American Gods - 20 Differences between the series and the Book

American Gods – 20 Differences between the series and the Book

peachy dragon calm happy creative stuff welcome to another exciting episode of hectic creative stuff the channel where we inflict our latest creative creations on an unsuspecting audience for better or for worse I recently got into the American Gods TV show and found it intriguing enough what I ended up reading the book while technically I listened to it first you catch my meaning in this video I want to look at and discuss the differences between the book and the television show for the most part this video will attempt not to include spoilers from the book that might happen in coming seasons but if we do broach those topics I will give you a spoiler warning and an onscreen spoiler display so that you'll know when it's over there will however be spoilers for the first eight episodes of the series so be warned if you're watching this video it is a minor miracle because normally when I start these kinds of videos I write the script for three hours and refine it record the voice-over and before the hours of editing kicks in I might have a lot my passion for the project already it can literally take up to 10 hours to do a simple video like this but does not even contain any animation or fancy effects let's continue first of all I love the works of new gaming and respecting and immensely as a writer some of my comments might be considered sacrilege anything I say that complements the series and directly or indirectly insults the book is just an honest opinion and does not reflect my opinion of the author who is quite frankly amazing the American god series is quite different from the book while still capturing the essence of it adaptations like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones tend to start off very true to the source material but inevitably changes are made because often on screen it is more difficult to interview scores of new characters and easier to retain the existing characters and rewrite some of the other characters part into their storyline this partially explains why everything happening in Dorne in Game of Thrones is horrid but I digress other adaptations realize that their source material is not suited for screen adaptation and therefore write a new story in the same vein which keeps the feel of the source material such as Dirk gently's holistic detective agency or the movie World War Z and yes I realize that most of the book fans of World War Z don't like the movie but I however liked it so you know please put your angry comments in the box below American Gods finds an extremely good midway between these two extremes the show very nicely flashers are a lot of things while keeping the events and characters fairly similar at least initially Neil Gaiman writes amazing concepts of stories but seems quite eager to get to the punchline in many cases American Gods could probably have been for novels if he had wanted to flesh it all out the show takes some of those unexplored details into this world Neil Gaiman also loves to put little Easter eggs in the book with no obvious way to look it up this use of intro text reality is great but one can't help feeling a bit left out sometimes for instance in the book of meeting with a woman is briefly mentioned who would not allowed them to look at her face and head trick it's a nice inner bridge so if you've owned a pit snake or know people who do and you know the back story of Medusa you could figure this out in this case they do actually return to the character later to confirm the snake she has fur here but in many cases the references are vague and never resolved okay let's finally get on with the differences change number one the show does absolutely excel at elevating scenes with amazing cinematography and effect the slow-motion rain before they liter in the bog or the blood dripping off your inner box Hemmer are all added to the narrative and it makes things peak but sometimes seemed a bit dull or matter effect in the book change number two the sakes goddess bull quiz is in the book and the scenes with her are very similar but she is only featured in two or three times in the whole book and then written out the series has already set up more storylines for her and we'll probably make far more use of her in upcoming seasons change number three we get very little backstory about Sara and Laura's life before he went to prison and the books the series and dears them to us by exploring their backstory change number four there is some indication that Laura was involved in the robbery that shadow into prison for but it was a bank robbery and not a casino robbery shadow got arrested for assaulting his two other partners in the robbery after they did not give him his share of the loot so no one was arrested for the robbery only for the assault and shedder was relieved that Laura's name was not brought up but we did not get more information than what I just mentioned in the book change number five in the show shadow meets Chernabog and robs the bank before he meets his wife well after she's come back from the dead but in the book shadow meets his on B wife really on before he needs to turn a bug you know the guy with hammer and before he had mister wings they robbed the bank but their conversation is a bit more brief and she disappears mysteriously and he does not seem all that intent on finding her again it's a far cry from the close loving relationship from the series change number six Laura also does not beat up and explode the henchmen lynching shadows soon change number seven that never happens the tech lad or technical boy or internet boy or whatever you want to call him does meet shadow in almost the exact same way but there is no severe beating or lynching that happens the show generated that to give the episode a climax I believe change number eight technical boy is supposed to be fat in the books but you know who cares visual identity I don't mind I don't think you mind let me know in the comments below change number nine Laura does kill some people who took shadow hostage at a later point like the later point on the book but there is never any indication that she has any kind of super strings it might make some of it more plausible but how she killed as a mystery in the book except that uses her hands to snap necks etc shadow gets blamed for some of her murders so clearly she is not powerful enough to make the Ellison's explode out of someone's body so that would make it seem supernatural not homicidal and no one would be able to blame shadow for doing something that looks like it was done by you know the god of strength or something change number 10 has mentioned shadow is kidnapped similar to the police-station scene in the series but Wednesday is not there mr. world media and technical player are not there in the first 60 percent of the book he has only spoken to zombie Laura twice and has only spoken to living Laura zero times except for the one telephone conversation which is very true to the book version to be honest I think there are only five scenes in total that shadow and Laura I had together in the book and the series has established a much closer connection in which they actively traveled towards one another and you know they want to connect even if their feelings are there for now there is sort of this momentum that is pulling them together change number eleven Laura does not lose an arm and she does not get an arm sewn back on change number twelve the conversation between Robbie's ex Audrey and shadow at Laura's grave never happened you know the conversation where Audrey tries to have sex with shadow on Laura's grave it's a really nice touch and it's an example of how the show really flashes things out that makes it slightly more interesting change number thirteen zombie Laura never meets Audrey at all change number fourteen we never find out why Laura cheated and there is no reference to her cat dying or any such thing change number fifteen we never see the backstory of the leprechaun waking up without his lucky coin and having a bottle blown to pieces in his hand for him hitchhiking a ride and having miserable Lac and realizing the problems of his coin change number 60 Laura does not have mad Sweeney's lucky coin inside her she just carries it with her at first in her hand and later around her neck change number 17 in fact she never even meets mad sweetie change number 18 mad Sweeney has a very small part and without spoiling anything coming the ways narrative in the book is written his narrative is written into a corner before half the book is positive I mean you know what they can't repeat the book of vanes at this point anyway so might as well explain it but spoiler warning for Matt Sweeney storyline if you want to avoid it in three two you won in the book Matt Sweeney died shortly after he loses his lucky coin similarly to both words the 6co days he is only featured in two scenes in the book and then written out besides the bar fight scene from episode 1 he only has one other big scene before his day which is literally part of his day to some extent change number 19 the following is a slight spoiler for episode 7 of season 1 so spoiler warning new to audio if you want to continue listening optimal spoiler is done the story of AC McGowan who stole from her employer and prayed to the lake pecans in no way indicates that it was mad Sweeney in this case well that the girl is related to Laura well that she was actually praying to leprechauns for that matter the behind the scenes information from the show indicates that that was added to the show because I like the actor's portrayal of the characters and because it would link the two characters together it does make for a great episode though which adds depth to this part of the story change them between AC McGowan was depicted as a lot more inherently wicked in the book she was a bit of a thief and a swindler from the start while the show the picture is having been turned into a thief because of the events that happened to her and there you have it the first 20 changes from the book to the show if you like this check out part 2 we all get changes number 22 240 if you enjoyed this video please subscribe to the channel click the little bell so that you can get notifications of new videos leave your comments below and please thumbs up this video I would really appreciate it if you disagree with anything I said and you want to argue about it please give me an informed statement below and tell me why you disagree and we can chat about it you know use your words we can have an actual conversation as opposed to just saying you stupid idiot you're stupid because you're stupid and stuff pinche dragon calm happy creative stuff

4 thoughts on “American Gods – 20 Differences between the series and the Book

  1. Aww HCS it sucks that your work is not getting the kudos that it deserves. This video only just now came up in my feed after 2 seasons & essentially 2 years of raveneously looking for content about the show. I think you did a great job breaking the facts down. I am also shocked that I am only 1 of 2 comments here, that's crazy! All I can imagine is that others such as myself didn't know of your channel even tho I've searched & searched on youtube for something like your channel & that seems to be youtube's fault not yours. I hope that you continue to watch & make videos about AG because I really enjoyed your presentation & would like to hear more from you 🙂 Ps just reading the comment below; your execution with the voice over was perfect, I hope you decide to upload part 2

  2. Mad Sweeney & Laura's characters were greatly expanded upon in the show compared to the book. I enjoyed the changes, it added some dimension to their characters & I guess time will tell if it adds to the overall fulfillment of the plot & narrative the show creators have in mind. 🙂

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