Annie Sloan Mid-Century Modern Project – Part 2: Painting a smooth finish with Chalk Paint®

Annie Sloan Mid-Century Modern Project – Part 2: Painting a smooth finish with Chalk Paint®

So, to do my flat finish what I need are some flat brushes. So I’ve got these, these are my brushes here You know they’re my brushes because they have my signature on them. They’re very good quality, they’re soft, and they allow you to put a lot of paint on them and smoothly paint. And I’ve got a big one, which I’ll do the larger pieces, and the smaller one there, I’ll probably use for these edges. Now, there are other brushes on the market which look like my brushes, but they’re not my brushes at all. They don’t have my signature on them, also they’ve been cut – my brushes haven’t been cut. And these are quite sharp at the edges, so when you brush you don’t get a nice smooth finish, you get a slightly scratchy finish. It’s quite a shiny surface but I still don’t need to prepare, I don’t need to prime it, I don’t need to do anything – I can go
straight on there with this brush. So I’m going to charge my brush with quite a lot of paint. You’ll find a lot of brush marks – don’t worry about that. I’m going to go up and down, try to get it as smooth as I can. Wipe it gently (it’s called feathering) – so that I’m hardly touching. If you press down hard, even to that degree, what you’ll get are lines. So that’s why, you see, I’m brushing at that sort of angle. If you do too many it starts picking up on
the paint which is drying, so you’ll start getting a rolled finish. so you’ll start getting a rolled finish. You never quite know with a wood how many coats you’re going to need. Usually one coat will do. This is quite a shiny surface, and the colour is relatively light, so I’m going to need two. I’m going to get rid of the excess paint. And now I’m going to brush every which way and just get rid of any excess.

11 thoughts on “Annie Sloan Mid-Century Modern Project – Part 2: Painting a smooth finish with Chalk Paint®

  1. that looks like a solid zebrawood face. Such a shame, please people do not paint over a piece of furniture like this one if you find one. do it on delaminated or damaged laminated pieces instead.

  2. hello, im having a problem with painting im using homemade chalk paint and a soft brush and a foam brush but im having lines on top of the painted surface, what can i do to get a very smooth surface before sanding ?

  3. WRONG ADVICE….You should ALWAYS prepare wooden surfaces with a fine rub-down to act as a 'key's for the top coat. If you are adding more than one coat, then use a fine grit paper and repeat the action, to allow a further 'key's for the top coat. If you don't…then all the paint is doing is sitting on the surface rather than bonding.

  4. And now all Mid-Century Modern furniture lovers are in mourning over the loss of the beautiful natural wood.

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