100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Subscriber Suggestions

  1. Do an episode where they draw a fusion or combination of animals together. Do an episode where they draw something out of a description. Do an episode where they draw forgotten video game characters and anime characters.

  2. This is going to be a stretch, buuuut: A salad person eating a meat person who is eating a salad person who is eating another meat person

  3. Me: checks the comments to see if anyone else thinks it is nowhere near the same without Kevin and Jackie
    Comments Section: we feel you

  4. It drives me crazy that Kyra doesn’t have a regular copper we for this series…why they always switching them up on her????? And where Jackie and ???

  5. I enjoyed this episode so much! I just love how these pairings worked. and OMG Kyra is definetly amazing when drawing cute stuff

  6. Far side has been the literal life blood to every ounce of humor ive ever had in my life……. good lord what a wonderful comic

  7. do an episode where they try to imitate the other artist’s style!! maybe given one reference photo? with kevin and jackie??

  8. You all are awesome. Great to see that many of you have mad skills in drawing. May need to find time to get back to it and practice more on it.

  9. “ we cant draw peppa pig its copyrighted”…. REALLYYYYY!!???!? Were worried about copyrights all of a sudden?!?

  10. Anthony & Ross and Kevin & Jackie are my two favorite pairs and none of them are even here!

    I'm still gonna watch this, don't worry

  11. I don't really enjoy this video because Kevin and jackie is not in the vid 😢 I'm kinda sad about that….because they are sooo funny and they comdeus letes the vid and I love them

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