they're trying to get to be classified as domestic terrorists so that there can be more resources for investigating them just because one thing is bad our just because something is worse than an tyfa doesn't mean an tyfa isn't bad and this is the point we're not talking about antiva being this like powerful resistance movement it's a bunch of losers with frail little weak arms who are completely there or terrible at what they do even their daxing campaigns are weak and i mean that's okay i've been in the hacker community for a long time you want to talk about doxxing they're not that good at it they just have a collective so sometimes they can pull some things off they can throw milkshakes at people they can bash people over the head but they're not particularly good at what they do they are not effective and I don't mean effective in a good way you look at what happens with the right-wing extremists they show up they know how to use guns and they're dangerous and that's why we need law enforcement to track them and shut them down look at what happened the ice facility guy shows up immediately dies he torched one car they're getting more dangerous that's why it's important to call it out but when I look at stories like this it's the most frustrating thing to me listen ant Aoife is increasing their tactics their rhetoric Shaun King is escalating his rhetoric it's getting dangerous call it out let's not go too far too quick though at the same time what the ever-living f is this Trump wants to declare into my terror organization even though other people are terrorists – okay so you're saying like I don't know Isis why are you saying something about like I Trump wants to declare right-wing extremists all right here we go here we go let's play game Newsweek wants to declare right-wing extremists tear organizations even though Isis is more violent what thousands have to do anything they're both bad listen we have a group of people going around attacking people encouraging it and holding meetings to do so it is a problem when Shaun King with a million followers tells people to do it and then says it's a good thing that is a problem so yes call it out the rhetorics a little silly but it's it's kind of ridiculous to me that well I'm not gonna get into this story it's ridiculous to me that people think simply because other people are more violent aunty fuzz somehow okay and that's that's how you know everyone's lost their goddamn minds and obviously not the Conservatives they point this out all the time why is it so easy for the Republicans to condemn Steve King but Democrats can't condemn LNO mark it's very obvious we know when the right has gone too far and whatever right actually means I don't know what's confusing but we have these these distinct like ideas or I don't say distinctly vague ideas of left and right great we know someone said something bad condemned it the conservatives do it all day the Left doesn't Trump causes a tweet storm I don't want to pull this one up I wanted to pull this story up the point is Trump says he wants to label anti-shah terrorists Newsweek is re against it have you guys done a google search it was 2017 when confidential documents called an tyfa domestic terrorists we're there it's been done already okay so anyway long story short let me wrap this up we are going to see some major actions coming up on August 17th Joe Biggs and the proud boys and a bunch of other groups are gonna be in Portland a bunch of other far left rips gonna be there too and there's serious concerns over the potential for extreme violence there's gonna be armed factions on both sides we're now hearing about what's going on with the border resistance tour and the call to action but calling it a militancy training tour is that is that fair maybe I mean I don't go to the website so I gained his word for it because militancy training is something common we do see with Antipa but to call it a siege on the border hold on hold on you know so let's just see what the daily caller ends with it's not very long article they say despite the group's use of intimidation and violence an tyfa enjoys some level of support among certain progressives and even portrayed positively by some media and joe biden they say that yeah for a for example former Vice President Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign praising an tyfa CNN host Chris Cuomo suggested that they fight for a good cause and shouldn't be judged like other political factions at to circumvent the democratic process through raucous protests they're not good people they're bad people they're there they're doing terrifying things and we should call it out but we want to make sure we avoid the more extreme rhetoric that you see the left using calling everyone on the right you know and Nazi or some other nonsense don't call it a siege let it happen I I don't know no I don't mean like I don't mean let them do it I mean show up be vigilant do your thing whatever it is I'm referring to law enforcement if they escalate tensions call it at when they do and have that proof to say it but when you when you when you come out and say there's gonna be a siege on the border and then a bunch of you know 20-something pale frail you know scrawny little urban people are holding up signs and and squeaking like morons you're gonna look like you're gonna look like you're you're look ridiculous you know so what we call it out when it happens Randy but does something call it out don't don't over don't don't overestimate their abilities I'll leave it there stick around next segment we'll be coming up at 4 p.m. slash Tim cast and I will see you all there you

39 thoughts on “Antifa Plans 10 Day "Siege" At US Border, Art Depicts Fire Bombs And Terror

  1. It might be a good idea for anti-faux to re-think the choice of El Paso to stage their so-called "siege" – maybe try someplace where the politicians will tell the police to stand down if violence breaks out. In this regard, Texas is probably not the best choice for their little show of force.

    It should also be interesting (to say the least) if some dickhead wearing a mask tries to pull some citizen out of hisher car in a state with a pretty straightforward "stand your groundcastle" laws in place. It's a pretty good bet that it won't go well for the dickhead.

  2. Try that shot in Texas, pussies. You’d better stay in stay in your little leftist shitholes. We will be glad to greet you. Many of us in Texas, have been hoping to meet you cowardly little bitches. You’re not in Portland anymore.

  3. Tim, 'hey antifa are low level, they aren't that bad,' next video, 'hey guys I got that wrong I didn't know THAT would happen.'

  4. What is that button on your body armor?
    A peace symbol, sir.
    Where’d you get it?
    I don’t remember, sir.
    What is that you have written on your helmet?
    BORN TO KILL, sir!

    You write born to kill on your helmet and you wear a peace button. What’s that supposed to be? A sick joke?

  5. Tim, the border is already under siege from the illegal immigrants. The last thing they need is to be attacked from the back side.

  6. Tim: Antifa are just low lvl clowns in masks. Nothing to worry about let it happen.
    Also Tim: but they are getting more dangerous and we should call it out.
    Sir, you need to start picking a side or your going to get eaten by both.

  7. The confederates are not a as big a threat as people think. This whole thing is gonna be over in a couple weeks…

  8. we should be vigilant but not escalate the rhetoric prematurely. if civil war pops off i need enough advance notice to get out of California lol

  9. Sorry Tim, but this is the first time I STRONGLY disagree with you. Antifa IS a terrorist group. You said it yourself, they're calling for more terror after the firebombings. They ARE terrorists. Just because they're incompetent terrorists doesn't mean we should let them run around.

  10. They might get away with it in portland, i dont think they will be treated with kid gloves at the boarder in texas. The lack of enforcement against them encourages thier actions

  11. Once ANTIFA actually kills some people, EVERYONE who has supported them, should be arrested, and charged with aiding and abetting a terrorist orginization

  12. Weather Underground were privileged white kids doing low level stuff until they started their bombing campaign. Granted the only people they managed to kill were three of their own group but if antifa do get hold of explosives they will use them and they might succeed in killing innocent people.

  13. Tim, you’ll never really be a centrist until you learn how to consolidate your logical perspective on reality with your feels and “wish it were” sentiments on those same issues. I do appreciate your attempts at candor and to be an independent thinker, it really is refreshing to see, but you’re conflicted and sometimes it seems to totally blind you.

  14. Antifa acts like the brown shirts in WWII Germany. You don't need to be an elite force. Just antagonistic enough for there to be a call for a police state.

  15. Yeah. I think blocking the supply of food, medicine, water and fuel to El Paso is a tad outside of antifa's skill set.

  16. It's full metal jacket all over again, "Joker" had a peace button on his vest while carrying a sheer amount of hand grenades, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Who are these right wing death squads you speak of? Some guy who.plowed his car into a group because he was attacked, and it might have been a federal agent in the car anyway? Two years ago?

  18. Antifa practices actual terrorist actions on a daily basis ….but Tim is more shocjed at a headline about such actions and tells the headline writers to calm down and stop being so bold. Sigh. Your profound cognitive dissonance is showing, Tim.

  19. Support from the socialist politicians and the soro's bought NGOs and the like, along with silicone valley to spur them on is the problem. Yes tim, george soros is a huge leftist financial and philosophical influence, its not a conspiracy theory. Look at what is
    happening to Hungary for throwing him out. EU just voted to use what they call their "nuclear option" which are sanctions to force Hungary back to following EU's immigrant policy since they THREW OUT SOROS AND DEFUNDED HIS UNIVERSITY IN HUNGARY. And that EU immigrant policy is the same as the one that is being foisted on every European country, in the
    US, in Canada … HM? ( ORBAN AND FARAGE STAND UP TO GEORGE SOROS AND HIS EU PARLIAMENT CRONIES. A SPEACH BY BOTH MEN STATED OPENLY IN EU PARLIAMENT, OUTING EU DOING SOROS BIDDING BY PUTTING SANCTIONS ON HUNGARY) Seems like outright organizing against national borders and undermining the welfare of the populations oft nations for control of these nation. Why is texas purported to go from red state to blue state??? how is it that canada has allowed the possibility of 1 million immigrants in one year in a country of 37 million (…and mass immigration EU moves for would devistate a countries national polulation for a country of 9 million like hungary. HM? It should be a treasonous act for anyone who is involved in antifa or taking monies from Groups who support to undermine the existing nation these groups are active in.

  20. Any purposed threat by any terrorist group on your nations soil should be taken with the utmost seriousness. The terrorist who attacked the ICE facility is part of the Puget Sound GUN club, an organised group of gun owners who are not afraid to take their weapons to a rally. Are they the only group such as this in the US? It has to be taken seriously that they are not the only antifa group attached to a weapons club of any sort. Stop downplaying terrorism, especially homegrown terrorists as they have all the time in the world to plan something since they are already on the soil of the target. You dont think some of these people are committed, serious and possibly very well funded terrorists?

  21. Tim, it sounds like your defending Antifa. If Antifa goes to El Paso they will be met by Texans will not sit by and allow it. Is it possible that all hell will break out?

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