An Overview of the Tools in Paint 3D

An Overview of the Tools in Paint 3D

Welcome to Paint 3D. The interface for Paint 3D is designed to be
simple yet powerful, with our huge variety of
tools appearing just when you need them. Starting with our top bar, we have Brushes –
containing all our new realistic looking art
tools that work both on the canvas and on 3D
models. Then we have our useful and customisable 2D
shapes that make it easy to be productive. Next are 3D Shapes – revealing a variety of ways
you can now easily create in three dimensions. We have Stickers – our unique and simple way to
add texture to your creations. The Text tab gives you both 2D and 3D text
options. There are Effects so you can change the lighting
and environment of your 3D scenes. The Canvas tab is where you can control the scale
and rotation of your images. And finally, we have our 3D Library, where you
can browse our huge catalogue of free 3D objects. In the top-left is the Menu containing; the
different ways to import and export content, some options for printing, sharing and getting
inspiration, as well as help and more advanced settings. Just below the Menu we have some global tools for
selecting and cropping which are accessible no
matter which tab you’re using. At the top right we have the Paste button,
followed by the different ways to Undo and Redo. This includes our History Slider where you can
rewind all your actions and even save out a video
of your process. Also in the global toolbar are the viewing
options. This is where you can switch between 2D
and 3D view modes. In 3D View you’re able to move around to see your
content from any angle. There are also controls you zoom in and out of
the canvas with the ability to enter a precise
zoom amount. Under this drop-down menu, you can save an image
of your canvas, reset the view, and get a
reminder of the navigation controls. Finally, this button takes your model from paint
3D and launches it in the mixed-reality viewer,
so you can place it into the real world! Check out the other guides in this series for
more details on the tools in Paint 3D.

37 thoughts on “An Overview of the Tools in Paint 3D

  1. I've been using Paint3D for presentations and it is really great. Only hope that object snapping would be better and maybe some more precision on sizing of shapes like being able to specify specific dimensions instead of doing it by estimate scaling.

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