100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Each Other • Draw Off

  1. Do this again but instead of drawing the other partner, they each draw a different illustrator
    For example: Kevin to draw Brent and Jackie could draw kyra

  2. Kyra: "I don't like drawing people because I don't wanna hurt their feelings".

    Jackie: casually MOCKING Kevin

    Lol. I love all of them btw.

  3. I LOVED this episode. Best one yet. Everyone is so lovely and talented it makes me feel warm and gooey inside.

    But even on an episode as harmless and great as this, there's still hate about Jason.
    It just makes me wonder why does everyone hate Jason so much? I am flabbergasted by the consistent hate he gets on the show, it really blows my mind. He's incredibly kind and interesting, AND talented– he just does his own thing. There's nothing wrong with not liking his style, but the amount of really mean comments about him every single episode is completely unacceptable to me. Anyone else notice this???

  4. I have had art block for at least a month now, and I feel inspired now. The problem is that I am watching this video at 2 am and drawing makes it hard for me to fall asleep after 😐.

  5. 2:16 well I mean… kevin may not have a lot of hair, but Jackie doesn't have a lot of eyebrow and thats why we love them

  6. i feel like the drawings lowkey showed how they view each other as people.

    jason made brent look like a male model, brent made jason look like a wholesome dad. kevin made jackie look like a cute young girl, and jackie made kevin look like a scary but wholesome old man lmao

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