100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Redrawing Famous Cartoon Characters • Draw Off

  1. 5:58 I honestly wasnt expecting that cut back to Brent's drawing. That was Soo funny with Bug bunny getting the daylights knocked out of him 😂

  2. Kyra's mario is perfect, it should be in the Mario game franchise .
    Jackie's drawing like a mash of Simpson and loud house
    Elsa is uh….funny
    Princess peach is cute as the drawer
    One punch man art is also an epic art
    The warrior Peach is great in drawing style, that is the peach with zelda mash up together

  3. Why does buzzfeed have so many cartoonists and animators. I havnt seen any cartoons or much animation production from them.

  4. Thank god kevin mentioned that Jackie was an animator because I was so confused this entire time on what side was animator and what side was cartoonist😂

  5. Jackie is the only one that always misses the drawing traces on the program. It is so annoying to see it being drawn and disappearing 20x. Ugh.

  6. Clearly Kyra and zee never played the original Mario games in which the princess had to get rescued 8 or 9 times in ONE game, then rescued some more in the 3 subsequent games to follow.

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