in today's video we're going to return to an activity that was really successful last time I did it and that was copying jacksepticeye get out lesson gentleman welcome to draw with jaza I'm Jezza and today we're going to be playing doodle date not to be confused with the art youtuber couple doodle date but they come to think of it they should probably play this game I'm playing this game because someone tweeted me that jacksepticeye recently played it and it seems like a lot of fun and it's an art game where you draw but it's also I think a dating sim I have no idea but it sounds like a lot of fun I'm gonna keep my expectations low for this one but I don't know I feel like there's a good omen to copying other popular YouTube play I love the soundtrack my face is covering the brighting wait for it yeah me summer vacation ended and as usual I'm single no beach parties just me and a whole lot of TV and video games and loneliness I heard a strange voice coming from inside the pages hey there says Claire it was one of my old drawings I couldn't believe it she was talking wait is the hook of the story of this game literally that the players drawings come to life because that is literally the hook of my TV show on ABC me a lot of you will know this because it's not an international TV show it's just aired in Australia but I have a little kids a TV show called cartoon it up with Jazza and I draw cartoons and they come to life and I interact with them just like doodle day all right Claire let's let's let's get this on we were worried sick we thought you'd never come back what come back from where says I beats me used to join our pages all the time and suddenly you left no matter now you're back come on in creator oh now I'm being pulled into my notebook by mysterious force words happening welcome creator to doodle world the place where all of your wonderful creations come to life including what bring me back to the real world this instant says I this is the real world silly I feel like that should be a voice anyway listen up those wrists muscles face stop by doing something simple like your favorite fruit go ahead and try it this music makes it feel like a game sure look I have a time limit that is how an artist plays this game boom favorite fruit wow that looks delicious very lively though is it you Claire I'm an artist why don't we try creative person we can talk to you make sure it's a cute one you never know if a drawing might have a thing for their creator not that I'm implying anything all right let's do this you're gonna draw someone cute last time I played a let's draw game thing the first thing I drew was the jazz rabbit and I know I do this a lot I am nothing if not obnoxious but conceived in saying that is annoying out there yeah that's that's my dream day I made you draw your dream date sad this looks like a bad Alvis impression there's the step off God's sake he's got his hands up like this he's like wait do I have four fingers on three I mean I have for the Avatar figure is three sultry what my first thing was sultry I guess it has to be extra sultry now he's all made up because Oh dressed up for lovely date night including slicked back hair he's got a shirt and tie and a rose doesn't even look like the same present but that's my have extra sultry god damn it how many of these are they gonna be angry ooh oh I'm done thank God oh okay that's simply stunning well what are you waiting for I'll let you two get to know each other a little bit uh hello hi thanks for making me no bloody problem it's funny because I am he's created this is there's a conversation I've always wanted to have written myself you're welcome I didn't have much choice do you know how I can leave this place you want to leave so soon after making me oh you hate me don't you course not I don't hate you at all I just need you back to my own world well I'm just sure you have tons of dates lined up real well don't you well listen hear me your attitude is not appreciated this whole video could fit under to clear categories narcissistic and schizophrenic because if you stay you might have one date lined up right now oh my god sultry jazz is terrifying and a different person I couldn't believe it my joy wanted to date me I've never been with something so beautiful before what will it be big shot hmm should I stay look yes this is an experience I mean I suppose I could stay here a bit longer especially if it means you and I could you know date bingo yes I'd love to go on a date the house dating work in this world exactly well let me show you so sketchy Jezza here we are where are we exactly I say out at a fancy restaurant of course I want a first date to be classy it looks exactly like where we were before just a blank page I said that's because you haven't drawn anything silly use your imagination okay so I'm supposed to draw up a waiter all right I I was I was genuinely tempted to make every character the jazzer have a tarpon look I will rein it in okay I will actually make other characters and not just be that unoriginal well hello they are good to look you know what can I get for you oh man Aaron's really forward in this world good-looking I said Joseph waiter not a flirt you just can't help but draw beautiful people who like you huh well no I didn't mean to I swear sure like you didn't mean to make me gorgeous go on tell the accidently remarkably attractive waiter exactly what it is they can get for you we would like a moment alone oh whoa whoa calm down buddy I just I'm not trying to upset you yeah I guess I'm just on edge since this is my first day why did you want to jump into this dating thing so quickly I just felt so strongly about you after being created I feel like we have a special connection well that's goddamn right seeing how the way to behaved I'm not sure maybe this is just something all drawings feel towards their creators maybe let's take it one step at a time and see if there really is something special here oh good no you finally did not came to an engine we parted ways I drew myself an apartment to stay the night in okay so we parted ways thank God no I'm moving that quick good morning sunshine oh Claire it's good to see you how's your first day noodle World Wealth gonna say it's pretty good can I just say like Claire doesn't look like that grater drawing and I think it's really unkind of the developers to draw and not that great character and then blame it on me like oh you created me ages ago no developers of this game you drew that and blamed it on me time to get up sleepyhead says Claire why so early I say because it's never too early to spend time with the love of your life how are you so sure because you created them as such a silly I mean I created you too right Oh gotcha dear Claire can't say I'm sure what you're getting at this is queer moving on I've arranged for you and your dream date to meet at a doodle puck within the hour that sounds like a real good time show yourself up something nice to wear and let's get going draw nice clothes to wear yeah might just draw myself up a little superhero costume what do you say I mean it's not a conventional outfit I think it looks pretty nice all right that's that's my outfit Wow sis Claire those look what yeah you're definitely not wearing various tell you what just keep what you were already fashion isn't your structured strap-on for God's sake oh here's my here's my lovely where are you come to me oh hey ah I had fun with you last night Wow good me too ah let's go on a walk we've walked in silence for a long while and finally I broke the tension so what you've been doing lately what do you like some dislikes well since last night I decided to simply explore sesmar sketch I find I like walking along the lines of paper and for some reason I've been craving fruit ever since my inception but more than anything I couldn't stop thinking about you do you think something is wrong with me is my existence just to exhibit some fantasy of yours on the other hand you're really cute mmm sketchy reaches out to hold my hand they smile Oh sketchy smiles at me as we clasp hands do you think I'm cute I think you're adorable well shucks says sketchy Jezza that's awfully sweet of you to say my heart begins racing that graphite lips drew closer to mine this is a fun exercise of the imagination sketchy Jazza lay their lips on me without thinking and I kissed back we held that kiss but what felt like ages my body was overcome with a warm feeling finally the kiss was laid to rest after what felt like a blissful eternity I'm okay I'm okay boom says sketchy jazz oh I believe I better get going what's the rush I say this all feels like it's moving so fast I think I just need to need to lie down for a bit I think I'm starting to like this place I think to myself I just arrived back when I hear a familiar voice oh it's clear I get a clear hey you're bloody goin just get me off to death why are you in my bedroom to ask how your date went of course that's a plan I just want to see you happy as all very interested in knowing if you're getting the love you deserve creator Mike Mike Mike Claire Claire Claire Claire bear do you got the hots for me Mike what no of course not I'm simply interested in your well-being creator I want you to find your true love and your true love is obviously your dream date sketchy jazz are you do love sketchy jazzer don't you I do i do love schedule you should leave my bedroom Claire this is really inappropriate yes you made things strange for me okay alright bye Claire bye stalker the next morning I felt refreshed tough thing about the last night felt so affirming my feelings for sketchy Jazza were real and I was more excited than ever to see them again suddenly a knock on the door teehee a distinct teehee came from the doorway I blushed content it's feels like reading a bad romance novel with lots of people watching the romance is with myself Oh having trouble there sketchy jazzer says as I try and pull my own pants on what do you mean sounded like you were having some issues up so there's the salt you face there it is mmm it looks like the lip trick I used to do or you do a folder to let me do the tongue look supposed to look like a lips Yeti so I was wondering what you wanted to do today well sketchy jazzer I was thinking we could maybe go see a movie is that a thing here I asked yes that's something for me to draw I'm sure you can come up with something great okay then let's go draw the movie everyone is anticipating and looking forward to bound to be critically acclaimed it's the quality movie you guys have all been waiting for the sequel to the emoji movie hey hey hey I'm Lani maybe let's go see it oh well it looks like this is gonna be good from the Creator themself comes the greatest motion picture ever drawn to scream the movie starting movie sounds says the movie that's very articulate of the movie movie movie sounds are definitely continuing oh my god this is the gag movie said this is a gag but that's it that's the end of the movie that's great that's probably as much genuine quality that you would get from this movie in real life anyway so that was some Academy Award material right this is sketchy jazz can't believe you made that well don't mean to toot my own horn but I made you me too what was your favorite part Oh God definitely the comedy oh god the salty face sketchy jazz' suddenly gave me a small peck on the cheek before pulling away oh what a tease good the dates continued on throughout the coming weeks more movies more dinners each time we grew a little closer weeks turned into months I realized that I didn't want to leave this magical place I had to let sketchy jazz of know how I felt isn't it beautiful today says to catch you Jezza anyway as beautiful as long as you're there sketchy Jazza to help it so why did you want to come here today you do this I think to myself hmm sketchy Jezza I love you I'm willing to stay here forever sketchy jazz if will you marry me to an engagement ring well it's gotta be something that they would love a bit of a bit of a themed engagement ring or pencil on the ring oh yeah slightly phallic but let's not think about that oh my sis sketchy Jessa that's a big ring I don't know what to say yes I asked I mean if you why don't ya I will I slid the ring on sketchy Jazz's finger and we embraced I couldn't believe it this is real I was getting married she's quite the journey dad come I'm sweating like a maniac in my nervously doodles tuxedo ah sketchy Jazz's piss to me what's wrong everything okay sweetie yes no I don't know be right over there I said there there goddamn these decorators are sketchy jazz is a bit of a bridezilla groomzilla something's Dilla everything okay yes everything's fine I'm just a little nervous is all it's okay I am to you everything is going to be okay dear I know I know it's just I want our day to be perfect you know it will be cuz you and I will be married by the end of it this is so dumb okay I leaned over and kissed sketchy Jonesy go and put yourself together hon I'll greet the guests then and meet you under the archway okay and thanks the see there hey Claire I'll forget what are you gonna ruin this for me figured I'd leave you two lovebirds alone for a while I mean that's a long while yeah it's been years Claire it's been years but I'm glad you came to our wedding yeah I felt like I had to use his Claire there's something I need you to know before you get married what you asked me all those months ago I know I never gave a straight answer but I've always had feelings for you right from the start you're really doing this now Claire really really my wedding day my wedding day to my stuff really good Claire huh that's that's why I brought you here to begin with you you did this I brought you here to tell you how I felt well could you paid to tell me on day one Claire instead of waiting for years Claire for years and a love thought bond formed between means between me and myself goddammit Claire then why did you have me draw sketchy jazz aha Claire huh why I'm not sure I suppose that when I asked you to draw your dream date some part of me was hoping you draw me really Claire you think I would draw that when you drew sketchy Jazza I couldn't bear to try to take you away from your newfound love I guess what I'm trying to say is I love you all right Claire but that's very nice but Golf ruining my wedding day my heart can't take it either way I'm not here to crash a wedding that's not who I am really Claire really really clear that's not who you are you were that one thing your actions say a bloody another thing I just needed to be honest with you says Claire fair enough this is just something I had to do for myself and with that Claire was gone lost in the sea of incoming scribbles symbols and margin notes okay it's time for the wedding there's the arch right let's get this party ours the frigging where the wait here do you most to Shipley and handsome create or take sketchy as your luffa love drawing for life for better or worse for richer or poorer in sickness and in health to love and to cherish till death do you part oh bloody dare you and do you sketchy Jessa take your Creator as your lawful Creator for life okay good thank God okay well is end about the power of vested in me and my culinary and table serving knowledge I now pronounce you spouses and spouse you may kiss each other going nuts ah hell yeah place time we were gonna enjoy the wedding night oh my god that's a pillar we are Jesus Christ oh yeah my faculties I'm going in after the ceremony I carried my newfound partner into the bedroom about newly drawn house so I say so sketchy Jezza shall we consume oh god please tell me I'm doing this I said why are you really you're gonna cry on this special night I suppose so why are y'all sad what do you mean I say I don't know I've never done anything like this before says kitchen Jessa ah virgin I mean neither of I you can this game can't make that decision for me I have two children as it's proof of intercourse my friend there is no way of keeping this family friendly I didn't have a bloody chance what could be wrong about it we love each other we're married what more do we have to do I say too sketchy Jessa it's just I don't know if they're secure to jazz it but babe can I ask you something of course if we don't tonight we'd be able to set yes oh you made that decision for me too of course not I love you after all and really feels strongly about not doing it tonight then yeah that's fine all right okay you seem kind of upset already so sketchy jazz oh well Mew didn't how could you tell no no no no not at all I'm just surprised you don't want a piece of this I love you so sketchy Jessa I love you I say to have my avatar version of myself months went by married life went on as to be expected neither of us having or needing jobs everything we ever wanted at the tips of our fingertips we've just spent the days at our house that sounds really boring every night we would try to consummate our union and every night it didn't happen for months man this is some serious frustration building up here think up something for dinner so sketchy chatter I'm getting hungry I mean theoretically I don't need to eat as I have don't have a digestive tract but the food would be nice huh it's all about you now sketchy Jezza you don't even need to eat and you want me to cook your meal but you won't satisfy my urges oh oh I just asked get you jazzy to cook and he got pissed off are we arguing because I'm the provider as the creator and and and now that's like that's making the dynamic awkward I just want you to contribute a little something every now and then I say too sketchy jazzer cuz a little too much pressure on me in this whole situation oh sorry I'm not contributing since this is not sexy jazz a sketchy Jazza sort of sexy Jess I'm not spending every day of my existence with you talking about you whole world is about you while you desire to never have sex every night I say to myself let's just let this soak in for a moment okay moving on oh wait go in there huh our lives together aren't good enough huh you see what sort of fool around with no no but wouldn't kill you to try would it I've never played a dating sim before I didn't know that this is what they do maybe if you stopped to consider somebody else for once in a while Hey look I'm not just trying to push this on you I say the sketchy jazz I I just want to know what's wrong is it me you want to know what's wrong me nothing about me is real and nothing about me is mine you've been around since the day I've existed and everything I've done has revolved around you in one way or another hey Liz hey listen know why he was so forward I have one thing to call my own the body you gave me and that's one thing I don't know if I'm willing to give up I've never thought about it like that yeah saying it out loud for the first time kind of helps me see what it is I really want in life says sketchy Jazza I think I've realized something this whole relationship this whole spontaneous event we've gone through together it's been fun but I'm realizing now that I need more than fun in my life I need to do something for myself I need to find out who I am what are you talking about babe I know there's never a good time to say it but babe I want a divorce what oh god how dare I you oh man sketchy jazz made up his mind never able to change sketch each other's minds we just kept arguing and all that stuff and then we found ourselves in doodle law firm wow this is gone down low winding paths Africa you're a lawyer too this is just a simple simple statement saying you agree to the divorce leaving with a hundred percent of your current assets with the exception of your ownership over your ex is a physical drawing should you return to the real world you are not able to disturb or alter destroy in him anyway all right so I sign my divorce papers I'm just gonna sign them don't leave but it probably won't affect anything I returned to the house and it's empty a box set on our table with a note I wanted you to have this back I couldn't bear to keep it I hope you'll eventually give this to someone else you could be happy with says sketchy jezzer in the note I open the box and there's a fool it's the ring is this story gonna railroad me into Fagin Claire really goddamnit Claire your timing is impeccable your predatory this is predatory behavior Claire I'm a lonely divorcee and that's when you decides parents cut down would you like to go out I'd like that I don't even get the option anymore I'm losing my agency in this world that's that's it Nick lives lives free busted you made me draw and tell my own story and be disappointed by it is that really it Wow Wow you can't say that wasn't different I don't know what to think or feel about any of that it has me questioning number of things about myself and my instincts and the way I am am i sexually attracted to myself I don't know is there a label for that is that a thing thank you so much for watching ladies and gentlemen I guess like this video if you're into some of these like I feel bad even asking you to do like this video if you felt like you went on a journey and learn something about me today that's something about myself today number of things actually and if you feel like joining the ADI party and enjoying further creative and weird content occasionally make sure to subscribe to George azza for more fun with art and ripping off of other people's that's it for now ladies and gentlemen until next time I will see you later make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jezza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later

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  1. When he said: my wedding day to myself, I thought he said: my wedding day to my son.

  2. This is still the better ending. If he went with Claire the first time, he'd end up having to draw thier love child.

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  4. You were great at it Jazza, you should do this more often, and the thing that i learned about you today is……that you are…….straight up weird, which is okay because we all have no room to talk in life, so thats that, and i give you your props for another great video:)

  5. 3:20 I didn’t know if Jazza was drawing himself or James Charles. Like if u agree

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