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ALADDIN | Draw My Life

Welcome to a new Storytelling Saturday, Tiktakers! This time, we are telling you story of Aladdin,
which you will probably all know thanks to the cinematographic adaptation. But its origin goes back a looong time, especifically
to the compilation of arabic legends titled One Thousand and One Nights, written around
the 10th century. The story is a bit different, so first we
are gonna introduce him to you and then we’ll tell you a bit more about this legendary character. Once upon a time, in a small town in the far
off land of China, there was a humble boy named Aladdin. His dad, who died when he was still very young,
tried to teach him a trade, but he’d rather wander the streets, while his mom suffered
to try and make ends meet on her own. One day, a stranger approached him and said
he has the brother of his deceased father, and Aladdin invited him over for dinner. He was a rich merchant that suggested he should
travel with him to India to learn the trade, and Aladdin, excited, accepent and became
his apprentice. The following night, when they stopped on
their way to have some rest, Aladdin lit a fire to get warm. Suddenly, the merchant pronounced some magic
words by the fire and a heavy rock came out of the ground. It turned out he was actually a wizard from
the Middle East, and he told Aladdin that that rock hid a cave with a great treasure
inside, but only someone with a pure heart, like him, could get in. He pushed the rock aside without making any
effort, and the wizard asked him to get in and grab only a small oil lamp there was at
the bottom. Aladdin did as told, but he also grabbed,
for himself, a great and shining bronze ring that called his attention. When he came back, the wizard was waiting
at the cave’s entrance, and he demanded the lamp. But Aladdin wouldnt give it to him until he
was actually out of the cave. They argued and the wizard got really angry. He casted another spell, closed the door of
the cave and left Aladdin trapped there. Aladdin, trying to figure out how to escape,
rubbed his hands together because of the cold, and from the ring a genieappeared, and offered
to grant him any wish he desired. Aladdin, scared, could only ask for one thing:
getting back home. Right away, he appeared in his place and ran
to hug his mom. He explained everything that had happened
and showed her the lamp, the only treasure he could take with him. He thought about selling it and buy some food
with the money, so he started cleaning it with a rag, and when he rubbed it again another
genie came out of it! Aladdin and his mom were amazed, and from
then on, they could live in confort, without really taking advantage of the genie. But one day, Aladdin met the princess Badroulbadour,
daughter of the Sultan, and he fell in love with her. He went in front of the regent to ask for
her hand, but he wouldn’t accept because the boy was from a humble family. So he asked for something impossible in return:
40 purebred horses with 40 chests full of gemstones, and 40 warriors guarding them. What the Sultan didnt know was that Aladdin
had the magic help of the genie. He did as told and the happy couple could
marry and live together in a palace. Meanwhile, the wizard, in his hideout in the
East, found out about Aladdin’s fortune and decided to come back and take revenge. In order to get the genie’s power he pretended
he was a junkman who exchanged old lamps for new ones, so he could deceived Badroulbadour. Aladdin hadn’t revealed his secret to her. Once the genie was under his command, the
wizard told him to move the princess, along with the palace, to his hideout in the East,
where she would become his wife forever. When he came back home, Aladdin found out
everything had dissapeared. Desperate, he rubbed his ring and asked the
genie to give him back what was his, but this genie wasnt as powerful as the one in the
lamp. The only thing he could do was send Aladdin
where Badroulbadour was. Once they were back together again, he revealed
his secret to the princess, and the two of them drew up a plan to defeat the evil wizard. Badroulbadour invited him to her bedchamber
and told him she was sorry and she accepted to marry him now. The wizard, gullible, drank from a glass where
Aladdin, previously, had pour some poison he got from the genie in the ring, and the
wizard fell asleep for hundreds of years. The two lovebirds ran and got the lamp back,
and thanks to the genie they could have their home back and live happily ever after. The end. So what do you think Tiktakers? You probably didnt know the original story
was set in China and not in Arabia. As we were mentioning, this story was incorporated
to the One Thousand and One Nights compilation by its french translator Antonie Galland,
who heard it during the early 18th century from a syrian storyteller who lived in the
city of Aleppo. For people there, the Far East represented
that exotic place where legends took place, and that’s why it’s set there. The story follows a very frequent structure
in classic fables, where a swindler or a gypper ends up being mocked and defeated by another
swindler who’s more modest and kind. And about its meaning, Aladdin and The Magic
Lamp tries to teach us about the recognition for personal effort when it comes to reaching
your goals in life. Aladdin starts as a lazy and carefree boy,
who after a stroke of luck finds an easy life full of luxury thanks to the lamp. But he got this with no effort, so he has
to go through tough times and lose everything, even his great love, to be able to finally
wake up and face up to things. When he finally makes an effort to rescue
Badroulbadour and get what he wants, it’s then that he gets the reward of an ideal life. With time, The Magic Lamp has become one of
the most popular arabic classics, with lots of adaptations. Among them, the 1992 Disney movie stands out
– it won 2 Oscars for Best Soundtrack and Best Original Song. Now, in 2019, a remake is released, with real
actors – Will Smith is playing the genie! By the way, did you know in the original Disney
movie Aladdins appearance was inspired by that of the actor Tom Cruise? And that was the end of that. Truth is, we love going over these classic
tales with you, tiktakers, so feel free now to leave a comment and ask for the ones you’d
like us to tell in the next videos. See you very very soon, in a very very far

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