AMAZING ARTIST  and what happened to that we disappeared ??

AMAZING ARTIST and what happened to that we disappeared ??

some here just chillin like a villain this room yeah just to join look here at little Mellie The Little Mermaid cuz look I mean look at this wall behind her man all aquarium isn't that cool look at the fish what an awesome way to wake up this morning it's no problem we can get you that well I got my boner from the camera there just an yeah so what do you think about that man is nice just don't even want to look at the TV you just want to lay here and look at this wall with all these fish swimming by look at this and they try to get it up very close look at that is that not cool or what so it's like this whole one wall is an aquarium it goes right on down through and just keeps going to the next room to the next room to the next room but then they put this gigantic mirror over here on this wall which just reflects it makes it look many times bigger but it is awesome really awesome I was kind of hoping that they would have some mermaids swimming by your room up there no luck actually to tell the truth I was a little nervous I'm like man what is the making look down through the top of that water from somewhere and see you laying in your bed they do have a blind you can pull down I guess if the light from it or something's bothering you but I pretty neat pretty pretty neat get up here closer is this not a cool way to let here in bed I mean that is awesome I think I want this on my wish list for my house but I don't want to do the maintenance can you imagine the maintenance I wonder how they get in here and clean all of that cuz anybody's had an aquarium knows that is a daunting task I could just imagine me laying here in bed but- i cleaning inside there whoo so we're here h2o hotel which is also part manila ocean park but we're about to head out of here grab a taxi and go to PASOK city to meet our cartoonist Ronald so we are here at the six city with Ronald he is the artist that has been making like the logo you've seen on our YouTube and Facebook and Melinda and I him and I we conversate through through the internet and he handles all this for me so I want a surprising today and come to his house and I'm enjoying here visiting with him he is a really neat artist we're here working on project right now for a new banner for the YouTube and for the Facebook so he's here making a draft right now and then he'll bring that drive to life while he's working on that let me show you up here this is a watercolor he did of like a junkyard look at that it looks almost real he'd almost think that was a snapshot in the first glance pretty nice here's some other work of his he's got here on the wall his his room here here's more of his work right here this is the one that you have as your facebook photo right is this one here correct yeah some of his art there isn't that nice very nice another one here I mean that depicts life right out here on the streets that is the truth right there have the native rugs up there it's them huh it's these kids here his children yeah here's another yeah we're here visiting right now his wife even though we're up here in the Capital Region his wife happens to be from Visayas from Bacolod City right down in the land that I'm so familiar with yeah yeah city of love and city of smiles meeting here side by side [Laughter] yes yeah including lost love but this is why I like this makes me happy I want to share the life a very talented Filipino very talented Filipino what a blabbering a blabber a talent yes okay yeah we can work on this after we eat we'll keep it tropical looking so we're gonna sit down here and work on this art some more I can't let y'all see it to finished you'll have to wait and see it when it's actually online finished product but I wonder the share here with Ronald I'll tell you what I'm gonna do if it's okay with him I'll put a link to contact him if any of you have worked for him if y'all need logos bein if y'all need artwork made I mean if you just want to what if they could just share even a picture of their family and want it illustrate it you could do it and do it all online wait wait wait wait wait don't leave yet hey listen we've missed you guys fish you guys oh my god we have not had no internet we've been here for a few days and we've had nothing Magnus no connection to the world like we went yesterday envelope in the complainant yes but all I had was my cell phone and out here well we're out in the province there's no signal I was literally going on top of the roof just to try to see if you guys I rode anything or say hello but no life really miss you so we've got an internet back today so we can get back in touch with you guys and that's why we're ready for us so sorry if there's been no replies to your comments are there's been no video but let me tell you Mel's been cooking some good food though man she fixed this deal with banana shoots and with bamboo shoots and in these shells in it oh my god why us with those green leaves in there salut I don't know what is in English say for God now I'm just gonna tell you right now it was freakin good oh man I've had some awesome fresh tuna and of course we've got another mountain fresh coconut milk but not the tuna patina was fried yes I'm talking about with uh you know with bamboo shoot' makes it wonderful sure I thought we were only talking about the bamboo yeah no work no yes you forget that the pop on that milk oh so now you said I forget for ha an implication you're trying to say I'm getting old bleep you know is this an implication of you trying to remind me I'm getting old I think whatever I'm ready to get back with you guys I tell you I like being in contact to all our great subscribers and showing you what's been going on now a lots been going on so we'll see you again soon sorry for the boring video here today you

5 thoughts on “AMAZING ARTIST and what happened to that we disappeared ??

  1. Glad to see that everything is going well over there. I'm highly impressed with the fine details in Ronnel's art. Looking forward to seeing what he's creating for y'all.
    Let's see the Hilux 😁

  2. Whoa!!! What a talented man your friend is!! And how kind of him and his family to invite you into their home! Thanks for sharing! Have fun and be safe! -PJ

  3. I almost made your artist friend an offer on that painting of the kids cleaning… I just have nowhere to put it. Thanks for sharing your lives with us!

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