Amanda Gorman: Meet The First African-American Youth Poet Laureate | TODAY

Amanda Gorman: Meet The First African-American Youth Poet Laureate | TODAY

we're back with our special series breaking through today in honor of Black History Month this morning a spectacular young lady who's already accomplished so much jenna has her trajan hi I love her Amanda Gorman is the first youth poet laureate in the u.s. using pen and paper to give a voice to social change since I'm the foster one I get to set a precedent what do I really want to see in the poetical album in the United States young and wide as the Pacific tide Amanda Gorman is the first-ever youth poet laureate in the US what is it like to be at first it's intimidating and I never really thought that I would be in that person who's the best because I remember when I was little reading about people it doesn't get past me that not only am I the first youth poet laureate at the same time I'm the most woman you put Loyola and the most black new foot lawyer 19 year-old Amanda was awarded the prestigious title last April at Gracie Mansion in New York City a lot of your poetry focuses on social change social justice where does that passion come from mmm I think that passion comes from my heritage comes from this place or like I must fight I must speak up because there's been too many people who've been cut from that opportunity who inspired you growing up Amanda grew up in Los Angeles and she attributes a lot of her success to her mom Joan whiffs a teacher who raised her and her twin sister as a single mother Amanda's passion for poetry started in the third grade talk to me about when you first knew you loved poetry I was around seven or eight years old and my teacher Shelley had us a medium weight Baba is dandelion line I was like oh my goodness how do Bailey just related Candide is something completely different that's what I want to do with my life that's what I want to be I love that there was a metaphor if you were a 3rd grader but the metaphor and that's all the metaphor hit home it looks like magic poetry has definitely been one of the most stable expressions for me of my identity and who I am I love whatever I'm inviting to have just all these books of people I look up to beside me what I really like to do with she was like one word from each of like a collection of books I have make like a world cloud and select them to me a new poem but public speaking didn't come naturally will always be our future it took courage determination and grit for Amanda to get on stage you spoken about having a speech impediment and do you feel like in some ways that led you to poetry Oh a hundred percent and a lot of times I talk about having a speech impediment and the difficulty of literally speaking up for myself the voice I'm hearing the loud can't pronounce all as I can't pronounce it's kind of sounds a bit garbled but I hear this strong self-assured voice am i reading this you know simple text and what that told me is the power of your inner voice over that which people might hear through the ears the only thing that can you key to me was myself now a sophomore at Harvard Amanda started one pin one page an organization inspiring other young writers to share their voices so in a world that I think needs light constantly in a world where social change is being talked about a lot where does poetry come in poetry without the forefront of that and the Declaration of Independence to Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech poetry has always been the thread that is weaving through out kind of the fabric of American and global history I struggles emotional but it's breaking through breaking boundaries what does that mean to you I think breaking through especially in this day and age is not only breaking through the door but it's holding it open so that other people can come clear well we've i'ts an American lyric we are just beginning to focus on your path focus on your purpose and how you specifically and specially as yourself to make food available as youth poet laureate Amanda travels the country sharing her love for poetry and she already has her calendar mark markers she plans to run for president in 2036 I've already put by the way she has a very big crush even though he's married on lin-manuel Miranda she is a talent reach out they would have that they'd have two things to talk about it was painful beautiful hour hello today fans thanks for checking out our youtube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives

16 thoughts on “Amanda Gorman: Meet The First African-American Youth Poet Laureate | TODAY

  1. You're not fooling anyone, we all seen that whitewashed image of a Ancient Egyptian Queen your guys tried to portray as being factually based. You basically just spit in the face of Black History by trying to distort it. Shame on you.

  2. I Am very impressed with your poetry. Thank God I can read your poetry via cc as I am now deaf.I can tell by your facial expressions and your eyes you are a very intelligent individual.
    I also acknowledge to your mother what a wonderful job she did as a single parent as i raised 3 kids by myself and know how hard your job was/is to a certain point as no one's scenario is the same.Your words can empower people to make changes in this world. Don't ever stop being you. This country needs a presence like you. Speak up about the injustices in this country. We are the luckiest people to live in a country that allows us to speak our peace. I am 57 years old and if God allows me to live long enough, i will vote for you if you run for president.You keep on keepin' on and live your dream!

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