Another Art Challenge??? · Gouache Landscape Painting · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #7

Another Art Challenge??? · Gouache Landscape Painting · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #7

Hi my loves. Welcome back to my sketchbook. Still
just trying to keep up that regular drawing habit, seeing what I can do in my sketchbook
with an hour or less. And this week, I’ve spent way more than an hour a day in my sketchbook.
TOO much time in my sketchbook. Because, I’m currently in the the throes of yet another
self-initiated art-challenge. I’m aiming to fill all my unfinished sketchbooks by the
end of the year. That’s 222 blank pages. And for this first week in the challenge, I decided
to get started by going through the 30 Ways to Fill a Sketchbook series that I started
around this time three years ago- can you believe that?! Anyway. I’ve been filming that,
and I hope to be able to edit it and get it up in the next few days for you all. It’s
been such a tough task that I set myself, it’s taken up all my time. But anyway, you’ll
get to hear about that in the ’30 Ways to Fill a Sketchbook in a Week’ video. So I won’t
spoil it! This was my entry for the landscape painting practice prompt. And was actually
one of the most enjoyable pages throughout the week. This has been a great challenge
for reminding myself of things I enjoy painting and random stuff that I’d neglected like cutting
and sticking and journalling. I’m really hoping this and the challenge of filling all my unfinished
sketchbooks, will lead me into the new year with a better sense of what I want to be doing
with my art. But if not, it’s genuinely just a great way for me to make stuff. Just stuff.
Just fill pages and have fun and make a mess- a lot of it has been a mess. So hopefully
the ‘Filling my Unfinished Sketchbooks’ video will be done by the end of the year, let me
know if you’re looking forward to seeing that. And I’d love to know if you have many blank
pages just waiting to be filled. And other than that, I wanted to keep my voice-over
short today and just let you enjoy the video. I need to go and catch up on all the life
stuff that I set aside while I spent all day everyday this week trying to fill up this
sketchbook. So thanks so much for watching. Thanks for joining me for this sketchbook
session, I hope you feel inspired to do a little something creative today as well. And
I’ll see you next week for the next one. Bye!

88 thoughts on “Another Art Challenge??? · Gouache Landscape Painting · Fill a Sketchbook With Me! #7

  1. I always want to just fill a sketchbook but when I get half way through I get tempted to buy a shiny new sketchbook and forget about my previous one! I need to break that habit.

  2. I'm not an artist but watch your videos and listen to your voice while I do my mundane tasks or bake…you keep me company!

  3. I would love to know your opinion about using references!

    I use royalty free images a lot as references when I draw, and I don’t feel guilty since it’s for practice.

    But is it bad if I ever sell art based on images like this?

  4. I always want to follow in your footsteps and do your challenges!! LOL and now this idea is implanted in my brain. I told myself that i will buy a new bullet journal and a new sketchbook for 2020. And I have maybe 20 pages left in my old sketchbooks that i rarely use as I normally just grab loose sheets of watercolor paper. But this sounds like such a fun project to end the year with… I think I'm going to attempt it!! I just love everything you do. This painting came out great.

  5. Really pretty. Yes, I’d love to see them all as you paint. I miss your longer videos, your voice is so lovely calm and soothing to relax with as I paint along.

  6. Daaaang! 222 pages before the end of the year? That’s so ambitious and awesome. Can’t wait to watch! I’m in the love with all the muted tones you started the painting with, and seriously impressed that you went in with such a big brush. That’s always my downfall- I get too into the small details too quickly.
    Love this 🧡

  7. I was feeling a little frazzled cooking and whilst I had a moment to wait for food to be ready for me to do the next bit, I caught your vlog. So relaxing. My cares are gone. X

  8. Yay! fill a sketchbook..Christmas came early. This was beautiful, loved the way you painted the road. Can't wait for the rest of them!

  9. woah I'm so early. I really enjoyed this video. I'm currently in the throws of Nanowrimo, nearly finished with my novel so that will be the creative thing I do right after this. I used your video as a little break and refresher between writing sprints and it's going fairly well. I really love your art style and honestly, I think I want to do more acrylic/goache paintings. I used to really be into watercolour, but lately, it's just not doing what I want to see in my art. you are an inspiration and I think I will try to include the vibe and scenery of this painting in the last scene of my novel. maybe that will spark some poetic prose. thank you again! I really love your work and I don't comment often enough. <3

  10. I want to finish my current sketchbook before the end of the year but I’ve been stuck in an art rut. You just reminded me of your sketchbook series. I remember how helpful it was when I first watched it so I know it can help me now. Hope you finish your goal as well!!

  11. I’m so excited to see the video you’re talking about! That’s a fun challenge. There’s nothing better than a completely finished sketchbook. This is a beautiful painting (and your nail polish color is fun!)

  12. Sometimes you and I are in such sync. I too recently been carrying my sketchbook every where but just doing that. Need more dedication to actually sit and do something in it.

  13. Wow! Such great news!! Can't wait!
    And you are so brave – I can't imagine filling more than 200 pages in such a short time…

  14. Beautiful landscape! Such lovely, subdued colors with a restrained used of highlights. I tend to overdue the sunlit areas.
    I'm eager to see how you fill these sketchbooks! Wow, that's a lot of pages.

  15. This is such a good idea! I will definitely try go through all of my empty sketchbook pages ad fill them up. I'll only allow myself to buy new sketchbooks once my old ones ale filled. Thank you for the inspiration as always!

  16. I love this format, quite contemplative, almost meditative… Thanks for this video, wish you the best with your challenge!! ❤

  17. This would make a lovely print, though I know you don't tend to sell your paintings based on reference images! But I'd love to at some point buy a pair of landscapes from you!

  18. I love this challenge and am absolutely looking forward to a video of the sketchbooks you finish! I have a few empty sketchbooks myself I should be focusing on and this will be amazing inspiration. Thank you!!

  19. I adore this page so much!!! Ugh! So excited to see what you make of this challenge. But seriously I love everything about this page. The colors, the composition, the style SO GOOD

  20. I'm so excited about this! The 30 Ways to Fill a Sketchbook series was how I found your channel so I'm excited to see what you do next!

  21. Every time I see you make a gouache painting video I have this deep urge to paint as well. Inspiring as always Minnie! Thank you <3

  22. I love art challenges. I am doing a one sketch a day for 365 days art challenge. It’s challenging to take the time to draw every day. But i love it. And it is so fulfilling.

  23. First impression: "Yay she's happy!" 🙂 I'm glad you're doing well my love; this painting is absolutely stunning. Nice challenge!

  24. I'm so excited for this series! Your 30 ways to fill a sketchbook series inspired me to start my first sketchbook! ❤️❤️❤️

  25. I escaped into your landscape Minnie it has an ambiance atmospheric and the music everything spoke to my heart. I love too your long videos because it's lovely chilling out with you on your channel you are soooo good you always show up💜

  26. I sat at my desk to work on commissions and happily got distracted by this video. I love your landscapes. They're my favorites to watch. I have 12 pages left in my current sketchbook that I plan on filling out by the end of the year to meet my resolution of filling two sketchbooks in 2019. Next year I plan on finishing a bunch of unfinished sketchbooks (4 in total) before the end of the year. I've been pushing myself to actually utilize them for ugly work and practice instead of just trying to do finished pieces in them.

  27. 30 ways to fill a sketchbook was three years ago??!!! i found your channel bc of that series i cant believe ive been a subscriber for so long !!

  28. I can't believe it's been 3 years since that series! I think that's how I found you! 200+ pages sounds like a lot! I have about 100ish to do if I want to fill up my sketchbook before the end of the year and I felt like that was impossible. Maybe not? Haha! This piece turned out so pretty!

  29. I have always enjoyed your how to fill a sketchbook series and have gone back to it for inspiration when I am feeling stuck so I'm interested to see what you have been doing while revisiting it!

  30. It's a work day here in my country and I'm here watching your video! Good thing I have a room to myself and nobody sees me while my eyes get glued to the screen watching this beautiful piece come together. Yes, would definitely love to see all the pieces you paint, I myself love painting gouache landscapes so this was such a treat. Keep them coming! ❤

  31. I love this painting! I do have many empty sketchbooks and I should fill them up with an art challenge. Thanks for sharing this video 💕

  32. Hiya Minnie! I love what you do with gouache, the colours and the overall look of it. Looking forward to see what's coming!

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