Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw More Famous Cartoons

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw More Famous Cartoons

hey what’s up I’m Jackie and I’m Kevin today we’re going to be drawing random characters in our own style from Allah we’re without you that’s how drawing works every morning I come to work and I spin this wheel and that’s what I do for the day well it’s so not dramatic okay scooby-doo okay let’s get to it okay so I like their car that they drive so I’m gonna just have her driving a car I’m gonna do an action shot that’s gonna be like fast and furious Wilma so tell me about tracer so tracer is like the poster girl for overwatch her thing is that she’s fast so she’s like pretty thin her she’s petite she has a spiky short black hair she has like these cute little orange leggings so Velma is a nerd oh who solves mystery it’s that’s all you need to know about Velma since suddenly I was like getting all self-conscious like what’s my style how do I draw what am i what it would have been flying light here on earth what does it mean to be an artist I don’t know I’m just gonna draw and that’s gonna be my style but I’m just gonna make em really cartoony and angry like this drawing is really gonna evil you talk to my swarm I loved watching Bob’s Burgers when I watched it I haven’t seen it in a while though yeah it’s still going right yeah it’s a great great show it’s so like undercover funny like they set up jokes and you’re like oh I’m gonna sound like such an old man but his tracer your main whoa I got it I said it right right love that that was such a lovely little surprise from Kevin right what’s up fellow youths so Linda Linda has actually a great silhouette hair has like this kind of Mary Tyler Moore thing going on I might be getting that wrong I guess you can correct people can correct me and she has no chin but I’m gonna draw her with a chin just cuz Chin’s make sense to me 3d characters versus 2d it’s like interesting when you try to draw them exactly how they look in 3d sometimes it might not quite look right cuz it’s just no realistic character like Shrek I’m gonna draw thin like he’s had one too many adventures the gravy reboot all these ladies are so like voluptuous and all the dudes are fat like these women could do better I’m just gonna say it wasn’t weren’t the Flintstones just cavemen version of the honeymooners I don’t even know because we don’t have a lot of time are you doing anything to simplify or change the character no I hope the internet knows that we only have like 20 minutes to do this yeah they don’t care yeah they want us to suffer they’re like well why didn’t you draw it like this well you know what why don’t you come here and you try to do this there’s a lot of stress in them I kind of go between like 2d and 3d space so I’m just adding I guess a little more volume to this character I think I’m going for like I love the comic-book style I decided this time to go for even more movement even though the character is not designed that way we’re using this type of device called a Cintiq which is a scream that you can draw directly on Photoshop is also just a fantastic program because you could do so much in it they keep optimizing it you know there’s also like a free alternative you can use such as GIMP yeah which is very similar to photoshop I think it might even work with something still – no matter how little of tools you have you can be a great artist it’s just practice what are some tips that you would have for people if they wanted to learn how to draw faster just draw faster okay that’s not a tip the most important thing is to draw from life I mean everybody will tell you this and that is by far the most important thing to learn is that good good advice well here’s that some real advice learn some short hands for things you know people know what hands look like right you don’t have to make it so detailed for people to know what a hand is right true in animation you see a lot of cartoons where they don’t even have five fingers that doesn’t look like a human hand really but you know it’s a hand because you know what hands look like keep it up kid you can do whatever you put your mind to he’s grown up his clothes don’t really fit them as well as they used to so belly sticking out so where is Jake I don’t know it’s kind of a messy thing it’s their Facebook it says it’s complicated so here is how I shade my drawings I just make a new layer on top of the color I set the transfer mode to soft light and then I use a hundred percent black to paint into darker colors it’s a little pro tip for you there Jackie Thanks you take that home you ingest it you use it in the future Justin what I do is I try all of my drawing as line art on one layer and then I do the painting as a separate layer underneath so kids layers are your friend I like mine I think like I said it looks very cartoony even more so than the actual cartoon I dig it nice all right confidence is key yeah all right you ready swap let’s swap swap oh don’t dude what a dynamic pose yeah I mean same for you then I like the car looks like a part of her outfit oh my god is just like too much adventures wow this is really cool thanks Jackie this is amazing I like this because it’s different than your normal style like I feel like your style is usually very cheesy and very like very cute this has still got that like cute appeal to it but it’s way more realistic I like yours yours is like more than cute I think it’s more of like a comic version right like if there is like a comic strip more comedy based yeah scooby-doo comic strip this would be her okay dude yours and mine are both like they’re come to clashing they’re coming at ya they are coming at each other yeah yeah I like the changes you made she looks more mad like man mad hat like I’m not like angry besides the obvious improvement next level I think it was a lot of fun you know like getting to really take characters that you know and love and and draw it in your own style I mean I think that’s why so many people do so much fan art of stuff because it is fun to take these characters and do your own take on them this you know this was fun I wish I had more time but I think I did what I could and you know I wish you know tracer was wearing one shirt but it’d be like that sometimes [Music] [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw More Famous Cartoons

  1. Came for Jackie and Kevin but stayed for all of these amazing artist. Damn wish I have their talent even just half of it😂 overall this is awesome. And FYI Jason's creation are AMAZING. Just saying👍

  2. Jackie and Kevin are my favorite pair , they are just too funny and cute 😂😂❤️
    And I love Jackie artstyle 💗
    “What’s up fellow youths “
    All of them have different artstyle but all of them is so unique

  3. Heyyyyy wassup I’m Jackie!
    And I’m Kevin…


  4. I'm sorry but I cannot stand to see Kevin's drawings , it's painful to watch. His Chuckie finster is absolutely appalling. And Danny devito was disgusting lmaooo

  5. Kevin i like the way you velma turned out but if you take away the hair and give it a A beanie it would be Meg from family guy

  6. Would it be possible to get buzzfeed to give you guys 30 to 35 minutes at least instead of 20. The art w0uld look so mix better if everyone had more time to work more of their styles.

  7. Brent's Wilma looks like she is evil and has a horror experience.

    Jason's Linda looks like a Kung Fu fighter who throw with Hamburgers.

    Nick's Finn Looks like a teenager who is going to school but don't sleeps just 3 hours.

    Kyra's Shrek looks like a crazy monster who looks a little bit strange.

    Kevin's Velma have A BIIIIIIIIG Head and it's in a Family style.

    Jackie's tracer is the most normal thing i ever seen in this video.

  8. Few vid later… I decided jackie is the girl I have a crush with, but never knew until she ask whether I use like her or not 15 years later.

  9. Erykah B
    I love Jason’s drawings and his personality in general so much. But his drawings dude. They make me laugh and smile.. his creativity and the way he transforms characters is amazing. Y’all hating are lacking and missing out on this creative genius. He stays true and authentic to his art, no matter what anyone says. His work is always a surprise, and I think that in itself is a beautiful essence of art. I can look at his work over and over and still have that happy surprised feel, like wow.

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