ANGRY ANIME GIRLS - Doki Doki Literature Club Gameplay (Part 3...maybe the last part idk yet)

ANGRY ANIME GIRLS – Doki Doki Literature Club Gameplay (Part 3…maybe the last part idk yet)

I guess we could do Natsuki she might have a cool poem about manga well it's about what I expected from someone like you man I shouldn't have fucked it shoulder shit dude at least rub it on your chest a little please oh wait this is illegal Gwendolyn says out loud it's not like I said it was bad it just didn't invoke any emotions I guess she sees it for what they are the words that I shit out into this piece of paper so basically it's not cute enough for your tastes do you want to get smacked yeah go ahead and add a salt to this charge uh well anyways I get a neat I guess I need to show you mine not that you'll like it egos can fly monkeys can climb crickets can leap horses can race owls can seek cheetahs can run Eagles can find people can try but that's a better beautiful it has every emotion that a human being can feel and it's all true where are the weasels weasels can kill other gods I like the dimwit music in the back for her I told you that you weren't gonna like it I like it what just be honest I am why are you so convinced that I wouldn't like it well because everyone in high school thinks that writing has to be all sophisticated and stuff did she not read my poem your writing style wouldn't make your message any less valid yes exactly I like when it's easy to read but it hits you hard I wouldn't say that she did that also you look fucking messy you Natsuki look you're fucking ribbit seeing everyone around you you do great things can be really disheartening so I decided to write about it yeah I understand but the other nice thing about simple writing is that it puts more weight on the wordplay like I set up for a rhyme at the end but then made it fall flat on purpose it helps bring out the feeling in the last line it does it really does she's a modern-day MF DOOM I guess more went into it then I realized that's what it means to be a pro oh now she's being smug look at that goddamn smug ass – didn't expect that from the youngest one here did you uh how young how young are we talking cuz I've said a lot of things I don't really care how old everyone else is but if Natsuki is feeling proud then I won't take that from her whether if he just went now your pose actually shit I think it would crush her a hundred percent and I'm I'm all for it alright so now we have URI I'm gonna leave Monica for last because it seems like that would be the most awkward especially if he likes her the most mmm URI stares at the poem a minute passes more than enough time for her to finish reading um oh she's about to just tear into it oh sorry I forgot to start speaking what only in anime people only an anime does that happen ah it's fine don't force yourself I'm not I just need to put my thoughts into words hold on again this is a robot 18 minutes later okay this is your first time writing a poem right yeah why do you ask I'm just making sure because she wants to shit on the poem but not too much because she doesn't want to discourage him 100% only by 80% I guess that it might be after reading through it holy shit oh so it's that bad no did I just raise my voice I'm so sorry URI buries her face in her hands I couldn't help but notice that it's been several minutes and we really haven't gone in anywhere how long have they been standing here saying eight words this is so awkward I think the most noticeable things I recognize in new writers is that they try to make their style very deliberate in other words they tend to pick a writing style separate from the topic of Matt oh shut up or gimme my goddamn poem back what part of cat hat butt and rat did you not like was it the rat part should have put weasel and then I knew it Oh once you refines her train of thought it's as if her demeanor totally changes her stammering is completely gone and she sounds like an expert man I wouldn't be getting any of this shit in the anime club actually maybe I would everybody I want you to write an essay on Evangelion ah fuck I also hope that everyone else in the club gives you a valuable back natsu can you be a little bit biased though biased how well never mind I told you not Sookie likes gwyndolin I shouldn't be talking about people like that sorry it's fine do you mind if I read your poem now please do I'd love to share my process behind it I love to read this ghost under the light fuck I hate cursive man it's not the bitch noise right it's crisp the check the tendrils of my hair illuminate beneath the amber glow bathing it must be this one the last remaining streetlight to have withstood the test of time the last yet to be replaced by the sickening blue green hue of the future I bathe calms I comms breathing air of the present but living in the past the light frickles what is that word frickin fritters flickers the light flickers I flicker back are you into ghosts Yuri that might be the dumbest question who actually the story isn't about a ghost at all Quinn Dylan no shit she mentioned ghosts one time man you and a ghosts I saw a ghost once there's a ghost that lives downtown he knocks people off bikes and smells seats oops it's not a ghost it's me and that's my second poem really oh my god all right all right mmhmm yeah just remember that it won't be long before you pick up these things to know maybe you're right when I am in the anime club and I'm writing my thesis on quiet one-punch men's gloves are read then yeah I guess I'll pick some other thing I guess I had to keep trying I'm counting on you so now we are on the last one with Monika she's the only one that when I was picking out my words for the poem she wasn't like I couldn't pick anything that pertained to her having a good time so far uh yeah good glad to hear it by the way since you're new and everything if you ever have any suggestions for the club like a new activities anime week all right I hand her my poem mm-hmm I like this one all right next it makes me think of something sigh or II would like is that so you and Sarah are really good friends right I wouldn't be surprised if you had those sort of things in common it sounds like the two of you really care about each other's well-being even if we show it in different ways and then to be more similar than you think so I think that's kind of the vibe I get when reading your poem anyways do you want to read my poem now yeah that doesn't mean I always feel that way you know hole in the wall it couldn't have been me see the direction of the speckle protrudes a noisy neighbor an angry boyfriend I'll never know I wasn't home I appear inside for a clue no I can't see I real blind like a film left out in the Sun but it's too late my retinas already scorched with a permanent copy of the meaningless image it's just a little hole it wasn't too bright it was too deep stretching forever into everything I guess we know what she's writing about I realize now that I wasn't looking in I was looking out and he on the other side was looking in are you into ghosts mm it's very freeform if that's what you call it yeah he learned that we're today sorry I'm not really the right person asked for feedback it's okay that kind of style has gotten pretty popular nowadays that is a lot of polls have been putting emphasis on timing between words and lines when performed out loud it can be really powerful I guess you could say had some kind of epiphany recently I had some kind of activity it's been influencing my poems a bit this hole in your wall you know what now get my uncle he could spackle right over that an epiphany yeah something like that I'm kind of nervous to talk about deep stuff like that because it's kind of coming on strongly maybe after everyone's better friends with each other anyway here's Monica's writing tip of the day all right cool skip all right so we read everyone's poems I barely remember any of them I remember the horses run I can't remember sigh or ease at all URIs was some shit and this one was weird I guess that's everyone I glanced around the room that was a little bit more stressful than I anticipated it test as everyone is judging me for my mediocre writing abilities that's exactly what it is even if they're just being nice there's no way my poems can stand up to theirs this is a little trickle up after all you're just gonna use gwyndolin as the donkey to make everyone else feel better about themselves so these two are reading each other's poems as they read in tandem I watch each of their expressions change not two Keys eyebrows furrow and frustration meanwhile URI smiles sadly what's with this language did you say something pipsqueak oh it's nothing Natsuki dismissively returns the poem to the desk with and I guess you could say it's fancy Thanks yours is cute cute did you completely miss the symbolism or something oh it's clearly about the feeling of giving up how can that be cute I I know that I just meant the language I guess I was trying to say something nice eh you mean you have to try that hard to come up with something nice to say oh thanks but it really didn't come out nice at all aren't these supposed to be like the four best friends well I do have a couple suggestions hmm if I was looking for suggestions I would have asked someone who actually liked it which people did by the way say already liked it and Gwendolyn did too so based on that I would gladly give me some suggestions of my own first of all excuse me I appreciate the offer but I spent a long time establishing my writing style I don't expected to change anytime soon unless of course I come across something particularly inspiring which I haven't yet Natsuki don't say it and Gwendolyn liked my poem too you know he even told me he was impressed by it that Sookie suddenly stands up oh I didn't realize you were so invested in trying to impress that were do you remember Yuri hey that's not what I you you're just Yuri stands up as well maybe you're just jealous that Gwendolyn appreciates my advice of more than he appreciates yours uh-oh and how do you know he didn't appreciate my advice more no they're gonna come be get out Gwendolyn get out the classroom right now they're starting to look around for Gwendolyn cuz they're gonna both go ask him aren't they no are you definitely yourself I know it was if I was full of myself I would be deliberately go out of my way to make everything I do out of overly cutesy oh they're definitely gonna get into a fight is everyone okay well you know what I wasn't the one whose boobs magically grew a size bigger as soon as Gwendolyn started showing up Oh bringing out the big guns the paper stuffing she's had he hams in there I knew it Natsuki Natsuki that's a little involve you they say at the same time I don't like fighting guys suddenly both girls turn towards me as if they noticed I was standing there ah shit gwyndolin she she's just trying to make me look bad that's not true she started it if she could get over herself and learn to appreciate that simple riding is more effective than this one would have happened in the first place what's the point of making your poem is all convoluted for no reason demeaning should jump out to the reader not force them to have to figure it out help me explain it to her Gwen oh shit don't get me involved wait there's a reason we have so many deep expressive words in our language it's the only way to convey complex feelings and meaning the most effectively avoiding of them is not only unnecessarily limiting yourself it's also waste you understand that right Gwendolyn please don't make me pick how I get dragged into this in the first place it's I knew it that's like I should you should have just left now you know what he probably did here's right down the hallway already going down the steps to leave the classroom and I'll send it back into classroom you heard immediately turned around ha and then he popped his head back and that's when this happened it's not like I know anything about writing but whomever I agree with you they'll probably think more highly of me no I'm gonna be honest I agree where we're not Sookie I think the worst should be simpler than super super complex because then you had to think about it too much I'm gonna go but not Sookie okay I've picked not Sookie um Yuri you're really talented well but not Sookie has a point I think that I racked my brain in an attempt to back myself up I think that conveying feelings with few words can be just as impressive as well let's the reader's imagination take over and that Sookie's poem did a really good job like that yeah it did didn't it ah shows you how much you know that's not not Sookie I think that's enough huh but she was so mean to me not Sookie's voice whines I didn't expect any of her words to not already be whining look at the size of her what we talked about yesterday was right writing is a really personal thing and sherry can definitely be hard it looks like we learned that today even small criticisms can lead to something pretty heated I glanced over my shoulder say aura is nodding vigorously yeah so you don't need to feel threatened you're a great writer not Sookie now Sookie's voice gets caught in surprise thanks for noticing finally some butter is that barely audible well one compliment after she threatened to strike me URI I could see her eye looking at me I'm sure they're not Sookie didn't mean everything she said so you don't need to feel threatened neither well if you say so hey it's not like you need to apologize for me Gwendolyn sheesh to think about that ticket glances around the room whatever one stops staring at me Fuki talking about say her and Monica look away hmm any way to think about your boobs I didn't mean it okay that's the first thing she went to of course that's all yeah you're naturally beautiful Yuri and that's where she goes behind behind her back and grabs both of them of course I'm talking about both Natsuki and Yuri like their shoulders I'll go make some tea damn she's fast well now that we're past that Cod that was an awkward situation man everyone's read each other's poems right I hope that it was worthwhile for everyone it really wasn't we just got into a big fight yo Gwendolyn drop out of your pants and get into that skirt in the end though Monica's right being in the literature Club probably means I can't spend all my time doing nothing but in what do you mean man you know how much it subtitles have to read when I watch anime I guess it's been worth it so far okay everyone it's just about time for us to leave how did you all feel about sharing poems it was a lot of fun well I'd say it was worth it it was alright well mostly except for the boot part yeah you're Quinn Dylan how about you yeah I'd say the same it was a knee thing I talked about with everyone everyone just shit on my poem I was nice to everyone they called me shit garbage except for a sigh or II will do the same thing tomorrow maybe you learned something from your friends – oh no so your poles were turning out even better sure being friends what everyone is nice but does it really have to stop there oh my god he's already thinking he's gonna have a orgy in that literature Club is name alright so now we have our poem again so now we have 21 did we have 20 words last time now we have 10 I think it's kind of hard to even out those words for all of them even though I still think that I like sigh Orie and snot Sookie more than URI URIs are I'm kind of stuck up revive a shoes who's vivacious that's her excitement cute incapable okay that's her we've done too for her scars she likes to dark things as well death parfait or a sparkle dark adventure lollipop I said lime I think I made that joke in the first part extreme kiss childhood I think I had that same word in the first one clumsy agonizing I thought that was gonna be sigh or II for sure empty balance I or II kawaii horror oh shit I didn't do that much die or II what I had 20 was that 20 I didn't see oh shit I've gotten a little more comfortable here over the past couple days entering the club room the usual seen entering the club room the usual scene greets me hi Gwendolyn and that's a perfect time to save it we'll save it right mmm before the poem we have a save there just in case you know I'm gonna return on anything but but we'll see what happens next time either way hope you guys did enjoy another part honestly an odd game but I kind of want to see what happens now thank you very much for watching leave a like if you did enjoy and you want to see more and I'll see you all next time peace everybody

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